Quote of the Day: The Discrepancy Between Expectation and Reality Edition

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(courtesy kplu.org)

“There’s something very ironic about paranoid, mentally deficient antis calling for background checks to find crazy people.” – TTAG Commentator Silver under Question of the Day: Do Most People Think Gun Control Would Limit Spree Killings?

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  1. avatar pwrserge says:

    It won’t be long until the antis try denying people rights based on thought crimes. The fact that most mass murderers are rabid leftists seems to escape them.

    1. avatar David says:

      Maybe you’ll have to provide a list of internet screen names, browsing history, and social media profiles for review.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Depending on your exact definition of, “try denying people rights based on thought crimes.”, I would say they are already doing that. Plenty of Progressives are seeking to deny our rights to speech, assembly, privacy, etc. because our worldview is different from there worldview. That fact that we seek no harm to them doesn’t matter. We are “different” and therefore they want to squash us.

  2. avatar daniel l says:

    The president said 9 killings with 89 dead in his 6.5 years in office. Thats 15 ish per year. Dogs kill 30. Bathtubs kill 300 a year. All human death is traggic, but if iwas in charge, i might try to push legislation that would save more than one person per month. Try tackling disease, substanse abuse, or vehicle deaths…

    1. Try tackling murders by illegal aliens.

      1. avatar Chip in Florida says:

        Why not just try for the murderers in general. Don’t need to be so specific as to target any one class or group.

        1. Because immigration is a Federal function at which they are failing. Most States are doing a great job at prosecuting murderers.

    2. avatar boardsnbikes says:

      Or the equivalent of ~3 months in Chicago. YTD shot and killed: 179. YTD shot and wounded: 1021. Source: http://heyjackass.com/

  3. avatar Alan Longnecker says:

    I wonder how many people cried out, “They can’t do this”, as they were being shoved into cattle cars by the Germans, or rounded up by Stalin bully boys, or executed by Pol Pot or…

  4. avatar pg2 says:

    Yes, most people do feel that way, with the emphasis on feel, because very few people are capable of critical thought these days. Nearly everything in mass media, mainstream news, pop culture, is based on getting people to feel certain emotions, making them easy to herd and control.

    1. avatar David says:

      I also find it ironic when so many leftists support legalizing drugs because “prohibition doesn’t work.”

  5. avatar ColdNorth says:

    There are some odd ducks on the anti-gun side, if the editorial cartoons and commentaries are any indication.
    When a gun-owner sees some of the genuinely hateful editorial cartoons, or reads some of the hateful screeds against gun-owners, that gun owner might get to wondering. They might start to worry that even if the guns were gone, the hate against (former) gun owners would remain- the key difference would be that now those once gun owners would be disarmed and helpless.

    1. We don’t need to wonder. History proves this out. It isn’t the guns they want. It is our free will they want. Guns stand in the way of imposing their will on us.

      If the issue of slavery was the worst reason to go to war against the Federal Government, the issue of the 2nd Amendment is the best. I hope more States would support secession over gun control.

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        Well stated and spot on.

  6. avatar Silver says:

    After seeing what many antis have posted in the past few days, I stand by this more than ever.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      Edit timer ran out.

      And to echo ColdNorth, it’s made even more disturbing by the reality that the anti agenda isn’t about preventing crazy people from getting guns. It’s about incremental control. Over the past few days, as they have after every shooting of the past several years, the antis show themselves to be monstrously hateful, violent, insane, and one small push away from donning jackboots and killing any of us undesirables the State demands of them.

      For many of them, there isn’t any pretension of being truly American anymore. They mock the idea of liberty, they scorn the Constitution, they hunger for an unrestrained government capable of oppressing anyone they don’t like (so long as the “right” people are oppressed, of course). Hilariously, through their own words and actions, they remind us why the Second Amendment is so important and so necessary.

      Pay attention to what the antis say. Pay attention to their commenters, their rhetoric, their surreal reflection of monsters and tyrants from the past. They are why the Founding Fathers forged the Second Amendment. Their crazed, violent psychopathy is why free people need to be armed. They are not the first people in the world to thirst for power, slavery, oppression, and murder of those they disagree with politically. And if the Second Amendment is lost, they won’t be the last.

      Thank you, antis, for constantly reminding us that we are the good guys in this fight.

        1. avatar The Original Brad says:


  7. avatar JasonM says:

    The most shocking part of this story is that the guy in the picture has two Kel-Tec shotguns in stock.
    I thought only unicorns could get distribution rights for Kel-Tec guns.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      I think those two are the SRM 1216 shotgun and the UTAS UTS 15 right under it, not Kel Tecs. Though those are actually rarer, I think.

      1. avatar Don Teague says:

        You are correct. We also have a DP12 and KSG instock at this time.

        1. avatar Former Water Walker says:

          YEP-the DP-12. Takes the worry out of being close LOL

      2. avatar Former Water Walker says:

        Never seen a semi-auto SRM in the wild-I’ve held an UTAS-they’re not rare(and most folks prefer the Kel-tec KSG)…Anyone seen the new double-barreled pump?-they look incredible…and Silver damn near everything lefties DO is insane…

  8. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    By all means take the “Firearms owners are paranoid” meme and turn that around on gun-grabbers.

    Gun-grabber to firearm owner:
    People who own firearms for self defense are paranoid and irrational because violent attacks are quite rare.

    Firearm owner response to gun grabber:
    And gun grabbers who want to disarm good people are paranoid and irrational because psychotic breaks among armed good people are exceedingly rare — much more rare than violent attacks on good people.

  9. avatar tdiinva says:

    Ending private gun ownership will stop most crazies from getting their hands on a gun but as Daniel pointed out the number of mass shooting victims during the Obama years is about the same as Anders Breivik’s total in “peaceful” Norway. The number of additional people murdered by gangs will far exceed the lives saved by “banning” guns.

    The biggest cultural mistake that gun controllers make is that they think the US is demographically identical to Europe. We are not. With are entrenched gang culture tied to elements of one of the political parties we are more like Mexico than Canada. A disarmed America will quickly descent into the kind of murderous chaos that afflicts Mexico as the rapid increase in crime in some of America’s gunless big cities shows. The idea o taking the guns out of the hands of crazies may make us feel better but like most emotion based ideas the reality will leave us much worse off.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      “The biggest cultural mistake that gun controllers make is that they think the US is demographically identical to Europe.”

      Agreed. This is an infuriating topic that has to be constantly refuted when these types bring up the whole “it works in Finland, so why don’t we just do it?” Never mind the fact that it actually doesn’t work because mass shootings in relation to population size are actually much higher in many European countries, the demographics and cultural differences have to be taken into consideration.

      Just more of the lack of any kind of attachment to reality and real world wisdom.

  10. avatar Number 6 says:

    The anti 2nd amendment rights groups is like the older sister directing her younger siblings, “You’re not playing right!” Control, the need of “type-a” personalities; irrelevant to cause, purpose and those it damages.

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