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“We saw several paths to 60 a month ago, and now we’ll take them. It would have been great to have Sen. Coburn, and still would. But no rational strategy would ever have relied on such an unlikely bedfellow.” – MAIG spokesman Mark Glaze in Schumer ends talks with Coburn on guns [via]

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  1. “We saw several paths to 60 a month ago………….but”
    seems the emotional pathos response is finally waning. at least i hope so. Time heals all wounds.

  2. I would hope by now all the Senate GOPers realize that even the “modest” gun trafficking legislation is to toxic for them to support and whenever Schumer, Feinstein, or any other anti asks them for support they get turned down immediately.

    I am also hopeful, but far from convinced, that Coburn was playing for time in these negotiations. Trying to drag this out long enough that other things like the economy would be forced to take center stage and push this crap off the agenda.

    • No senator who tells Schumer & Feinstein to go bleep themselves need ever fear being diselected. Bottom line.

  3. The problem now is that Bloomberg and his pet group MAIG will devote more resources to the states. He dropped a couple of million on the Illinois primary, and here in Colorado MAIG has hired a high dollar wh*re, er excuse me, lobbyist, to work the legislature on behalf of the civilian disarmament bills. Plus he’s spent untold sums on major media buys.

    You can count on seeing him dumping lots of cash to anti candidates in 2014, so be prepared.

  4. I wish they would just come out and drop the “Illegal” pretense. Their primary function seems to be lobbying and pressuring legislatures to take guns that are currently legal and make them illegal. They are, by definition, against LEGAL guns.

  5. Outrageous doesn’t begin to describe the corruption of the gun conversation by a millionaire with an anti-Constitutional agenda. The millionaires of the past built museums and libraries that benefited the public in general and the country at large. Now they use their millions to attack the Constitution and our God given rights to self-defense, and all while being cheered as heroes by the liberal-corrupted press. This is how a republic becomes a statist oligarchy of the powerful and connected.

  6. Dear Gun Control Freaks:

    You convinced a lot of us to compromise once before. You keep calling us stupid, but you’re not supposed to believe your own propaganda. There will be no compromise and no deals. You refuse to acknowledge a basic human right. What more can be said?

  7. Agreed but of all the blurbs to lift from that entire article the one chosin conveyed the least information and context.
    Next time write your own darn lede

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