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“The problem is, if you are armed, it escalates the situation. It is much better, in my opinion, to be scared, to be frightened, and even if you have to be, to be injured, but to walk away and survive. You’ll heal, and you can replace whatever was taken away.” –  Paul Quander, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, the District of Columbia [via [h/t to RC]

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  1. The gentleman from the District of Communism is entitled to his own opinion.The facts are that dying in fear at the hands of a felon is a possible outcome of surrender,which leaves armed opposition to be the best outcome for the attacked citizen.City commissars natually don’t face street crime,which tends to discredit their opinion on the matter.

    • I think his home address, working hours, and picture of his family should be posted online, perhaps by the computer hackers at Anonymous. I am sure his opinion will change.

  2. Spoken like someone who has never had to “heal” or to “replace whatever was taken away.” For my part, I certainly am willing to support his position if it works for him, but it doesn’t work for me. I hope he never makes anyone really angry at him though as he’s just announced to the world that he’s easy pickings.

  3. What about if the BG decides he’s not satisfied with your stuff and wants your life too, Yurhoner? Is that much better too?

  4. There have been plenty of incidents where an armed assailant decides no witnesses are better even with 100% cooperation.

  5. ““The problem is, if you are armed, it escalates the situation. It is much better, in my opinion, to be scared, to be frightened, and even if you have to be, to be injured, but to walk away and survive. You’ll heal, and you can replace whatever was taken away.””

    So Mr. Deputy Mayor, I assume you don’t have a daughter or a wife. How did that work out for Chandra Levy?

  6. Nothing says Public Safety and Justice like “better … to be scared, to be frightened, and even if you have to be, to be injured”

  7. Maybe some one should shoot the Vice Mayor, not to kill him but to show him what it feels like to get shot, and see if that changes his thinking. Moreover, I completely fail to comprehend how being sheep willingly led to the slaughter will do anything other than encourage more crime. INstead, and as is happening, it will result in an epidemic of crime that the police willbe unable to slow much less halt. I for one will go down fighting.

  8. What an ignorant douche bag. I’m betting he wouldn’t be feeling that way if some poor, disenfranchised youths were tap dancing on his head. Uber- liberals have especially large brains that allow them to determine what’s best for everybody else.

  9. I bartend. I walk home late at night with cash. I’m poor, and I worked my butt off over a 10 hour shift to make what I take home. And because of people like hizhonor, I can’t legally carry a gun to defend myself with. No matter. Gun or no gun, I will fight for what’s mine.

  10. Anyone know if we can impeach the DC government? Also does anyone know if he actually lives in DC or does he like a lot of people work in the city and live out in Virginia or Maryland. I admit that I don’t know what the qualifications are to be a member of the DC government other than crazy.

    • I’d bet a dollar that he lives in a gated community with private security, surveilance cameras, and that his house has locks that cost more than a week of my pay.

      • I’d bet $1,000.

        I dare him to say that to a room full of rape victims. There is NO getting back what a rape victim loses.

  11. I agree with vice mayor 100%. I know that if a bad guy enters my house I will be sure to escalate the situation as rapidly as possible. Perhaps the assailent will be injured and escape with his life but not if i can help it.

  12. Using the same logic all the women who get raped should just lay their and take it. People who get abused should just shut up about it and toughen up and throw equal opportunity out the window too.

    What a moron.

  13. A liberal is just a conservative that hasn’t been mugged yet. As a good buddy of mine put it:
    One thing you hear a lot is, “The money in your wallet isn’t worth dying for.” And you know what? They’re right. The problem is that you’re not the one making that decision. The scumbag in the ski mask who drew on you made that decision for you. In his eyes your money is worth killing you for and it’s worth risking his own life for. The question to you now is, “Knowing that, is preserving YOUR life worth killing for?”

  14. Wow. You know, I have to be honest. With no kids and always wondering what the bleep I’m here for anyway I don’t place a whole lot of emphasis on the value of my own life. However, I carry for exactly this reason. I don’t want to take lumps that will leave me paralyzed, crippled or otherwise permanently harmed. What an idiot!

    happy shooting, dv

  15. From the article:

    Kristopher Baumann, head of the D.C. police union, also was at Ms. Cheh’s meeting. “Having the deputy mayor for public safety publicly announce that being victimized is something we, as residents of the District, must accept is disgraceful,” he told The Washington Times. “At the same time, Mr. Quander failed to offer a single short- or long-term solution to fighting crime in this city.”

  16. Now this guy is a prime example of the American spirit. Not.

    Yup, reading his words makes me think of Audie Murphy, Cowboys, Rugged Individuals, and mom’s apple pie. /sarc off

  17. Only a man who doesn’t need to worry about being attacked and raped could say something so stupid. I dare this man to look a woman in the face and tell her that it is better to be defenseless than to defend herself because doing so may “escalate” the situation.

    Unfortunately, there are times when a simple robbery or car-jacking doesn’t end with the victims walking away and replacing their material goods:

    • your being unfair, im sure hed much rather have his wife/daughters raped then be able to protect them shelf’s. what a @$#^@&#& joke

  18. What a guy! He’s the personification of schmuckdom. Every time he opens his mouth, the sh!t that comes out of it validates everything that we say about gun grabbers.

    Keep on running your mouth, Paul. I’m lovin’ it.

  19. I know I’m being as snarky as Ralph now, but I sure as hell wish I’d gotten this Deputy Mayor’s advice before I spent thousands of dollars on training, firearms, and tens of thousands of rounds downrange. (I suppose I could have used the money saved to purchase more life or disability insurance and a way nicer burial plot, too!)

  20. What…a load…of SHIT.

    Quander – You got a wife? Kids? Quander needs to ponder (heh) what would happen if a perp wanted to, you know, get to know them a little better sometime when they’re alone. It’s O.K., they will (maybe) survive, just a ripped sphincter/vagina and STDs…nothing to worry about. What a piece of crap this clown is.

  21. Okay, I will just remain civil and say this guy’s remarks are inexcusable, unconscionable and defy any common sense whatsoever. I agree the contents of my wallet are not worth dying for (in fact most days the perp would probably kill me when he saw what paltry contents it usually has out of sheer frustration).
    But for a Public Official to recommend not to resist and get maimed for life or killed…seriously?!?!

  22. Has this ever happened to him? Probably not. So his “opinion” is like that of MikeB203000 in that it is not based on any real facts.
    How about someone smack him around a bit and then we’ll see how he feels about surrender as policy.

  23. This fool is just giving job protection for Eric Holder’s people. He deserves nothing less than being tarred and feathered and being run out of DC on a rail!!!

  24. Can you heal after you’re confined to a wheel chair? Maybe, however, not all wounds are merely superficial.

  25. A lot of the gangs make killing someone part of their initiation rights. Had a business aquaintance killed this way. The gang never took anything from him! Well, his life.

  26. “It is much better, in my opinion, to be scared, to be frightened…” because everyone knows having a gun makes you fearless and invincible.

  27. Paul’s got it all confused: Better for whom? Better would be they, the mugger or rapist, walks away “maybe even injured,” maybe worse, and we walk away whole. He just hates the idea of his nephews getting shot before they wise up at age 26 and take a job with the DC Public Safety and Justice office. In DC they think of the winnings of street crime as reparations. They think of wanting to shoot an attacker wielding a knife as a racist instinct. Former Mayor John Street in Philadelphia had the same take on things. Licensed handguns for non-felons are, in his view, just a white man’s scam, an unfair advantage against the street hustler.

    • There is some truth in what you say, but the fact is that black criminals mostly pray on their fellow blacks, because that’s who’s around to be victimized. They’re not robbing white tourists at the Lincoln Memorial.

      The real reason liberals say and believe things like this is because if an individual defends himself, he’s usurping the role of government, which, to a liberal, is blasphemy. You have no right to defend yourself when that is the ordained role of the police. It’s like taking your own communion. You can’t do that, it’s for the priest to do. I believe the religious analogy is apt because liberals have a believe in the primacy of government that is very religious in its dogmatic and zealous nature.

      Does anyone care to guess where else this type of belief system is to be found? It’s called communism.

      • Let me parse my reply:
        1. Agree, obviously about B on B crime, yet the issue of licensed handguns seems to bring out the issue of “sure, you can get permits. You haven’t had 40% of your young men run through the criminal justice system.” …or similar.
        2. Agree. Life is chaotic, uncertain. We weave narratives including political philosophies, ideologies, to make ourselves comfortable, to feel oriented, to make what we want sound like what government ought to provide. Some want stuff and security, some want the trains to run on time, some want a means to their own power, and some want Liberty.

        • Some want stuff and security, some want the trains to run on time, some want a means to their own power, and some want Liberty.

          I want a date with Jessica Biel, and my chances of getting one are about the same as getting the others.

    • Out comes the race card! Ropingdown, you’re better than this. It is a fact that many gun laws have been enacted with the primary purpose of disarming black folks (Reagan’s Mulford Act comes to mind – This was a major goal of the Klan during Reconstruction. Our current criminal “justice” system overwhelmingly targets blacks for prosecution of non-violent drug crimes and other minor beefs which are tolerated among white youth and especially college students – how many white folks do you know who may have committed a drug felony in college? I’ll take the 5th, thank you. Blacks are often denied firearms ownership because of institutional racism in our society. Maybe that’s okay with you.

      Quander may be an idiot or a sleazebag (he is a DC politician), I don’t know much about him. Certainly I think he’s wrong. But you’re racist comment ain’t helping, any more than a lot of the stupid shit Jesse Jackson says.

      • The tolerance of drug offenses for white college kids ended more than 20 years ago in PA. My comment isn’t racist. I’ve actually had the conversations with politicians in which they take the route above, that gun ownership and carry laws are discriminatory because of the high disqualification rate of minority men. Former Mayor Street actually gave a speech along those lines some years back. Philadelphia PD went through a phase in which they made arrests of suburban commuter CCW people on the flimsiest of facts, which required an alteration of PA law to fix. I have a great deal of empathy with the frustration black community leaders experience. I’ve volunteered at 95% minority summer camps. I went to college and law school in majority black neighborhoods. The problem black politicians face who do want to change the crime picture is enormous. They can’t get elected. They tend to get labelled as Toms doing the white man’s work. I understand why this is true and yet it makes improving life in large parts of West and North Philadelphia almost impossible. What I do not accept is that urban residents should be forced to go defenseless against frequent predation. Paul was essentially saying “we own muggers one shot at maiming us.” Firearms don’t make people feel ‘invincible.’ They make them feel they’ve got a chance. I had an acquaintance shot and killed walking across capitol hill AFTER he gave up his wallet, by 11 and 12 year olds. (Of course muggings are not common at the Lincoln Memorial. On capital hill they are quite common. I’ve been accosted many times myself. What, specifically, do you find racist in my comment? It would be easier to discuss something specific. I think discussing these issues is worth the trouble.

      • Blacks have the unfortunate habit of selecting from among them the most vile and hateful to be their spokesmen. Why is this? Why is their default position always from the far left of the political spectrum? Why are the true thinkers among them despised as Uncle Toms and Oreos? There is so much unanimity of thought in black culture and so much of it is just plain wrong that it boggles the mind.


      • Let me give a real life example of working in a predominately black neighborhood (>95%).

        The kids who do well in school and don’t wear their pants around their ankles or get in trouble are the ones who are victimized and pressured by the other “youths” in the neighborhood. They are often harassed and battered because they are “oreos” or “crackers.” Like Ropingdown said, “they are doing the white man’s work.” If any of you live or work in one of these neighborhoods, it’s probably pretty similar.

        You’ve got kids skipping school to sell drugs. Pregnant crackwhores at the ripe old age of 16-18. Close to no zero male role models. Daylight robberies. Anything that is not locked down WILL go missing (including manhole covers and storm water grates). The list goes on.

        With that kind of environment, it is a wonder anyone makes it out of their without a police record. Unfortunately, there are quite a few good folks in that neighborhood who have been there their whole lives just trying to make life better.

        At one time, this neighborhood was a lower-middle class black neighborhood with far less crime and violence. This was a place where kids and families could walk the streets after work and play in yards. Not anymore. And what started all of this you may ask?


        The wonderful housing authority built an all-brick housing complex approximately 6×3 blocks in size. Talking to the long-time residents, you would be hard pressed to not be angry at the government you are there to represent and work for. The mentality of government knows best has ruined the neighborhood for many of these people and countless lives.

        Next time the city or county commission decides to build a Section 8 project; why don’t they put it in their own neighborhood? Better yet, how about they place incentives on not pooping out babies like last night’s dinner for more reduced rent?

        The government can’t even house “poor people” without ruining the socioeconomic structure of an existing neighborhood. What makes anyone think they can do anything better?

  28. I hope Mr. Quander gets to experience some lumps as soon as possible so he can better understand his position.

  29. “It is much better, in my opinion, to be scared, to be frightened, and even if you have to be, to be injured, but to walk away and survive. You’ll heal, and you can replace whatever was taken away.”

    In other words =

    • Nice work, Javier (even though Oprah wouldn’t approve).

      Quander is clearly a wuss of the highest order, and fundamentally misunderstands human nature, as liberals often do. We understand that people can and will be genuinely evil. Sometimes their is a good reason, sometimes not. That’s why we pack heat. I don’t want a damn candle lit in my memory when I can have a hot gun in my hand and control of my destiny.

      We won’t drink the government Kool Aid, thanks (although I’m currently enjoying a scotch). My possessions, my safety, and my life are not here for others to take at their pleasure. Perhaps that offends some folks, but fortunately I’m far too insensitive to care.

  30. OK I’m an idiot…..NOT!! But I am a CCW carrying owner of a Springfield .40 XDM….and I don’t ever escalate a situation…I put an end to an already escalated situation.

    • As a CCW holder, I don’t escalate either. In fact, I would rather not have to deal with the aftermath of shooting someone. For me it would be a pretty good argument that Mr. Felon has escalated the situation to the point of deadly force should I ever need to draw my CCW piece.

  31. Does anyone want to bet that “Paul Quander, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, the District of Columbia” has armed police bodyguards, paid by the taxpayers, accompanying him wherever he goes? Just like the President, the Mayors of NYC and Chicago, and a host of other anti-self-defense politicians?

    “Hey, being a victim is GOOD for you peasants – teaches you humility.”

  32. After 9/11, we as a people were shown deep in our psychy what happens when we give up without a fight, my theory is that people began to wake up, “A conservative is a liberal who was mugged”.
    We as a country was mugged, I believe that was and continues to be one of the impetus towards the continuing relaxing of CCW laws, the current state of the economy is another.
    Of course, there are those who go the other way and try to blame the weapon, but they are hopeless anyway.

    • You hit the nail on the head. It’s the same mentality of blaming airplanes for 9/11. I suppose after banning guns, the liberals will try to outlaw commercial aircraft.

  33. “I like watching as helpless people get hurt and killed.” Paul Quander, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, the District of Columbia, via my insta-DE-BSifier.

  34. Pray tell deputy, who has the right to say when I “have to be injured”? Some random person coming into my house in the middle of the night has more of a right to injure me than I him in self defense? I can’t even look at people like this when I realize I’m around one. I just can’t help staring like I’m watching a puke show.

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