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“The guns turned in (Saturday) bring the total to 1,997 guns taken from the streets of Brooklyn since 2008, when the program began . . . All of us think this is an effective and sensible way to prevent criminals from getting their hands on these weapons, which can wound, maim or kill innocent people.” – Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes [via]

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  1. 200 bucks for a hand gun and only 20 bucks for a rifle or shotgun. Geee… I can see why they got so few long guns.
    I thought hand guns were illegal in Brooklyn anyway, so I imagine that the criminals are using the $ 200 to trade up to something better?
    Actually, they only got 85 guns over the weekend.

  2. Hand guns are perfectly legal to own, providing you jump through a bunch of hoops in NYC. The issues are with said hoops, the many issues involving transporting firearms, and what amounts to the general impossibility for the average joe to carry legally within the five boroughs.

    Criminals, amazingly enough, don’t bother with said hoops.

    • But but but they can’t pass a background check! So they can’t carry! I believe the gun grabbers win this round.

  3. $200 for a handgun? That’s probably higher than the street price for barely (or non-) functional Iver Johnson revolvers and Jennings zinc-framed .25 autos.

    If they offered $200 for a handgun around here I’d make a killing buying $100 Nagant revolvers and ‘turning them in’ for twice that. Would that place me in ‘the business of buying and selling firearms?’ I don’t know, but a guaranteed profit of $100 per gun is more than most gun dealers make.

    • My Iver Johnson revolver and cheap .25 auto would be in the barrel and 400 in my hands on the way to buy a better gun.

  4. They can do all the guns-for-cash programs they want, and they can fool themselves into believing it makes a difference all they want. It’s the moment they make them mandatory that we have to start taking notice of them.

    • You do know it’s tax money funding this boondoggle. And not just the per gun pay-out. What’s the bet there’s police overtime involved?

  5. Why pay taxes? So some politician can destroy perfectly good guns? Just go buy a bunch of guns with the money instead. Cut out the middle man. Im sure this comment will get me on a terrorist watch list. I will have to watch out for hellfire missiles.

  6. 85 guns ….. Who Woot! That is 0.00059% of the background checks done in 2010 by the FIB. …. in another words, 3 minutes of gun sales. That doesn’t include private sales and states that don’t use NICS and is measured over 24x7x265.

  7. I’ve got a crappy .25 that’s 89 years old which I am saving for a decent gun buy back. The last one near me they gave out coupons to local stores, forget that. I’d love to get 200 dollars for this POS.

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