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“As governor and as president, you’re not an emperor or dictator. You want better gun laws, elect a Republican legislature, and these laws will be changed.” – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Chris Christie Fires Back At Gun Rights Activist In Iowa [via]

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  1. RINO!

    The only thing he sort made a decent thing was to pardoned the two people for the illegally storing firearms in the vehicle.

      • He is waffling in true RINO fashion trying to have both sides of every issue like Bill Clinton but not as good at it. This is why I like the Republitarians. Their symbol is a red white and blue stegosaurus.

    • “The only thing he sort made a decent thing was to pardoned the two people kidnapped and caged by the state for violating an illegitimate, nonsenseical law”

      Fixed that for you.

    • OK, he vetoed some anti gun laws. That’s good.

      What has he done to reinforce or restore citizens Second Amendment rights in New Jersey? I really don’t know.

  2. And what about the executive branch’s newly found penchant for legislation by regulation? Any thoughts, Mr C?

    • Plenty of pro gun politicians like Gary Johnson and Ron Paul don’t carry guns.

      Plenty of anti gun U.S. Senators do like Sheldon Whitehouse, Chick Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and Boxer do carry guns.

      Your point is clearly negated by fact.

      • More internet mythology. No US Senator carries gun on federal property, since firearms, except in the possession of a LEO, are banned. According to the applicable federal statutes, one must be a LEO to qualify for a federal CCW; senators therefor don’t qualify. DiFi had a California CCW when she was a San Francisco supervisor who had received legitimate death threats; she does not have one now (SF has only issued 4 CCWs, two to reserve officers and two to employees of the Sheriff’s Office and SFPD respectively), and it wouldn’t be valid in DC anyhow. Besides which she has guards. Same for Boxer; although she could conceivably get a DC CCW, it would be rather pointless since about the only place she cold carry would be at home or at events in California–where she has armed guards.

  3. When political candidates tell me they support the Second Amendment, I ask them what they carry. If they look at me like a deer in the headlights, I move on.

    President Reagan carried a .38 revolver and still got it wrong as Governor of California.

  4. He seems unaware that the days of really fat presidents is over …and that he ain’t no Clinton when it comes to shrugging off scandal.

  5. Too much RINO to get elected and he is not significant in the polls.
    If the Republicans keep running apologist RINOs such as Crash McCain, Jeb!, Mittens, Crispy Creme, and other establishment types they will continue to fail.

  6. Fair enough, as I support Christie up to a point.
    That point is the doorway to a voting booth.

    I think Colion Noir has it right. Politicians love to say “I support the constitution, BUT…” as if they can pick and choose which laws they’ll abide by. They also love to pawn responsibility off on others. Christie isn’t even past the primaries and already making up excuses for why he won’t support the 2nd amendment.

    • Politicians should not “take care of the country.” They should stay the heck out of the way and let the people in the country take care of themselves. Or not. Judging by recent history, it would, in fact, seem to make some sense to demand diagnosed senility a requirement for the job as President.

  7. It’s going to be hard to shake that RINO label when your the governor of a state where 85% of the legislature is Democrat. On the flip side a guy like Rick Perry or W can look like solid conservative candidates just for signing whatever their Republican legislatures send their way. Although I think we’re way passed due for a fat guy in the White House, Christie’s not my guy. But I’m sure he’d be more pro-2nd amendment than Hillary.

    • I have to agree with you, Governor. Christie could never been elected in NJ if he ran as a strict Conservative. This is a state that was solidly Republican for generations but the influx of Southern Blacks and New Yorkers turned the state blue. The cities run everything and \suburban counties like Monmouth where I live are saddled with the stupid laws that out radical left legislature pass. I wouldn’t vote for Christie in a primary but if he were the nominee I’d take him over Clinton, O’Malley, Chaffee, Sanders or any other progressive any day.

      • This is pretty much the case nationwide. California is run by SF and LA urban population centers. Colorado is run by the Denver populations center. Washington is more and more being run by Seattle. Chicago has run Illinois for decades. NYC runs NYS. Philadelphia tries hard to run Pa.

      • Pretty much nailed it on the head there, and interestingly enough I live in Monmouth as well. I guess at this point we’ll have to see who makes it into the primaries. What I wonder is if Christie so happens to win the presidency, what would happen to NJ? Hopefully we’d have someone friendlier to gun rights as governor, but that probably has a snowball’s chance in hell of happening. But hey, who knows?

      • No way. Christie is a vicious-minded man who should never be trusted with coming over to pick up your mail and water your plants while you’re out of town. So-called ideology aside, and I don’t think his is much different from those of the candidates you mentioned, Christie is a pure bully with a mega chip on his abundant shoulders. I would sooner vote for Sanders than Christie.

        Hell, any of those Democrats you mentioned have been ineffective at anything other than getting elected. Even on that point, they’ve only been successful in cozy little enclaves where victory was a sure thing. Each of them is a horrible choice for President not only because of their ideologies, but also because they’d each be abject failures just on a competency level

        Christie, however, might actually get things done. Except for him, achievement is measured in settling scores rather than doing the people’s business.

  8. You guys hate Christie for whatever reason, I don’t care. But believe me, he’s the nj gun owners best friend. He’s 100% right when he says he can’t fix nj gun laws without different legislators. He will be missed when he’s gone.

    Like it or not, he’s your guy in nj. Busting on him only hurts your cause and makes you all look like unrealistic extremists. Be thankful for the support he is providing.

    It’s going to get worse here.

    • Christie is technically right. He’s a Republican governor in a state with a legislature composed almost entirely of extreme progressives. He can’t change the laws on his own, the voters have to vote those progs out.

      BUT then you see him hugging the president and suddenly you can’t tell the difference between the pigs and the humans at the end of the book. He runs the worst state in the US. In what way does that qualify him for presidency?

      • One qualification he may have for the presidency, is that he is the most likely to have a heart attack on the job, so that ostensibly less electable veep Rand may get a shot……

    • As long as he stays in New Jersey, I won’t have a problem with him. He can keep half-assing his “support” for 2A there, but we don’t need a guy like him as “our guy” on the national stage.

    • You take away that “R” beside his name, and you have a guy who is indistinguishable from any other mainstream liberal Democrat. He’s done nothing for New Jersey and provided no leadership beyond his state’s borders. All he is, at best, is a passing curiosity for being an alleged Republican in a hardcore, hard line Democrat state. How do you think he got elected? Re-elected? It wasn’t by governing as a conservative.

      America needs a pure-hearted and potent paladin right now, someone whose courageous conservatism can rewind the decline and right this ship. Christie’s just another political hack and wannabe tyrant who doesn’t rate worthy enough even to stand on the same stage as such a man.

  9. Who keeps telling this clown he’s got a shot at the presidency? He’s like a perfect storm of unelectable. Not conservative enough for the Republicans, too conservative for the liberals, dogged by scandals, abrasive personality, and he’s easy to mock. He’d be the joke candidate everyone is making fun of, except Trump already sucked all that oxygen out of the room. Just stay home, Chris.

  10. Is it worse that Christie got applause from the others listening to his statement? Anyway Christie doesn’t have a Do-nut’s chance in Homer Simpson’s Lunch Box of getting the Republican Nomination. Thank Heaven!

    But, then, I am not aware of any major Candidate advocating the repeal of NFA 1934, GCA 1968, Brady Bill., or advocating National Open Carry and National “Shall Issue” CCW and National Reciprocity for CCW, nor the nationwide banning of “Gun Free Zones” and a Federal Preemption banning all State and Local laws and ordinances. So, the illusion that somehow existing Gun Control Laws can be “fixed” is probably no more far-fetched than the illusion they could be repealed in any currently foreseeable future scenario.

  11. Is he perfect? Certainly not! However he is much better than the usual suspects we get here in NJ. We all have to deal with reality not wishful, magical thinking. This is reality in parts of the U.S. particularly in the NE and far West. The best we can currently hope for. Pitiful really.

    I love it that the questions are being asked of him about guns and gun rights. I hope every other candidate gets the same or similar questions. The ones that don’t give the right answer should be discounted. That means Dems and Repubs alike.

    I personally think all politicians particularly on the national level, should be required to demonstrate support for our constitution and Bill of Rights. That means without any hedging; “I support the 2nd amendment, but….” You’re done. Next.

    Seems the tide is definitely turning in our favor but we need to keep the pressure on wherever we can. Like in the video. Get them on record with their opinion.

  12. Regardless of what we think of Gov. Christie (which is probably very little), we must recognize that his point is CORRECT.

    Under the constitutional system our founding fathers designed, our rights are principally safe-guarded by the legislative branch of our Federal and respective State governments.

    None of the founding fathers had any delusion that the President / Governor would be the principal GUARDIAN of civil rights. That proposition is laughable on-its-face.

    If we could convince ourselves that any of the founding fathers gave the judiciary much thought as a guardian of civil rights, they would have hardly thought of it as anything more than a potential back-stop.

    The power to pass laws was vested in the legislative branch; and, it is OBVIOUS that we must hold our elected legislators’ feet to the fire to defend our rights first-and-foremost in drafting laws and repealing laws found to be infringing.

    Our country is going to hell in a hand basket; but it is not carried there on the shoulders of singular chief-executives; nor on the shoulders of 9 jurists. No task of destroying the greatest nation in history could be accomplished by so few.

    Primary responsibility must be assigned where it belongs: our legislators, each and every one of them. If they acted responsibly with respect to drafting and repealing laws the executives and judiciary would have too little to work with to impose tyranny upon us. If they acted responsibly with respect to exercising their checks-and-balances then tyranny of executives and jurists would be overcome.

    But, our legislators don’t do any of this. Why should they? We re-elect them to their secure political seats-of-power no matter what they do. We don’t like them; but we re-elect them nevertheless. Whose fault is this?

    We haven’t merely allowed our politicians to destroy our country; we have actively participated in sending these individuals to our capitals to work their evil! We can’t duck our responsibility here.

    I’d like to say that I am just one voter in my State for my 2 Federal Senators. I’m just one voter in my district for my 1 Federal Representative. I’m powerless. And, yet, the same is true on the State level. I’m just one voter in my State’s legislative districts for State senator and representative.

    Now, look! What have we accomplished for Right-to-Carry throughout the nation’s State legislatures? Why can’t we do that in our Federal Congressional districts? In our Federal Senate races? There must be a lesson in here somewhere that we have not yet learned!

    We’ve seen what the 3 branches of our Federal government have done to undermine the Constitution. To whom does this Constitution belong? Are we so deluded as to have conceded that it belongs to SCOTUS? Have we neglected to read Article V?

    This Constitution belongs to we the People. We act through our State legislatures to amend it as we see fit. There is no power in SCOTUS to defy our will so exercised; nor in Congress nor in the President.

    We have seen fit to authorize our Legislatures to ratify 27 amendments. Admittedly, we have made a couple of mistakes (Prohibition and popular election of Senators). Are we now so intimidated as to be afraid to act on our own initiative? Have we resigned ourselves never to draft another amendment but at the direction of our corrupt Congress?

    Constitutionalism is a constant battle between the corrupting powers of politicians and the People’s defense of our rights. Have we surrendered? We should accept that constitutionalism is a jousting match where the politicians will look for every obscure means of concentrating power in themselves while we must be ever vigilant in closing the loopholes they have found.

    As just one illustrative example: term limits. Arguably, term limits must have some disadvantages. Conceivably, they might have a net disadvantage. Yet, it seems doubtful that our system of government would collapse due to this innovation by itself. If we are convinced as a people that term limits is a necessary defense against concentration of power in the hands of 2 men (Speaker of the House and Majority Leader of the Senate) then we should boldly demand that our State legislatures act on OUR initiative; it will never come from Congress.

    • What has he done to actually restore or reinforce citizens 2nd Amendment rights in his state?

      Vetoing the laws he mentioned is good. What action has he championed to remove the unconstitutional restrictions on citizens rights specific to the Second Amendment? I really don’t know.

  13. For those of you not from NJ, do not listen to Christie one bit about his inability to change the laws. Our governors have wide discretion in redefining laws via the “general administrative code”. He could have made NJ a shall issue state on day one in office. He could have also fixed the magazine capacity issues as well as the telescoping stock issues. Originally in NJ you could have a 30 round magazine and just place a block of wood in it to block in to 15. Jon “I dont know where the billions went” Corzine, changed that on day 2 in office. And telescoping stocks, originally intended for an Mp5 style stock which telescopes into the weapon, making it look like an mp5 pistol, was quickly expanded to anything on the stock that moves. There are mountains of things that he could do, right now, by executive order, to fix our gun laws, and there’s not a damn thing our legislature or courts could do about it until 2018. That’s all you have to know.

  14. You’re probably right Toasty-it still doesn’t matter either way to me. I get the same desire to hurl when I see the large one speak as I’ve gotten from Barry Soetoro for the past 9 years…

  15. christy hasn’t got a chance. He’s just blowing money left and right.
    But hey, anybody would be better than Barry. Or Billary.

    • Really. Vertical stripes are slimming they say, while horizontal ones make you look fatter….Just sayin.’

  16. The only thing we need to “improve” firearms law is repealing the vast majority of them.

    That 2nd Amendment law can stay.

  17. Wrong. We aren’t a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. Our rights are not subject to the whims of the majority. Our right to armed self defense is a fundamental, human, and civil right, and cannot be voted away.

    • I would say at the founding of the country. It was a republic. With the popular election of federal senators, we inched closer to democracy (18th amendment), becoming, in essence, a democratic-republic, and if they do away with the electoral college, we will finally be, a democracy, all for the worse, and mob rule and tyranny by the majority of the minority. With liberty and justice for none.

  18. There is no need for more when it is clear there are too many. The system is unable to follow what it has now. Tell a child 10 ways not to play with a toy. If they want the toy they will get it. You lock it away in a box. The neighbor kid steals the box.

  19. I Do Not Trust This Career Politician. At one point in the past he stated that NJ’s gun laws could serve as a model for the nation. You have got to be kidding me right? In NJ possession of a SLINGSHOT is a FELONY with a $10,000 fine and 18 months in state’s prison and you lose your gun rights… No Thank You ….


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