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From Remington Ammunition . . .

Remington Ammunition has announced the reintroduction of the nostalgic favorite shotshell of shooters everywhere, Peters Paper. Trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters can now experience the thrill of shooting classic paper loads with modern performance. Sold exclusively on and available for a limited time only, shooters and collectors are encouraged to buy today.

Peters Paper shotshells promise less felt recoil and trusted functionality backed by decades of performance. These loads feature the classic retro blue paper hull, clean and reliable primers, carefully selected powder blends and high antimony shot for tight, uniform patterns on clay targets.

“We’ve talked a lot about Big Green being back. Now we are thrilled to add some blue into the mix,” said Remington’s Director of Marketing Joel Hodgdon. “These Peters shotshells are a true classic that so many shooters know and love. Remington is proud to introduce paper loads back into our lineup, but don’t worry, we are still making millions of plastic Remington rounds too.”

The Peters Cartridge Company was founded in 1887 and forged a solid reputation for innovative, high-performance rifle, pistol, revolver and shotgun cartridges. Remington purchased the Peters Cartridge Company in 1934 and became known as RemingtonPeters for a time. Many Remington cartridge heads are stamped with R-P to this day. In 1960, Remington introduced the first shotshells with plastic hulls. Remington hulls remain the famous ‘Remington Green’ color while Peters hulls remained the distinctive ‘Peters Blue’.

More information about Peters Paper and Big Green ammunition can be found at or on Remington’s e-newsletter and social media accounts.

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  1. I used to buy these at yard sales when I was a kid. They were cheap. It snowed where I hunted. And rained. Sometimes a shell would get too wet and swell up. But they were cheap and I didn’t have a lot of money.

    • “It snowed where I hunted. And rained. Sometimes a shell would get too wet and swell up.”

      I found a box of paper shot-shells in the garage behind the house my family lived in in the late 1960s. They were wet and swollen, and just crumbled in my fingers.

      Was it just nostalgia to bring them back? Because the plastic hulls that replaced paper were far more utilitarian and durable…

      • I’ve never been heavy into trap, skeet or sporting clays. Maybe the guys that live and breathe that stuff can clue us into the need for paper. Plastic serves my needs just fine.

        • They decompose much faster in the fields than their plastic hulled cousins, and the plastic wads don’t develop as much “stiction ” against the paper, making them softer shooting. Or so I’ve been told by the trap guys at the gun club.

        • I’ve heard the cruise ships use paper hulled ammo on the ones that shoot trap as a onboard thing. Can’t confirm that first hand though.

          I’d shoot paper hull if it were cheaper.

        • That makes sense – Paper will break down, and the brass will oxidize to a brown ‘patina’ and pretty much disappear from view…

  2. Why? So everyone can experience swollen shells with feeding and extraction problems associated with?

    I still have paper shells and they still shoot. But if you hunt on a damp day, you best be ready.

    There were problems with early plastic shells as well until they found perfect dimensions.

    I preferred Remington with their ribbed body. Seemed to work a little better, especially in single and double guns.

    I’ll keep modern shells.

    • Back then, a box of 50 .22lr was a quarter at the corner store down the street…

  3. Oh, yea…retro 12 ga shells in paper.*

    I would much rather that Remington release more of the 50 round white / black boxed LE edition Golden Sabers in 185 gr 45 ACP and 125 gr 357 Magnum.

    *since Remington is looking to market a retro shotgun shell…I would consider it if they released the shells in an all brass hull…definitely has a collector / cool factor!

  4. . com
    Sale them at the local gunmshops, errr , no can do,everything has to be . com,from the gunms you buy to the emu you put in them.
    How convenient.
    Doesn’t anyone remember Clitons 20 gunms and 1000rnds of emu is an arsenal. The only ones having an arsenal must be in a militia. Doesn’t anyone remember Clinton’s war on the militias? Remember when they tried to ban wearing camouflage clothes when not hunting?
    It’s bad enough buying stuff ” they” hate with a check let alone using . com,
    . com opens to many doors.

      • Don’t be too critical. I find it amazing that a marsupial has access to a computer and that he can communicate through it.

        We truly live in an age of miracles.

      • “???????”

        Just imagine that the Possum really has beady eyes, nasty-yellow teeth, and a rat-like tail, yet can somehow use a computer, and you’ll be *just fine*.

        (He’s really considerably smarter than he lets on, its a part of why reading him is so much fun… 😉 )

  5. Know what would be awesome? If they would spend their effort making standard 12 and 20 gauge shells in 6 and 7 1/2. You know shells that the majority of small game hunters would use. I haven’t seen a “regular” box of shells on a shelf since COVID started.

  6. I still have a partial box of these. Don’t need any more. Nothing nostalgic or thrilling about them from my perspective.

  7. Got to agree with most of the above comments. This would have been cool even five years ago. In today’s ammunition shortage Remington is doing what!? The idiot that thought this up should be fired. As well as those that thought it was a good idea.

  8. No wonder Remington was in bankruptcy, even after they have been broken apart, someone there likes to waste resources on limited marketable items instead of producing hunting ammo for hunting season and self-defense ammo, both are in high demand and could be very popular and profitable as the brand is known for good quality ammo in both sectors. Thank God Ruger rescued Marlin.

  9. As opposed to a limited run of plastic shotshells that you can’t find either. Anyone else notice how all a sudden it’s Xmas time and all the retailers have ammo? But the big ammo makers, jobbers and middle men swear on a stack o bibles they werent warehousing it to keep the prices high. I havent bought a round of factory made ammo since 9mm went above $8 a box and I wont till it comes back down to that. Guns, cars and houses havent doubled in price in 2 yrs. Why has ammo?

  10. Oh well, Brenneke Black Magic Slugs, Federal HST 147 gr9mm, Rem. 30-06springfield 160gr and 220gr.

    • This is a read between the lines moment…. Remington was apparently taken over by morons or liberals…… take your pick…

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