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Poland Eastern Europe Defense Call

Reader Desert Ranger writes:

Antis hate that civilians own so-called “weapons of war” (i.e. ARs, AKs) and portray lawful citizens who seek out tactical training as lunatics. I wonder how they would feel about those same people if they were in Poland staring down the maw of an 800 lb. Bear that’s next door gnashing its teeth. Or how they would feel if they were in Lithuania which just implemented the draft. The civilian disarmers live in a bubble of safety created by the very people they ridicule . . .

As the conflict in Ukraine demonstrates, that bubble is a social construct that can be destroyed by outside agression, whether it be the Russian Army, Islamic Terrorists, or a crazed mass murderer.
As Baden Powell observed, far too many young men were lost to the trenches of the First World War due to their lack of training, both with fire arms and in basic outdoor survival. In today’s modern urban world, far too many citizens lack any idea of basic skills (cooking, gardening, camping, etc.). How will they fare if there’s a next world war?

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  1. Actually, as a nation, we are far more vulnerable than we think. We have centralized our agriculture into massive farms away from our population centers. Take a simple solar EMP scenario where the country, or most of the world for that matter, goes dark. It will not be fixed in days, weeks, or even months. We simply don’t have the number of spares on hand. So transportation is dead and hence our normal supply chain of food is also gone. Those who can’t already fend for themselves are dead. Call preppers whatever you want, but at least they have a plan. Guns and bullets may keep you alive longer than the gun hating liberals but you can’t eat them.
    And it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Human nature will prevail. Evil is as evil does. So if you have to look up TEOTWAWKI better just bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

    • What are you talking about? Of course we can eat the liberals! Their muscles are relaxed and soft…like veal.

    • “Guns and bullets may keep you alive longer than the gun hating liberals but you can’t eat them.”

      Bet they’d make dandy fertilizer, though.

    • America could easily be damaged by a foreign power, but the notion that the country could be conquered and occupied by a foreign power is ludicrous. We have weak and friendly neighbors to the north and south and 3000 miles or more of ocean to the east and west. We have a country with three zones separated by mountains with each zone having year round access to the sea. It would take 10 million troops to occupy any one of those zones and you’d be wide open to counter attacks from the other zones. Any country that decided to attempt such an endeavor would leave itself defenseless at home. This has always been the advantage America has over the powers in Europe.

      A country could attempt to destroy America with nuclear weapons but that would be national suicide. There’s no way to take out our entire arsenal, especially the submarines. Yes the country is vulnerable to EMP attack, but so is every other country and we would likely discover the culprit and retaliate in like manner. The USA is militarily and geographically the most secure country on earth. Of course all of that doesn’t mean a thing when the country is rotting out from the inside.

      • Three zones collectively separated from essentially the rest of the world by two oceans, I might add. It’s not quite the same as being able to simply drive over the border in your APCs. Still, I think the “rifle behind every blade of grass” thing might have a little currency left.

        • OOPS–I’m sorry Governor, you mentioned the oceans right off, don’t know how I missed it.

        • The rifle behind every blade of grass is what would necessitate 10 million troops to occupy the conquered zone. While we have a huge head start here, that situation has been present in almost every invasion in history. The Nazis had to deal with the partisans in Russia and the French underground in WWII, we had to deal with the Vietcong and the IEDs in Iraq. It often takes more troops to hold the territory than it does to conquer it. Our main advantage is that everyone thinks we’re all a bunch of gun toting cowboys here and they know very well what kind of militia response they’d be facing.

      • Plus you can’t EMP an entire country all at once. Ballistic missiles are useless as they would be picked up and assumed nuclear, which would bring MAD onto the table. Local devices could only take out single grids at once, and coordinating a national strike with such devices is nearly impossible.

        And you would need to logistically EMP your deployment zone far enough in advance that your own forces weren’t affected (EMP, like a fire, doesn’t know friend or foe), then deploy your own forces in enough numbers to overwhelm local militia forces and regionally organized national guard units (admittedly limited by lack of national/state/county communication infrastructure without electronics) before our own systems could compensate and come back online, then manage to breed feed and lead men thousands of miles away from your warzone against an indigenous population with more modern weapons than any standing army on earth. Let’s not forget why America hasn’t decisively won a war against a population of rebel fighters on their own turf. For that matter, why any invading army in the last 2000 years hasn’t won a war against a resistance on their own turf. Insurgencies can’t ever really be put down with military action.

        It just isn’t going to happen. Americans have always enjoyed the protections of our oceans, our military superiority, and our population being armed.

        PS I love talking about these kind of scenarios, we should do more of them.

        • I think the missile launch problem with an EMP attack was addressed in the James Bond movie Goldeneye. For all we know the Chinese or Russians already have a few nukes in space waiting to be used. The other downside to EMP is that any electric device can be shielded. I’ve heard of preppers collecting old microwave ovens for that purpose. I’m sure the most crucial elements of our military are prepared for an EMP, so while us civilians might be living in the 19th century the military will probably be mostly good to go. And like I said we’d likely find the culprit and send them back to the 19th century as well.

          The other thing I didn’t mention was the why. America is rich because of the industriousness of our people not so much our natural resources. This is why the British were destined to lose the Revolution. Tobacco, rum and cotton just weren’t valuable enough to justify the expense of constant war. Grain wasn’t even valuable enough to ship unless there was a crop failure at home. It was just much, much cheaper to make peace and trade for our goods.

        • A little insight on the EMP discussion. Jake, you are incorrect. One properly sized, designed, and deployed nuke will take out 1/3 of the entire world, our nation inclusive. EMP waves behave differently than most waves which dissipate in direct proportion to and as a function of distance from their origin. EMP transmission through the atmosphere is extremely efficient. As for shielding, yes, any well grounded Faraday cage will shield electrical/electronic devices. A good example of a Faraday cage in action is an airplane being hit by lightning. The electrical energy travels along the skin and does not appreciably penetrate the interior. A microwave is a Faraday cage but it is designed for one particular frequency, that of the magnetron. The metal grating pattern on the front door is sized so that the openings are smaller than the wave. The pattern acts like a brick wall for the magnetron waves, but you can see between the holes. The problem with EMP is that it is broad spectrum and its higher frequencies will penetrate the microwave door. A solid metal garbage can is an excellent Faraday cage to store electrical/electronics in. Even better if it is well grounded. If you own an older car with point ignition, you will need a new coil and condenser (capacitor). If you own a slightly newer car with electronic ignition you will need an ignition module and coil. If you own a much newer car, you will need the engine control module and ignition coil(s). But, beware, most new cars share engine control sensors and controls between multiple modules.

        • Jumping in here cause for some reason the ‘reply’ link wasn’t showing after the latest comment. But I agree with most of what is written here, as to the near impossibility of an invasion. But no one wants to invade….they just want to cripple, and the EMP threat was quite clearly and logically presented in a very entertaining and readable, yet very scary and seemingly (to me) on point ‘novel’ called One Second After, by WILLIAM R. FORSTCHEN. If you have not, i highly recommend reading. Also – the threat does not have to come from outside. An equally entertaining, yet not as believable ‘post apocalyptic’ TV series was “Jericho”. My family (well, just the boys) watched that series with rapt attention. It was great.

        • A couple of books you might enjoy:

          One Second After by William R. Forstchen

          Lightning Fall by Bill Quick

        • @gman… Could I see a physics citation on this?

          “A little insight on the EMP discussion. Jake, you are incorrect. One properly sized, designed, and deployed nuke will take out 1/3 of the entire world, our nation inclusive. EMP waves behave differently than most waves which dissipate in direct proportion to and as a function of distance from their origin. EMP transmission through the atmosphere is extremely efficient.”

          The intensity of electromagnetic radiation decays porpinatly to 1/r^2 where r is the distance from the origin… To do otherwise would violate conservation of energy.

        • @Lurker_of_Lurkiness –

          You are correct. Voltage drops with distance.

          The big bugaboo is that electrical transmission wiring acts as a massive antenna.

          That massive voltage spike hits and blows out the large substation transformers.

          Those transformers are often custom built to order. There is no huge warehouse full of them. Manufacturing lead times are in the months, at best.

          If our power grid gets popped by an EMP, the lights will be out potentially for YEARS.

          Imagine a 100 mile radius around New York City has no power for a year plus.

          Chaos doesn’t even begin to describe what would happen. 20 million plus starving. Factories and most jobs shut down.

          20 million plus pouring out of the affected areas into the surrounding states.

          That is what one EMP detonated over NYC will do.

        • No, not voltage but the intensity and therefore energy of e/m radiation.

          I get what a sudden induced voltage and or current might do, but gman’s explanation of emp is crap.

      • You could argue that any of those three zones is vulnerable to prolonged occupation. But the entire nation, no way.

        Yet like you also said, rotting from the inside will do a much better job than any external attack. Then the scavengers can come in and take whatever pieces they like.

      • replying to a nuclear attack would require a president who didnt want an excuse to declare national martial law and control every aspect of the american people. Also one who had the intestinal fortitude to do so. dont think we have that right now

        • I get this reference! Check out John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising series! First book is “Under a Graveyard Sky.”

      • Brings up an interesting question: How would an EMP attack affect those electronic “safe” guns they keep trying to push on the populace?

  2. “Guns and bullets may keep you alive longer than the gun hating liberals but you can’t eat them.”

    You can’t eat what- the guns and bullets, or the gun hating liberals?

    • ALCON, Sorry for the linguistic conundrum. My thought was you can’t eat bullets and guns. I never even contemplated eating the liberals. Though in a pinch…

      • Libs will leave you with nasty heartburn.

        Worse, it’s tough getting the taste of them out of your mouth…


        • Leo the lion spots his buddy eating elephant sh!t. “What in the Hell are you doing?” he asks. Buddy says, “I just ate a Liberal and I’m trying to get the taste out of my mouth.”

          Started as a lawyer joke, but works here, too.

  3. Gotta love the “heads I win, tails you lose” logic.

    If you get training you’re a GI Joe wannabe and shouldn’t own a gun.

    If you don’t get training you’re a safety menace and shouldn’t own a gun.

  4. People who voted for the current occupant of the White House should NB the changes in foreign policy being undertaken by our allies and hang their heads in shame, and confess their ignorance.

    One glance at the geopolitical situation of 2008 vs. today should tell anyone with an IQ above room temperature that the world is rapidly becoming a very dangerous place and Pax Americana has come to an end.

    • Eh, come on, that’s a little bit of a stretch. Sure, some things are going wrong, but they always are. Russia flexing nuts and war in the middle east are hardly issues that can be layed at the feed of BO. I get that it’s really couture to blast the Dems on here, but blaming any president of any nation for all the evil in the world shows bias, not intellect.

      I work with a political think tank that helps predict the course of modern events in an effort to have information before it happens, stratfor. I assure you that POTUS has far less impact on current events than you may initially believe. If anything, intensifying conflict in the middle east is more the responsibility of Bush 1 and Clinton than BO. We won’t know on a geopolitical spectrum if BO was a good president or not for about ten years.

        • I would agree that he is a ‘bad’ president, but that’s an overall rating. It’s difficult to see what the moves he’s made on an international level will affect in the long term.

        • BHO has caused our enemies not to fear us and our friends not to respect us and pretty much going to cause a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. That sounds like a long-term negative impact to me.

      • Jake from the cesspool. This blather, along with your EMP nonsense above, show total will full ignorance of the real world circa 2015. Perhaps you actually are in AnnArbor?

        • He admits to working for stratfor. Surely he will say whatever they tell him to in return for that large paycheck(with no effort required other than lying to the public)? He is right about one thing POTUS is almost irrelevant. It is his “handlers”, those that tell him what to say and do, that make the decisions.

        • Did you seriously just cite Cheney as an authority? In a discussion on foreign policy, no less?

        • Definitely Southwest side, born and raised. Currently reside in the ‘burbs.

          I appreciate the commentary, and am always open to criticism. Could you maybe give me some examples of how what I’ve said was factually inaccurate, instead of lampooning me with an ad hominem? Being a firearms enthusiast and being an intellectual are not mutually exclusive. I’m happy to hear your views on this.

          I don’t work for, in the sense that I am not employed by, stratfor. I am a member of one of several of their forecasting teams, but it’s freelance work. I have never been plied, financially or in any other way, to provide insight in any light other than what I believe to be true. My primary focus is economics. I have never, directly or indirectly, lied to anyone (neither public nor private entities) during my work for them. We independently forecast.

          I find it interesting that an article such as this, with the political ramifications such as this, bring out so many of the tinfoil hat bearers. Why would you be so quick to attack me?. Because I don’t drink the strait wine of the conservatives and hate all democrats on principle?

        • Oh now neiowa, donchaknow when you start throwing adhominems as the basis of your argument, you are showing the basis of your ignorance.

          Google the Carrington Event.

          A solar flare in the Eighteen hundreds that caused hundreds of miles of telegraph wires to catch on fire due to the EMP effect. If it happened today, our entire country would be back in the dark ages, for years. Our population die off due to starvation and general chaos is projected to be in at least the tens of millions, some project up to 90 percent.

          EMP by a nuclear blast in the upper stratosphere? There is a debate on how big of an area would be effected. But it is not tin foil hat material to be concerned by this as a real danger to us as a country.

    • “Pax Americana” was a misnomer, anyway – it’s more like peace in America, but plenty of wars elsewhere. That part isn’t going to change, but American involvement in those wars might (and it’s a good thing – let Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia duke it out between themselves).

  5. They are right in a way, these weapons are not really needed. They are wanted though and they can be the best tool for a job.

    If they want to apply the not needed argument though they should be willing to apply that everywhere not just where they think it should be. We don’t need cars that go above 100 mph so let’s start by getting rid of them, we don’t need large houses with large gardens so we can all downsize. We don’t need Starbucks or tofu. We don’t need tv or the Internet or electricity for that matter.
    The world becomes a pretty rubbish place when it is driven by need and not desire but if that is the way you think we should live then apply the principle evenly not just based on your own desires

  6. In some ways, it’s good that the European countries are having to take more responsibility for their own defense. Ideally, they would do so anyway, which America provides the ultimate backstop to friendly, democratic nations. Unfortunately, our Allies now seriously doubt America’s willingess and/or capability to provide that backstop, which has had the salutory benefit of focussing them on their own defense, but at a cost in American credibility and increased tensions.

    The world will continue without Pax Americana, but it will be a very different world. The Bundeswehr is currently a mess, with all kinds of holes. The British Armed Forces are anemic. The French Army’s enlisted ranks are full of ‘non-traditonal Frenchmen” and is not trusted by the French Government. The Germans especially are going to have to either spend some serious time and money on rectifying it’s problems and/or use diplomacy to appease the Russians (sorry Poles).

    • Germans at least seem to be taking this seriously. They have already said they will (finally!) honor their NATO commitments on military spending.

  7. This article, like most miss the mark, if you talk facts while one side will only talk about how they feel, you get nowhere.

  8. “How will they fare if there’s a next world war?”

    If there’s a next world war chances are it will go nuclear, so stock up on your RADX and bottle caps. That’s not entirely sarcastic because RADX is real, sort of. It’s called potassium iodide. Also, survival of a nuclear war is indeed possible, it’s a myth that even a full scale nuclear war is not survivable. There’s a pretty in depth manual on it online. You’re gonna need plenty of RADX, a place to hide out the initial blasts and fallout, a giger counter, and… well a pip boy would help….

    • Reference noted…. well done.

      I also wouldn’t mind having some brotherhood armor if it came down to it.

      • I would even settle for Enclave Armor in that scenario…

        More seriously, the situation in Ukaraine and Eastern Europe is sizing up to be conventional, although Russia has been stocking up on tactical nukes. Could things spiral out of control and turn into a nuclear exchange… probably, especially if smaller nuclear ordinance gets lost in the fog of war and sold to the highest bidder.

        It is war, and as we know, War never Changes…

      • I would even settle for an armored vault jumpsuit in that scenario…

        More seriously, the situation in Ukraine and Eastern Europe is sizing up to be conventional, although Russia has been stocking up on tactical nukes.

        Could things spiral out of control and turn into a nuclear exchange… probably, especially if smaller nuclear ordinance gets lost in the fog of war and sold to the highest bidder.

        It is war, and as we know, War never Changes…

  9. You forget to point out that in Poland, all those militamen are training by running around woods in camo with plastic guns. Poland has the lowest civilian firearm ownership rate in Europe. The guys there are training for the possibility of maybe once being called to serve in the army and expect to get their guns from the government, once the government decides they need them.

    I think it has a lot to do with the general compliance with authority that is ingrained in the Catholic Poles. That leads to one of the most oppressive gun laws in Europe.

    Meanwhile mostly Atheist Czech gun owners who tend not to trust any authority, including own government, are upgrading their arms, getting training and stockpiling armour privately. The gun ownership statistics have not yet gone up in the Czech Republic, but I’ve already heard from a couple of my unarmed friends that they are about to arm up due to the Russian situation, so there might soon be similar spike in gun ownership we had 25 years ago with the rise of organized crime after fall of communism (which is not an issue for more than a decade now).

    Be it organized militia with plastic guns in Poland or a couple of hundred thousand well armed and skilled lone wolfs with everything from semi-auto SBRs to .50 sniper rifles in the Czech Republic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine does have effects far beyond Ukraine borders.

  10. A lot of tin-foil-hat thinking in this thread. I am a former nuclear bombardier and SIOP mission planner. A few basics:

    “One properly sized, designed, and deployed nuke will take out 1/3 of the entire world, our nation inclusive.” – Sorry, no, not even close. Also EMP is a side effect of nukes, not the main purpose and it is temporary. It does not “fry” all the power grids and electronic equipment, it just might take them offline for a while, it might require some of them to be . Focusing on EMP when talking about nukes is like agonizing about muzzle flash when talking about handguns. It is an issue, just not the main issue.

    A nuke is designed to destroy and kill large numbers of people, first through blast, then radiation. You do not see Hiroshima/Nagasaki survivors saying, “Wow, the blast, the heat and radiation were bad, but the EMP was terrible!”

    By treaty, the US and Russia have about 1,620 nukes each. Thiers are larger, ours are more accurate. Accurate is better than big, but that is pretty academic. The next world war either will not happen at all, because of MAD, or it will be over in about an hour. I think the former is much more likely, but if the latter happens, you will not see it coming, it will be over in about an hour, and you and all your prepping will be vaporized. EMP will be the absolute least of your worries.

    • My honest belief is that if WWIII does happen, and it goes nuclear, and you have any luck at all, you’ll be close enough to a blast site that you actually don’t see it coming.

    • >> it will be over in about an hour, and you and all your prepping will be vaporized.

      I assume that nukes would be targeted primarily at large military targets (missile silos if it’s a first strike, and more generally military and naval bases, airfields etc) and major population centers. There isn’t really enough warheads to go for all of us. So those who live in the “flyover country” should be pretty safe so long as they’re not near a military base.

      And even those who live close to major metro areas can be fine depending on how far away they are from the city. E.g. I’m 35 miles away from downtown Seattle, just outside the metro area where population density is basically countryside levels – hopefully that is “good enough”.

      • As long as you don’t live 35 miles directly North or South. In a 1,600 warhead exchange scenario, Seattle area targets can be predicted to draw 6-7 warheads in a line from Olympia, through Seattle and up to Whidbey Island.

        • Yeah, I figured that much – the entire I-5 corridor would go down in flames, probably even all the way down to Oregon, actually (or maybe they’ll just get their own few on the Portland/Vancouver metro area). But I’m in North Bend, which is all the way to the east, pretty much as far as you can get until you run into the Cascades – and there is some high ground between here and Seattle, too.

    • ‘Also EMP is a side effect of nukes, not the main purpose and it is temporary.”


      First, the electronics. Modern Integrated circuits have millions (in some cases, billions) of semiconductor junctions on a substrate the size of a fingernail. That VERY TINY distance is easily jumped by a high voltage spike. It’s a lot like a TV that’s hit by lightning.

      That damage is not temporary, it is permanent.

      Power transmission lines act as huge antennas and the massive high voltage spike from the EMP impulse physically destroys the transformers that step up and down the electricity from the power plant.

      That damage is permanent until a replacement transformer is installed.

      There is no huge warehouse full of power transmission transformers. Manufacturing lead times are in the months at best.

    • A nuclear weapon was designed to kill cities, but the emp effect is one that could fry electronics, even from high altitude, with which would leave no fallout or blast damage, but would destroy everything with a circuit. Pretty handy if you want to cripple an economy, but not destroy a city.

      The Japanese at Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t have many iPhones and xboxes, as was the case in rural Japan in the 1940’s. Today, everything runs on circuits.

  11. ” In today’s modern urban world, far too many citizens lack any idea of basic skills (cooking, gardening, camping, etc.). How will they fare”?
    Easy one. They will die of their own stupidity, just as the ignorant always do. Knowledge is power, and the lack of same(ignorance) is no power. No ability to do anything, not even survive. 1984 is not correct. War is not peace, and ignorance is not strength. That;s just another lie to keep the ignorant sheep stupid so they can be harvested at leisure.

  12. Who needs a war. Let’s try a natural disaster, which is probably far more likely.
    No power, no ATM’s, even the water pump stations are damaged.
    You will see a collapse of modern civility in a matter of days.
    Everyone laughs at the red necks until TSHTF. Or something like that.

    • A nuke war, no more TTAG.

      For God’s sake, let’s not have a nuke war!!!!!

      (Although no more Facebook would be an upside.)

  13. As the conflict in Ukraine demonstrates, that bubble is a social construct that can be destroyed by outside agression, whether it be the Russian Army, Islamic Terrorists, or the U.S. State Department.


  14. so my brother makes a lot of money. pretty much total city boy. i got a new car and he comes out to look at it and says ” are those road flares? and a first aid pack? WHY?!” i really had to fight from saying ” if you have to ask..” but i was cordial and replied “for emergencies, i have to travel alot” his response ” i travel alot too and i don’t have that stuff” my reply, shoulder shrug. his response ” if i need help i’ll just call somebody”. Now he is my older brother with a bachelors in business management so he’s not stupid but if somebody is as old as he is and as egotistical and narcissistic as he is, there is really nothing you can say to even cast a shadow of doubt on any of their preconceived ideas. very rarely will they listen and certainly not to their “little” brother.

  15. Since the opposition loves to pull out the well regulated ,militia component and carry on about it, they should do a little research. The whole reason for that clause was to address that the populace must be able to be well practiced in the event they were to have to call up the militia. Hence the “well regulated militia”.

  16. Back to the articles point, the liberals don’t see any need for the general population to get tactical training or own military grade firearms.

    And yet 25 million prior service men and women WERE trained tactically and WERE trained to operate the M16 full auto – plus a few other unit machine guns like the M249 and M60.

    Darn it, we keep asking our own citizens to protect the country, and we wind up training them in the exact things they don’t need to know as a citizen.

    What the liberals need to do is start hiring in mercenaries from other nations. Good pay, an education, weapons training, and you get to go right back to the country you came from to prop up US policy. Give us 10 years of service and we can even make you a citizen.

    Oh, wait, no, not what we intended. Ok, we send teams to their country to teach them over there.
    Oh, wait, no, they use the training against us and teach it to others. Ok, we send units over there to do the job and teach them enough to just fight their own wars.
    Oh, wait, that means teaching our own citizens again.

    Just doesn’t seem to be any way around it. Either the people learn how to use firearms or we don’t have liberals at all. The lessons of history are harsh – the sympathizing political people’s party is usually purged to make way for the actual dictators who don’t need anyone questioning the morality of their complete takeover.

    The problem is that liberals are too short sighted and lack enough historical perspective to understand it.

  17. Wow and I thought I was a doom and gloom guy…With deference to the founder of the para-military boy scouts WW1 should have never happened . And the US involvement was orchestrated by Wilson & co. The Lord of Glory is ready to split the eastern sky…that’s all i bet on.

  18. I am not nearly as concerned about an invading army from some far off place, as I am about who may already be in the country, and who may still be coming in. While we are invading other countries around the world to “protect us” from terrorism, our border remains wide open to whoever may have malicious intent. We have kids coming back from these wars missing arms, legs, faces, lives.. Yet, people can cross our border with impunity pretty much any time they want. If I was going to invade the US, that is how I would do it, then just live among the populace till the time was right. This would be much harder to deal with than an invading army. At least you would know who the combatants are with an army. Just a thousand people spread out across the US could cause incredible damage in a very short period of time, and it would be very hard to put a finger on who was causing it. By the time a response was in place they could be down the road doing the same thing again, and again. It wouldn’t be very long until emergency, police, and even national guard were overwhelmed. Chaos. It doesn’t even have to be an attack on a major city, directly anyway. Just take down the main transmission lines out in the middle of nowhere that feed power to a city. Imagine that happening all over the country. Do you really think it would be that hard for someone who is determined, and motivated to accomplish that? Something really stinks when we are over in other countries to stop terrorism, but at the same time they can simply step across our border. What are the numbers of illegal aliens they say are in the country? 5 million? 10? 15? What if just 1%, or even just a 1/2 % of those that have come to this country illegally are here do us harm? That is a lot of people. So… here’s an idea.. Seeing how our government likes to go war with people who live in deserts, I propose a military base being built along our southern border, where all training will occur. What an excellent place to do training missions, long range patrols, and night surveillance. What is the old saying? Two birds with one stone.

  19. As a young boy I remember countless stories from my mother, as she was a young child fled her home and family to avoid communist occupation. She was sent away by her parents to be free and have a chance of a better life. She would also tell me how prior to communist occupation, waves of soldiers would descend on towns and villages, securing the names of the people possessing firearms or any weapon of opposition, obtaining the weapons and marching into town, totally unopposed.
    History will not repeat itself!


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