Range Where Breivik Trained Now Closed for Pistols and Rifles

The International Business Times has a photo essay showing the Skytterkollen shooting range where Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik practiced. The pistol and rifle ranges are closed. Apparently because Breivik used a pistol and a rifle to murder his victims. Fortunately for the trap shooter pictured in the essay, Breivik decided not to use a shotgun or that part of the range would no doubt be closed as well. The UK’s Mirror reports that Breivik listened to a variety of music on his iPod during the killing spree including the “rousing violin anthem Lux Aeterna by Brit Clint Mansell.” Should that particular piece be removed from iTunes? Should iPods still be sold in Norway?


  1. avatar Chase says:

    No more please. Just please no more Norway crap.

  2. avatar Eric S says:

    I think we need to see the Norway “crap”. It’s a lesson in what can happen here if people get overly zealous.

  3. avatar MikeJ says:

    Will they be shutting down all the farms too?
    He used the internet and books for information, will those be shutdown too?

    The only thing that should be shutdown that he used is his own brain.

    1. avatar William says:

      +1 to that. The possible sentence of approx. 20 years is insane

  4. avatar MikeJ says:

    Here is an interesting thought, if this had happened 20 years ago, would they be calling for the prosecution of the any Heavy Metal band that he had listened to? Keep the “bad music” out of the ears of the young? Maybe ban all “bad music”?

    Are guns the new Heavy Metal Demon?

  5. avatar karlb. says:

    Am I missing something?  I went through the link and did not see any mention of who shut the range down.  Would it not make sense, from a public opinion standpoint, to shut it down for a while?  I do not know who or why it was closed, but I saw no evidence that any public power forced the closure. That might be the case, but does anyone on this site know one way or the other?

    1. avatar Daniel Zimmerman says:

      I looked but wasn’t able to find any information as to who closed the ranges. I assume it was the range owners.

  6. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    These people are complete idiots. I guess if they pass a law that no one can leave their home for any reason, then maybe that will reduce crime and nobody will ever be hurt again.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    Don’t let Rahm Emanuel about this. He’ll close every range in Chicago. Oh, wait . . . .

  8. avatar Magoo says:

    I think you guys can take a break. It seems unlikely that Norway will be looking to the USA for guidance on how to avoid mass shootings.

  9. avatar Ralf says:

    karlb: you are right, I also have not seen any evidence the range was “shut down”.

    If I were a marksmanship assoc. representative, I also would not receive the press under full training schedule; and most marksmen will object to being photographed, we all know the crazy captions the press applies.

    I think you made the error of confusing “closed” range (as in, “grocery store closed for sunday”) with “shut down range”. If a trap shooter does train, I see evidence it is not shut down.

  10. avatar Intrepidorator says:

    This is an example of what could happen here if they reflexibly tighten gun laws. This appears to be very similiar to the restrictive gun laws that the progressives want in America. It is unfortunate that no one on that island was armed and prepared to defend himself or herself. It could have ended much sooner if someone there had been armed for self defense.

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