Harlem shooting crime scene
(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
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Last year, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made a show of de-funding the NYPD to the tune of $1 billion, which included dismantling the department’s plain clothes Anti-Crime Unit. Now, with crime and shootings skyrocketing throughout the city, Harlem business owners and residents want the street crimes unit to return.

“With the business establishments having outside events, the concern is one of these bullets, like we see in the city so many times, actually striking a patron,” community advocate Alpheaus Marcus said.

Store owners on the strip said they’ve also seen an increase in drug dealers and gang members who use gun violence to solidify their territory.

“In the area there’s a lot of gang violence. A lot of young kids are getting shot. Honestly speaking, it’s over nothing and it’s putting a lot of lives in danger,” Donnell Van Duyne said.

In the 32nd Precinct, so far this year there have been 31 shooting incidents compared to 19 at the same time last year. That’s a 63% increase.

That’s why business owners and community leaders are demanding the NYPD put in place more comprehensive police policies.

“What we want is, especially de Blasio with his last four months to stop playing politics. We want them to reactivate the plainclothes unit, because, again, these shootings are reckless and senseless,” Marcus said.

— Natalie Duddridge in Troubled By Gun Violence, Many In Harlem Neighborhood Want To See NYPD Bring Back Plainclothes Officers

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  1. “Elections have consequences.”

    If you wish different consequences you have to elect different candidates.

    • As if voting in a large Democrat controlled city would actually result in a change in leadership. The only way to make your vote count in NYC is to vote with your feet. As of yet the commies haven’t constructed a wall to prevent you from leaving.

      • “As of yet the commies haven’t constructed a wall to prevent you from leaving.”

        They’re trying, by making it too expensive for you to sell your property to leave. Illinois, too…

    • How do you know your vote counts without a proper election process? Nothing else matters without secure elections. New York completely flubbed the initial vote tally for the mayoral primary. The only thing the propagandist “you can’t question elections when we say you can’t” media had to say about it was, oh great this gives an opening to the presidential election deniers.

      • I doubt there’s been a fair mayor governor election in NY/NYC is 50+ yrs. It’s as corrupt as Chitcago. And it’s getting that way in all 50 states to one extent or another. We The People need to do some major political house cleaning, and get involved ourselves it appears.

    • “Elections have consequences.”
      If you wish different consequences you have to elect different candidates.

      “The only way to make your vote count in NYC is to vote with your feet. As of yet the commies haven’t constructed a wall to prevent you from leaving.”

      As written in the second comment really the only way to get away from it is to leave if you want a change. The problem is even the people who want everything for nothing or SJWs move and take this philosophy with them. Criminals and gangbangers don’t want their families living in the same hood as other criminals and gangbangers so they move to a calmer place but still hang out with their old hoodrat buddies.

      They bring the crime and stupidity with them along with the whole “want everything for nothing” attitude. Two example of this are Indiana and Tennessee. There used to be a billboard up in Indiana that said “If you are moving here from Illinois, we vote Republican so if you don’t just stay in Illinois” or something to that effect. Some people in Nashville are already calling parts of their city Chicago 2.0.

      A perfect example of that is a western suburb of Chicago. Its a couple of counties away and 20 years ago was as red as a stop sign. It was pretty hardcore Conservative and the prices of homes and property taxes meant no gang BS. I looked at a house ten years ago that wasn’t cheap. I got there early because the realtor I chose was never punctual (she could be early or late) This day she was late. I parked across the street and my family and I watched a pretty large drug deal go down in the garage next door. It was very obvious. The plastic shopping bag, the counting of the cash and all right in front of us.

      The realtor showed up late, we looked the house and the owners kid (about 20 years old and baked) was there. I asked him straight out “Whats up with the neighbors?” His response was honest. Oh them, well the cops are here every weekend because the teenage kids throw crazy parties and the parents go out of town. The whole cul-de-sac calls the police, as a matter of fact that’s why we are moving.

      I was ready to buy a house for stupid money and would have if the realtor was early or even on time. Instead ten years later all but two of the houses in the cul-de-sac have changed hands, the dope dealers have chased out most of the residents. Their garage door would have been 10-15 feet from my garage door.

      A few years ago the same town but now with a town city board voted that landlords HAD to accept Section 8 and also that in the income requirements that Section 8 vouchers and child support had to be included as income. This was so landlords couldn’t say they care about section 8 but the people didn’t meet income requirements. The moral of this is you could move to this once very nice suburb and not worry about crime. The rents were high in multi-unit buildings.

      Now the people who rented have fled, the buildings are pretty much new housing projects and the houses behind the multi unit buildings were getting broken into so the people sold.

      This basically deals with both of those comments. You can leave but blight and crime will follow and liberals will vote for things that destroy the places they live. There will be pockets of more affluent housing and that’s where the liberals live. They don’t care what happens to where they move, they will raise a family and move further away when the nest is empty.

      This isn’t a racist post, this happens all the time and it can happen pretty quickly. You move, the liberals move with you and then they get in as say a town trustee and vote anti2A and pro section 8. This is happening as I write this, there is a small town SW of Chicago that was pretty much farms and open fields 10 years ago. As soon as the housing crash began to calm down big builder started putting up cookie cutter subdivisions. What was mostly corn fields is now becoming pretty shady.

      What does this have to do with NY and de Blasio? Same thing, different place.
      “Chicagoan’s for an End to the Gang Database” says it all.
      You know because when people are booked and are inked up with gang tats,
      that doesn’t mean they are in an actual gang. /s

  2. Firstly, you need to get rid of Lurch and all like him, secondly, why would ANYONE want to be a cop in the apple after what they’ve done??

    • Dennis,

      Why would anyone want to be a New York City police officer at this point?

      For many people, it is simply a job like any other job–they do it to pay the bills.

      And many people just love the idea of a benevolent, all capable, all providing government that will take care of them and solve all of their problems. (In other words a lot of people reject personal and family responsibility and foist personal and family responsibility upon government.) Those people view themselves as part of the benevolent government caring for the masses and are thrilled to be a part of it–regardless of how badly their government fails.

      That last idea fuels the familiar mantra, “Government will get it right this time and finally usher in utopia!”

  3. Democrat harlem business owners previously: “defund the police, use the money for more ‘social’ programs like housing issues”

    gang members: “hey man, that defending the police thing takes the pressure off us. Lets gear up.”

    Democrat harlem business owners now: “refund the police, we are getting killed ‘Help us Police!’

    Police, generally: 🤣

  4. I am honestly quite shocked that the populace has yet to wise up:

    First populace declaration:
    Government has failed us! Save us government! (defund police)

    Second populace declaration:
    Government has failed us! Save us government! (refund police)

    The populace is clearly not playing with a full deck.

        • Fortunately 20 year old bubble headed blondes are not representative of the general population. And most of them don’t vote.

      • Very true. However, the general populace, including Democrats, also aren’t for open borders, endless spending, out of control inflation that destroys the pocketbooks of everyone south of the millionaire class, and lawlessness, yet they will go along with the nonsense as long as they can keep that Fascist, Racist, Nazi Dictator Trump from…um…deregulating the government, enforcing existing laws, and helping to keep energy prices in check? I don’t believe they’re thinking any of this through.

        • While this is all true, I feel you’re working from the assumption that the 2020 election was a free and fair election.

  5. They took out the wrong Dim…this fake Dumblasio Itralian is worse than Guido’s big bro!

  6. The lesson from our big Democrat run cities is that when the zookeepers are shackled, the animals run wild.

    Our resident marsupial excluded of course…

  7. Title: “Harlem Businesses Want de Blasio to Bring Back Plain Clothes Cops”

    This is their problem. They should be saying, “Harlem Businesses Want de Blasio, and those like him, to leave public office and never come back”

  8. Defund all law enforcement, everywhere. Let these SJWs (and their useful idiots) have a good look at what “re-imagining law enforcement” really looks like.

  9. Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Insult to injury is asking deblasio for anything and not marching around demanding deblasio be removed by electing Curtis Mayor of NYC.

  10. Haaaa Haa,
    Where are all the negotiators, psychiatrists, & social workers, & Karen’s , that were supposed to take the place of the Po Po,,,,
    Maybe bring in the Burn Loot & murder Terds to stop the hood rats from shooting each other…
    Haaa Ha…!

    • Just one gang against another.

      Record and broadcast “Hoodrat Hometown” as an urban wildlife documentary.

    • You can laugh at that, but that is the plan all along.
      They want to get rid of our current police and replace them with BLM thugs.
      Then the laws will be enforced only against the citizens, And rioters and criminals are allowed to run free

  11. Hey, Dumbocrats — be careful what you wish for. You might get it — good and hard.

    Is rooting for NYC to burn too much or not enough?

  12. New Yorkers are not getting all that they deserve but they do deserve what they are getting.

    Think of it as evolution in action.

  13. What officers do they wanna bring back? They are gone. They’ve retired or left. Ain’t nobody trying to move there

    • In a lot of deep blue cities they are seeing LEO retirements at a record level.
      LEOs are also just leaving and going to other departments.
      Sooner later there wont be enough cops with street experience to train the rookies.
      Plus even though most say it’s just a job, how well are these rookies being vetted?
      My cousin was a deviant and got to the rank of Deputy Chief of a suburban PD.
      He quit when he passed over for Chief but he was a druggie when we were teenagers.
      One of three people who was in the running for Superintendent of the Chicago PD
      was the Chief of Police of a Chicago suburb. The problem is she was a known drunk.
      Her wife and her got so loaded that her wife left her gun in a bathroom at a restaurant.
      “She” wasn’t David Brown. The gun incident left her wife no choice but to suspend her for 3 days.
      What’s wrong with this picture and who would want to work for these people?

  14. The city of Oakland, California also de-funded police a few months ago. Local officials voted to defund the police by stripping nearly $18 million over two years from the police department, but immediately stripped $17.4 million of that when they passed the measure.

    There is a growing crime problem in Oakland, its been going on since last summer and still continues to grow. Community leaders, some of which were in favor of de-funding police, are now begging that the police be re-funded and have gone to the state for help.

    In every city across the country where police have been de-funded crime has increased.

    • Oakland has had a crime problem since the 1970s. Pushing through the 580 Freeway destroyed what once was called the All American City. As one came across the Bay Bridge in the 50s there was a huge billboard proclaiming Oakland as the All American City. It had industry and a strong working middle class. I lived in the Diamond District. My wife used to take our kids to play in Diamond Park. The Diamond District was destroyed by the elevated highway running right through it. Diamond Park is a drug dealers’ hangout these days. I wouldn’t go there unless I had a Marine rifle squad backing me these days.

  15. Voting differently or even leaving won’t change a thing for these deep blue cities. As we can see all over South America and Asia when people commie up their home to the point of collapse the resulting unrest is always panhandling idiots demanding more commie crap.

    Shit just churning around at the bottom of the septic tank basically. Any option other than commie crap is simply a non-starter.

  16. Enough money talking in cities will be the only way things change. But while mayors in major cities may respond, offices like district attorneys will not. Turnout for such elections is so ridiculously small that the craziest nuts on the left can win them because no one else shows up.

    So even if you lock people up, expect them to be out the next day when the prosecutor declines felony charges. And at that point, why would cops bother? You’re risking not just your life but your career making these stops only for the scumbags to dance out of the precinct saying “I told you so” because they’re not afraid of judges or cops anymore.

  17. This statement from Jeff Cooper really sums up what needs to take place in these DEmorat run hellholes… “If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.”

    • It’s nothing but a scheme to fund their pet projects. It isn’t like they sent the money back to the tax payers.

  18. If the cop haters get their way? And the police are defunded. Then I can start killing those who I think need killing. There will be no police to call for help. And I can have it my way. We will have “the purge”. They already have it every saturday night in Chiraq. And many don’t know this was what this country was like. Before we had an organized police force. So it can happen again.

    And there will be no ACLU to come and save them. Because there will be no police to enforce a court order.

    I look forward to the cops haters, Libertarians Liberals and the left getting their wish.

  19. Only thing I can say about the New York situation is, as of today’s date 8/16/21; that they are only half as bad as Chicago for the year of 2021 at this time period.
    Chicago…. year to date: Homicides 512, shootings wounded 2,843.
    New York…year to date: Homicides 260, shootings wounded 1,109.

    As I’ve said before…..When you lower the bar, you get to sip the contents of the spittoons and drink from the toilets!

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