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Last year we reported that Susan Rice the Biden administration, as part of its unrelenting war on guns and those who own them, was moving to cut off civilian sales of ammunition produced at the Army’s Lake City ammunition plant in Independence, Missouri. Lake City cranks out as much as 30% of the commercial .223/5.56 ammunition sold in this country.

As the NSSF remarked at the time . . .

This policy to deny the sale of excess ammunition not only would freeze over 30 percent of the 5.56 mm/.223 caliber ammunition used by law-abiding gun owners, it risks the ammunition industry’s ability to surge production capacity for national defense if the costs to maintain the present workforce isn’t recouped through sales to the civilian market.

While we couldn’t get Winchester (who operates the plant under contract with the Army) to comment on the situation, the report was well-sourced by those with direct knowledge of what was happening at the time. We obviously were on to something because the White House went so far as issuing a non-denial denial of the report.

A good measure of how real the threat by the administration was at the time might have been that 50 members of Congress issued a call to the administration to walk back the policy. The BidenBots apparently concluded at the time that the anti-gun juice wasn’t worth the political squeeze and Lake City continued producing for the civilian market.

Lake City Ammunition Plant
Lake City Ammunition Plant (courtesy US Army)

However, we started hearing from a number of people late this week that Lake City had moved to cancel all of its commercial contracts. We’ve also been told that distributor supplies of .223/5.56 had begun to be drained, as a result of the move by Lake City and in anticipation of higher civilian ammunition demand following last week’s terrorist attacks in Israel. Then Staple Defense published this report.

Lake City typically sells off its excess capacity ammo, over and above the military’s needs,  to keep its operations fully running and employees on the payroll. If, as it appears, these latest reports are accurate, the reason this time may havve less due to the administration’s desire to jack up domestic ammo costs (thus sticking it to civilian gun owners) than it is to anticipation by the US military that its needs may be increasing in the very near future.

Given U.S. support for Ukraine, a new war breaking out in Israel, and other potential points of instability, the Lake City move may portend more bad things in the offing. And one of them may be scarcer, more expensive ammo for your AR-15.

Watch this space.


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  1. Told ya, front door, back door, baby steps, dead of night closed door, whatever they can dream up!!

    • Well …..yeah, if anything more surprised it took this long but a crisis came up too good to waste I guess.

      • The employees will let us know what’s going on.

        If they announce production cutbacks and-or layoffs, they’re playing games with us.

        If this is among the largest US supplier, they can produce the cheapest, and their wholesale prices will be among the cheapest.

        As a simple matter of 2A principal, this plant should be running 24-7-365, year in, year out, providing Americans the best price for their gun food…

        • “Juvenile interpretation, per usual.”

          You have a lifetime of extensive personal experience of acting juvenile, by having never grown out of it, little ‘cgray’.

          For years you’ve been pulling this bullshit here, and never contributing to the conversation.

          But that’s SOP for a fuckwit like yourself. Keep continuing to be perpetually-butthurt, you obviously like the sensation… ;

        • To give them the benefit of a doubt, there is trouble brewing. Maybe they ship the excess to Israel? Maybe they want more reserves right now? (I’m sure others understand this better than I do, but reserving judgment.

        • Lake City didnt do this. The article cited has absolutely no sources and when talking to Winchester, they haven’t canceled any commercial orders.

    • Make no mistake about it…In the mind of today’s democRat Party if you are a Gun Owning Citizen you are along the lines of what the n-word was to the Jim Crow era democRat Party.

      Almost daily it’s backdoor Gun Control this Gun Control that. Obviously hate filled obsessed Gun Control democRats want to get at Gun Owning Citizens any way they can. Their relentlessness hunger for your disarmament is a clear indication of what Gun Control democRats would really like to do to Gun Owning Americans. Frankly if you mix the kkk in with nazis you get Gun Control democRats…After all History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

    • It’s coming and it’s going to be ugly. The FBI director is warning the nation to be prepared for Hamas/Hezbollah attacks. From factions of their terror sects, as well as their home grown supporters. With a large portion of our own defense capabilities being given to Ukraine and now Israel, as well as China’s efforts against Taiwan. Not since prior to WWII has our military supply complex seen the lows in materials and equipment. We are witnessing today. Recently a local munitions complex has began a $2 billion expansion project that produces 155mm artillery shells. To increase it’s production by 80%. Trump was Right again when he said Biden would get us in another war and this time it may well be the BIG one everyone has feared,

      • Yea sure, DOD is making incremental increases in production of 155mm rounds a tiny bit. And some more over the next FIFTEEN years. Multiyear peacetime dillydallying BS.

        Clinton and the demtards cashed the mythical “peace dividend” and close, in mass, the DOD ammunition depots and production capacity. We fought the lil conflicts of the last 30yrs with ammunition produced to fight the Cold War.

        If/when the Chicom make their move (Taiwan or other) we/the free world is screwed. Might have a few days supply of the fabulously expensive geewhiz “smart” bombs/missiles for the Airfarce/Navy jets. Then the ASPs are empty (except some Nucs) and we’re done.

        • You do realize that the ramping up of production is more to increase production capacity for surge demand right? The contracts you mentioned are likely minimum production ie best case no expanding conflict. With that said very much hoping you are correct and I am paranoid.

        • Production is increasing to 85,000 rounds per day. A 500% increase over previous levels. Currently Ukraine alone is using approximately 8500 rounds per day according to DOD numbers. Leaving inventory levels at a historical low. Having spent time at this facility doing security drills. I have a hell of lot more insight in the matter. Than the wanna Be’s trolling here.

        • Actually now that I think of it Darkman if you happen to know off hand when is the last time your company produced munitions at that rate with or without the current situation of depleted stockpiles?

      • what “large proportion” of our defense capabilities? most of what weve given them are junk drawer items or stuff thats been boxed up in the garage for years. the vehicles are vehicles that have been phased out or in long term storage.

    • Yes, this may well be. It will drive up the price of ammo for civilians either way, but there could be a good reason for it.

  2. If we’re to believe global war is about to pop off shouldn’t we be staying quiet, minding our own business and rebuilding everything that’s been depleted by incompetence and intervention over the last two decades especially the last three years? Some oil reserves might be nice in a world war situation.

    It’s one thing to be bleed to death by outside attackers. It’s a whole ‘nother level of suicidal stupidity to bleed yourself to death like some cutting goth chick who doesn’t know left -> right = cry for attention and up -> down = lights out.

    • How’s the Strategic Petroleum Reserve holding up after the Puppet decided to use it to help them in the midterm elections and hide just how bad Bidinflation is?

      Remember 2017-2019 when our biggest threat was the president colluding with the Russians to steal the election? Oh, and overfeeding the goldfish in Japan.

  3. The world supply of small arms ammo has been dinged by the Ukraine conflict, and with things heating up now in Israel, I can see this happening. The plant exists for national-NATO needs *first*, so if production is needed in those areas, they should be first up at bat.

    But we better keep a close eye on what’s happening once those contracts are fulfilled, to see if they are back to their old anti-2A tricks… 🙁

    • Hope y’all stocked up. Haven’t shot for “fun” in awhile. Never depend on a gubmint plant!

      • We took advantage of the Winchester rebate. Aero Precision has a weekend deal, buy a complete upper and they throw in a complete lower. Anybody need a basic AR for cheap?

      • Been caching since the Clinton Regime. Easily enough for any potential SHTF situation. Not even counting the rest of our group. It’s not just ammo and boom sticks you need to be stockpiling. Talent and abilities are just as important, along with med supplies, water purification and food.

    • I have seen 223 hollowpoint that almost classed as frangible, good for varmints – very low ricochet potential…

      Other hollowpoint ammo where the entry/exit holes on an empty 55 gal drum were similar.

      Test, use accordingly…

    • So long as point of impact is close enough for what else you use they are fine especially when barriers are not an issue. Not sure what price point you are going with but I generally think of them as m193 that has the fragmenting effect a bit further out without the ability to perforate AR500 under the right conditions.

    • I think Rittenhouse used plain old 5.56 55 grain NATO. It works. I like Gold Dot 62 grain soft point, but it’s been in short supply/expensive ever since the Puppet moved into the White House.

    • “Is hollow point worthwhile in .556?”

      Against critter varmints, probably. The two-legged variety, maybe not so much? The standard stuff is likely more effective on body armor, if worn.

      Anyways –

      Peter Zeihan just dropped a video where he explains how the political situation in Israel degenerated so much that the attack happened.

      TL;DR, Israel has two distinct category of citizens. The everyday folks that make things work, and the “Students of the Torah”. The ‘Students’ pay very little taxes, are by and large *exempt* from military service, and tend to have large numbers of kids. They are out-breeding (and out-voting) the everyday Jews, according to Zeihan. See it for yourself and decide :

    • Lifesavor,

      I personally like 62 grain soft points for stopping human attackers.

      I have no idea which bullets (if any) are better for penetrating light armor–and whether or not those bullets (which are best at penetrating light armor) are relatively poor man stoppers.

      Convention wisdom seems to suggest that any bullet construction is a decent man stopper at “close” range, which may mean within 100 yards? Beyond that, I have to think that most bullet constructions aside from softpoints would make “ice pick” wounds.

      Of course any cartridge is fine for practice purposes and any cartridge is better than no cartridge.

      • From any rifle length barrel just about any 5.56 within 100 yards will do nasty things to soft targets. Adding additional factors (distance, barriers, likely armor types) is where one may want to get picky. 62g soft point is great all around just aim for head/hips if plates get involved.

        • I know a couple of Marines fresh out of service. They were instructed to go for the pelvic girdle if body armor is in play. a much larger target area and guarantees the enemy goes down. Making for much easier follow up shots…If necessary.

        • Wouldn’t say it’s been standard practice but it was certainly taught amongst MP’s in the army for over a decade. Cover and nearly cover concealment can complicate it so head is also focused on. As to now wouldn’t surprise me if they did make it a sop if they are planning on China (or Chinese supplied adjacents) let alone domestic issues.

  4. NBD. I’ll just sit down at my 550b and crank out my own. Plenty of components.

    7P’s apply here.

  5. hamas loving … BLM is filled with jobless, godless, hateful Marxists: Former BLM activist.

  6. Screw .223!

    .308 and .50 BMG!!!!

    12 gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot or slugs is effective as well.

    • Elmer Fudd,

      A shotgun certainly is effective (devastating to be more accurate) within 50 yards (give or take). And typical shotguns obviously suck beyond 70 yards or so.

      The advantage of a rifle: they are devastating at both close range AND long range and rifle ammunition is a LOT more compact.

      If a shotgun is all that you have, well then use it to maximum effect. If you have a shotgun and the ability to acquire a rifle, well then acquire a rifle and rifle ammunition.

      • Given a competent marksman and iron sights or a scope, shotgun slugs can be sufficiently accurate beyond 200 yards. A rifled slug barrel is helpful . While pattern dispersion will make buckshot ineffective against a LONE opponent beyond 70 or so yards, heavy buckshot remains devastating against large groups of people even beyond 200 yards. Obviously; I’m referring to ANTIFA, BLM and other species of Democrats here. A few rounds of buckshot from a disciplined shooter will certainly be far more effective than some idiot rocking and a rolling with an AR-15.

        Of course my preferred weapon for human interaction is a rifle. My most likely choice would be a .308. I prefer semiautomatic over fully automatic to conserve ammo. If all I had was a shotgun, I’d be utilizing it to neutralize a rifleman to take their rifle.

        • Elmer Fudd,

          “… shotgun slugs can be sufficiently accurate beyond 200 yards. A rifled slug barrel is helpful.

          That is certainly true for the most part–and beyond what I was describing with my verbage “typical shotguns” where I (and I believe most people) think of “typical” shotguns with their smooth barrels. Needless to say, very few people are going to launch slugs with any dependable accuracy much beyond 70 yards with a smooth barrel.

          In terms of dispersing a riot: sure, just about any shot size (even birdshot) will send virtually all tumultuous crowds running for the hills. (If I were trying to dissuade a riot from attacking me and my family, I would seriously consider starting with BB size shot before jumping up to #4 or even #00 buckshot.)

          I really like your concept of using a shotgun to obtain a rifle.

  7. could easially be ammo shipped to Israel/Jordan and/ Ukraine.

    pluss aren’t they supposed to be switching som production to 6.8gpc/.277 fury 80k psi ammo?

  8. Just wait until the propellant manufacturers are required (forced) to add something that makes the propellant inert after a certain period of time creating a so called shelf life. No more stockpiling. They have already talked about this in the past add ons to the Brady bill or something. Im getting too old for this shit any more.

    • I’ve been thinking the emu companies have already done that?
      What better way to keep your sales up, however I think keeping the sales up isnt a problem at this time.

  9. I guess we have to be at war on our own soil before the government will allow us to have guns like Ukraine and Israel
    oh wait we are…… gangs, illegals, drugs,smash and grabbers.
    Proud Boys may have something here to think about.

  10. The industry never misses a chance to raise prices and limit supply while fueling misinformation and disinformation to create demand.

  11. Oh, no! My recreation is being negatively impacted by other people’s desire to avoid being genocided by sadistic invaders who love rape, torture, and child stealing. Woe is me, I will have to pay for my own recreational shooting without a government subsidy.

    • Maybe those other people should supply what they needed instead of depending on some other country to do it.
      But…. Americas biggest export is the War buisness. We supply what’s needed even down to the body bags and if need be the bodies to fill them.

      • Ummmm. Lets not state those throwing rocks. The US couldn’t even begin to produce OUR own ammunition in the volume needed in a real war (as the current shortage of 155 where 85000rd/month doesn’t amount to diddly squat). We are in exactly the same situation as 1860, 1917, 1940 etc. No stocks and no production capacity. About the only war we ever have gone into where we had the production base required was Korea. We reactivated the mothballed WWII plants. Some of these were still running for Vietnam. Long ago demolished and the land transformed into bunny habitat/EPA superfund sites/etc.

  12. fearmongering designed to let dealers raise prices since they’ve been coming back down.

    (And I say this as an FFL).

  13. Maybe this is a preparation for the US Army needing less 5.56mm in the future. The US Army’s close-combat arms (Infantry, Scouts, combat engineers, etc.) are moving away from 5.56x45mm, moving away from assault rifles altogether, and switching back to full-powered battle rifles firing the much more powerful 6.8x51mm Common Cartridge (.277 Sig Fury). The 6.8x51mm is more powerful than 7.62x51mm or .308, and is at least as powerful as .30-06 but with greater range and better armor piercing ability to defeat Chicom or Russian body armor.

    I’m not sure it’s a smart move — the US military is, as the saying goes, “Always preparing for the previous war.” The previous war was in the mountains of Afghanistan, with long-distance firefights against opponents armed with 7.62x54R, so now the US Army thinks they need 1,000-yard cartridges, heavier rifles to fire them, larger heavier cartridges, and lowering the magazine size from 30-round mags to 20-round mags.

    So now the US Army is preparing for a fight in the mountains of Afghanistan (the previous war), but if the next war is urban combat or jungle combat, they’ll find themselves in the same situation as the early years of Vietnam, where US soldiers were stuck with long, heavy M14 rifles with 20-round mags. So far, the Marines are sticking with 5.56mm.

    • I would imagine we would keep a large stock of M4 and 5.56 for the reasons you outlined as well as for most National guard units to keep costs down. We will see if the new round with the steel or tungsten cores performs well against modern body armor ………especially with higher VPAM ratings trickling into availability to consumers

  14. Remember how military grade ammunition met the small arms ammunition treaty requirements because it did not create horrific wounds? At the same time prosecutors treat hollow points as “cop-killer” bullets even though that’s what police use. This is the same talking-out-both-sides-of their-mouths for which liberals prosecutors are infamous.

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