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“They are telling us what they’re gonna do. They have been telling us what they’re gonna do for six or seven years. It’s the one thing that we really can’t say we’re being shocked and surprised. That’s why the people who profess to be shocked and surprised by (the m855 ammo ban) kind of bother me, because it is happening right now. It started, actually, in 2013. What do you think the government buying up as much ammo as they could in the retail markets was all about? They’re telling us what they’re gonna do. Obama’s making no bones about it. It’s just so people, ‘Nah, he doesn’t, it will never happen.’ That attitude is understandable in a sense. It’s rooted in the fact that, ‘No, we’ve never had a president do this, the Constitution, can’t do that. That’s not the way things happen in America.’ That’s true. But they are happening.” – Rush Limbaugh

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    • Well, I guess you could either rebut his premise or just call names. Both are technically tactics but only one makes him look bad. That wasn’t the one you chose.

      • Let me try the other one, then. The guy makes nearly 3 zillion bucks a year running off at the mouth, here he’s telling us how he has been warning about this for years, yet TODAY, after all those years of his brilliance, he hasn’t a clue how 5.56 is related to “2.23” (sic), what’s .308, what steel core ammunition is, essentially he’s talking out his hind end. Why has he done not the least bit of research before proclaiming himself the all-knowing expert on DC gungrabbing? This is no friend of ours, he will step on our collective dicks repeatedly while proclaiming himself our spokesman.

        • he never claimed to be a gun guy, he’s a freedom guy who deserves every penny he makes.

        • Rush usually doesn’t touch the gun issues but he does on occasion– Not something you would know having very obviously barely listened to the man. When he does, however, he points out this particular agenda with absolute clarity and articulates how the opposition thinks and what they believe they can get away with. His messages on the topic usually boil down to counting on them to try something beyond the bounds and purview of their power in regards to firearms.

          That said, I’m going to safely call you either a troll or a shill, trying to work two factions up against one another in playing the ‘my daddy is better than your daddy’ game.

    • I guess the only thing worse than Maddow, or Limbaugh etc is when someone proves them correct.

      The m855 ban is highly problematic for the future. but the definitions being used the issue now is simply moving the threshold from 600 to 500 meters.

      The gun control advocates have stated that an important strategy is raising costs. The BATFE now can, by fiat ban 556 ball in civilian hands by simply moving a threshold

    • Are you saying that the ATF banning ammo is just crazy conspiracy theory or have you never listened to Rush and you’re just spouting off nonsense out of ignorance?

      • “It started, actually, in 2013. What do you think the government buying up as much ammo as they could in the retail markets was all about? They’re telling us what they’re gonna do.”
        That doesn’t sound the least bit “tinfoil hat” to you?

        • Not really. I don’t know about where you live, but 5.56 ammo was pretty scarce around here for quite a while and now they’re arbitrarily banning M855. Saying 2+2 might equal 4 isn’t tinfoil hat stuff.

        • When you consider the number of employees DHS has, 1.6 bil is enough for annual quals pretty much.

        • And I bet the .22LR shortage is the goverment’s fault too! Totally not those old guys who camp out at Walmart at 4 in the morning…

          • It is absolutely the Government’s fault but not for the reason that Rush says. When the Democrats had both houses and the executive, we all knew their stance on the 2nd Amendment. Then the Newtown murders gave them the crisis they needed to move towards legislation.
            From the years 1966 to 2013, I owned exactly zero guns and zero cartridges. I now own two 9mm handguns, one 12 gauge shotgun, and an AR 15. I have over 1,000 rounds of 9mm, 1,000 .223 and 200 shot shells.
            That is barely a starter set. I am part of the reason for the shortage and a million or so other first time gun folks. But we were pushed into the fold by this administration so it all goes back to the Government.

        • I have to admit, I am part of the problem as well. In 2012 i too had owned 0 firearms for well over a decade. I now own a few and like to keep food for all of them. working my way towards “collection” status slowly but surely…. 🙂

        • I now own two 9mm handguns, one 12 gauge shotgun, and an AR 15. I have over 1,000 rounds of 9mm, 1,000 .223 and 200 shot shells.

          A decent start! A .22 (when it becomes possible to feed it) and some sort of .308 (preferably semi-auto but a bolt gun wouldn’t hurt) would round it out nicely; you’d have guns to fill just about every niche besides super-long-range stuff.

    • I just got a 1000 rounds of .223 for about $400 from my local ammo shop. I did not see any Gubermint people stopping me. It is bloated bloviates like this moron who spread the paranoia and drive up the prices of the machinery and the accoutrements.

        • Might you be equating the price of new .223 with the price of 15-year-old 5.56 surplus?

        • I don’t believe he is…I recently picked up new American Eagle .223 for $330/1000. $400 is insane.

          • Well just checked Ammoseek and Federal is up to 40c/round for bulk. I was willing to get a box or two for 8 bucks each but the point of bulk buying is to get a discount right? I don’t like paying over 33c/round for bulk American ammo. I’ll go with the Wolf Gold for now at $279/1,000.

        • I was hoping to pick up the Wolf Gold to try it out, but couldn’t find it in stock anywhere at the time I made my purchase. I am feeding a bolt gun, so it’s not too picky. I could probably even settle for steel cased .223, but wanted some brass cases for reloading.

      • And the people who think stocking or buying some ammo ARE THE PROBLEM ……….they are the DUMB A— who don’t get it.. LIBERTY LOST NEVER EVER RETURNS….

      • I did it today ≠ I will always be able to do it. Also, personal insults are the mark of an ignorant or lazy debater.

      • What the LGS owners paid was probably reasonable, what they marked it up and sold to you for was unreasonable. Its people like you that pay these high prices that are keeping it high, not Rush Limbaugh

      • “I did not see any Gubermint people stopping me…”

        Because the ATF’s 30 day public input period has clearly elapsed, hasn’t it? That was sarcasm. No it hasn’t. Thus your ability to still purchase M855, salty. You are the only person bloviating here.

    • I don’t know what to make of your comment. Are you saying that Rush is like Alex? Alex is a true blue commie, while Rush is a true American. I believe those who live in America that wants to live under communism, or Sharia Law, should leave this Great Country and never come back. In fact, I will even contribute money to help them leave. I am sure there are millions of other Americans out there that would help contribute also.

    • You are basically yelling “look squirrel” on this because he is right. Barry, his girl friend Eric with-Holder and minion B. Todd Jones have helped keep an ammo panic going one way or another.

  1. If people had actually read Obama’s books (ghostwritten by Bill Ayers), then none of this would be a surprise either.

    • I am amazed not more people are aware of Bill Ayers being ghost writer for Barry’s books. People should have read the books and listened to the audio for ever voting for or against this bastard.

    • Loyal listener since ’89. Read all his books. The last series aimed at children are just astounding in their depth of understanding about our roots.

      The Liberals hate Rush because he is right 99.7% of the time!

      • and a vote for Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton is one and the same , both are 100% ONE WORLD (slavery) the end of Amerika comes and so does the ANTI-CHRIST…It’s over we lost . LIBERTY DIED LONG AGO.. wake up and head for the HILLS.

      • Most of the knee-jerks who slate him have never listened to his program. Oh, they may have heard a few minutes here or there, but they never actually listened.

    • I heard the program on Friday when Rush said this. He did not fully explain what the ban was about. I did not hear him differentiate between M855 and M193. He was sensationalizing the ban (which is unconstitutional and therefore bad enough) but he lead you to believe, if you were not familliar with the story, that all .223 ammo was on the ban list.
      The uninformed voter is either learning that A) the ATF is banning only ammo that pierces armor worn by cops, B) they are banning all ammo used in AR 15s, C) they are only banning armor piercing “handgun” ammo.
      Show after show after show has a segment on this story and no one on any network has correctly, completely reported the facts. Even when there is a pro gun contributor debating an anti gun pro government contributor, the pro gun person fails to inform the viewer the total facts in the case.
      Just this Saturday morning on Fox And Friends, I thought Tucker Carlson was going to win the debate when he said “but other hunting ammo will penetrate body armor. Why not ban all that too?” The retort from the anti was “This just covers that which is fired from a handgun”…………crickets. I was yelling at the TV!
      Friday on “The Five”, Kimberly Guilfoyle had a chance to smack down Juan Williams but she showed her ignorance on the subject when she said [paraphrasing] “This ammo is used to shoot targets not go through armor. They need this ammo to make holes so they can see where the shots hit”.

      • Limbaugh admitted to his own ignorance on 5.56mm, .223, xm855…etc. All these commentators are ignorant of firearms and the sad truth is most of their audience isn’t interested in the minute details either. To most, a gun is a gun and they all shoot the same bullets. To learn more about guns would require them to admit they don’t already know everything which is a discomfort most are not ready to face. Yea, I’d like these “reporters” to pickup some knowledge and get it right but being three weeks late to the story, I’ll take most any reporting on it at all.

        • Bad reporting is worse than no reporting. Fox could have just called Katie Pavlich and she could have set the record straight. Emily Miller would be a good choice. What about Ollie North or Allen West? I think Fox News is the best source for the truth among pop media but I am not going to give them a pass on butchering this issue.

        • I’m not advocating giving them a pass; I’d like for them to get it right. Fox could have done a better job…yep. The story they told (gov is coming for ammo and guns) is correct, it just wasn’t fully applicable to the 855 ban. Banning guns is the big story and the 855 ban is part of it. Explaining AR pistols, FPS, energy, cross section, 855, 193, steel core, point 223 and 5.56 em em ammo will be more than pro 2A non-gun owners can digest.

          • You don’t have to get so technical to make a grandmother’s eyes glaze over, but when you have a Democrat on the show saying “the ATF just wants to get cop killing bullets off the street”, you have to have a better counter argument. Some good arguments have been “Deer hunting ammo will go through body armor and it is not being considered for a ban so this has nothing to do with saving police lives.” Then when the Democrat brings up the “handgun” lie, you can get non technical by showing pictures of a Glock 17 and an AR pistol with a 10″ barrel. Simply show the “handgun” that the ATF is talking about and explain that non banned ammo fired from the same AR pistol will go through armor as well. At that point the true infringement and hypocrisy by the Federal Government should be clear enough.
            At some point every one of the good arguments has been made but not one show has put it all together in a concise package that could be understood by anyone, shooter and non shooter alike.

        • What the hell difference does it make? These statists are crapping all over the Constitution and our firearms freedom. Meanwhile, you’re quibbling, with astonishing irrelevance, about whether a particular freedom snatching applies only to handguns? Seriously? Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!

          You may as well argue similarly that “Weeeell, this ban on free speech only applies to text messages, not emails or blog posts. So it’s no big deal and everyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant and ought to consult an expert in speech and Rush is a big fat idiot and…….and…….and…….hold on there’s a knock at the door. Trucks just pulled up. Middle of the night, wonder who that could be? Lemme check, but I’ll be right back to lecture you lemmings further about how this latest infringement is inconsequential and you’re crazy to think newly disarmed, blogging citizens will be abducted in the dark of night by armed agents of the State. Sheesh.”

        • I’ve watched a heck of a lot of coverage on this story the last couple days, and I have yet to see one single report from either pro or anti about the most important point, to me. That is, ANY 5.56 or .223 ammo shot from those “pistols” will penetrate a police vest, never mind ANY .308 round, etc. That fact shows this whole discussion as simply silly, and the administration as clearly attempting something unconstitutional.

          Unless we accept the ability of the government to outlaw any type of ammunition by simply producing one “pistol” which will fire it, this has got to be contested. Who’s gonna step forward and do it? NRA? SAF? Anyone? Inquiring checkbooks want to know.

      • There are quite a few pro-gun commentators who are not gun owners themselves. This is especially prevalent at Fox, largely because they all live in NYC which is a ‘Bill of Rights Free Zone’. We should welcome all the allies we can get, but you will have this sort of ignorance from time to time.

        The bigger issue though is that if the ATF gets away with banning M855 because there are AR pistols and all 5.56/.223 ammo defeats the body armor police wear, what’s the next step? Bureaucratic actions shouldn’t be assumed to happen in a vacuum. There will be a next step.

      • Most people do not understand how the Government works. To put it bluntly, “If you let a camel get its nose under the tent, soon you will have the whole camel in the tent with you”. Now let me explain. Taking tobacco for instance. When they first implemented smoking and non-smoking areas in restaurants, I told the wife, they are not going to stop there. They sure haven’t. In a few years, they will be putting you in jail for smoking tobacco, but you will be allowed to smoke pot anywhere. The only thing they have forgot is that just about every one can grow their own. So they are still going to make it illegal to grow your own, but it will be legal to buy government taxed marijuana. What I want to point out is the real reason they are legalizing pot. Of course they will make a lot of money taxing it to death, but the real reason is to pacify the public. From what I understand, they put fluoride in our drinking water, not for our teeth, put to pacify the people. They learned from the Germans and Russians that putting it in the drinking water, helped controlled the inmates in the concentration camps. I don’t know about how many brain cells it burns up, but what I have noticed about smoking marijuana, is that if a person has a physiological problem, it seems to enhance it. Like letting them ban certain bullets now, they will keep finding different reasons to justify banning other ammo. The whole story is that they will never quit until we are either disarmed, or have no ammo to shoot. Its like Thomas Jefferson said, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in Government”. I also forgot the other way they are trying to control us, through the ELF, or VLF (HAAPP) low frequency waves form these towers they have built around the Country.

        • I agree 100% but we have to put forward the argument that doesn’t make us seem like alarmists to the uninformed voter. I keep bringing up voters because the only way we win is with the aid of the non shooters and the FUDDs. Just because you own guns doesn’t mean your vote counts more.
          “The Democrats want to take your guns” has most of us nodding our heads and loading our mags. But that same statement broadcast on cable news, sounds so bizarre to the public as a whole that we actually lose support.
          I just think pointing out the hypocrisy in the moment is more convincing to the average person regarding any topic.

      • Well, all .223 is on the ban list. All ammo is on the progressive statists ban list. XM855 is just their next target.

        • You know that and I know that, but when you tell the public that, they marginalize us.
          When they ban 48 oz. softdrinks, the argument shouldn’t be “this is Socialism!”
          The argument that even left leaning voters can agree with should be: they are wasting taxpayer money to make a stupid law that just forces me to buy two 24 oz. drinks.

      • I’m going to play a bit of devils advocate here– Does it really matter whether the ATF is banning 855 or 193? Would your response be any different? Should it be any different? If you said yes to either question, you’re in this for the wrong reasons. If you’re going to pan the man for not differentiating between the two when the response to both should essentially be the same, you are clearly the shill you’re presenting yourself to be.

        • Yes it makes a difference. If all 5.56/.223 ammo was attempted to be banned, then we would actually have an easier fight to win. And the outrage that Rush was trying to muster up would be appropriate. The green tip ban is wrong, but as long as AR 15 owners have other options, the general public won’t give a shit. Had all of it been named in the ban, not only would more AR 15 owners be outspoken, but more of the general population would join the the argument against government overreach.
          I just think we can still bring in a large enough number of non gun folks if we temper our argument. Show the lack of logic behind the ban rather than express our true feelings toward the Obama administration and the end game of the left.

  2. The m855 ammo ban strikes me as novel only insofar as it is clearly an act of lawlessness; i.e., the ATF is clearly defying the express limit of their authority in the law adopted by Congress. Either Congress will check this excess; or, it won’t. If the ATF is checked in this case it will look for another and the game will continue forever. If Congress does not check in this case, ATF will be unleashed from any constraint.

    • Waiting for congress to rein in a federal bureaucracy is an exercise in futility. They’ve been handing out pieces of their authority like candy at a St. Patty’s day parade for 50 years now.

  3. The m855 ban is about putting in a framework that easily allows the first ban on massively available, and in common use by civilians, ammunition. 855 is broadly used and available.

    There are exampled of obscure bans of available but extremely limited use ammo, but never on such a scale in US history. The point is the framework used for this can easily be used for any ball (ie inexpensive) .223

    I don’t like agreeing with Limbaugh, but it is amazing to have a US President and administration that proves him sober and correct!

    • What’s wrong with agreeing with Limbaugh? If someone’s right, they’re right. If you don’t like his politics you must love the current administration, because that’s the polar opposite of Limbaugh’s politics. Personally I agree with Rush a lot more than I agree with Obama.

      • People who don’t want to be seen as agreeing with Rush have generally never listened to his show and believe everything they ever heard about Rush. These people are no different than than the RINO corp we have in DC who are more worried about what the NYT or the Washington Post will say about them and less worried about doing the right thing. Rush is not Jesus Christ, and therefore not infallible, but his core beliefs are more in line with the framers of the Constitution than any asshat in Washington. The rubes usually self identify right off, taking shots at Rush’s weight, or his unfortunate addiction to pain pills, but they never have the balls to stand toe to toe in a debate with him, because they usually lose, and badly.

        • It’s pretty sad when the right lets the left dictate who they’ll listen to. I’d wager that almost all of the people who read TTAG would agree with Rush 90% of the time. IMO, he seems to understand the left and their tricks better than anyone else. Beck’s another one that some conservatives shun because he’s been maligned by the left. Everyone was laughing at him a couple years ago for talking about the ‘caliphate’. Now we’re all wringing our hands over the Islamic State.

  4. Ladies and gentleman it is my pleasure to introduce to you here tonight once again for the 7th year in a row the salesman that sold the most ammo and guns …The salesman of the year Barack Obama ( clap, clap,clap)

    • Issue with M855 is that when it’s sold there will be no resupply.

      Perhaps small loaders/reloaders make and sell for intrastate market (no Fed authority).

  5. He is 100 % correct you have not seen nothing yet…..Here comes 1984,,, And the ANTI-Christ …comes too…

  6. Reminds me of a song quote: “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you”

  7. I am not a Rush fan, but I don’t disagree with most of his comments.

    I wish he hasn’t gone into the 2013 government conspiracy ammo buying part. I feel that was proven wrong enough times.

    • I agree. I was with him right up until that point. When he adds such obvious bs the rest of what he says loses any credibility.

  8. Why is it that ANYONE is surprised?……..BHO and His gang have been overt in their antipathy to the 2A from before achieving POTUS status. His choice for AG is an opportunist who has stated so on the record, that whole ‘…..crisis is an opportunity….’ schtick. When Congress did not bow to their unconstitutional demands-they figured another route-use the BATFE as a tool to drive the agenda. There have been many voices speaking out, warning as to the abuse of power, only to be drowned out by the constant feed of worthless celebrity activities and insignificant, useless fodder.

  9. Although Rush Limbaugh may evoke some concerns, if you look objectively at what has happened under the Obama Administration and its underling Agencies and Departments, you see an unprecedented disregard for the Law facilitated by the willful lying of the POTUS and his Staff and associates. Lyndon Johnson’s Presidency was accused of the “Big Lie”, but this Presidency has made Johnson look like a bumbling amateur. Couple all that with a National News Media that aides and abets the lawlessness and lies of the Obama Administration, a Congress that, despite its huge swing to Republican control in 2014, still refuses to truly stand-up for the American People, and Rush Limbaugh begins to look pretty rational and credible.
    Limbaugh still needs to be heard with an open, analytic mind, but in the particular case of the M855 situation he’s probably correct, or so close to correct the difference is inconsequential. Having any trust in what this Federal Government will or will not do, at this point in time, is a fool’s game.

    • That was fun. One of the tables tells me that in 2012, DHS used 27 million rounds “operationally”, as opposed to in “training”. So the department shot 27 million people in 2012? If not, WTF does ammunition used “operationally” mean? My suspicion, knowing where DHS came from, is that it was handed out to favored employees to sell on the black market, in order to supplement their incomes.

  10. All good news for those who like jacking up prices, just as those who sell .22lr or certain firearms. At the peak of the AR panic freak-out I saw a poly lower priced at $600. However, Armslist sellers moving 100 CCI Minimags for $20 may shift off the .22lr gouging for a while. Wonder if the powers that be will ever realize what surplus 7.62x54r will penetrate… in the next county… from $150 rifle (unless you get a VEPR). Kinda glad I went AK and SKS before grabbing an AR. Probably will anyway. Nature of our mindset/passion/hobby/illness. Sigh.

  11. Such a shame really. I mean if some of you paid attention to the world beyond the sights/scopes/optics of the items occupying your gun safes and were informed of the “bitter clingers” opinion B.O. has of us back in 2008 we might have had a whole lot better 2015. Rush was right when he said that the implementation of regulatory policy is where the REAL fundamental transformation of America would occur: IRS, NSA, EPA, BATFE, VA, BLM, HHS, DHS, “but, huh what? They’re a-comin after my M855?”

  12. Maybe its time for some massive non violent civil disobedience to this illegal and unconstitutional decree. Refuse and resist, Obama and the BATF cannot arrest thousands. Its time to ask federal law enforcement officers if they are going to follow their oath to the Constitution or are they going to be sock puppets for unelected bureaucrats. If this goes through, pressure ammo manufacturers not to sell the banned round to government agencies. They would have no recourse if a private corporation refuses to sell unless they want to be high handed and seize the factories.

    • I believe that’s why the government moves slowly, and in small steps. It’s like eating a salami, you don’t eat the whole thing at once, you take off a couple thin slices at a time…

      See “boiling frog” analogy.

  13. Rush is(and was) right about Barry Soetoro. So was Hannity and anyone with an ounce of intelligence or integrity. Remember when he said “I hope he Fails”? I hoped the same thing. Truly the Manchurian Candidate who no one seems to remember before coming to Chicago. Chosen. Change we can believe in…and please don’t rag on Fox because everyone is not up to speed on guns or ammo. They’re pretty much our only ally in the corrupt msm, I never was a dittohead but agree with most of what he says. Whatever-it seems to be tre chic to dismiss Limbaugh…

  14. My local gun counter where I buy all my ammo was completely wiped out of ALL .223 & 5.56 ammo, because people are dumb and hysteric and all they know is “RABBLE RABBLE OBUMMA’S BANNIN’ MAH TWO-TWO-THREE AMMUH-NITIONS RABBLE RABBLE!!”

    Is the M855 ammo ban dumb? Yes. So are panic buyers.

    • Reality is, SS109/M855 ban will result in long term 223/5.56 shortage and increase the ammo price forever for ALL calibers.

      Panic buying for 223/556 at this moment is understandable as long as they plan to to consume the ammo instead of selling them for profits.

    • I’m going to hate to break this to you, its like being paranoid: You’re not if they actually are out to get you and the ATF has demonstrated it is out to get them. I would say panic buying is a justified reaction against a legitimate, demonstrated threat.

      • Trick is the people who are and have been aware are not panic buying. We have been stocking up on ammo and reloading components for years, some for decades. And we were not got by surprise, either. This has been bubbling along in Federal LEO circles since the 1990s, when it became clear that a ban on specific weapons was not going to work. Target the other components of firearms use, and do so obliquely. That has failed with the collapse of the lead bans, so now they will go at specific types of ammo, for various “reasons” the primary of which is “officer safety”. Notice that, yet again, still, they don’t give a sh*t about the 1000s of young black and hispanic men killed by other young black and hispanic men. Just cops. Think “feel” that they can use this as a wedge to move their agenda forward, and it too will fail.

        They are edging towards total firearms ban and confiscation, which they don’t have the balls to accomplish physically, nor the political will to achieve legislatively. So they are well and truly f*cked and stuck in this kabuki theater bullsh*t which is making them look worse and worse in the eyes of the American public. Oh, and “media” can not save them, no one trusts them anymore, either.

  15. I’ve been looking at prices of 5.56 at gunbot. net and some retailers are already jacking up prices like Palmetto State Armory. They love BHO over there.

  16. I find it uncomfortable to agree with Rush Limbaugh, but his statement is one I agree with in this instance.

    • If truth is truth, I am not bothered by Who else knows the truth . Mao was arguable one of history worst rulers, responsable for tens of millions of deaths of his own people. He said ” all power grows from the barrel of a gun” . I agree with that too.
      The idea that agreeing with anyone is embarrassing or discomforting is a form of emotional dependence on social constructs put forward by the mainstream media. You should free yourself of those constraints on your thinking and embrace wisdom and truth wherever you find it.

  17. Look beyond the details. Some of you are getting bogged down in the technical details — whether Rush REALLY knows the difference between .223 and M855. Stop it.

    This is what matters: a federal bureaucracy has, without any authority whatsoever, declared one type of ammunition illegal. If they had no legal authorization to ban M855, and they succeed in enforcing this ban, then there is NOTHING stopping the same bureaucracy from banning any ammunition they want. WE know ATF is full of s**t; ATF knows they’re full of s**t; but they will enforce this ban with all the armed force they have at their disposal. Legality is irrelevant; force is now the determinant factor.

    All across the FEDGOV, the bureaucracies are shedding any pretense to legality. Treasury just obligated $3B with absolutely no Congressional appropriation. That is black-letter illegal shit, right there. When called on it, they basically told Congress to go piss up a rope. Same with IRS and persecution of right-leaning political groups. FCC just instituted regulations on the Internet that a federal court had explicitly told them they had no authority to enact. They did it, anyway. ATF is just the latest.

    We’re focused on this M855 ban, but the picture gets much scarier when you look across the federal landscape.

  18. I read a few posts where some described their hate for Rush Limbaugh. I once hates him too. I read the news articles about him quoting what he said. What else could I believe other than he was an evil man. One day, I turned on the radio, and there was Rush. At first, I did not connect the dots. I was saying to myself that this is some guy that makes since to me. I have to listen further. Then I connected the dots. OMG!!! I am listening to the evil one, I thought. Then I listened more looking for that evilness to come put. It didn’t. I listened further, and then I compared what he said with what the new media said. I discovered quotes were played out of context, and any times, they would claim he said something he did not say. Rush is not the messiah, so I will never believe everything he says, but just because he is not the messiah, he is not evil. Every word, every part of his life is attacked by the Progressives just like the NRA…just like the people who visit this site. There are only two sides to this war. You are either for freedom or you are a Progressive. No matter how you look at it, Rush is one of us, warts and all.

  19. If republicans had any balls they’d denounce this ban and move with articles of impeachment, and promise that they’ll undo this ban and so much else.

    But they won’t because they don’t. Republicans especially the worthless Bohener and McConnell love the idea of a gun and ammo ban. They hate freedom just as much as Obama.

  20. The fact being over looked is the claim of banning M855 because LEO are being shot with it out of pistols. That is the primary justification. Really? How many gangbangers are rockin’ AR pistols? How many cops have been shot with an AR pistol. I can not find a single instance of it happening. And people are rightly going to point that out, and THEN ATF/FBI will trot out the numbers on how many cops are shot with 9mm, .40, .45 and claim the authority to ban those on the basis of “safety”.

    Really, gang, people need to wake the f*ck up.

    • You also forget that these are the same people who stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of real cop killers.

      This is just a bs and illegal excuse to take away guns from Americans.

  21. In all of the comments before this one, there are exceptional discussions of the ammunition and weapons…… There is much said about banning this or that. There is MUCH talk about the President’s intention to terminate civilian ownership of the AR15, it’s ammunition, and it’s accessories.

    I would suggest to you that the banning of this M855 is NOT the point.

    The point is that our Republic; this Constitutional Form of Government that we love…….is being taken away by those intent on having what THEY want, when the want it……….REGARDLESS of the “Will” of the People.

    The “venue” may be the 2nd Amendment, it may be immigration law, it may be functioning of the IRS, it may be vast regulatory schemes, it may be the decimation of certain industries, it may be Federal control of education……or even Federal control of local law enforcment.

    Please recognize……..”this” is happening here.

    Should we desire to live in freedom, as we once did………we all…….jointly and severally…..have duties and responsibilities.

    And we ALL know what those are.

    • The man reaches millions of people. He is on your side. What is your beef with him?

  22. Dear Robert, this is the kind of partisan right-wing crap that pushes moderate and/or independent users off of your site.

  23. Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. That’s what he gets paid to do. You can’t argue with his personal success. I don’t listen to him because I am usually pressed for time. Maybe one day I’ll have a listen and make a decision on whether he has any relevant points….

    • One word, podcast. You can listen to his archived shows anytime you wish, right in the comfort of your home and at your convenience.

  24. If anyone would question why the pro-gun side loses on the rhetorical battlefield, one needs look no farther than the comments thread on this post. People who dislike Rush Limbaugh resort immediately to logical fallacy, rather than address the substance of what he said. It is as disappointing as it is unsurprising.

    • Generally I find your comments on here really insightful and complete, but did you skate right over the rush-lovers calling people who disagree with him gutless liberal worms, etc? The guy is an over inflated arrogant ass. Spewing ultra conservative propaganda doesn’t help our cause. Reasoned arguments help our cause. This guy is a watered down Alex jones. Equally dangerous as though he might not be insane, more people listen to him.

      • So, you attack “people” and when they respond in kind you start crying. I’ll give you the same chance “achmed” has, list for us all the times Mr Limbow is wrong. It will be easy, he admits when he is wrong and you can access the complete archives of his show, so be sure to list them in order by date. We will be waiting.

    • And the whole time I kept asking “Where’s Chip?”
      How would you formulate the argument against this ban, not to the ATF, or your elected official, but to a 20 year old college coed that has never seen a gun? How do you keep this in context as not to seem alarmist to the centrists?
      We all know this is unconstitutional, and part of a pattern displayed by this administration, and no, we are not surprised by this action. But 3% of gun owners raising hell over it is not going to change anything. We need 3% of the total voting population in order to prevent future government from acting outside the confines of the Constitution.

      • ATF does not take orders from 20 year old college kids, it gets them from the current Admin. Wasting your time on 20 year olds who don’t give a sh*t either way on any issue other than netflix and global warming is a waste of time. Working to bring political pressure on those who do give a sh*t and can make a difference is the course of action needed.

          • Which is a totally different horse. Until you get Democrats out of the education business kids are going to continue to be corrupted. Talking to kids about it is not going to get Democrats out of the education business. Putting pressure on people IN THE GOVERNMENT NOW is how that will be done, same as stopping alphabet soup nazis from banning thisthatandtheother things.

            The 20 year olds you speak of will vote the exact opposite of what you preach to them simply to piss you off. You are not cool and hip and happening so nothing you say to them will change their tiny little minds. At least not until they have been sufficiently f**ked over by those they vote for, at which point they will pretend you never said a word about any of the things they are angry about and blame YOU for their troubles.

            This ban will not be stopped by talking to 20 year olds, no matter how much you wish for it to work that way.

            • I never said it was an easy fight. I think it is the right fight.
              When is the best time to plant a tree?
              10 years ago.
              When is the second best time to plant a tree?

  25. Rush is wrong about a lot of stuff and he’s a paid entertainer. On this one he is absolutely correct – I don’t know how many people I know who get shocked or something when the government does something anti-gun. “What a surprise!!” WTF – really? Democrats could not telegraph their hatred of gun ownership and desire to erase it from America more clearly.

    • Really? How about you give us a detailed list? Will be easy, anytime he is wrong he admits it. Be sure to list them by date, something else that will be easy since you can access the full archives of his show. We will be waiting.

  26. The liberal ideology has a goal and every door the POTG allow to open between them and that goal they will step through without fail.

    Instead of fighting for freedom from ALL unreasonable restrictions on firearms(barrel length, O.A.L., S.B.R.,carry restrictions) as a group it seems they(we) went for the loophole victory with a public win in the Sig brace battle instead.

    It was a sharp stick to the eye of not only the ATF(& really big fires) but to the grabbers in general. Did no-one see this type of sneaky retribution coming? If the Sig brace didn’t exist would there even BE an issue?

    The restrictions on barrel length and the seemingly arbitrary differentiation in rules between pistols and rifles should have been the subject from the beginning. I don’t remember anywhere in “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” where it says unless it’s too short, long, big, small, imported, homemade…etc.. The Sig brace loophole “allowing” people to have SBRs by calling them “pistols” would have been a non-issue had the REAL argument been our target from the outset.

    Sometimes focusing on the small battles can take attention from winning the larger war.

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