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“Those people became multiple gun owners as they found out that target shooting was fun, they found out that as they started getting into hunting scenarios, they went target shooting, and just went to go have fun family time.” – John Dury in ATF: Number of manufactured guns skyrocketing [at]

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  1. Its just a few bitter clingers buying guns, less American families own guns, blahblahblah, those 5 ofwgs are propping up a billion dollar industry on their own.

    The zeitgeist is on the gun owner’s side, at least in the free states.

  2. Hopefully these people also get to know the reasons for the 2A and come to respect it. There’s a vast difference between gun owners and gun rights supporters. Che Guavara was a gun owner.

    Buying into the false claim that guns are for hunting and target shooting makes one as ineffective at protecting gun rights as an anti is. Knowledge is power here as anywhere else.

    • Every day, I take a few moments (sometimes hours) to ponder my next gun purchase. Currently I’m trying to decide if it’ll be the Ruger Precision 6.5 Creedmoor – a gun I definitely do not “need.” I’ve also helped about 20 people at our office with their 1st AR purchase. A few people got boxes of shiny new PMC X-Tac 5.56 ammo before they even got ARs. They still have those original boxes, and now have the guns to shoot ’em.

      The point is, I’m doing my part.

  3. Who knew? Not all of us love guns because we are paranoid. Things that go bang that you can aim and develop skill with… It’s like darts and fireworks turned into a sport, with the added attraction of all the tinkering and customization. What could be more fun than that?

    • That’s how I got started. Back home part of the neighborhood fourth of july celebration was firing muzzleloaders. One year I was handed a flintlock taller than I was and was sat down on the line. I still recall the concussive slap when I squeezed the trigger and getting knocked flat by the recoil. I missed my mark by a mile and I doubt I actually hit anything that afternoon but I’ve been hooked ever since.

    • Darts and Fireworks!!!!!! I LOVE that and I am going to start explaining it that way!

  4. My family went from zero to 7 in about 8 months 🙂
    Wife has 2 pistols and an ‘evil assault rifle.’
    I have 3 pistols and a 22LR version of the ‘evil assault rifle.’

    • In 2-1/2 years,14 revolvers and semi-autos, a shotgun, both the “evil assault rifle” and the “evil assault rifle in .22 LR”, a Ruger 10/22, and an M1 Garand.

      Came to the 2A because of the substantial attacks on the 1A. Ted Cruz and others got it right about 2016 being a watershed for the Bill of Rights.

      Meanwhile, shooting is fun! Hopefully, the 3% can keep having fun at the range too.

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