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“We’ve been very lucky in the fact that people we’ve issued concealed weapon permits to historically have kept those locked in a safe or secure environments to where they do not end up in the wrong hands.” – Lame duck Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer assuring the local population that it’s OK to issue concealed carry weapons licenses to “average” citizens.

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  1. It’s luck… pure and simple. Most CCW holders leave their guns just lying around, loaded, on the sidewalk. They post signs like, “Hey Kids! Pick Me Up And Put Me In Your Mouth!” Pure dumb luck that someone hasn’t lost a kid yet…

  2. Sad state of affairs, having to “reassure” the local sheep that Constitutional guarantees are okay to follow.

  3. LA SWAT just lost 33 guns, including machineguns. Cops individually lose guns all the time. I bet citizens are on average safer with them.

  4. I don’t know what that Fresno cop is talking about. It is well established that citizens of California have no right to self defense, and that the 2nd Amendment does not bind the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

    • California is a bunch of counties with varying degrees of freedoms when it comes to guns – sadly. Live in a county with a Sheriff that is pro-2A, you have virtual shall-issue. If you live in a county with a Sheriff who is anti-2A, you better have good cause…. or move!

  5. It’s lucky you’re issuing concealed carry permits to the people least likely to commit a crime? – thats common sense not luck.

  6. Why does a local police chief need the rank insignia of a (four star) General? Seems a bit grandiose for what is, after all, a fairly humble office. But then I sometimes ask why the Department of Education needs a SWAT team. I never have gotten a satisfactory answer to these questions.

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