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“I may not like it but society has very likely made women and guns a necessity. Even I see the reasoning behind knowing how to protect yourself with a firearm. If a gun is what I need then I’m going to make sure I train well and practice my shots. I also know that I have to keep it loaded. Having to take time to load a gun when danger presents itself is ludicrous.” – Kristen Houghton at

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  1. Very interesting link Dan. Seems like the “formerly anti-gun women learns how to shoot and carry a gun” has become a new genre. When it stops being a genre, we’ll pass another milestone. Meanwhile, this bit also caught my eye:

    Several years ago I was at a friend’s house when a financial dispute over some stocks broke out between her and her soon-to-be ex-husband. Though it was only loud shouting and no physical interaction, the police were called by the couple’s neighbors. One of the cops took me aside and asked me if there were any weapons in the house.

    “Weapons? What do you mean weapons?” I said horrified.

    “Guns,” he said patiently. “Are there any guns or rifles in the house?”

    “God no! This is only a yelling match. No one’s going to hurt anyone. No one has any weapons here,” I told him.

    Looking me steadily in the eyes he simply said, “Miss, we have to know. Anything’s possible. We don’t want a murder.”

    “We have to know.” There’s one to watch out for.

  2. “i still believe that if criminals were unable to get guns than noone would get killed” I should of stopped reading there, but no I had to read all the way to where she claims samuel colt came up with the “god made us” quote.. Tsk tsk…

  3. so a shouting match could turn to murder, but criminals cannot have guns so there will be no murders…my head is spinning from this one..


  4. Ted Bundy killed at least 33 women (and is suspected of killing over 100), Arthur Shawcross murdered twelve women and Gary Ridgeway killed almost 60 women. None of them ever used a gun. And that’s just scratching the surface.

    I guess that Kristen Houghton is still living in a dream world where bad things only happen because of guns. Armed or unarmed, until she gets her head on straight, she’ll always be a victim. She can train like Annie Oakley, but when push comes to shove, she will not shoot until she figures out that the enemy is not the gun, but the man.

  5. I may not like it but society has very likely made women and guns a necessity.

    I don’t think that came out quite the way she meant it.

  6. “I still feel that if criminals were unable to get their hands on guns no one would get killed.”

    I can’t believe she hasn’t heard about the Oklahoma teen mom, and if she has, I can’t understand how she can still make that statement. The criminal wasn’t armed with a gun and the girl would have ended up dead, at worst, or physically and emotionally scarred, at best. Without a gun, she would have been no match for two intruders with a knife (or even one unarmed intruder). But magically making guns disappear would somehow be an answer.

  7. “I am afraid of guns; they scare me to death. Even in movies or on TV, the sight and sound of the gun being fired makes me tense up.”

    If her training does not enable her to work through that fear, to the point where she is comfortable with using a gun to protect herself, she is better off sticking to pepper spray. A hardened criminal will be able to tell if she is not willing to shoot him, and will not be deterred by her pointing the gun at him. She REALLY needs to work on her mental preparation for self-defense – a gun is not a magic wand. If you haven’t prepared and committed yourself mentally to use it, you probably won’t be able to defend yourself with a gun.


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