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“(Now) there’s a whole new sort of group of individuals who–I don’t know what the numbers are–that never hunt at all but own guns for one of two reasons: self-protection or they just like the feel of an AR-15 at the range. They like the way of the feel of it. They just, it’s like driving a Ferrari.” – Vice President Joe Biden

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    • +1

      The problem is, good ‘ol Sheriff Joe doesn’t get that owning a firearm is constitutionally protected, no matter how cool it might be. He’s still wrapped up in the appearance of the “arms” and still doesn’t get the existential fact of it being an inalienable right. A Ferrari is a choice, not a right. This buffoon’s statement ranks right up there with ‘Let them eat cake’!

      • It is not inalienable. Felonys, for instance, usually cause alienation.

        As for non-naturalized and even illegal immigrants, they enjoy the Constitution in all its glory.

  1. I’d just like to go on record saying I’d support a constitutional amendment guaranteeing my right to keep and drive a Ferrari.

    • Sorry. They are scary looking assault sports cars with the thingy that goes up. No Ferrari for you!!

      • Unless the Ferrari has a 2.5 gallon tank and only goes 10 feet every time you push the pedal. No full auto high capacity Ferrari for you!

    • Yeah, I’m thinking that AR-15s should be more likened to a quarter ton pickup truck; incredibly useful, just about the right size for anybody, and insanely customizable.

    • I love how so many commentors completely missed the satire and think it’s real. Shows the sad state of the uninformed these days in this country.

    • i was just about to post that! It’s been up since December and the irony still escapes so many.

  2. Thank you for the reason, Joe. Glad you cleared that all up. Now as far as owning a Ferrari, my chance left forever due to “Hope and Change”

    That tailgunner Joe, he spouts more of his “wisdom” every day, I think that is referred to the dumbing down of America. Time to go clean my old double barrel….

    • Shotgun joe is just playing to his, and the obungler’s base…

      After all, it’s all of those dumb idiots that elected, then reelected them!

        • I wish the SS would let him ‘ride’ his R6 (that is, if he actually has one). As much of a baboon as he is, he just might get lucky and do the rest of us a favor. Those of us who ride sportbikes will understand just fine. If you don’t, just smile 🙂

    • A good point can be made that the 870 is the American Gun, and not the AR-15. Like the F-150, it’s there to do all your heavy lifting with no complaints.

  3. A Ferrari? Not unless it has 12 or 16 barrels…

    Y’know, where does the occasional hunter who owns a whopping three C&R pieces fit on the metaphor spectrum?

    How about an old Packard, an MG and a 200 rated pickup?

    Methinks Joe “doesn’t get it.”

  4. Given a chance, many in government would outlaw cars as well as guns.

    It is sad how many few people can even drive standard anymore.

    • Exactly, look at the carbon copy crap mobiles being produced under GOVT dictate, CAFE standards are ruining the safety and choice of features, creating blanket mediocrity in cars.

      If this over reaching govt has its way this nation will be a weird combination of the movie Sleeper and 1984 with Joke Biden as THE NOSE.

      • Have you driven the new Mustang GT? It’s friggin awesome! I don’t ascribe to the new cars sucking philosophy. I love classic American muscle, but the cars of today are awesome. Want 500 horsepower? Get a Shelby, Corvette, CTS-V. 50 MPG? Ford Fusion hybrid. Kickass off road? Ford F150 Raptor. The Dodge Dart looks to be a reasonably cool economy car.

        The 80’s and 90’s were plagued with sh!tboxes. Not every new car is cool, not every new car has soul, but there are a whole lot of awesome machines out there.

        • Bought a brand new Mustang GT in 06, at 800 miles the trans lost all its fluid, back to the shop. At 1500 miles it started running rough, strong smell of gas in cabin, loud clatter from valvetrain. Ford dealer said it was spark plugs, computer, etc etc etc,,, car was a total lemon. Ford basically refused to admit the valvetrain was bad.

          Traded it on a 350Z Nissan and not one lick of trouble, and the 350Z faster too.

        • I’m sorry to hear about your experience.

          My 2001 GT Manual needed only a clutch replacement at 50,000 miles (cause clutches need abuse, too), and ran like a champ through 75,000 miles when I traded it for my 08 GT Manual. The 01 survived a collision where a semi took out the whole left side of the car while I was stopped on the freeway. Got it fixed, and she ran like a champ. I was rear-ended twice in the 08, once at a red light and once while stopped at a red light. Got the 08 fixed and ran like a champ.

          Let me just also say, for the record, that I’m familiar with the upper rev range of all of my machines. The Mustangs had diligent maintenance, and ran well throughout. Also, CA drivers really suck.

  5. For some, shooting an AR-15 might merely be for “the pursuit of happiness.” And since America was dumb enough to vote for us, we’d like to tax, restrict, and subsequently eliminate that pursuit as soon as possible. Please, low information voters, we need your support. Those heartless monsters who reject our emotional arguments must be stopped. Don’t be fooled by facts and historical precedent. We know gun control works because we feel it in our hearts – we know it to be true.

    (The part of Joe’s speech that didn’t make it)

    • Hmmm… He IS getting a lot of mileage from his small collection of arguments.

      That said, he’s not cutting edge efficient or a generally good idea.

      A few good ideas, outweighed by bad ones… I’d say a Vega.

  6. Okay so this makes (a little) sense for once. Maybe someone should remind him it is legal to own a Ferrari oh amd that it isnt protected like the AR-15 (currently) is.

  7. Wait… People who own firearms for self defense or simply because they enjoy shooting are a NEW group of people?

    Biden gets sillier and sillier by the day…

    Biden might take note of good ol’ Thomas Jefferson (who I bet would have LOVED the AR15!)…

    “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.”

    • If you haven’t done so yet, check out Jefferson’s biography “The Art of Power” by Jon Meacham. Excellent read, and excellent portrait of Mr. Jefferson.

  8. It’s good to see him saying that some people just want guns because they like them. When I was a kid, I liked pocketknives. Why? Idk. Some folks are simply attracted to machines. We all like having the gun more than the thought of using it for it’s design purpose.

  9. So I’m immoral because I don’t find it fun to slog through the woods and then shoot Bambi? I spent enough of my 20s slogging through the woods with a gun, usually in the rain. Now I think I’ve earned the righ to shot in relative comfort.

  10. A garden-variety AR15? Nah, I wouldn’t compare that to a Ferrari. The average person on an average salary can afford an AR15. Honestly I’d compare the AR15 to the Ford F-150. It’s good for work or play and with the right accessories and a little practice, you can do just about anything you want with it.

    Also the F-150 is the most popular vehicle in America, and the AR15 the most popular centerfire rifle.

  11. I drove past Joe’s northern VP house in Delaware Saturday. Plenty of armed guards and an SUV blocking his driveway. I felt sorry for the kid wearing sunglasses having to stand in the road all day long guarding his house.
    So I don’t think Joe needs a double barrel to protect himself any longer.

  12. Makes sense to me. Don’t you all remember when Ferraris were sold out and there were lines of blue collar workers stretching for a mile outside Ferrari dealerships to buy up the last ones?

  13. AR-15s are Mustangs. 870s & 500s are tuner cars (cheap and a plethora of cheap add ons are available). AUGs, SCARs, etc are Corvettes. Blaser, BRNO, and J.P. Sauer are Porsches. Purdey and Holland & Holland are Ferraris.

  14. I. Love. That. Car. My lady has always told me that I make noises looking at nice cars/guns that other men make when observing the female form.

  15. Well one thing is sure. Biden knows even less about Ferrari’s than
    he does about guns. Or do I have that backwards? It’s hard to tell.

  16. Dammit
    I have tried to block my serious need (want) of a 308 gt. That sound is absolutely erotic…
    I too make man noises when I see one…
    Damn you Robert. Now I have to sell something and renew my search for a Ferrari

  17. Perhaps the Government should ban sex because it feels good, think of all the sexual assaults that would magically disappear overnight if we ban sex, rape would be gone, children would not be molested, hell if we can save just one it is our responsibility to act.

  18. Who cares if it’s like driving a Ferrari, it’s still a constitutionally protected right. It’s crap like this that just proves that people like Biden do not care about the Constitution and should not be holding office because they place their own ideologies above the rights of the people.

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