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“Every now and then, there’s nothing better than running through the woods half naked, screaming at the top of my lungs and shooting an assault rifle.” – interviewee in the trailer for A Girl and a Gun

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  1. Well, as my 12 year old daughter leaves to school this morning-“Cool collage daddy, when is it coming out?.” I tell her I have no idea. Even as to its release format, is it to be on TV, the big screen, dvd, or pay-per-view? I do know however, that just like my daughter, I want to see this, It seems to be Really Interesting.

  2. I personally liked the “I can guarantee you that Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Wesson never got raped.” (or however he said it) as a good quote too.

    • ^^ my favorite as well.

      My second favorite is the woman in the wheel chair who wants something to make the intruder “back the fu@@ up”

  3. I don’t know if I want to see a whole film, because I think the montage covered the subject pretty well, but the trailer was interesting.

  4. From the web site (

    Coming to theaters and VOD beginning July 3

    A Girl and A Gun presents a feminine perspective on an object whose history is deeply bound up with men and masculinity. Filmed throughout the US, this documentary delves into the psyche of the American gun world to investigate how women relate to guns and gun culture.

    Reaching far beyond Hollywood’s hypersexualized femme fatales, the film candidly explores the modern American woman through intimate portraits encompassing issues of protection, power, feminism, and violence. A Girl and A Gun is a complex and thoughtful meditation on a deadly serious issue.

    The intimate and graphic portrayals in A Girl and A Gun are of women who’ve carved themselves a home in the gun community, but their personal journeys in one way or another reflect the same issues every woman faces in today’s America.

  5. Before my wife married me she told me I had to get rid of my guns. I told her I guess we aren’t getting married. Now, two years later she wants to go shooting and learn about shooting. She also comes into the room to watch what I am doing when I work on my rifles. It’s funny how people can totally change their mind. Now when I talk to her about gun laws she tells me they are stupid without ranting or explaining. She now “gets” it. We need to get more women on board with shooting. It can help everyone preserve our 2A rights.

    • A lot of people who do not like guns are just not knowledgeable about them. I have some very liberal friends whom I have taken shooting, and now that they understand, even they believe the whole magazine capacity ban is just stupid. The more the gun community educates the better we all are. Being a silo never helps. The OFWG image does not help.

      • “The more the gun community educates the better we all are.”

        This x1000!

        Growing up in a liberal anti gun family in Connecticut, I never had exposure to guns beyond my favorate movies. Many of the guys in my fire department were pro-gun but they never seemed to care to introduce me to or educate me on guns. That coupled with the fact that I think most of the employees at Hoffmans could also care less and CTs already stupid (pre Newton) gun laws discouraged me from taking interest in guns.

        When I moved to TN the first time I set foot in a Bass Pro Shop to look at guns, my jaw dropped. Without even asking the clerk put every handgun I looked at in my hand. Back home you need a permit to handle a handgun in a store, well at least at Hoffmans which was all I knew.

        Anyways, I talk about guns alot and freinds always ask me about them. I may not (yet) be the most knowledgable but I never hesitate to help answer their questions. I also occasionaly OC but not to start an argument or bait cops, I do it in hope that people will feel comfortable to talk to me about it. I always carry myself with a freindly and outgoing atitude and never mind small talk. I cant say whether or not they follow through but many people ask me about how to get a gun permit.

        I know its no one elses business what you or I do and I understand why many of us do not care to talk guns with strangers. We all know that there are battles with some antis that just cant be won. BUT if we dont take the time to educate others, we have lost the war.

      • This is why I think the NRA shouldn’t take a passive attitude towards women and minorities but should actively reach out instead. The more people who have actually experienced handling a firearm in a safe environment, in the presence of someone who knows what they’re doing, the less traction anti-gun rhetoric will have. We want that group to be as wide as possible.

    • My wife never shot a gun until she met me. One day, after about 4 months of dating, she asked me to take her with me to the range. She now knows how to safely operate all of my firearms and wants her own 1911. The only time she even came close to giving me a hard time is when I didn’t throw her a b-day party for her 30th, I bought a mini 14 ( used) instead.

      • I’m loving all these conversion stories. It’s amazing how people get a preconcieved notion about guns and believe they are bad, but then ordinary curiosity brings the wall down. And we extend an arm out to show them and educate them in a friendly manner. This is awesome. It makes me happy to see that most of us indulge their curiosity without any hatred or malice. If anything, we are totally excited about showing someone the world of guns.
        Brings a smile to a fellow gun owners face. +1000

  6. My woman told me that I had to get rid of all my guns before we married. It was a hard thing for me to do.

    Of course…. the woman that I did finally marry had no problem with my guns.

  7. I’m all for women tooling up. With that said, as far as masculinity goes, I know a bunch of women that have more testosterone than I do, not that that is a bad thing mind you.

  8. After we got married, my wife was watching me reloading some ammo in my shop. She asks me, “honey, now that we’re married, shouldn’t you give up guns and hunting and target practicing”?
    Guess I had a mortally wounded shocked look on my face, so she asks me, “sweetie, what’s wrong”?
    I says, “for a minute there, you sounded like my ex wife”
    She then shreaks back, “I didn’t know you were married once”
    I says, “I wasn’t”

    29 years later, she gets it….

  9. I rather liked that.

    Women on the range, in class, in their homes – and in prison. I looks to show the good, bad and the pretty.

    Even a few talking heads lamenting “the gun establishment” seeking new markets as though it were a bad thing.

    Complete, and unbiased – or so it would appear.

    I looks for’ard to it, I does.

  10. Y’know, “I love you. You’re perfect. Now change.” ain’t new, and ain’t one-sided.

    Many guys will marry someone and then browbeat her into not being what attracted them in the first place, trying to cram her into a cage.

    “No wife of mine’s gona dress like that,” “You need to find new friends,” “You can’t go clubbing anymore” et cetera.

    It is no more wrong for a woman to say “Honey, now that we’re married…” than for a man to do so.

    Both are totally wrong.

    Just sayin’.

    • As the saying goes – Women marry men hoping they’ll change. Men marry women hoping they won’t.

      Everybody ends up disappointed.

    • Yeah, Russ, men can do that, but women own it. It’s just the opposite of the one night stand.

  11. My coworkers keep looking at me funny when I laugh at all these guys talking about their wives….it has to stop, please I can’t laugh anymore!

  12. It’s definitely a subject worth exploring in detail. I’m curious to see the whole documentary.

  13. While I’ve become more of an active and politically minded gun owner now, my wife was more of a “gun person” than I was when we were first married. I guess helping her father reload his brass as a child had something to do with that. While I’ve had long guns for years (and a .22 revolver), I only just got a 9mm a couple of years ago. And I remember bracing myself for a discussion on the subject, but the first words out of her mouth were “I would love for us to get some pistols.” Now we both have CCLs, 9mm compact pistols, full sized .357s, and a pump action shotgun each. The only fights we have about guns now is what do we want to get next.

  14. My first thought on seeing that video is did Larry the Cable Guy get royalties for that thug target the woman was shooting.

    My wife and I are on the same page about guns. She wouldn’t live without one and neither would I. We’re at a point in our lives where we have financial freedom and gun purchases don’t cause her to bat an eye. We have one rule about spending, regardless of the product bought, if the purchase exceeds 1 thousand bucks give a heads up to your mate.

    An inside joke with us is I will go hit the gun shops, spot something I want and buy it. When i get home I start the conversation with her by saying, in a timid voice,”Honey, promise you won’t get mad….” at which point she lights up.

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