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“We are setting an example that other cities, states and Congress should follow. Taking action on gun safety will save lives and increase public safety. It’s about keeping guns safely stored in peoples’ homes. No exceptions for law-enforcement officers. No exceptions for anyone.” – LA City Councilman Paul Krekorian in LA City Council Votes In Favor Of Drafting Gun Storage Ordinance [at]

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    • Another libtard straight up lie. There is ALWAYS an exception for law enforcement. Oh, did I say ALWAYS, I meant ALWAYS.

  1. We can’t have ordinary home owners with no other criminal record successfully stopping burglaries, mugging, and armed robberies. The habitual felons need to feed their families too.

    Social justice in action. You haves better just roll over and give the have nots some of your stuff that you probably don’t deserve anyway.

    There, fixed that for the councilman.

  2. i want someone to watch this and hold this clowns feet to the fire when the stats show that nothing changed….i.e murders, assaults…etc

    • He doesn’t care. Murders, rapes, and assaults can double after this and he will blame it on “social injustice”. Same old story. Mark Twain said ” Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.” Why waste our time with people like this?

    • Well the failure of any stat to change will be blamed on lax enforcement, or maybe the law should have been even stricter, because, ya know, loopholes

      If he’s slightly smarter than the average idiot from SoCal (and the place is a mental sewer infested with idiots, not anti-gun idiots in particular, just poorly educated idiots of any stripe) he might decide to claim that no change is an improvement, because, ya know, everywhere else is getting more violent, the TV news sez so.

    • Liberals don’t care about facts or reason or evidence. They hate people who own guns so they will do anything they can get away with to harm them.

  3. Los Angeles, keeping Californians secure from the U.S. Constitution since the 1920s. Now the 4th Amendment gets the same treatment as the 2nd and 14th. Three down, 24 to go!

    • They probably have no interest in going after amendments 16 and 17, and 18 and 20 cancel each other out. So… really, only 20 to go.

    • Has gone?

      I doubt it was ever anything but “Full Retard”

      This is the city that was BUILT around fantasy, make-believe and style over substance. It couldn’t be more antithetical to rational reality. Liberalism had no trouble taking root there.

  4. Can’t wait til someone follows this and then dies because of this. I just hope any remaining family members fight back and sue the crap out of the city for this lame ordinance.

    • The flaw in that logic is that some poor sonofabitch has to die who otherwise may not have.

      I can’t wait for more homeowners to take a stand for their own safety and security. I can’t wait for Americans to start ventilating burglars and home invaders on a seriously regular basis.

      I hope it doesn’t happen, but I’d rather see someone go to jail after killing an intruder for non-compliance with laws like this than to be killed over it.

    • Since I don’t see any outcry from the police union about this law, which is supposed to apply to law enforcment officers as well, I hope that one gets robbed (not killed, certainly not!) and is victim to a home invasion that he couldn’t protect himself and his family from just to see the outcry.

  5. Oh and yet another thought.

    This guy is Armenian, and he should be just as cognizant of the hazards of disarmament as Jews ought to be. Apparently most people don’t learn anything from history, not even of their own families.

    • It will be full of the usual carveouts by the time it’s ready for the Mayor’s desk.

      Statists take care of their own.

      • The approach we might best take with this is to INSIST that what’s good-for-the-goose is good-for-the-cops. In principle, there is no difference between a gun on a nightstand in the home of a cop vs. a civilian.

        Then, we maintain that there is no practical way to enforce this law. Either they will spread the 4A; or, they will be completely unaware of 99.9% of the cases where residents simply ignore the law.

        The majority of violators will probably turn out to be cops. Whereupon, we will insist that the law be enforced on the cops to the same extent that it is enforced on civilians. The cops won’t like that; and so, they will begin to think about whether they want to support the law or oppose it.

  6. Does LA have an unusually high fatality rate from accidental firearm discharge, compared to the rest of the country? Has the LA council successfully dealt with staircase safety, pool safety, household chemical safety, prescription drug safety, roof/heights safety, and all the other things that dwarf the rate of fatality due to accidental firearm discharge?

    • I had the same thought Chip. Do they have an ordinance requiring that all prescription medications and poisons be locked when not in use? How about buckets of water and pools?

  7. Well, I give them high marks for being consistent and applying their new standard to police and politicians as well as the “little people”.

    Of course this demonstrates, along with our disarmed “armed forces”, that Progressives are all too happy to throw everyone under the bus in their vain attempt to achieve utopia.

    • No deal. All this was, was a splashy, headline grabbing vote to authorize city attorneys to draft an ordinance. This wasn’t a vote on any ordinance itself

      Watch, when the ordinance itself is ready for votings, that hardline no exception clause will be absent. Quietly pulled, in its place will be umpteen police carveouts and other special exceptions for special state agents.

  8. He smiles like he has actually accomplished something. Another politician trying to make points with those ignorant of the real facts at the expense of the rest of us. I suspect politicians like this know that this law will do little or nothing to stop accidental deaths. They back this kind of thing for political theater. Time to bring their hypocrisy into the light and get rid of them. Not sure how to make that happen in Hollywierd though.

  9. Criminal: STFU and go get the money and I’ll think about sparing your life when I leave. Is there anyone else here??

    Home owner: I live alone so the trigger locks on my guns actually don’t protect any kids. By the way, hold on for one second while I get this trigger lock off. I wouldn’t have these trigger locks if the city of LA actually cared about my well being enough to allow us people to handle our own safety in a non-nanny state manner.

  10. Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and resign when it inevitably has no or negative effect on the crime rate in 5 years?? No? Then STFU.

  11. Staters got to state. I fully agree that locking up your guns when not in use is a jam up good idea, one that I willingly comply with. I didn’t need a law to get me to comply, nor is any law going to get anyone to comply. Of course my definition of “in use” includes within my immediate control if I need it.

  12. When are the anti gunners going to learn that Congress can only push the Commerce Clause so far before the whole house of cards fall apart. How in the world can you justify any safe storage law as affecting interstate commerce.
    Oh wait, they used it for the Safe Schools Act. Another WTF SCOTUS rulling.

  13. I have noted that a lot of people use the initials STFU to express their feelings when it come to things like this and I have as well on many occasions .
    May I recommend billboards all over the country that say ,
    …………………. GUN CONTROL ………………
    …………………….. S T F U

  14. See the f’d up thing about this is what happened in Seattle with their safe storage law. The first thing that will happen is wide spread almost 100% non compliance. Which begs the question, how do you enforce a law inside of people’s homes? In Seattle they added a provision that if you have kids in your home and they suspect you are a lawful gun owner, the police can perform unwarranted “surprise checkups” where they come inside your home without your permission to make sure you are in compliance with the city ordinance… Leftist are totally in favor of this too, and they say conservatives want to control people’s lives because we don’t like the idea of a human infant chop shop in the name of women’s health.

    • Not that I’m endorsing this, but taking a play from the social-justice warrior handbook, and dropping a dime on a couple of known supporters with children, would go a long way towards a wake-up call. When the Gestapo show up to toss their house looking for guns they may start to realize the implication of tossing away people rights.

  15. Your house is already a box with a lock on it. Now they want you to put a smaller box with a lock inside that one. One has to assume there is some level of Russian nesting-doll security that will satisfy these progtards, but who the hell knows.

    • Yep, they would love the nesting doll box security to be mandatory. With the last box so small it won’t hold a gun. You can only own a gun that fits in the last box. One half inch square.

  16. This proposed ordinance will require that guns “not in use” must be locked up. If it passes (of course it will pass), it merely strengthens the argument for home carry.

    Home carry, people. Do it.

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  18. “We are setting an example that other cities, states and Congress ….” should do everything possible to avoid. There, fixed it for you.

  19. “This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

    — Adolf Hitler, 1935

    • WOW ! That one is great . I have never seen that quote before . Could you please comment back as to where it came from , I love stuff like that , hope to pen a book some day and that would be welcomed . …………….. very good stuff .

      • After I posted it, I did a little reading. Seems there’s no evidence Hitler actually said that, and a closer look at the chronology of Germany’s gun laws would indicate that neither the quote nor the timing really make sense.

        If anyone has any evidence to the contrary, I’ll be glad to see it.

        • Thank you for your honesty , shows real integrity and I admire that in a person .
          I thought the timing seemed a little off but you never know . Probably said something like it but I would guess it to be more around the 1920’s rather than 1935 . I believe the German people were basically sheeple by 1935 . If you do find anything more about it I would be interested in hearing more . I actually think I read something similar to it once somewhere myself so maybe the date is just off . I’ll do some research myself . Thanks for responding back though , that was kind . God bless.

  20. Does Heller not apply?

    “Similarly, the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional.”

    • My thinking is that if mandatory trigger locks are unconstitutional, then mandatory safes would be as well.

    • They’re too stupid to use Google to find out what that word means. If, by some miracle someone does figure it out, they’ll try to claim that that word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

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