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Colonel Robert Bateman (courtesy

“So I will come home, and perhaps some of those 3,000 nutjobs who sent me hatemail might want to meet up, because I am more than fricking willing, you whining, little boy-toys who need guns. So many of you have threatened me that I am literally booked, but any of you who feel you have been left out, go ahead. Book a date. You bring your gun to try and convince me that you are not a complete and total idiot, and if you bring a gun, let us see which tool works best. Wimps need guns. Come and get me.” – Lt. Colonel Robert Bateman in ‘That’s It. I’m Coming Home’ [via] [NOTE: All ad hominem attacks against Col. Bateman will be deleted.] [h/t DrVino]

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  1. “Wimps need guns.”

    I guess that means that the Delta Force and Navy Seals are wimps.

    • Maybe he forgot part of his military training?
      Or maybe not. The Esquire magazine photo of him with a child has him holding what appears to be an M-16. Why did he need that?

    • Interesting how he forgets about all of the registered Democrats who have committed similar atrocities.
      Excellent critical thinking skills and logic Bateman…….COMMENT MODERATED

      • Exactly. Then he goes on to smear millions of people, including me, on the basis of the actions of two freaks–while we pay his salary. My critical thinking skills tell me that most Army colonels aren’t as unprofessional as he is. If they were, as a taxpayer I’d be calling for the Army to fire every single one.

      • Or for that matter all the registered Democrats who carry guns on a daily basis to protect themselves and their loved ones. I wonder if he’d continue his assertion if the “wimp” who turned up at his house was a single african-american mother weighing in at 120 lbs. who carries every night as she walks between her two jobs in a bad part of town.

    • Bateman is a Lt Col. O5, not Col O6. He is a staff puke, per review of his resume, and likely an extreme embarassment to his peers, in the USA. Proof of the Peter Principle. He’ll be used by the anti-gun pr bunnies, just like Commander Kelly was, until he’s too embarrassing, and will be discarded, like a wrinkled bag on the floor in a xxx movie joint when his one shot is done.

      • One other thing to consider – the last time I checked, people in the military (even Lt. Colonels) take their orders from higher up. Bateman’s return stateside may have less to do with a decision he made and more to do with a decision that his superiors made. They are probably all done with him and he is trying to spin it like its his decision or something.

        Secondly, why are we even talking about this guy? He’s just one more soldier (or soon to be ex soldier if he is retiring). He obviously didn’t have the skills/intelligence/whatever to make it to flag rank or for that matter to full Colonel. Why does his view on anything have any more relevance than my view? Furthermore, this guy writes for Esquire – who even reads that anymore? If not for TTAG, I’d never have heard of him. My guess is that he gets more press from us than anything else.

        Now that I think about it though, maybe this is a smart move. President O has moved a lot of Flag rank officers around in the past six years and probably put in people with his mindset. Perhaps this public anti-gun rant is Bateman’s way of getting noticed by the top brass.

        And what does he plan to do, anyway? Is he going to personally stop gun nuts? If so, I assume that he won’t be using a gun himself – after all, he’s not a cop, so he has no more legal right to be armed in America than any other citizen and we all know that citizens who need guns are “Wimps”. Or maybe he plans to join the Bloomberg anti-gun show. Well, if people like Mark Kelly’s who is ex-military and have stronger anti-gun credentials (his wife got shot) can’t get all that much traction, I’m not sure what Bateman hopes to accomplish.

      • Agreed. His return (and assumed retirement) probably has much more to do with the absence of his name on any promotion or command selection lists than anything the NRA or Tea Party have done.

      • Agreed. From my experience, military officers who are screw-ups who do not screw up enough to get kicked out are usually doomed to retire no higher than Lt. Col. Judging by the delivery of his comments, I think I know why he was a screw-up.

        • Close, but not quite.

          You can do good work, but if you aren’t on the command track, LtCol is generally the limit. Guys who are un-acknowledged screw-ups generally get passed over, and retire as Majors.

          That being said, I’ve seen full birds (O-6) that made you wonder how they even tied their shoes in the morning, let alone managed to promote beyond their peers (Generally in shoe-clerk career fields).

    • At the VERY least if they thought they were any kind of men at all they’d use Springfield 1903s instead. Real men don’t need select-fire weapons, suppressors and the like.

      Why use the most effective tools available to give yourself the highest chance of the outcome of a potentially fatal conflict being in your favor? Sure sounds like a pussy move if you ask me.

    • Would I be a wimp if I used my recently purchased Cold Steel 1796 light cavalry saber (without horse…of course). Strange man.

  2. “you don’t need a gun” says the man whose picture in the editorial has him posing with a presumably-non-semi-auto rifle…

    • He probably kept the selector level in “semi”, because he is that good.


    • no, you misunderstood. What he meant was, “YOU don’t need a gun because after all you are an ignorant untrained civilian. I, on the other hand am a highly trained firearm professional who clearly needs a gun to go with my spiffy blue binoculars.”

  3. It’s a shame that the best way to get attention anymore is to say something inflammatory and then act surprised when people send hate mail.

    • I’m just shocked, SHOCKED that he would resort to sexism with that “boy-toy” comment.

      I know several ladies who would also straighten-out his defective attitude, given a chance.

      He’s just another lefty misogynist furthering the left’s WarOnWomen, I guess…

      • Who is he? He is someone who is saying what the ruling class wants said. Therefore, he is an approved representative of his class. He is proof that all military men feel the way he does. Today, he speaks for the military.

        • I can tell you without a doubt that he represents a small percentage of the military. He does not represent me or anyone I know who wears the uniform. The vast majority of us are conservative, and most of us own firearms. This guy is a jackass who apparently has forgotten the oath he took…”I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” As was stated above, he is likely disliked by his peers and subordinates. He doesn’t deserve the title of “Sir,” and I would not address him as such if speaking to him. “Colonel,” with a bit of contempt and sarcasm, is how we lowly, unwashed enlisted folks address douchebags like him.

    • He’s just another guy who’s suffering from diarrhea of the mouth. “I have an opinion hear me roar” kinda thing.

    • Oh no! You created him, you keep him. Get him TFO of here.

      I actually doubt he is in Europe at all, it is just popular with the Norwegian flag on clothing made (unsurprisingly) in Norway. Especially winter/outdoor clothing like jackets.

  4. I have found that when most people say things like this, it is posturing. He doesn’t really believe that anyone will take him up on the challenge. Now, that doesn’t excuse anyone sending him death threats. ANYONE that sends death threats with no intention of backing them up is a bully and a coward. Anyone that actually has the intention of following through with a death threat is an unbalanced fool.

    • I want proof anyone sent him a death threat. Real proof. I say Sissy Bateman is a liar.

      • Hang around TTAG or any pro 2nd amendment forum long enough and you’ll see comments by people who I have no doubt are the kind to send anonymous death threats. I’m sure Bateman has gotten them. I’m sure MDA Shannon and Bloomy have as well. Hell, RF gets them from time to time when he does an article on Mexican Drug gangs. It’s not all that hard to write an anonymous death threat. Generally, these are not the ones you need to worry about. People who are really likely to kill you will just do that.

        • And yet he provides zero(0) proof of his claim. He is the kind of whiner who would bundle them all up and hand them off to FBI, and since he is a currently serving officer of US military they would take it seriously. So yea, Bateman is a liar, until he rolls out all that evidence of death threats and I am certain the FBI would merrily back him up on it.

  5. I thought Bateman was a Lieutenant Colonel. Was homeboy promoted to Colonel when I wasn’t looking?

  6. So, Sissy Bateman makes an ad hominem attack against American citizen and you are afraid of making him cry. F*cking sad.

    • Ease up there, hombre.

      Nobody is afraid of “making him cry.” The TTAG editors are trying to maintain the high moral ground in this battle, against the likes of Shannon Watts, this Bateman clown, and others.That’s a feat that becomes unachievable if a bunch of yahoos start spouting off about his mother or about what they’d like to do to him, or whatever other middle school garbage they manage to come up with.

      If you have a problem with the “please be respectful while you’re posting on our site” request, then you should walk away, grow up, and then come back. That should be a standard every man holds himself to, ESPECIALLY when he faces such strict scrutiny (as the people of the gun do) when he doesn’t.

      • It ain’t just here, pal. People are acting like the antis are superior and their demands must be adhered to. That is how we lose. But hey! If that makes you “feel” better go for it. I will just continue to keep my God given, Constitutionally protected rights. All of them.

        • Uhh, no.

          Get off the emotional bandwagon, pull your head out of its deep dark space so your brain can get some fresh air, and stop acting like a child.

          Nobody said anything about the anti’s being “superior” or that we “must adhere to their demands.” Especially not me. That is absolutely incorrect.

          What I said was that we have to remain respectful in our discourse with them, because believe it or not, how we behave on a public forum such as TTAG is how the public sees us, and we will win many more over to our side by being respectful and courteous. Even Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg get to enjoy those Constitutionally protected rights you mentioned, no matter how much you wish it wasn’t so.

          Or the short version, shut up if you can’t stop behaving like a toddler.

      • Good one Steve Clark. “Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear but when I do its usually something exotic.”

      • And another coward who voted for Obama toddles in to cry for us. Your “feelings” are just so darned important, thats why you happily throw away Constitutional rights. Just keep telling yourself its for the children, that makes it all better.

  7. Well, to judge by that Esquire page his fanbase is nuttier than a squirrel’s pantry. Probably best left alone before he snaps and becomes the next Nidal Hassan. Don’t Bait this Man.

    • Agreed. Those comments make me despair. It’s hard to believe that people who write things like that will ever be convinced.

      • They won’t. Not any more than you are likely to convinced that their opinion is right. People are always going to disagree on important issues and both sides will simply be unable to understand why the other side can’t see the light.

    • Esquire is a publication written by and for the well dressed metrosexual urbanite.

      Their readership lives in fear of ever getting dirt under their perfectly manicured fingernails.

  8. Ok, so the next time he’s attacked by a bear or a warthog he should either strangle them to death or use some kah-rah-tay on them.

    You know, because he’s _not_ a wimp.

    • Many years ago, I read one of John W. Campbell’s Analog editorials in which he described a railway track worker who was doing an inspection on his own when a bear came at him. He was otherwise unarmed, but he used his baseball skills to great effect, throwing rocks at the bear’s eyes until it ran away.

  9. This is why I spend a lot more time watching the Golf Channel. The theatrics of the gun world these days is making me a more than a little disappointed.

  10. I can’t recall ever seeing sadder, more blatant, desperate pleas for attention than the garbage this guy writes. Don’t feed the troll, Robert.

  11. So this guy can roundhouse kick and falcon punch his way through a warzone? And he can take on 3000 men armed with guns? He can save the gov a LOT of money on rifles if he started training others then.

  12. You want to get under his skin? Ignore him. Then after the next failure of their next legislative push, when he writes another trolling column, print it, then go outside and have your sig other take a picture of you lighting a cigar with it as you have a drink and celebrate.

    Then post it to FB, or send it to TTAG.

    create your own Bateman Brigade to go walk precints and elect pro-gun candidates and win elections which will drive him even nuttier.

    Call your state rep, senator or federal elelcted officails everytime he writes another trolling piece to feed his own ego. and wait for the cigar to celebrate victory.

    • This.

      He is the ultimate REMF. I don’t even know why he has a picture of him holding an M4. He’s an overglorified paper-pusher with no real credentials jumping on a bandwagon that will get him lots of press and hopefully a cushy gig at some concern troll organization that will pay him a 6 figure salary for him to be a figurehead and say controversial things for a living.

      In fact, the more attention he gets the more likely he will achieve his goal. He wants people to respond, he wants them to get angry, because that is his career plan. Pissing people off and making money off of it.

  13. Neeeeever heard of him……..

    Query, though: Would he be one of those U.S. Military folks who will stand up for us, and never train his taxpayer-furnished weapons of war on his fellow countrymen? Because he sounds pretty angry and hateful. If the DiFi bill should happen to pass, I think I’ll file to have his firearms taken away. He sounds dangerous.

  14. is this supposed to be surprising? It isn’t unusual for police & military to rant on and on about their “superior training” as a justification for exemption from laws that everyone else has to deal with.

    Both articles were just clickbait to add to his awesome resume, so he can get a real job with his awesome writing “skillz”. prolly hoping for an administrative position at handgun control inc, now that uncle sugar has punched his card.

    • Awesome writing indeed. He says he is “literally booked.” What must that look like? Is he wedged between two covers? Is he stamped with page numbers? Does he have a 60% off sticker on his back?

  15. Oh, I don’t need a gun or your approval, “colonel”. But allow me the pleasure of wiping that smug shit off your face.

    11-B/20.B4, CIB, PH

  16. My guess is he hit mandatory retirement. Its no secret the best and brightest aren’t sent to obscure postings in Europe. I’m also guessing he’s on seperation leave now, or he wouldn’t be so bold as to use his rank in an article which could be construed as reflecting poorly on the service.

    • “Up or Out” in action, I think. When your OER contains the rating “trivial” and the word “laughable” it’s usually over career-wise.

      • “Of my many officers, he is one.”

        “Handpicked for extended isolated duty.”

        “His men would follow him anywhere, mostly out of curiosity.”

  17. If this is his version of freedom it isn’t the same as me and all the vets I Know. Right, that’s the kind of soldiers we need. Can’t he be court marshaled for threatening the citizens. Put him with the Army Doctor but from Texas and take bets who will live.

  18. That is Lieutenant; Colonel. Don’t promote the fool.

    As Bergdahl promoted to Sgt from Pfc for time in hanging out (with terrorists)

    Two embarrassments to honorable grunts worldwide.

  19. So serving the country, numerous war fighting schools, leading soldiers and what do citizens get in return, a call out for conversation citing anyone who needs a gun, is a wimp. Well done full bird. My strongest recommendation is to parachute into Oakland, stand in the middle of the worse gang turf intersection and make the same declaration. Doubt that will happen, instead he’ll shore up MOM’s efforts by providing a man face for their cause…no doubt collecting coin as well.

    What warfighter misses is Vegas shooters were drug addicts, and we wimps, disarmed by our legislators, prevented us protecting ourselves from the mentally deranged.

    Thanks for missing by a wide margin the whole concept of lawful self protection.

  20. This is what I just posted over on Esquire, in response to this article.

    @Robert Bateman : LTC, I appreciate your candor and your service in uniform. I may disagree with your position on gun control, but I would certainly defend your right to that opinion.

    I do not condone the execution of police officers, everyone is entitled to due process of law if they have allegedly committed a crime, I believe we can both agree to that. In your time deployed overseas I have been here and have observed a disturbing trend in domestic law enforcement, namely the distinct militarization of officers, deputies, and agents. With DoD providing surplus armored vehicles (note I am not including Strykers, Abrams, & Bradleys) to local agencies, with LEOs wearing battle rattle just like soldiers, and with the omnipresent cameras allowing bystanders to film these officers in action, in some cases using very questionable judgment, it has caused a considerable amount of backlash against LEOs in general. Some of the discontent has coalesced around the notion that ‘if officers want to act like combatants, maybe they should be treated as combatants.’ The political polarization taking place in the US has also served to fan the flames of ideological passion, and a struggling economy historically creates a near-perfect condition for the rise of extremism.

    I must disagree with your stance, calling out those who disagree with you, no matter how direct, pointed, or disagreeable their hate mail, is only asking for unwarranted trouble. You have also set up a strawman argument that some of us find offensive. It is one thing to paint with such a broad brush in personal conversation, another to do so using the bully pulpit of the media. Take me, for instance. I am an honorably discharged veteran of the US Army, I have certain service connected disabilities received while I was serving in uniform. I am physically limited, and, frankly, not able to scrap like in the past. I jumped through the hoops to procure a weapons carry license, and I carry a sidearm every day. Not because it makes me a badass, but because I understand that said sidearm is a useful tool for defending myself or others should the need arise. I am not out shooting up schools (or cops), and I hit the range regularly with friends (many of whom are also vets) to maintain proficiency with each of the firearms I own. I do not parrot NRA talking points, as I am not even a member, though I understand the reasoning behind them.

    So I will ask you point blank: What restrictions, if any, do you believe are appropriate when it comes to regulating firearms? The article implies you may support MDA, which is notorious for promulgating bad information, I’ll not go so far as to say they intentionally lie, but I will certainly say they don’t factcheck sufficiently. You ask for the help of your fellow Rangers, I know a few guys that wore tabs on their uniforms. Sure, they were enlisted, not commissioned like yourself, but not a single one of those guys would support MDA. Most of them are staunch believers that the appropriate way to realize gun control is through an Article V process, i.e. – amending the Second Amendment, not the ad hoc use of legislation to hobble a civil liberty. I am sure you can appreciate that viewpoint, which is neither radical nor espousing violence. In fact, one could argue that an Article V process is the most harmonious with the intent of the Constitution itself. Perhaps that is true patriotism, being willing to allow the system to work the way it is designed to, even if the outcome is not something we might like.

    Also, I hope you are enjoying springtime in Italy, it’s quite beautiful as I recall. If you happen to pass through the Atlanta airport give me a heads up, I’d be glad to buy you a cup of coffee or beer and discuss this with you amicably and civilly, without either of us needing to bring a firearm.

    • Nice post, though all I can envision while reading this is some progtard drooling with wild, unfocused eyes, desperately trying to understand real writing and real logic as he futilely works down the paragraphs, and finally grunts in animal-like frustration and pounds out “Me no care! Scary NRA guns assault control common sense children! DGrabhaglork!”

      That’s essentially the fight we have. Not two sides of a rational debate. It’s us (intelligence, facts, logic, and morality) against them (stupid, brainwashed, mentally unbalanced, and evil). You can’t intellectually debate with an animal, which is essentially what they are.

  21. So, if a man joins the military he swears to uphold the Constitution. Then he comes home and swears to trample on it…. At some point doesn’t it become treason?
    I have nothing but respect for military and police. BTW what the hell does he mean “tea party-ers are executing police”? I’m almost positive no citizens are executing police. But police and military did not become gods when they got their badges and stripes. They are citizen like the rest of us. Their words don’t mean more, their causes are not by definition just, and their opinions are not the word of God.
    But this guy seems to think his service made him bullet proof.

  22. My kid is in Afghanistan and she is bigger then you will ever be . The highest ranking pilot in the Army.

    • Impressive accomplishment! You must be very rightfully proud of her! Congratulations to her and her proud Parents and please Thank her for her Service on my behalf! All Best!

  23. I don’t know who he is either. Am I the only one who thinks a man holding a gun & engaging in killing thousands of Afgans is the wrong person to lecture anyone? Now Iraq is about to fall. And sadly 5 young men died in Afghanistan for no good reason. One local 19year old-the same age as my youngest son. I have literally NOTHING in common with those 2.

  24. Far more important than his yammerings is noting his long term, obsessive, narcissistic compulsion to force himself into the center of a national issue on which he has nothing to offer. By his own words he should be the first to be denied 2ndA rights, the man is obviously unstable

  25. Since when did the Gadsden Flag become a symbol of the Tea Party? And when did any of the mass murderers claim allegiance to the Tea Party?

  26. Weird. I made the jump and the comments page was blank. Maybe it was blocked at my work. I wonder how his publically posted e-mail address is doing.

    I think maybe his decade long hiatus from CONUS combined with his skewed view from MSM may have altered his perception of reality here. I was stationed in Japan for 5 years and my take on the US was very limited. Too bad he compares us POTG to a few sick people.

    Why does weird stuff happen to Army officers right around the O-5 rank?

    Agreed. He is “click bait”.

  27. When did Esquire go full progtard? Too bad, years ago they had some good writing. Looks like they have lowered the bar, and the are struggling to stay ahead of Wonkette…

    • Back in the 60s and 70s and a little bit into the 80s Esquire had some of the finest writing around, certainly the best to be found in a mass market magazine. George Lois was a genius editor. Then they went off the deep end, generally became a “laddie book” as the Brits call them, and has now apparently morphed into politics. GQ has done the same, but it never had any serious literary pretenses.

  28. My kid has 26 yrs And to talk to her you would never know it. Only Mom has the ego.

  29. Just another narcissist for me to have no idea why they think they merit my attention. Get in line. It’ll be a while.

  30. Yeah, I know more than a few people who would take him up on his offer and show him that no one needs guns to unleash a beating on him, which is what he is threatening.

  31. Oh, and by the way, if his work overseas is the best he could do, we have nothing to fear here in the US fro him coming home to help out the antis.

  32. Looks like TTAG is trying to make another irrelevant anti-gunner relevant?

    Keep up the good work, guys.

  33. If this level of discourse is the best this guy can do, then I suspect he’ll be surprised when he enters the gun-control argument. The good colonel sounds like a punk.

  34. This is too much. We have Tea Party political activists shooting cops from behind, in the head, then covering their dead bodies with the Tea Party “Gadsden” flag and shouting, “The Revolution begins now!”

    No. I am coming home. I need to be there and be part of the solution. Moms Demand Action is getting some traction, but they can use the lean-in of a few U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Rangers. I am only sorry that I did not stand up to this threat to our nation before. I am sorry. I was busy

    What? Really? I guess he should be part of MDA since he is good at distorting the truth and using emotions instead of facts. Big bravado words. Maybe he has a contracts with Bloomberg all setup which may be his real motivation.

  35. It is all a bit frothy, but it sounds like he is challenging all comers to a duel wherein they will use the firearm of their choice and he will not be armed with a firearm?

    I thought challenging others to duels was illegal? Or is it just the actual dueling which is illegal?

  36. And he’s accusing US of being unhinged? Maybe he should be the first in line to lose his gun rights based on his 2A “reforms”. He really wants to start solving the problem, he should start by buying a mirror. When you post something inflammatory on the internet, you get inflammatory responses. Yes dude, out of a country exceeding 300 million people, there are a few thousand people who are crazy. Shocking isn’t it. Try posting something similarly inflammatory on the pro-gun side under a pseudonym and I guarantee you’ll get a similar response.

  37. A man who took an oath to defend the government’s power is against peasants owning guns? This is my surprised face.

  38. So if this zero can talk bad about gun owners then why would TTAG delete negative comments about him? To he!! with proper, these people are far from it.

  39. Isn’t it a shame when the left only supports our military and those who have served, when it is in their own selfish interest?

  40. So you post a psychopath making ad hominem attacks and mandate that we’re not allowed to respond in really the only way an idiotic tantrum like his can be responded to? If this was a well reasoned, polite, and calm quote about being against guns, I could understand “No ad hominem,” but this seems like some kind of weird self control experiment.

    Also, he just called the police, bodyguards, ranchers, the military, and every founding father wimps. Need I say more?

    I love these pathetic little weaklings that make attacks and threats that would, in a sane world, get them righteously punished, then hide behind government’s skirt like a cowardly child.

    Also, proof that when push comes to shove, there are plenty of psychos in the military who will gleefully murder you and your families at the government’s whims. You can tell he’s just looking for an excuse to kill.

  41. It’s sad to see child stars like fall so hard like this. It seems like only yesterday when she was so young and pretty on “Family Ties”.

  42. I don’t see how this guy got to be a Lt. Col. He is not basing his decision on the intel… the actual statistics that show gun crime in the U.S. is down. This is some schmo’s knee jerk reaction to the latest headline grabbing media report.

    UNLESS… he is a plant for MDA.

  43. So, if this guy spent his tour of duty as a Staff Officer and is now Retiring (presumably over 40), how many 20-something ex-Marines, Special Ops, Combat Veteran Soldiers, et cetera, who he has pissed-off and thrown the gauntlet down to, does he think he can handle before someone beats him senseless…er…more senseless than he already, apparently, is?
    Those who are suggesting he really only wants to get on Bloomberg’s gravy train are most likely correct.
    Read his Five-Point Plan to “fix” the Second Amendment. No thanks. His assessment that MDA is “gaining traction” is wrong. His name-calling is just grade school silly.
    I agree the best thing for now is to ignore him, but I am sure he will eventually barge his way into some Gun Control Group. If some younger guy doesn’t do him in at one of his “dates” first.

  44. This is exactly the kind of officer corps that Mullah Baraq is intent on infecting our military with.

    • Our Officer Corps has been infected with this sh*t ideology throughout America’s history. Elitists have always seen themselves as superior to the serfs and peons.

  45. Another astro turf paid shill by Bloomberg. I’ll enjoy seeing this man become irrelevant.

  46. Who is this guy and more importantly why should I care what he thinks?

    The only reason why he is making news is because he stands out from most other military personnel who remember that they joined the service to protect freedoms. I won’t tell him to shut up. I, like many people, believe in all of our rights. This is in stark contrast to the un-American rant this guy is on. Calling people wimps for having guns but making a career with a company that uses the largest guns in the world- I am sure there is a word for that….

  47. I always laugh at the short-sighted views of those that are in positions to speak. How they live in a world that is simple solutions. The thought that, hey..if we get rid of guns, we get rid of violence. With that thought process in place, there will be an increase of something. We are human. So regardless if they are guns, hammers, baseball bats, or what have you..there will always be something.

    Add that to the fact these people also live in a diluted reality, this makes them even more dangerous. All they are doing is providing a deeper base of illegal guns the criminals can get their hands on. If honest citizens have them banned, and are taken..where do they go? Another “Burn project” like fast and furious? I am blown away that someone in the military has a view such as yours. You see the recent story where a parent saves his daughter? When seconds count, the police will always be minutes away. I wwould have done the same, and I would have not had a second thought. Even if they were illegal, I would have still located my contraband, and proceeded to make sure my daughter lived. I would rather spend 20 years in prison, then a life time of knowing I couldn’t stop criminals from killing my daughter, or other various things…because my government told me I was not allowed to protect my loved ones. Just like cars, knives, and other things, there will be people that will take advantage of something and wreck it for everyone else.

    Think on that one…

    • I’ve memorized a couple dozen recorded battles and skirmishes from the middle ages and start rattling them off whenever an anti makes the idiotic “guns cause violence” claim. Makes an effective argument.

      Take away guns, and people will kill children and hold up stores with machetes, and so on.

      • Allied killed in the Normandy landings 1944: @2500 . English killed on Towton field 1461: @25000.

        • That is what I was looking for earlier. Which also proves the point. Guns, knives..doesn’t matter..where there is a will placed on a being of greater strength, that is looking to take from the lesser, they will find a way.

          God Made man…Colt just made them equal.

  48. Hmm . . . “That’s it, I’m coming home.” Makes it sound like he demanded a transfer back to the states, or demanded that his orders be curtailed, or left his post, or took some action to remove himself from his position. That would be amazing in light of the fact that he refers in his article to events that are less than a week old as if they were the driving force behind his return. Nobody gets out of the military in that space of time. The guy has discharge orders, what’s the date on them? My guess is that they are 180 days old at least.

    More likely, his brave decision to end his career and focus on spewing the party line of the ruling class came shortly after he was passed over for Colonel and informed that he’d be retiring.

  49. This obscure light colonel has turned himself into a darling of the left-wing media (sorry to be repetitive) by talking smack and looking like Butterbean. See, that’s one of the problems with America. There is no longer a difference between fame and notoriety.

  50. Here’s my response on the article:

    Are you even aware that both of those murderers were prohibited from owning firearms? The man was a felon, and the woman resided with them.

    Calling them Tea Party Activists also shows that you don’t know (or don’t care) that they were strongly involved in the Occupy Movement.

    Saying they draped the bodies with Gadsden flags shows that you either don’t know (or deliberately left out) that they also used Nazi flags. The two are mutually exclusive.

    So, are you unaware of these things and simply mistaken? Or are you purposefully leaving them out? I’m not one to jump to conclusions, so I’ll let you tell me.

  51. So, leaving the military, retires (?), wants more $$$$$$$. Calls Bloomie and a check is cut. He got the idea from all the money Shannon and Kelly got from Bloomie and decided to cash in.

    A real American patriot!

    Also, he may be (has been) an officer but his writing is very unprofessional.

  52. He wants to book a date, hmm? He should meet up with James “I’ll buy you a ticket to come fight me” Yeager. It would make for an interesting confrontation.

    • @Mr. Pierogie, yep it would. I’m not sure which one is the bigger blow hard. But I’d put money on Yeager beating him…at least Yeager is on the side of Americans not Amerikans.

      • They both seem desperate to stay relevant with their phony rhetoric. I’m not sure why TTAG writes about either one. They’re both full of crap. But hey, since they’re both so eager to prove their manliness, let them duke it out and don’t tell me what happens.

  53. You know, when some of these anti-gun types go on a rant like that just to prove that anti-gun guys aren’t all a bunch of metrosexual eggheads, they wind up doing stupid things like saying “real men don’t need guns” under a photo of themselves holding a gun–and posted in the metrosexual handbook, at that.

  54. With all do respect Colonel, did you not take an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic? Is the right to bear arms not protected by the constitution (2A)? By actively seeking to remove our arms, are you not an enemy of the constitution? What happened to your oath Sir?

  55. I carry a gun every day. I carry it for self defense. I have no need to go get anyone. His immature challenges to my manhood do not threaten me. Should he actually come to get me or my family I like my chances. Mostly he and his rantings are not relevant to any normal citizen.

  56. Fine. No ad hominem attack on the Bateman guy. He’s not really worth the electrons used in this electronic posting. But he’s a disturbed, arrogant, embarrassment to any who’ve ever served in the armed forces. No, he’s an embarrassment to any American. Space-occupying lesions like Mr. Bateman (in my opinion, he lost his right to claim a military title) are the reason why we must continue to fight against would-be tyrants. If he’s so sure he’s got the solution, I hope he enjoys playing with his muzzle-loader. I’m headed to the range to practice with one of my evil black handguns with high-capacity standard 17-round magazines…

  57. I like the part where he thinks he is smarter than Justice Scalia. I haven’t met a telephone colonel yet who was that smart.

  58. Pshh. Anyone who holds a higher rank than Major is merely a politician in uniform.

  59. America has had Great Military Leaders with distinguished careers

    Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion
    John “Black Jack” Pershing
    Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
    “Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf

    and then there is

    Robert “Check the Box” Bateman

  60. He forgot the prime rule: Never go full fornication-tard.

    Reposted to TAH and Baen’s Bar.

    Lt Col Kratman will skewer him shortly, I’d hazard to guess….

  61. Bateman? Never heard of her. Unless it was Justine Bateman. She was hot in her day.

  62. His chest-thumping bravado is just as idiotic as the morons who sent him idiotic, chest-thumping emails. Now that he’s coming back to the states, maybe they can all meet up and take turns beating the stupid out of each other.

  63. Dear Col. Bateman:

    I deeply regret having to decline your invitation, along with the implied vitriolic statement that “only wimps need guns.” I guess I’m a wimp and I’ll happily wear that monicker in exchange for the continued use of the tools I need and am qualified both personally and professionally to carry and operate, for the defense of myself, my clients, and my family.

    I understand that a display of bravado is necessary in order to agitate others into becoming enraged so that you may point to them as being unstable and unworthy of having a firearm. I am familiar with this tactic. And I’ll tell you straight out I don’t have time for it.

    As it stands, I really don’t care what you call me, or how you feel about me. My opinions and actions are based upon my own personal experiences, and as such, no one is as qualified to determine my defensive needs as I am, not even an experienced, well-decorated, and well-respected veteran such as yourself.

    Which brings me to my next point. I see no need nor do I have any desire to parade my credentials for some kind of rhetorical one-upsmanship. I know my qualifications, as do my employers — they keep such things on file for legal reasons. So insult my manhood all you want, sir. I am the bigger man, and I am armed not to compensate, but to serve, as I did when I served my country, and now I serve my family and my employers.

    In closing, your argument, full of implications and emotion, is devoid of factual basis, and as such, is only worth as much time as it amuses me to spend in rebuttal.

    Time’s up.

    Very Truly Yours,

    Lime Green Medic

  64. everyone should honestly just stop giving this guy attention, because he’s CLEARLY just a troll.

  65. We should just send him blank emails. Conversing with him is not worth the time it takes to type a sentence.

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