Renewing My FFL03: FINALLY!


I was about to start a betting pool as to whose gun related issue would clear first: my FFL troubles or RF’s Caracal recall. Too late: I “won.” After 339 days, my new FFL03 finally came in. And just in time, too. With ammunition prices the way they are, it’s cheaper to buy “oddball” calibers than the normal calibers. 7.62 Nagant is available by the pallet; 9mm is scarce as all hell. It’s making me want to buy another Nagant revolver; it’s actually cheaper to buy the gun AND 500 rounds of ammo than just 500 rounds of 9mm. Moral of the story: there’s no reason not to get your FFL03.


  1. avatar Stitch says:

    Do tell how one would go about getting their FFL03 and the process it incurs.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      I’m on mobile, so I can’t find it right now for you, but there’s been a post on it. Type “curio & relic” into the new handy search box at the top of the right column.

  2. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Oh, and congratulations, Nick.

  3. avatar Joshua Meier says:

    There are still plenty of reasons not to have anything that begins with FFL of any number. Plenty of stories abound of people being abused, simply because the ATF screwed up or changed their minds.

  4. avatar JMS says:

    Now that I’m within a month or two of having a suppressor in my hands, I think I need to add a Nagant revolver to the collection also. Get it threaded for the suppressor :-)… but… my timing sucks and they seem to be out of stock at all of the places that used to have them for around a hundred bucks…

    Anyone have good leads on one?

    1. avatar CP says:

      Try S.O.G. Southern Ohio Guns. $120. The Nagant is a C&R or you can get a transfer to an FFL.

  5. avatar Dan Baum says:

    I’ve had a C&R license for a few years, being an old-gun guy, and it’s really delightful to be able to have firearms sent straight to your house. Also nice to keep several copies of the license with you when you travel. Never know when you’ll find something cool in a pawn shop far from home and it’s nice to be able to take it with you.

  6. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

    The 50 year rule will bring a slew of exciting guns to the 03 FFL in the coming decade. Lots of cool guns from the 1960’s

    1. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

      As long as there is an NFA, there is not point, for me at least.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    It’s almost silly for gun guys and gals not to have a C&R license. There are great guns out there begging to be purchased and shipped right to your door. Cutting out the FFL saves time and money. And the “cruffler” community is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Go for it!

  8. avatar sagebrushracer says:

    I love my nagant revolver. I think 5 spare mosins, and 5 spare nagants and you can arm anyone with simple and reliable arms that are plenty lethal. Kinda ties into the buying guns for your neighbor post you made the other day. that, and several spam cans of ammo and you are prepared for whatever comes your way. If you can teach a Russian conscript to use them effectively, you can teach anyone to use em.


  9. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    I recently read that it’s basically pointless to get an 03/c&r in California. Opinions?

  10. avatar Joe says:

    Just got my C&R updated for my new address- now just tell me who still has $100 Nagants.

  11. avatar JAS says:

    The caliber part of this makes a lot of sense. For example, you always read: “get a .30-30 lever action, the ammo is always readily available”, and so on. Well that is NOT TRUE. The more common the caliber, the quicker it disappears from the shelves in any panic situation like the present one.

    I’ve been keeping track of ammo for the last two months and guess what? .38 Super +P is still available in 50 rounds for $19.99, and in 1000 round cartons for less. And, .30-30 is nowhere to be found while .45-70 is, and so forth. Conventional wisdom is WRONG, especially for calibers that are used by LE, DHS and the military.

    1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      And that’s exactly why my new AR is a corrosion-proofed eater of 5.45×39 Russian milsurp ammo. At 20c-per-shot I won’t be feeling the pain that the 5.56 guys are at 80c-per-shot or more.

    2. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

      Conventional wisdom is fine, but it only works in conventional times.

  12. avatar TeutonicTenifer says:

    Except that it’s useless in my state.

  13. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    I have the paperwork but haven’t sent it in yet. I have been eyeing the nagant revolver. I thought it would go well with my mosin nagant rifles.

  14. avatar CJ says:

    I had a C&R a while back, must be why I have a Nagent. Lol. Yes there is the 50 year thing but there is also an exceptions list that is a mile long and has everything I really want listed. Frustrating.

  15. avatar Jake F. says:

    I love my Nagant revolver. I’ve heard that that PPU is on par with weak loaded .32 auto but I don’t know for sure. has a lot of the Russian army loads, 14 to a pack @ $4.75 its steel jacketed and Berdan primed though. I need to get another couple of boxes.

    Another side note is that the Nagant m1895 is one of the very few revolvers that can be silenced. There is also a lot of information online about different ways to reload similarly to the original 7.62x38R.

  16. avatar Brian Bowman says:

    Congratulations, Nick!

    I guess it goes to prove just how spotlessly clean they found you. In fact, you’re so hygienic you could go into a high-precision optical system weather satellite cleanroom, just as you are! 😉

  17. avatar IdahoPete says:

    So have any of you Nagant owners tried them with .32 S&W Long? Those are sometimes easier to find than the 7.62 Nagant, and the pressure levels look about the same. No cylinder/barrel gap seal, but that’s just a bonus feature of the original.

    1. avatar Jake F. says:

      I’ve used .32 S&W long in mine and while it shoots no problem its all over the paper. Also in my gun one of the chambers is a bit bigger than the others and the entire round will slip up inside the cylinder, the other six chambers don’t have this problem. I’ve seen online replacement cylinders for .32 ACP and H&R Mag but haven’t used them myself. From what I can gather some guns will use off caliber ammo better than others.

      While the original caliber is best it is not strictly necessary.

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