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Courtesy Joe Grine

I’ll admit it: I’m a die-hard Blaser fan boy, and a fan of straight pull bolt action rifles in general. I own the Blaser LRS-2 police sniper rifle, which is one of the most accurate rifles I’ve ever owned. But you don’t see high-end rifles like this sitting around on the shelf of most LGSs. So I was pleased to see that Blaser was making an appearance at range day with the R8 hunting rifle . . .

This year, Blaser is introducing a new stock design with a Prince of Wales grip, for superior pointability, Rigby style cheek piece for a proper cheek weld, inlayed sling swivels and a custom pistol grip cap. Of course, it comes with all the features found in all R8 rifles, such as the manual cocking bolt, interchangeable caliber system, trigger magazine housing combination and feathery 1.75 lb. desmodromic trigger. Top it off with a Swarovski scope and you have yourself one fine rifle. Prices start at $2,500 and go up to $5,000+.

Courtesy Joe Grine

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  1. I have been a fan of their straight pull bolt and of their exquisite woods ever since I laid eyes on one. And at $2500, it’s a (relative) bargain. I would love to own one of these–this is exactly the configuration I would choose. Too bad I’m married and plan to remain so.

    • I’d say go for it. They are practical, you can easily change calibers on them. Put away some money and after a while (depends on how much you earn) you can buy once and cry nevermore.

      I should be a salesman when I think about it.

  2. What the heck is that stock made of? Its BROWN dude ! Thats crazy. Who thought of that, the paint guy at Home Depot? Stocks are black or green. And it has some sort of wiggly lines in it. What is that a camo job gone bad? And its got a round thing on the side of the A2 butt stock ! Is that where the tactical light or laser goes? Where is the battery compartment? And how come there is no Vickers sling on it?

    I just don’t get it.

  3. Man, but I’ve love one of those in a simple caliber, maybe .30-06. Nothing tricky, just an artful expression of the joy of being a rifleman. Sigh. One day, when kids are out of college, papa’s going to do some extended shopping.

    I envision a day when I can walk into a primo gun store, look one of these – or similar – over and when the salesman replies to my inquiry with a price, I’ll just smile and say, “Really? Well then, I’ll take two.”

    • For god’s sake, man, save the “Well, then, I’ll take two” for your pheasant gun, where it serves a purpose. Laugh.

      I like the new stock design with slightly thinner wrist. I wouldn’t like an R8 for dangerous game, because I’m an old dog and facing a charge I’d probably panic and try to lift the bolt handle. I would very much like an R8 with the new stock shape, in 6.5 x 55, though. I think I’ll go look. I’m probably better off just restocking a Model 70 with good wood.

      The coverage of decent field guns on TTAG has me in mild shock. I like it.

      • Same here – want more of it. I do like the 6.5×55 and have three rifles in that caliber. My first thought was to go metric, maybe even 7×57, but then if I was going to buy such an expensive rifle, I’d like to be able to use it more, say for anything I would ever want to hunt up to elk or moose (neither of which I hunt yet). Not a dangerous game guy and the only time I’m shooting a bear is if it’s trying to eat me.

        Hell, for me loading a magazine with 6.5×55 cartridges is sort of mystical… their proportions are so… well, magical. Of course the solution would be to buy one in either cartridge and then the necessary barrels and parts to be able to shoot the other. So many options (one day, at least).


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