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Chief Mark Kessler courtesy

“I have a very unique view. If you want to own a firearm, carry a gun under your jacket or over your jacket, the Second Amendment is your concealed carry permit, period. … It has nothing to do with self-defense; it has to do with [freedom from] tyranny.” – Gilberton Borough, PA Police Chief Mark Kessler, Backlash! Gun-Control Laws Nullified [at]

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    • Hey now, we had a guy campaign on that and everyone (including the majority on TTAG) said “That’s crazy! Don’t vote for that lunatic!”.

        • I think he’s talking about the one who is a former US Repesentative and who’s son is a US Senator

        • accept that your wrong rich

          ralph used wich wich is correct, bcuz they’re wuz moar then one lunatic, so u want too kno wich one.

          you’re use of whose indicates that the lunatic belongs to somone, and your asking ‘whose lunatic is this?’

          (Edit to add: If you’re having trouble, read it out loud. It’s all wrong spelling-wise, but verbally it works. I had fun.)

  1. While Police Chief Kessler’s view is not unique among the Armed Intelligentsia and even some County Sheriffs, it is unique among police chiefs who typically cow-tow to a Mayor or City Council.

    How do we convince more Police Chiefs and County Sheriffs to adopt the same conviction?

    • I think your county Sheriffs (at least here in the west) are a little easier to convince. Sheriff’s deputies have miles of unincorporated county to cover- that can mean towns too small for their own PD, rural areas, hills teeming with mountain lions and meth labs- they tend to have a better grasp on their limits than the city PD officer. Granted, the Chief and the Sheriff can both be jerkass politicians, but I think that, generally speaking, Deputies (as opposed to City PD) fall closer to the pro-2A mark.

      They know that if you live out in the boonies, they might not be able to get there in time. For what it’s worth.

  2. Damn statist LEOs who enforce unconstitutional laws – oh, wait a second – this sounds like a good one. We could use some of these guys in my neck of the concrete woods.

      • So if you ask a cop if he lies, and he says “Yes.” Does that mean he always tells the truth since he always lies?

      • Cops should be disarmed except in cases where they need to be (armed robbery, hostage situation, etc). They’d be a lot friendlier if they didn’t have the gun to make them feel tough.

        • Does that mean everyone else should be disarmed except in cases where they need to be, too? Would society be safer if only those who could demonstrate a specific need for a gun could have one?

          I think what you would prefer is a world where _police_ weren’t needed. So would I, but in an ideal world where that would be possible, Communism would work, too. Real life contains people that ruin it for everyone.

          For the record, I hate Communism.

        • Hasdrubal,

          Ordinary people don’t get to use a gun to threaten people on a daily basis with no repercussions. If I were to strap on a gun, then walk up to someone with my hand on the gun and say “Do as I say, or I draw this gun and make you do it”, I would go to jail very quickly. That is why I said the police should only have guns when they show good reason to have one – because they routinely abuse their power to the detriment of ordinary citizens.

      • All mechanics are thieves.
        All doctors are arrogant.
        All salesmen are liars.
        All construction workers are stupid.
        All truck drivers are greasy.
        All Astro van owners are child molesters.

        Got any more stereotypes you want me to add? These are just ones based on intentional behavior, I’m sure there’s plenty of people who also believe things like;

        All women can’t do math.
        All old people can’t drive.
        All white people are racist.
        And many more besides.

  3. exactly. getting very very tired of governments infringing on my Constitutional rights and telling me they aren’t, and then the sheeple nod their heads in agreement.

  4. “Unique” means “one of a kind,” not “kinda unusual.” Considering the number of TTAG readers who share this view, it’s far from unique.

  5. OMG he is a WHITE man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This can only be RACISIST! Yes it has to be a RACISIST statement. Only a WHITEman could come up with such an idea. This has got to PO all the PC types that come here.

  6. I disagree with him that it is solely about tyranny. It IS about protecting a fundamental right to self-defense as well. Right to self-defense is one of the most ancient and fundamental rights of nature. It goes back to the writings of Aristotle, Cicero, Machiavelli, John Locke, Thomas Paine, Sir William Blackstone, etc…according to John Locke, the right of a people to have arms to resist their government if it became tyrannical is an extension of the natural right of self-defense.

    • Don’t tell THIS administration that; according to all the progressive Democrat grabbers an armed citizenry is unnecessary because the government will protect you.

      Remember; “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
      The only question is, help you relinquish what?

  7. Sheriffs are sworn to uphold constitutional law….that includes 2nd amendment rights. Do we need a carry permit? We already have one.

  8. cops would be more friendly if they weren’t constantly being called liars and worse. Especially since they are lied to on a regular basis at work.
    And if you want em to come to your aid after you have gotten in over your head, they will need weapons. Who would bail you out unarmed? Not me!


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