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  1. AK-47 ammo: not something that you see every day? A curious comment for someone in LE.

    Of the estimated 500 million firearms worldwide, approximately 100 million belong to the Kalashnikov family, three-quarters of which are AK- 47s (Phillip Killicoat, Department of Economics, Oxford University)

    • Mikey, it looks like these guns were taken by, umm, police force… Unless… Are you implying that a police raid is like a criminal breaking and entering and taking stuff? Or that gun owners shouldn’t comply with police who knock on the door; that they should have gone to their grave attempting to keep anyone else from their guns?

    • that’s maybe because they were crooks who had not gotten caught yet, or did you miss the “known links to criminals part at the beginning of the video?

    • Why do you gun onwers have such trouble holding onto your weapons?

      Actually, mikey, I don’t have any “weapons.” I do have guns, but unless I actually shoot them at someone, they can hardly be called weapons. Just like a British baseball bat is just a baseball bat until somebody uses it on another person.

      Why is it, mikey, that gungrabbers always try to control the vocabulary so that they can control the discussion?

      • A gun is a weapon. A baseball bat is not designed as a weapon, so it becomes a weapon only when used as a weapon. A gun is designed as a weapon. Consult your dictionaries. Mikey is not corrupting the language here, Ralph. You are. Too bad — most of the time you only torture it.

        • 1
          : something (as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy
          : a means of contending against another

          So a kitchen knife is therefor a weapon, and I do believe a baseball bat qualifies as a club. In fact, taking the definition literally, a lawnmower would qualify as a weapon as well, as would a good chunk of construction equipment.

          Using the second definition, one’s own hands qualify as a weapon as well.

          A kitchen knife is a weapon the same way my clay-shooting shotgun is a weapon.

        • This.

          The definition I use for the word “weapon” is anything *actively being used* as a weapon in the widely accepted dictionary sense. That is to say, the definition in the dictionary applies only to those items actively being used for such purposes.

          Unless one uses the same metric for the definition that I use, then EVERYTHING falls under the definition of “weapon” and if EVERYTHING is a weapon then the word loses all meaning.

        • People are making up their own languages. Webster:

          “firearm, n. a *weapon* from which a shot is discharged by gunpowder…”

          “gun, n. A *weapon* consisting of a metal tube from which a projectile is fired…”

          A lawnmower can indeed be a weapon, but only when used as a weapon. A firearm is designed as a weapon. That is its true purpose.

        • I own deer rifles. Are those weapons? Not unless you’re a deer.

          I own a hatchet. Is that a weapon? You bet your ass. Even though it was made for roofing, I bought it to part the hair of any fool who deserves it.

          I own a .22. Is that a weapon? I bought it to punch holes into paper. That’s all it does and all it will ever do. As far as I know, it wasn’t designed to hurt human beings.

  2. Three O/U shotguns, a lever action rifle and what looked like a pellet gun. Yep…. They are after your hunting weapons.

  3. i can’t believe how much these dummies are patting themselves on the back over this weak sampling of guns, these weapons are hardly offensive oriented. funny how concerned he was witht he 7.62 x39 ammo they found, were they affraid somebody was gonna throw it during a robbery?

  4. So just so I understood correctly, the guns were legally owned in a country that is batshit gun control crazy(surprise of suprises, Australia is still having mass violence problems), and they were taken from people who were merely suspect of being friends of a “known” criminal or just person of interest in a crime? Guilt by association anyone?

    Yup Oz is just as screwed up as the misguided mass of mouth breathing near humans want the United States to become.

  5. The Australian Police are clueless when it come to guns, the ban didn’t work, no surprises there. so glad I no longer live there.

  6. I driven to shooting matches with more ammo and firearms, including the dreaded AK47 ammo. We could have been called Honda Odyssey Minivan Arsenal.

    Rolling vehicle of death I tell you. Give us the look, and we’ll give you the sippie cup … er baby on board sign. Uh hell, its hard to be a bad-arse when your gun bag is in the baby seat.

  7. Wow, the nazi accent has really changed! I am so glad the dangerous air rifle and what looks meek compared to Walmart’s daily display is now safely away from criminal hands. Is it because NOW they are considered criminals or – impossible- criminals illegally got their hands on guns?

  8. So let me get this straight – using the locations marked in the video, they stole 21 guns from 13 people are are calling this an “arsenal”? Gotta love the idiocy of the police.


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