Shots Fired by Air Force personnel at RAF Mildenhall in
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A man is being questioned by police after a disturbance at an RAF base during which shots were fired by US service personnel. … Superintendent Kim Warner, of Suffolk Police, said a vehicle failed to follow security directions at the entrance and drove on to the base.

There was a “short pursuit” and the vehicle was stopped by US security services, he said.

The man, who suffered cuts and bruises, has been taken into custody and police are not looking for anyone else on the site in relation to the incident.

There were initial reports of a car being rammed into a checkpoint, but Mr Warner said he was “unaware of any damage to the base itself”.

He said the vehicle was brought to a halt close to a US plane, an Osprey, and it was not thought there was “any significant damage” to the vehicle or the aircraft.

This is reportedly not being treated as a terrorist incident. Read the whole thing.

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  1. Wait- I thought the UK had no gun crime?!? What is this wizardry?!? How did these dangerous, evil guns get into the glorious gun-free UK??? Oh the british humanity!

    I can’t even type this crap with a strait face…

    • Apparently you can’t read this crap with a straight face either. The people firing the shots were USAF security. So they probably got their guns into the UK on a USAF cargo jet.

    • Eh. It’s a plane. It has significant wing loading on static airfoils.

      A better quip is that is isn’t *near* what it could be… *le sigh*

  2. Shots fired by US personal , vehicle stopped by US security services . They didn’t say if his cuts and bruises were courtesy of the U.S.A.

  3. The title is wrong as RAF Mildenhall is not a “US Air Force base” it’s a Royal Air Force installation on which USAF troops and gear are based. Nearly all of the European bases where USAF forces are based are similar to this as the bases belong to the host nation.

    Not the same in Germany as Germany is still an occupied country. There, the bases are e.g. Ramstein Air Base and Spanghdalem Air Base.

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