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The NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits is OFWG central. Ethnic and chronological diversity is obvious by its absence. Is that a problem? Not for the brace of African thirty-something American NRA members I interviewed for this article. “We’ve got no problems here,” one of them assured me. Yes but . . .

could the NRA do more to invite people of color — people who may not share their taste for twanging country music — into the gun rights tent? Yes. Yes it could. And yes. Yes it should.

Gun control advocates draw their political power from America’s urban centers. If minority voters in these enclaves became NRA members, they’d be forced to “vote their guns.” To abandon the Democratic party and its gun control agenda.

In short, the more minority NRA members, the safer all Americans’ gun rights.

As for how the NRA could recruit more minority members, it’s the guns stupid. The NRA should deploy an army of “community organizers” to give minorities hands-on familiarity with firearms freedom.

They’d go into urban areas to get potential members to come out for a range day. They’d transport them for free. Feed them. Pay for their ammo. Train them. Offer them hugely discounted (if not free) guns and safes. Train them again. And help them negotiate any bureaucratic hurdles preventing them from keeping and bearing arms.

At the same time, the NRA should put more minorities into its promotional materials. Target ads at minority communities. Add more minorities to its administrative ranks. Change its musical support acts to something, anything younger and more mainstream.

Yes, well, some day I’ll hear and see more people of color at the NRA’s Annual Meetings. The sooner the better. It won’t happen overnight. I won’t happen at all until and unless the NRA admits its diversity deficit and takes direct action to widen its base.

It will cost money. The NRA has money. It should spend it. The sooner the better.

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    • RF is spot-on here. The NRA needs to be more diverse, and the reason is demographics.

      The census numbers don’t lie: America is becoming a more diverse society, and a less religious one. Whites used to make up a large majority of the population, and are now slipping below the 50% threshold. In other words, whites are on the cusp of being another minority themselves. At the same time, religious affiliation is slipping to the lowest levels in history.

      It’s unrealistic to assume that any minority, even the one that founded the United States, will forever control the political agenda in a democracy like ours.

      When and if a solid preponderance of the citizenry no longer believes in the relevance or wisdom of the Second Amemdment, the right to keep and bear arms will perish. Either the Amendment will be repealed outright, or increasingly-unsympathetic courts will prune away its protections until it dies the death of a thousand cuts.

      Don’t say this can’t happen, because italmost did in the 1970s and 1980s.

      In a few decades, when whites are only 40% of the population and even fewer Americans are members of organized churches, the 2A community is really going to wish it had started its outreach program now. I don’t care who is shooting next to me at the range: faith and skin color and accent are all meaningless as long as they’re law-abiding Americans and listen to the RSO.

      With no disrespect to those of faith who like country music, prayer breakfasts and Hank Williams shows are not going to make this any easier.

      • Chris, if I recall correctly, you are north-west US, (Oregon) based, no?

        I’m in the deep south. So deep, Atlanta, Ga. is 400 miles NORTH of me.

        The gun ranges down here have a healthy diversity and waiting lines on weekends…

        • Yes, but…The diversity needs to come to the dense urban centers where the liberals hold their power base and the criminals (did I repeat myself?) control the neighborhoods.

        • Glad to hear it, brother! Our range here is similar. There are many gun people of color (which I totally failed to mention above) and my point (actually RF’s point) is that the NRA needs to do a better job of welcoming them.

          Rural whites (the vanguard of the 2A community) are going to make up a smaller and smaller share of the electorate, and we gun people are going to need all the allies we can get.

      • Been saying it since day 1 here at ttag. We are a diverse nation and we potg need all that diversity to remain relevant.

        America is not going to splinter off into a bunch of balkan like states and the white guys that can’t understand that we aren’t the majority with the laws slanted in our favor anymore are going to be left behind.

      • The NRA doesn’t “need” to be more diverse. The NRA is doing fine. The population of Americans who wisely value and presciently exercise their Second Amendment rights, however, should be more diverse. Nevertheless, it isn’t the NRA’s responsibility to rescue people from their firearms freedom complacency.

        People should get off their lazy, entitled rear ends, regardless the shade of their cheeks, and get involved.

        If there ever was a legitimate application of the old cliche that if you aren’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem, then people in general and minorities in particular who eschew the NRA and ignore the 2A is it.

      • “When and if a solid preponderance of the citizenry no longer believes in the relevance or wisdom of the Second Amemdment, the right to keep and bear arms will perish.”

        30 years back the majority of Americans thought handguns should be banned outright. Today, the majority of Americans believe their home is safer *with* a handgun than without. Today, the *vast majority*, over 70 percent, believes the 2A protects the individual’s right to own a gun. That has been a *massive* sea-change in attitude compared to 30 years back.

        A similar sea-change in attitude is happening now with minority gun ownership. While currently no way near as good as it could and *should* be, since the 70s it’s over twice what it was. That’s a huge win, and getting better all the time.

        I believe the antis know that all too well, and that is a major driver in the shrillness and desperation in their anti-gun messaging.

        “Either the Amendment will be repealed outright, or increasingly-unsympathetic courts will prune away its protections until it dies the death of a thousand cuts. Don’t say this can’t happen, because it almost did in the 1970s and 1980s.”

        While we shouldn’t be slacking off, I believe we are well past the tipping point on the 2A, in *our* favor. The left-right polarization on the 2A is getting starker and starker, and I seriously doubt we will ever come to consensus on guns and liberal attitudes.

        I’m increasingly coming to believe there will be a split in the USA into two countries, and as far as I’m concerned, we’re lots better off without them. Let the Left have the Northeast and Northwest, we’ll take the rest.

        I’m dead serious on this. Let them build their ‘Progressive Utopia’ powered by nothing but ‘renewable clean energy’, have ultra-strict environmental laws, and ban guns as close to outright as possible. Let them build it. Let them join the European Union (that won’t exist in 10 years) and have the glorious socialist nanny state of their collective wet dreams.

        Frankly, I’m done with their bullshit. We are never going to get along with them. They have nothing but raw contempt for us, and us with them.

        Let’s split the US into two. A nation of free states, and the European Union 2.0.

        Then let them fvcking choke on it…

      • That depends on how you define “white.” A large number of “Latinos” and “Native Americans” are really just honkies, but because of one ancestor they get minority status which gives them all kinds of great privileges from the government and corporate policies. The 1-drop rule is completely ridiculous.

      • I live in the close suburbs of a dark blue northeastern city. I go to several ranges in the area and both male and female African Americans and Asian Americans are well represented in the shooting ranks.

        There doesn’t seem to be many Hispanic Americans interested in firearms where I live.

        Maybe some NRA outreach to Hispanic Americans is in order. It might different in other areas of the country.

      • First, just want to say I’m only commenting on your post Chris because TTAG is refusing to function on my phone for some reason. Hope it’s not a problem, none of this is aimed at you. But anyways, 18yr old black guy here (or YFBG, lol’d when I saw that) just got into shooting in the last year. Purchased my first gun on Christmas, got my concealed carry in January, and am looking to upgrade my EDC within the month (pP320 or PPQ can’t make a decision for the life of me.) Have been reading TTAG fairly religiously for awhile now and was glad to see this article. Then I read the comments… To the few of you calling out the blatantly racist posts, I appreciate it. I’ve met a few great people going to the range and dropping by my local gunshop now and then, and it’s greatly changed my views on gun culture and the people associated with it. Unfortunately, the other posters are harming your cause. I would love to go to an NRA event and see what it’s like, or join one of the local IDPA clubs, but I’ve already had plenty of ostracizing experiences since I started shooting, and largely keep to myself as a result. I’ve had friends that wanted to go shooting for their first time with me, but backed out when they heard where the range is in town. I’ve seen a lot of posters saying there’s no reason to waste money or effort on people incapable of sharing your views, and I’m only posting to tell you that I’m an honest-to-God example of a POC Democrat that would be far more active in the 2A movement if there was a stronger sense of inclusivity. Or even just a lack of observable and intentional exclusivity. Not asking for special treatment. I just want to talk to my buddy at the gun shop without getting side-eyed by a guy wearing an NRA hat, or not get the cold shoulder from people around the range when all I’ve done was nod and say hello to them. That’s all, nothing demanding or difficult. Just being able to enjoy shooting in its entirety, without issue. But hey, I’m just trying to expand your perspective a little bit. If you’re entirely against the inclusion of people like me, so be it. I’ll just continue being a gun guy in private and reading TTAG.

  1. Honestly, gun owners could do a lot more too. We all have minority coworkers and friends that might not be gun owners. It never hurts to invite someone to a range day, not just because it builds friendships, but because it’s good for our community. I was surprised at first that some of my friends did not know they could own guns very easily. A lot of them never even bother because they think it’s a hassle to get their hands on a weapon. Some are misled by Hollywood myths like guns going off when they are dropped and other junk. So, white, black, or green, if you have someone who isn’t a gun owner, invite them out. Chances are they will enjoy it. By having more minority gun owners, we can get rid of the general idea some of them hold that only cops and criminals have guns. Guns have to be de-stigmatized.

    • I do exactly what you suggest; young, old, male, female, people of color, handicapped, and what ever else. At my own range, my own time, weapons and ammo, without charge. People who have never shot, even held, a gun in their life love the experience. People who were adverse to shooting a gun, just 2 weeks ago, said “I should have done this sooner, it was great.’ So far, not one negative reaction or comment. I do this on an income that is below the Federal Poverty Level. Live cheap, live simple, have fun.

  2. Maybe we should stop pretending that EVERYONE shares our values, or can/will understand and accept them.

    universalism is a myth and a dumb one at that.

    What we should be doing is working on protecting the groups/people that do understand, value, and vote for our rights and work to limit the damage that groups/people who do harm to them by their actions or voting habits by limiting the damage they can do at the ballot box and by just not allowing them into the nation to cause havoc in our streets, schools, work places, economy, and in our elections.

    You can love something without fighting to protect it.

    Their are worse things in life then being called names by people who will always hate you, like being out voted and disarmed in your nation by a bunch of imported voters by a hostile elite.

    You will always be hated because you refuse to lay down and submit, might as well be hated and BE FREE rather then be adored and enslaved.

    • Can you please explain to me why you think non-white Americans can’t share our values or “see the light” so to speak? And what exactly do you mean by “limiting the damage they can do at the ballot box”?

      • He won’t answer, nor should he. You’re trolling.

        He never made the arguments you allege in your first question. It’s a loaded question with a false premise. Why should he defend an odious point he never made?

        The answer to your second question is obvious and, frankly, not even controversial or questionable. Why would he bother rehashing that? If you didn’t understand at first, you either cannot, or else you’re holding out hoping he’ll slip up and say something embarrassing. No wonder he’s blowing you off.

        • I think you’re being overly defensive from a simple question. The article is about introducing more minorities to gun ownership, so when he said “Maybe we should stop pretending that EVERYONE shares our values, or can/will understand and accept them.” to me that seems to imply that he doesn’t believe this is something that should be pursued because they cannot understand our values. As for the second point, last I checked, those people that disagree with us have just as much a right to vote as the rest of us, so I’m confused at what exactly he thinks should be done to “limit the damage”. I don’t think he means only people who agree with us should be able to vote, so then what does he mean?

          But maybe I’m just overthinking it. If so, care to point out what I missed?

        • You aren’t overthinking it; you asked the obvious questions…

          The combined beauty and tragedy of “reading between the lines” is that somebody else gets to do it too. Until everybody has the sack to say what they think and feel, none of us will get anywhere in our daily discourse.

          I can tell you from experience though, people around these parts don’t particularly appreciate honesty unless it amplifies the echo.

  3. Yep. It’s bad that your institution is mostly white. Gotta import the diversity. You won’t regret it. I promise.

  4. so true. we need more true patriots like Omar Mateen with open carry permits in america!

  5. YFBD’s (young, fit black dudes) as an NRA demographic…. it’s racist. I don’t know how, but it is. I’ll check in with the SJW’s for specifics and get back to you.

  6. Walking around the floor today any minorities stuck out like a sore thumb and it made me too think of what could be done to attract more minorities. Attracting minorities does not mean the organization assimilating to their desires. That’s always a disaster. Rather it means extending a welcoming hand and showing them how our values are their values and how we can help. As for the musical talent, hate to say it but Hank Jr has had his time. Having him there, though I might enjoy it, would be about as appealing to younger crowds and my dad trying to sell me on something by using Perry Como as a hook.

    • “Attracting minorities does not mean the organization assimilating to their desires.”

      Yes. It does.

    • Where I live a lot of minorities are at the gun shows and they are reacted to and treated like anyone else. More than half the people I shoot with at times are of different ethnicity. Also glad to see lots of women at the shows, and they are buying. For reasons that escape me, total strangers will approach me and ask for an opinion or help on something, and I always oblige. The more diversity we get, the better.

  7. “To abandon the Democratic party and its gun control agenda.”

    They wont, what we need to do is handicap the power of urban voting areas via having Electoral College Votes be counted based on percentages of the vote total.

    Out of CA you would get 26 EC votes where is in now you get NONE.

    As for state government, over turn Reynolds v. Sims, before state Representative districts where drawn based on geographical areas, now because of the mistake of the courts they are based on population so cities (blue areas) are over repersentented.

    This says nothing of the effects of mass immigration from the 3rd world since 1965 from mostly leftist/peasant cultures which when you add 70 MILLION PEOPLE, THEY ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE CULTURE OF THE NATION, AND WHEN POLITICS IS DOWN STREAM OF CULTURE, THAT DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR OUR RIGHTS WHEN YOU IMPORT PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR “FREE” STUFF AND THE MYTH OF “PUBLIC SAFETY”.

    Change vote counting, distinct drawing, and stop importing people who vote against you, and we win, factor in school vouchers/choice and we win BY DEFAULT.


    • “They wont, what we need to do is handicap the power of urban voting areas via having Electoral College Votes be counted based on percentages of the vote total.”

      That gets negated by the ‘Winner take all’ states like Florida, here, where Trump got the whole enchilada. You would have handed Hillary *half* of Florida’s electoral votes.

      The EC is there for a *REASON*. It’s so tiny states don’t get steam-rolled by the likes of the big ones.

      And why are you complaining, anyways? Bush lost the popular national vote in 2000, REMEMBER?

        • Aw…Did not see yours in time either..

          Still targeting blue state for “fair representation” is a great tool.

      • I never said ALL stats, just in states that are a lock for leftists.

        CA/NY more then half their vote total would go to the GOP while other states would be lock, stock, and barrel for the GOP.

        Once again, fight to win, fuck “fighting fair”. Everything we do is ok when we do it.

        • I just wanted to respond to agree with you.

          Fuck fighting fair. That’s what Solothurnes are for!

  8. Why does everything need more diversity? Is there a lawsuit pending? Is there some threat over this? If “people of colour” don’t want to join, why insist on measures that will make them join? Are there quotas now?

      • Inclusion into what? A club they have no interest in joining? They don’t want anything to do with me, and I don’t want anything to do with them. Why force it? Especially knowing it’s going to fundamentally change the organization for the worse.

    • What is being asked for is not “measures that will make them join,” but rather measures that will encourage them to join.
      One is doomed to failure, the other strengthens.
      I’m not enamored of Ted Nugent, add I’m an OFWG. I don’t think most minorities are any more fond of him than I am, if that much. Why not have a celebrity a minority group could identify with? There are plenty of them.
      I see all types at local gun shows. Even at local ranges. But it does seem that at the NRA show (I was at the one here in Phoenix several years ago) OFWGs dominate.
      At the top level (federal), gun control is dead. The fight is shifting to the state and local level. That’s where we need to shift our goals to, as well. That means we (the POTG) need to speak with our neighbors, ask them to a range where we pop for the costs; guns, ammo, range time, and even lunch. Show them that recreational shooting is indeed recreational, not deadly. That guns are for far more than just killing people, because that’s what they are being told. That gun owners aren’t scary people, because that’s what they are being told. We need to counter, on a personal level, the lies being spread on TV and on the internet.
      That’s what is needed, not some measures to get more minorities to show up at the national NRA expo. If we do what’s really needed, they will show up on their own.

      • Why do they need to join? Do you think that if the NRA starts importing diversity, it’s still going to be the NRA further down the line? Do you think that they will continue looking out for the interests of the people already in it? There is not one single group, organization, country, or anything else that continues looking out for its people once they start bringing new people in.

        • You didn’t read what I wrote.
          I didn’t say anything about “importing diversity.”
          Instead I said we, as POTG, need to get those who aren’t POTG, to at least try shooting, to see that the media lies about them; they aren’t only meant to kill, and those who own guns aren’t psychopaths bent on mayhem.
          And, IMO, your ideas on growth within organizations is way off base. But that’s just my opinion.

  9. There are dues paying NRA members and there’s people who identify as NRA supporters (but not financially). Getting dues paying members is always tricky if you’re going to target the young and financially challenged or those living in urban centers at or just above the poverty line. While they may support your mission and vote positive on your issues, they many not have the money to mail in each year.

    • This.

      We also need to change board leadership. We need people like Nolo and Adam Kraut who will lead the fight on gun rights, like the machine gun lawsuits, leading the way with lawfair and repealment of infringements.

  10. Where praytell did you get the pie in the sky faux utopian idea all these black NRA members would vote Republican?!? I had more than one claim they were members (including my next door neighbor)and also solid democrats…”Obama doesn’t want my guns”. There’s a vast plantation mentality disconnect going on. Like black neighborhoods in Chicago filled with churches-and single mothers with criminal offspring. Yes I believe in arming the good folks in the hood-but it’s not the NRA’s task. Personal responsibility is where it’s at…

    • They’re don’t have to vote R. If they understand the issues and gun controloff the D agenda that is a victory.

      • Except that doesn’t happen, Achmed.

        The Democrats are never giving up gun control, and these groups will continue to vote democrat because it’s in their own interests. They’ll sacrifice their 2A rights if their democrat handlers condone it.

  11. I think they’re coming “into the fold” on their own. The local range had to put up a “NO SAGGING– Pull up your pants or leave the premises” sign a couple of weeks back.

    There’s been a huge demographic shift in the visitors to the ranges I frequent.

  12. As long as guns and culture are seen as white thing, the propaganda machines will use it to make all non-whites eschew gun culture even if they lawfully own or want to lawfully own firearms. You got two choices, defeat the anti-white propaganda machine, divorce gun culture from whiteness. Let me just add pursuing the latter can lead to preverse consequences, South africa tier consequences.

  13. Agree 100%

    What’s sad is I’m sure there are defenders (in this thread probably) who’ll argue “Why do outreach? If they’re committed to gun rights they’ll grvbitate to the NRA.” Dumb.

    • What’s dumb about that? If you’re committed to something, one of your first efforts is to reach out to similarly motivated people. It provides an outlet and inlet for ideas. It puts you in contact with potential friends with a shared interest. My commitment to firearms freedom is how I became involved with the NRA.

      • It’s dumb because it’s pointless and won’t work. History tells us it won’t work. The NRA is not entitled to waste my membership dues on pursuing pointless initiatives.

  14. You sound like liberals pushing diversity. The NRA doesn’t need more diversity. Every study indicates non-whites want stricter gun laws and that will never change. Appealing to them is a dead end. It doesn’t work politically and it won’t work here. You’re as dumb as the conservatives who have been chasing for decades a minority vote that will never materialize. It must be a boomer thing. You people are clueless and that’s why you lose

    • “Every study indicates non-whites want stricter gun laws and that will never change.”

      What study is it predicting eternity?

      • Burden of proof is on you to determine what is going to change 50+ years of polling data that has shown zero shift in attitudes towards 2A, amongst these minority groups.

        • Citation needed​ Geoff.

          Everyone is understandably suspicious of typical boomer lies.

        • They *HAVE* changed their minds on gun control, and it’s been substantive.

          Black positive attitudes on guns has roughly *doubled* over the last 30 years.

          Thy are also getting more and more skeptical that Democrats have their best interests in mind…

        • “50 years they have not changed their minds….They will likely not in the future.”

          Funny thing about demographics: They keep changing. People age and die. People change their minds. New people come into the demographic.
          If everyone outside that demographic assumes they will never change their ideas, though, they probably won’t change. Why would they? All they hear is the same old, same old.
          And that is why we, as POTG, need to reach out.

  15. Since I’m not racist I don’t care the color of the skin NRA members are and no one else should either. What I do want to see the NRA do is expand their membership beyond rural areas and into urban areas and cities. Whether that is white, black, or Asian city goers I don’t care but the more people the better and infiltrating the heavy democrat voting base in those areas would work wonders in getting more republicans and more pro-gun people elected to office.

  16. Let’s see. Sixty percent of Blacks in America believe that Whites should be forced by the government to pay “reparations” to them. Three quarters of Blacks believe that Whites should be forced out of employment and schooling to make room for less qualified Blacks. Literally only a few dozen Blacks believe that Whites should have the right to do business only with who they chose.

    And you want more of these people armed?

    • Yes, actually, because personal responsibility makes for better citizens, and black Americans generally have far more need for lawful self-defense than any other demographic group. I’d also like them to be less racist on the whole than they have remained over the decades, but that’s a complicated problem with a lot hard solutions.

      If lawful guns become common in the ghetto, it’s 1) harder for junkies & gangbangers to harass people & get away unscathed so they’ll soon die off, and 2) suddenly these population centers have a reason to oppose new/existing gun control measures that don’t do anything; dark skin in the game for a change. Now your big city has neither an uncontrolled crime problem threatening the quality people, nor an impoverished core begging to erect a prison for themselves.

      • “If lawful guns become common in the ghetto, it’s 1) harder for junkies & gangbangers to harass people & get away unscathed so they’ll soon die off,…”

        I agree 100 percent that lawful people in the inner city should be armed if they so desire it.

        The vast majority of ‘gun violence’ perpetuated in the ‘hood isn’t common robbery.

        It’s the wholesale slaughter of people legally prohibited from gun ownership killing *other* people legally prohibited from gun ownership…

        • I believe even dealers retain the core right to defense, so even inter-gang violence bothers me in this regard. It, too, would be less of a concern to me though if it weren’t used to justify disarming everyone else.

    • It’s OK. 25% of them nationwide have felony convictions.

      “Personal responsibility”? AMONG THE NEGROES? Their entire community is based upon having NO personal responsibility. Staggering illegitimacy, staggeringly high crime rate, both violent and non-, low education rates—but they can all be fly and have the new J’s and rims on their car.

      The black community is lost.

  17. Yes, it would be great to recruit more minorities. So here’s what I’m going to do.

    I hereby volunteer TTAG personnel to go to the ‘hood — nobody else, just TTAG — and try to make friends with the locals. Show the way to the NRA, boys. And while y’all are making your new friends, I’ll be making popcorn. ‘Cause this is gonna be epic.

    • They tried in Houston, but the local aldermen or whatever they’re called objected and refused their permits (mainly the Huey Newton nazi pukes pulling the strings wanted it to be a black-supremacist circle jerk). Hard to proselytize to someone going “lalalalalalala” with fingers in their ears. As far as danger goes, if there’s more than two guys marching and a few people are bothering to keep an eye out for trouble…there’s never any trouble. Only loners get jumped, only the ‘battle lines’ drawn ahead of time by complicit police result in street brawls (and if guns are clearly present, there’ll be no street brawls period)

      There’s plenty of law-abiding gun owners of humble means who are not uncomfortable in a crappy area (just cautious) who would be willing to show up, and there’s plenty of law-abiding or well-meaning folks in these areas who could really benefit from exposure to this stuff. I fail to see the inherent problem.

      I swear, it’s like people expect spears to be thrown from the second-story windows as they walk down the street into the Heart of Darkness, or something. Don’t get off the boat if it worries you.

    • I lived in “the ‘hood” for a number of years where my buddy and I were a distinct minority.

      Yeah, we had some problems with bangers and dealers but for the most part the people in “the ‘hood” hate that shit the same way everyone else does. Two of our best buds were older black (gasp!) folk. A shotgun totin’ granny and a .44 magnum packin’ black guy who came over to sit on our porch, play cards, and shoot the shit.

      Again, the vast majority of the people in bad neighborhoods hate that gangster shit. They’re just caught in a situation where there isn’t much they can do about it.

  18. Good article and food for thought. Yes, the NRA needs to attract and welcome more people of all types (color, gender, age, music taste, etc.) If everyone better understands and accepts the RKBA then our country will be stronger and better off for all law-biding citizens,

    • A large number of black Americans (not all, of course) also need to get the damn chip off their shoulder & learn something from another culture for a change, as well. Blame it on crime rates or biased media or cops or whatever places the blame on anyone but the individuals, but a ton of urban black folks (also urban folks in general) see lawfully used guns as a “white culture” thing that 1) isn’t meant for them or is intrinsically hostile to them, 2) they are bound to castigate and reject in order to demonstrate loyalty to “their” culture, 3) is beneath them since it is affiliated with ‘inferior’ rural cultures. To these people, the only ‘correct’ usage of a gun is illegal, as wild a paradox as that is.

      You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

        • So there aren’t “community organizers” out there peddling the ideas that guns are racist or the tools of white oppression? Or people who “want to vomit” the instant someone calls them out on their obvious racist hypocrisy?

  19. I just said the other day that the NRA needs an overhaul. Modernize, get in some more minorities and women, but especially more younger people. When all you old guys die, there won’t be anyone left to vote for this stuff.

    • Mostly they need to focus on winning fights in congress & regaining some lost ground for us; the rest will take care of itself.

      If union-worker democrat loyalists in the midwest could finally wake up & realize they’ve been long since abandoned by a party of heartless grievance hustlers, black Americans eventually will too. Many are in a bad, bad way, so it’ll take time for things to get bad enough for the realization to hit home, and even more pain; but eventually they’ll realize they are old news, and the Dems are more interested in replacing them with foreigners more accustomed to tolerating *true* desperation, than solving long standing problems mostly of the Dems’ own making.

  20. True diversity occurs naturally. Progressives have hijacked the word and bastardized it, claiming that diversity is something that can be manufactured by force. When they try, conflict results.

    Diversity is the wrong goal. It will happen by itself when conditions are favorable. When we are inclusive and welcoming to people whose race, backgrounds and religious beliefs are different than our own, then true diversity will be the result.

  21. I propose a Gun Mobile; find some way to get a full-on 7-yard pistol range w/ backstop to fit inside a large tour bus, and move it to various areas where they’ll allow it to get random people some basic safety training with rimfire or 9mm pistols. Obviously you won’t be able to operate just anywhere, but with work & time you’d be able to work closer to the city center, and as word gets out curious people would come to you. At the very least, the novelty would attract a broader slice of the public than those who self-select to become gun owners.

    Free ammo within reason, free access to the donor guns, and free trigger/cable locks for those who want them. Free safety training, explanation of the most basic laws & rules of self defense, explanation of how to go about legally procuring a firearm for that given locale, and if practical, encourage additional experience & knowledge for those so inclined.

  22. “Go to urban areas and take them shooting? Nooooooo.

    Urban blacks are the worst people to encourage to own firearms, because their cultural firearms references are all wrong.

    As a white man, who are your cultural firearms heroes? The cowboy, the soldier, the police officer, the vigilante. Josey Wales, Rambo, Dirty Harry, Paul Kersey. Good guys and anti-heroes. Who are the cultural heroes of urban blacks(and I dare say blacks in general)? Criminals. Their movies celebrate gangsterism. They worship Scarface. They can recite every line from “Menace II Society”. Their music of choice glamourizes drug sales and gunplay. This is what happens when urban blacks purchase firearms.

      • And you sound like a white and sheltered suburbanite who has no understanding of black culture.

        Go listen to some Migos and get back to me, Skip….

        • You sound as utterly clueless as Hillary Clinton.

          I’m Black. I was Black yesterday. I’ll be Black tomorrow.

          And what sends shivers of fear up the noodle soft “spines” of racist anti-gun Democrats and the retarded followers of William Pierce is that I’m a Black man with a gun in one hand and a book in the other.

  23. You are absolutely correct. And the reason there is so little firearms hobbyism among blacks(as opposed to actual firearms ownership) is because the percentage of blacks who have felony convictions is very high.

    25% of the adult black population in the US has a felony conviction. In Florida it’s 35%. When 1/3 of a population group is legally barred from gun ownership, you’re not really going to see them at the range.

    And TBH, on the few occasions when I have seen a black person at the range, it’s made me nervous. It’s always some wannabe thug with a mall-ninja’d AR or Draco shooting poorly and with no discipline.

      • Yes, Racists, bigots, white supremicist rednecks. You know, you people. The ones that make jokes when you are only among yourselves and make thinly veiled racist comments on the internet but typically when approached at work or in public you fold like a lawn chair. You people are all over the place. It bums me out. The tribal bullshit is what will take this country down.

    • You people became very emboldened after the Jewish-led liberal cultural revolution, didn’t you?

      And reality is racist. The average black Sub-Saharan African has an IQ of about 70. In comparison, the average White European has an IQ of about 100. And since IQ strongly correlates with living standards, that’s the real reason why there isn’t a single highly successful black country anywhere in the world. Deal with it, you anti-White moron.

    • To be fair, the false prophet doesn’t even believe the garbage these ardent supporters do, they just haven’t realized it yet.

  24. We have a few problems of our own to contend with.

    “They’d go into urban areas to get potential members to come out for a range day. They’d transport them for free. Feed them. Pay for their ammo. Train them. Offer them hugely discounted (if not free) guns and safes. Train them again. And help them negotiate any bureaucratic hurdles preventing them from keeping and bearing arms.”

    Transport them for free. Feed them? Pay for their ammo? Train them. Offer them hugely discounted (if not free) guns and safes. Them, them, them. Nobody sees this as a problem?

    • Uh, if the goal is doing specific things to attract a specific group, then there is a “them.”

  25. With the exception of self-avowed Nazis, anti-gunners are the biggest racists I’ve ever encountered.

    If you’re Black and WANT to he bombarded with the crudest racial slurs, disobey the ORDERS of White anti-gunners to mindlessly endorse invidiously racist gun control laws. At that point, “movement” White anti-gunners become wholly indistinguishable from “White nationalists”. For them, it’s not about guns. It’s about CONTROL, especially of Black people whom they fear and despise. We’re no more than convenient props for them.

    The history of gun control in North America is the history of violent White supremacism and the efforts of its proponents to create for themselves a “safe working environment”. They have always been, are, and will always be “OSHA” for the Byron De La Beckwiths and Dylann Roofs of this world. Not surprisingly, Jews and gays are now finding out that they’re also “OSHA” for the Nidal Hassans of this world.

    • Why is it that some people can not understand/accept that some groups do not value, want, or can even comprehend the values/cultures of other groups?

      Why cant you?

      What is so wrong by understanding that not everyone values or will support the 2nd Amendment and working to limit the damage those people can do?

  26. jean claude and corgi. You two need a white homeland to call your own. A Reservation, as it where.

    Might I suggest Wyoming. You can have all the free association you want there. And you’ll really love the winters there. Lotta white.

      • How about we just put you cucky little faggots in a camp in the near future. You can get real close to the diversity you crave so much.

      • When this country falls apart, and it will. Traitors will be dealt with in the most brutal fashion.

      • Hurry up and die, jwm. You worthless boomer cucks are to blame for surrendering our country to the rainbow coalition of Jews and non-Whites. You’re the most embarrassing and culpable generation of White people in American history.

      • nazi dog. You meth heads get all mean when you’re mother doesn’t turn enough tricks to supply your needs.

        It ain’t my fault she works for food stamps.

      • Superseded a number of times. 1952 act prevents discrimination based on race, amongst other reasons.

        Half truths, lies and deliberate omissions do not make a valid cause. Just ask the anti-gun side. that’s their playbook.

      • Using jwm’s [lack of] logic, he’d be fine with turning America into an Israeli-style White ethnostate (I love triggering Jews and cuckservatives by exposing their hypocrisy of fervently supporting Jewish nationalism while violently opposing White nationalism) if we did it through the legislative process.

      • You want to legislate America white only? And i’m the one with a lack of logic?

        Go for it nazi dog. Knock your self out.

      • Shouldn’t you be falling asleep while watching FOX News in your recliner, you senile cuck?

      • nazi bitchdog. Did your feelings get hurt? Sad when a senile old man is still your superior, ain’t it.

    • “Might I suggest Wyoming. You can have all the free association you want there. And you’ll really love the winters there. Lotta white.”


      As the replies show, you’ve leveled up jwm. This is advanced level trolling. Well done.

      • I just look good cause of the low iq of the fellows I’m playing with.

        They gots big black dicks swimming in their skulls stead of brains.

    • We had a few of them, they were called Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America .

      What happened?

      Look too CA/NY and you will see the future of America with mass immigration/open borders/multiculturalism. You want to live an a open air prison?

      No? Then maybe you should work to end mass immigration as to stop importing welfare voters.

      • Henry. I’ve always supported the rule of law. Legal immigration is not a problem. What you and the other lads here want like tote and the nazi dog is whites only. Not going to happen. You fellows hitch your trailers and move to Wyoming. It’s as close as you’re going to get.

        I’m from WVA. The appalachians. We had welfare there too. Generations of white folk on the dole. I’m also old enough to remember Whites Only signs. Not a good time.

        The difference between me and you is I lived that stuff. Knew klan and american nazi party members in my youth.

        It was nothing to be proud of.

  27. No, the last thing we need to do is try and include brown people in the NRA. What we do need to do it make America white again and remove these animals from our land. If you think these brown people are going to give two shits about the constitution or gun rights you’re out of your mind. Look at Rhodesia and south Africa, that’s your future white man if you don’t pull your head out of your ass and come to the realization that your way of life, your nations, and your race are under attack and will be destroyed if you don’t stop cucking out left, right, and center.

    • ” make America white again and remove these animals from our land.”-Totenkopf. You should not use drugs and a keyboard at the same time. Super wow……

    • Tot —
      to abuse a famous line… Go to Hell. Go directly to Hell. Do not pass purgatory….

    • “What we do need to do it make America white again and remove these animals from our land.”

      I’m your huckelberry.

      • I’m sure that the National Pedophile Alliance types consider that a feature, not a bug… along with the rampant child molestation. Roehm and Dirlewanger are their “heroes”.

  28. Wow. The master race is in a snit today. If they’re so superior(OFWG here) why they so scared?

      • Sorry. But that wasn’t my son pimping your daughter out to the brothers. He has a real job.

        Thanks for playing tho, dumbass.

        • “You stand up for your own! You like black dicks!!!”

          I think I know who it is that has a subscription for cuckold porn. Nice projection.

          When we become a minority, and they attempt to take our 2A rights, you’ll be too busy jacking it to cuck porn to care. Cest la vie, boomer cuck.

          The younger generation has the will to fight… Much more than can be said for you.

        • harry. Seen a lot of talk but no action. You guys are waiting for what? The stars and moon to align properly? Your uniforms from hugo boss?

          Spineless cowards. But talk tough on the webz.

    • How does it feel knowing you’re a face traitor and a coward? I bet this guy jerks off in a corner as he watches his wife getting pounded out by a North American pavement ape. You cucks disgust me.

      • Sounds like you’re trying to live out a fantasy, to me. What’s the matter? Your 350 pound sister/wife won’t attract any takers?

      • Fairly certain Totenkopf is a 12yr old boy trolling us or he is actually an anti-gun left winger who is purposely creating ammo for them to use against us. Either way its disgusting.

        • Be fair. Totenkopf could really be a legit National Pedophile Alliance type, paddling in circles since William Pierce assumed room temperature.

          It was funny to watch their “thousand year reich” collapse in on itself when Pierce crapped his pants for the last time. It was even funnier watching them get popped for kiddie porn. But then the only two things any of them have ever “read” is “Mein Kampf” and the NAMBLA newsletter.

      • And your German hero liked to have women poo on him in bed; what’s your point?

    • IF the “Aryans” are so “superior”, why are so many of them pedophiles? It goes back to before Ernst Roehm and the S.A..

      The truth is that Nazis are so inadequate that they can’t deal sexually on an equal basis with an adult capable of saying “no”. That’s why they so often prey on young boys.

      Frank Collin is the ultimate “White nationalist”.

        • Most of their “projecting” involves pre-pubescent boys.

          If Nazis really believed in “racial hygene”, they’d gas THEMSELVES.

  29. Great idea! Because diversity worked out so well for ESPN.

    Fvcking baby boomers just don’t learn shite from observable reality or history.

        • Yeah, yeah, yeah. Heard it all before henry. Same old shit. It hasn’t worked before but you’re just so sure it will work now.

          Seasons come and go. Fools stay the same.

        • “…fools stay the same”

          Which is exactly why history will not be kind to your generation.

        • History is not kind to any generation, sm. Just as you ridicule my generation your kids will ridicule you.

          You’re tilting at windmills, dumbass. You’re not going to turn the US back to the 19th century. The constitution brings all rights to all people here.

          No carve outs for whites. Ain’t going to happen. Either figure out a way to be a contributing member of society or stay in your trailer park. Means nothing to me. But maybe you can earn your kids a leg up in society.

          If you keep telling them they’re being held back cause of minorities you’re setting them up to repeat your failure.

      • He does have a point that ESPNs painful pandering has ruined their entertainment value with politics and hurt their bottom line (well, assuming he isn’t referring to the disproportionate number of blacks in sporting events in America)

  30. I heard a truly wild idea the other day that could apply here. It was for a different topic, but it’s something that could be done by the NRA: put up money, search for talent, and start up a ‘boy band’ doing songs promoting and praising being armed, self-defense, saving others, etc.

    Another would be to follow a practice of some liberal groups and offer “scholarships” to inner city youth to attend the annual meetings.

    And BTW, there’s summer football camp, wrestling camp, chess camp, the ever-famous band camp; why not summer self-defense camps including both martial arts and guns? (If for no other reason than that it would be hilarious in the future to see a movie where someone says, “This one time, at gun camp….”). If LaPierre gave up half his annual salary, the NRA could send a thousand kids to camp!

  31. What sort of douche bag goes looking for racial bias where none exists? Is this writer auditioning for HuffPo?

  32. *nervously laughs*

    Hey guise Dems are the real racists amirite?

    If we fill the country up with democrat voters they’ll remeber how we at the NRA wanted to include them and not vote to melt our ARs down into ingots to make spinning rims with right?

  33. Without firearms how can the Free Shit Army call itself an army? These blacks and Hispanics need guns and need them now!

    Hi-point represent son ya hurd?

  34. The so called expert Arms folks at TTAG need to read some history on the average gun used by the regular people in the 1880s.
    It was the shotgun. Single and double barreled is what most Americans had. Maybe a few caliber adapters for rifle to shot a deer. Most americans could not afford a lever action rifle.

    Foreign sales kept American gun makers a float in the 1880s and beyond. Not gun sales to America citizens. The single shot Remington rolling block rifle was manufactured up to 1914?
    They started making them during the civil war. They were a cheap but accurate rifle in 1905.
    That Hi point 9mm rifle now with a twenty round magazine looks really good for less than $320.

    Don’t worry about minorities and guns. That issue is being taken care of. The problem is you won’t see them of CNN or MSNBC. Sometimes on Foxnews.

    Gun Rights Advocate Colion Noir Responds to Trump’s NRA Speech

  35. I don’t know man, to me the more we focus on these supposed dividing lines of race, age, etc the more we play their game. Outreach is one thing I guess, to me it borders dangerously close to trying to create the perfect ratio of ethnicities that would make any affirmative action devotee blush sort of thing. We shouldn’t be doing it for the sake of hitting some quota or ratio and because of that, the only way I think we can not do that is by putting no emphasis on race, age, or any of the other supposed division. Who ever shows up shows up and we couldn’t care less if they are anything other than a prohibited person.

    • The problem isn’t “who ever shows up shows up.” The problem is dissemination of truthful information via education on gun rights, laws and how it applies to individuals in those URBAN locations. You could hold 10 free clinics but if you can’t reach the people to tell them why this is important in their lives, you’ll always fall short of your goals!

  36. Every black needs to be armed because remember the 6 million. Repeal white privilege.

    • Ditto. The NRA is more diverse than the “King of The Hill” image most have of the group.

  37. In the south, where I live, there are numerous shades across the diversity spectrum shooting at ranges. Being partial raised in Philadelphia, I’ll tell you, the problem is education. When I was growing up in that area, the only things I saw or heard about guns were what was portrayed on media. No mother, black/brown/yellow, wants there kids associated with the negative stereotype we see portrayed about urban minorities and firearms. If more programs and education flooded those areas, like majtoure, you would see change start to happen and expand.

  38. This is on the money. A while back I got into a discussion on the Americans for Responsible Solutions page (the only anti page that doesn’t auto-ban every diverging opinion) and I suggested that the best way they could actually combat the urban violence epidemic would be to toss this whole “assault weapons are bad” idea, and enlist those people to help educate and mentor these young men and boys. Instead of alienating, involve them. That shows them that there is another way besides the one they grew up with.

    You can guess how that went over.
    But the same thing is accomplished if the NRA starts reaching into the cities as well.

  39. Gun rights is not a partisan issue. It is a Human Rights issue. The sooner we stop treating it as a partisan issue the sooner we make progress.

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