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“There is nothing more powerful and painful than the absurd violence that we’re seeing: gun violence [that] exists nowhere else in the world and the fact that this country which has such powerful and such greatness is suffering from the inside out because of the absence of gun safety. It makes no sense to anyone.” – J.J. Abrams

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    • Its nonsense, we have proscriptive firearms regulation in the UK and we get them too, no doubt we will get something similar to Paris at some point regrettably.

    • Just another Hollywood idiot that needs to stick with his profession and not mouth off to topics he is not fully educated in.

    • I just don’t get it… He’s Jewish… How can he pretend gun violence does not happen anywhere else? Given thousands of years of persecution, violence, and outright genocide targeted at anyone who practiced Judaism, I find it repugnant he has blinded himself to the reality of the world. Kind of ironic today is Pearl Harbor Day…

  1. Wait…he’s directing Star Wars AND Star Trek? I didn’t realize they brought him in to do the new Star Wars movies too.

    • Of course they did. He’s always made it clear that SW is his first choice, which is why he remade ST in that image.

    • Obviously not a fan. The Trek fans should be screaming blasphemy as he put R2D2 in both his Trek movies. He better not insert Trek scum into the SW:TFA movie.

      • I’m thinking of returning my tickets. I might go see some Pirate anchored at an undisclosed Bay later.

      • To be fair and accurate, Industrial Light and Magic did that. ILM is a subsidiary of LucasFilm but also does visual effects for a lot of different (non star Wars) movies. The recent Trek film was not the first time ILM inserted an easter egg into a movie.

  2. J.J. is a smart man, but extremely ignorant. His beliefs are the product of his own environment, which is why the anti’s so desperately want to carve out more gun-free zones and reduce gun ownership. They believe (and unfortunately they are correct) that if people grow up without guns, then they will generally be for gun control. If the real meaning of the 2nd Amendment isn’t taught in schools, we will eventually lose. If the words of the Federalist Papers are ignored from the education system, we will eventually lose. We may be more numerous, but the anti-gunners are in all the points of social “control”: education, media, medical, government and judicial; (because the anti-gunners don’t see or care about the consequences of their actions) harping their voice to the country’s eventual demise.

    • Then we’re probably already past the point of no return. I doubt more than 2% of high school seniord or 10% of college seniors as of this morning have even heard of thr Federalist Papers. From there, the percentages plummet further as to those who could name the principal authors, their purpose in writing, or any of the ideas expressed.

      • College freshman from Michigan, we were taught about the federalist papers(in my high school at least) but a lot of kids don’t care about history enough to pay attention in class. Also, one of the AP English teachers taught George Orwells Animal farm as a fable with no lesson to be learned. Sorry for the small rant.

        • No apology needed, you’re cool. I’m glad to hear that you were exposed to those writings. I like to check out from the library a copy of the complete set every four or five years, just to refresh.

          I’ll make notes that I save and review next time I read them. It’s interesting to see what insights you come up with yourself over the years and how your views evolve, or solidify, as the case may be.

  3. “Set phasers to … to….wait – where are the phasers?”

    “They have been replaced with counseling sessions and hugs sir!”

    Somehow I don’t think ticket sales would be as high. Another Hollywood hypocrite. Any surprises here?

    • In relation to Star Trek it’s not hypocrisy. Everybody in Star Trek with a gun is a government employee.
      Star Trek is the vision of a socialist utopia. There is no money. A strong, centralized planetary government controls everything. Society is strictly regimented. Everybody lives in harmony. They don’t really need police, because nobody has anti-social thoughts.

      In relation to Star Wars, where the heroes are engaged in an armed insurrection against a tyrannical government, yeah…being anti gun rights is completely hypocritical.

  4. At least he got updated on the new name of the movement “Gun Safety”.

    Another millionaire that made his money exploiting the gun culture in his productions.

  5. You know even though this has nothing to do with Abrams or his movies I have always thought of the hunger games series to be a representation of what it would be like if the government disarmed everyone.

    • When I was talking about the “No Fly List” with my daughter, discussing how the list was created and maintained, she said “It’s like Divergent, where all the factions are supposed to be equal but there’s one that rules them all.”

      • I haven’t seen or read the divergent series but after hearing that It could be interesting to see what other things are in there that could be a representation of what’s currently happening or possibly happen in the future.

    • There’s a quick passage in the first book that shows Katniss retrieving her bow from a it’s hiding spot. She thinks about the risks her father took in making it and the risks she takes in using it, because anyone caught making or using arms in the Seam would be executed.

  6. For someone who makes his living portraying the struggle of good vs evil, you’d think this vapid dick would have more sense.

  7. Ugh this lie again. This crap DOES happen other places. Basically ALL the other places. Why does anyone buy that line?

  8. It isn’t going to make any difference to his pocketbook, seeing as how SW will break attendance and dollar records anyway, but I do wish we have a few more McNees in show business.

  9. Last time I checked, you’re paid to make movies. If I want to hear anything else out of you, I’ll pull the string in your back.

  10. If you watch the video, he spouts the “this doesn’t happen anywhere else” nonsense. Then seconds later mentions recent events which took place, and I quote, “…in this county and else where.”

    Meaning, other freaking countries.

    Just another clown who is towing the line and parrots what he hears…

    Polly want gun safety?

  11. He sucks about as bad as Rick Berman. The shows and movies are socialist parables. I won’t pay to watch any of that crap.

  12. Well Mr Abrams your movie/movies just made my “Do Not Go to and See List” along with all the other Hollywood leftists I will not spend my hard earned money on …..

    • Well I’ve got some bad news for you, Sparky. Nearly EVERYONE in Hollywood is an anti-gun liberal. The ones who aren’t keep their damn mouths shut lest they end up blacklisted and out of work. You toe the Socialist party line in Hollywood or you don’t work.

      So cancel your Netflix subscription and throw out your TV. Toss your radio too since almost all musicians are anti-gun liberals too.

  13. We need more gun safety? I follow the 4 rules of gun safety.

    You know what? There is a great organization who teaches gun safety and the proper use and handing of firearms and even trains instructors on how to teach it. It is called the NRA. Is Mr. Abrams saying that the NRA needs a bigger role in American gun culture and NRA classes should be taught in public schools? After all, he said gun “safety” not “control” so he must be against gun control.

  14. Sorry Jar Jar, I’ve got better things to do than shell out some ridiculous amount of cash to watch your absurd violence.

  15. I like JJ Abrams TV Shows and Movies. I do think he’s a smart guy, but on this subject, I do believe he’s quite ignorant, dishonest… or he’s living in his hollywood elitist bubble (like a lot of hollywood celebrities).

    Gun violence doesn’t exist abroad? Wow… did this guy didn’t read the news lately?

    Maybe he should try to have a look at some of the root problems, such a huge drug trafficking in the US (mainly in L.A, New-York, Washington DC, Chicago, etc… surprisingly where gun laws are the heaviest and where the criminal activities are the highest). And if Drugs can enter in the country, how do they think we could stop illegal firearms?

    Drug trafficking do lead to firearms trafficking and gun violence. But of course, none of those Hollywood Elitist would confront this reality check because of their own drug addictions. This is pure hypocrisy, not even mentioning they are the ones that got millions by promoting gun violence in the media and in tv.

  16. He is not anti-gun. He is just projecting his compensation issues on gun owners. I mean just look at that crazy over charged tripple bladed lightsaber and is you see how big Kirk’s hands were on the Star Trek reboot

  17. I don’t think progressives get that gun violence in places like Mexico, south america, the middle east, and most of africa is so prevalent it is not news. Its just part of every day life.

  18. I just went and checked, most of my guns have safetys, but to be sure, I unloaded the revolvers, and the old .22 That doesn’t have one.

  19. For his mouth to be here, making such asinine comments, his brain must be in a galaxy far, far away.

  20. Hey Jar Jar, feel free to move to Paris. Per your imaginary world view, there is nothing happening there.


  21. I am so happy to be able to have saved myself money from paying to see those movies….. definitely still gonna see it but the not paying will be a lot sweeter and seem even more principled…. muahahahah

  22. I noticed he is already into the socialist nanny state terminology “gun safety” – which has nothing to do with gun safety and everything to do with legislation restricting the law abiding citizen from purchasing and possessing guns.

    Gun violence that exists nowhere else in the world?

    Please don’t step out of your fantasy fiction world of movies as you are not accustomed to reality.

  23. ‘…this country which has such powerful… It makes no sense to anyone.’

    Sorry JJ, the only thing that doesn’t make sense to anyone is your diction.

  24. I’m a big fan of SW, and there is nothing I like better than movies and guns. Some reason never connected much with what this guy has done. I have not felt the hype of the new trilogy and don’t think I’ll go to the movie. Would not be surprised if something went down at one of the openings of this film. Surely, it will be more bloody shirt waiving hysterics.

  25. Guess I won’t be seeing the new star wars movie. Can’t bring myself to give any money to people who say stupid sh!t like that not even a month after it happened in another country.

  26. Pencil necked geek. I’d wanted to see the movie in the theater, but now I reckon I’ll download it and give away copies.

  27. No J.J…. Gun Violence only happens in YOUR Hollywood movies (well, that makes about the same amount of sense) … Oh, and Chicago… but that’s “black on black” so it doesn’t count for the Black Lives Matter people.

  28. This coming from a guy who dedicates his life to making violence entertaining and palatable to the masses?.. What happened to the days of people walking their talk?

  29. Funny how celebrities get their pictures posted along with their quotes as long as they go with mainstream media. Yet, the poles demonstrate the average American citizen, that would be most of us here, are for our 2nd amendment rights. In other words, the majority of people support gun ownership. But we do not get our picture posted. And no one quotes us average folks. Granted, at this time the politicos running for the Republican nomination are being quoted, but that is only because of who they are. Truth is, and some of you have already said this, who cares what these celebrities think? Most of them are liberal, Obama supporters. And yes, they live in a bubble of the rich elite. The one thing gained by hearing their opinions; we learn who to support and not support. Many of you have already stated your position here; you will not be attending any showings of SW. I will say one thing more: These people are exercising their First Amendment right – freedom of speech. For that we cannot fault them. We can however, vehemently disagree. Especially when they exhibit such apparent ignorance of the facts as demonstrated here. Some of you have remarked on what an intelligent man JJ is. But he certainly does not show it in this quote.

  30. Yes Chip-I lost my desire to see any more Star Bores after Jar Jar and the amateur episodes 1,2 and 3. My kids are big fans but this old man will have to carried kicking and screaming to see the “new” war in the stars”. Oh yeah- Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • I’m going to take my dad to see it, because it’s been our tradition to go see a movie at Christmas every year since LOTR Fellowship of the Ring was released (all the LOTR movies, all the Hobbitt movies – and I don’t remember what else).

      Merry Christmas!

      • You are fortunate. My dad has never cared for science fiction, even though he would probably watch the same story told as a western. Enjoy your outing together.

        As for the Star Wars saga, I lost interest with Episode VI. The marketing of toys and junk was bad enough but when those Ewok critters showed up, it was apparent to me that Lucas was more interested in merchandising than telling a good story. And it got worse with Ep. 1-3. My adult kids grew up watching that crap though and are all hyped up to see this one.

      • Hey we did something similar. I miss the LOTR in December(the Hobbit not so much). My dad would be 109 if he was alive-yes the Star Bored movies ain’t what they were-I saw Empire Strikes Back in 1980 in Ohio. A BIG DEAL then…

  31. Forget it, Jake; it’s Hollywood.

    And let’s not mention that more mass shootings have occurred under this President, who Abrams worships like a demi-god than under any other President since Lincoln.

  32. Put your money where your mouth is JJ…. stop making movies with guns. It’s amazing how all these “anti-gun” people make millions using “guns” in their movies.

  33. Has this clown herd of the country called Mexico? Or a reagon called the middle east? Places like Africa? Need I go on?

  34. I actually enjoy when these @ssholes pontificate like this. Just another schmoe to not waste my hard earned money on anything he does.

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