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“. . . new lightweight vests for cops and soldiers that can stop any bullet . . .” President Barack Obama on the need to suck taxes out of your wallet, channel the money through the uber-efficient federal government and create innovations that put a bullet-proof chicken in every pot. Or something like that.

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    • I seem to recall reading two issues re: Dragon Skin (couldn’t verify the claims, unfortunately). One had to do with the armor breaking down for some reason in desert heat, and the other had to do with some of the ceramic scales forcing themselves into the operator under certain conditions.

      Again, I personally can’t verify these claims, and they could be cock-and-bull. Just what I heard.

      • except that dragon scale is heavier than what the troops were issued and in the army testing shown to have issues with the adhesives coming apart to quickly due to sweat.

        • I might believe it being heavier than standard front and rear ceramic plates, but not front, back, and both side plates.

  1. Hmmm…any bullet. Willing to shoot some .50 cal at some Dragon Skin at the taxpayer expense to test it.

  2. I didn’t quite read into it that way, Señor Farago. I am a huge proponent of gun rights, but I didn’t see much threat in the prez’s comments. Maybe I’m just dense, but I think the overall tone was directed more towards innovation, and more geared toward our battle against drug cartels and current wars. Soldiers DO need more effiecient armor, and I am all for our taxes contributing to the safety of our troops. I know he has an awful record in Illinois awhen it comes to his record prior to presidency, but I HIGHLY doubt he would be dumb enough to alienate such a large portion of the voting public. Gun control these days for a presidential candidate equals political suicide, and he, you, and I, all know this. In his four(ish) years in office, he hasn’t touched our gun rights. All despite the freak outs when he was elected, which led to ammunition rivaling the price of precious metals. I liked the overall message, relatively non partisan and unifying. All this doesn’t matter really, I am a gun toting liberal, and I have no more trust in Romney when it come to our gun rights than I do Obama. I know that we must always be wary, and always question the authorities that threaten our Consitutional rights. My point is, we have much larger problems at hand, and I think that was the overall tone of the address. Gun control didn’t (in my silly liberal view) have a darn thing to do with tonight’s State of the Union. I’m not saying we shouldn’t aluways be on the alert, but I am saying I think you took a simple sentence and really ran with it. RF- I heart you in the most hetero way possible, and agree with many of your views. I’m just saying lets not make a mountain of what doesn’t even amount to a molehill (at least at the moment). For the record- the day he starts spouting true gun control rhetoric is the day I renounce my support.

    • Good to see another pro-gun liberal.
      I think the point being made is that there is no armour that can stop any bullet.
      And even if you could someone would make a better bullet.

    • There’s a reason to be leery of most any President’s 2nd term, and this one would be especially dangerous with his love of Executive Orders. I believe Obama’s quote to Sarah Brady was “I just want you to know that we are working on it. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

      No thanks, I don’t want his change.

      • Things he has done to make most gun owners nervous? Appoint two extremely anti-gun owner justices to the supreme court. Eric Holder as Attorney General. Push for the illegal 4 state gun registration scheme in the southwest USA. And that’s just what pops in my head from memory. This guy is NOT a friend of the NRA, nor is he to be trusted to protect anything dealing with the Second Amendment. In fact, I personally do not trust him to protect any of the ten “bill of rights”.

  3. “I know he has an awful record in Illinois awhen it comes to his record prior to presidency, but I HIGHLY doubt he would be dumb enough to alienate such a large portion of the voting public.”

    Ummm, Fast and Furious? He pissed off a lot more than just gun owners.

    • Yeah, that was a complete disaster, but so was the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy ended up doing pretty well (until…). No presidency has been perfect- Just look at the Contra issue under ReReaga

    • He’s not concerned with a large portion of the voting public, he just needs 50.1%. The rest can continue to pay the bills.
      Personally I’d like a vest that stops politicians like him from raiding my wallet.

  4. There is no other item or entity that is standing in the way of achieving what he said he wants than his own National Institute of Justice, (NIJ) a division of his Department of Justice. They are preventing the technological advancement through enforcement their draconian 0101.06 Standard.

    • Let’s not forget materials sciences engineering. There is only so much you can do for armor and keep it lightweight and practical.

  5. Great to see the right wing nuts are onboard with this website. Obama couldn’t get a Mother’s Day resolution past the NRA haters. President Obama has done nothing to restrict gun rights, period. George Bush condemned any number of Americans to death with his bullshit invasion of Iraq when the 9/11 attackers came from Afghanistan. Someday, Joe Sixpack, the Republican Blue Collar loser will realise he has been royally screwed by the Republican Party. Obama is black, get over it, so are some of your partners. He at least is talking the talk about better vests.

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