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“The relevant lesson from the 1990s’ municipal gun litigation is that by attacking the firearm industry as a whole—and looking away from the criminals who pull triggers—politicians provided the NRA and the gun industry with a cause to rally their loyalists. Rather than split the industry away from the gun lobby, as they aimed to do, the proponents of the litigation bound the two closer together.” – Paul Barrett in The Big Cities’ Financial War on Guns May Backfire [via]

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  1. “…looking away from the criminals who pull triggers…”

    Aaaand that’s what it’s all about!

  2. That’s why this time around they (successfully?) separated the hunters from the group.

    Even in Oklahoma I am astonished at the number of people taking this line.

    • I don’t know, here in AZ I have a lot of friends that are hunters that are taking a hard line against any gun grabbers. They know that once “Assault Weapons” are banned it will only be a matter of time before their “long range high powered sniper rifles” are on the list.

      • Couldn’t be more true. If AR’s are “assault rifles” than most bolt action hunting rifles will be “high-powered sniper rifles.”

  3. Show me a mayor who supports gun control, and I’ll show you a politician who wants to scapegoat an object for his city’s problems. It is easier to blame guns than it is to do the hard work of urban renewal.

    • +1

      Bloomberg and Emmanuel love to take credit for any success of their great cities… while simultaneously ducking responsibility for dealing with the endemic problems of modern urban society. Bastards.

      NY and Chicago are still great places to visit, but they fail the ultimate test: would I want to move there and have my son and daughter grow up there? Hell no.

  4. Seems to me that some of the gun grabbers have sought to ‘divide and conquer’ AR and high capacity mag owners from hunters and other gun owners, and the NRA leadership and core supporters from the rest of the NRA members. The gun-grabbers have gone hard pushing for claiming to support hunting and “legitimate” guns for home-defense and then shaming and labeling other gun owners as the dangerous anti-government “tin-foil conspiracy crowd” and “anti-government militia-types”. Other gun-grabbers have shown their true colors with their actions and increasing numbers of non-AR and non-high capacity owning gun owners are seeing the writing on the wall.

  5. Evil:

    Immoral, immorally wrong or bad; injurious, harmful action; due to actual or imputed immoral/bad conduct or behavior.

    Pure EVIL….

    Nous Defions

  6. Hmmm… wouldn’t investors in these groups have a cause of action against the trustees who disinvested? The trustees (and banks) are required by law to work for the profit of their shareholders, not for the political cause du jour.

  7. The Obama Regime want absolute loyalty, and they know the only way to get that is through fear. The population won’t fear them until it is disarmed. They are going to disarm the populace any way they can, and if it requires them to divide and conquer piece by piece, they’ll do it.

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