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John Lewis is the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 5th congressional district. He’s held the seat for 30 years. Speaking at today’s anti-NRA rally by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Rep. Lewis promised to repeat his pro-gun control sit down demonstration on the House floor.

Rep. Lewis then called for the Moms to mount their own sit down strikes in Georgia and other state houses. As you can see in the video above, that idea didn’t receive quite the same enthusiastic reception as the usual NRA slam.

We’ll see if Lewis or the Moms adopt the Rep’s 60’s-era protest tactic, or continue to lobby for gun control in their social media safe space, and locations within Uber-distance of gun rights gatherings.

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  1. John Lewis has long since used up the credit of his civil rights accomplishments and today is a blustering buffoon.

    • Lewis is widely believed to be the dumbest man in congress, he has to accede to the wishes of his liberal plantation masters to get re elected.

      • Actually that distinction belongs to his esteemed colleague from Georgia the honorable Hank Johnson. He’s a s they say a real “maroon” ?




      Comedy aside, the “civil rights” movement was not so much for equality but reverse the roles of the “discriminator” and the discriminatory”.

      Now you have fools like that that think their “halos” some how mean something more then nothing, they dont.

      Trouble makers like him are going to start to drop dead in the next 5 years, him, Feinstain, and the morons that fund them (Soros, Adleson, etc) and the nation will be better off for it.

      The 4th Turning is just about here.

    • Amazing how many people don’t understand that they should be holding their phone sideways when they take a video, isn’t it?

  2. A black civil rights leader fighting to defend the laws put in place to oppress his people. Lewis lived long enough to become the thing he fought.

  3. LOL, is that a pink Magpul case I spy being used on an iPhone to film this? Sweet irony if that is being used by an anti…

  4. He used to protest to make sure everyone had the benefit of the Constitution

    Now he protests to try and make sure no one does

  5. I wonder who or what hoists him back up after he’s sat for a few hours. The man is 77 years old. These sit-ins have got to be uncomfortable.

  6. John Lewis is the luckiest man on earth. He marched at Selma with King, and got beat.

    He peddled that into a career in congress that has lasted decades.

  7. Sit down to stand up – it fits well with their previous slogans, “War is Peace” and “Freedom is Slavery”. Now all they need is “Shut Up to Be Heard” and we can all finally get some peace around here.

  8. They won’t do anything of the sort. High profile actions like that would force the media to show the actual numbers of participants and reveal how few they really are.

  9. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. It’s as bad as accidentally tuning into Two Broke Girls. How things can be so stupid is beyond me.

  10. Once again, Moms Demand Action has a rally/protest, which is attend by such a small crowd that they accidentally, but clearly, demonstrate how disconnected they are from the majority of Americans.
    And as usual, the press uses close-up camera positions to make the crowd look bigger than it actually is.

    The result is just lame.

  11. Can’t wait for ol” bulldog face to kick the bucket…….same goes for mcshitstain……two guys who’ve overstayed their welcomes by a couple decades….

  12. John Lewis is a known terrorist. He is on the no fly list. Everyone on there is a known terrorist who shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns, so says Lewis. Therefore, he is a self admitted terrorist.

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