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“Which cities are plagued by violence? Big cities run by mayors who are Democrats. Which party tends to support gun control? The Democratic Party. Who votes for the Democratic mayors? Democrats who support gun control. Who appoints police chiefs of crime-plagued cities? The Democratic mayors who support gun control.” – Steve A. Brown in a WaPo letter to the editor

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  1. Look at Bloomy. He has the greatest look of contempt for the lowly masses he has to answer questions for.

    • Yeah, MB looks bored and wishing he was elsewhere like home and online reading TTAG wondering if he should buy a new Glock or 1911.

  2. This political correctness bullshit drives me crazy. The cities which have the highest crime rates are the cities with the highest percentages of blacks and latinos. Period. It’s not about gun control or Democrats.

    It’s about minorities. Stockton, CA–Baltimore–Atlanta–Birmingham–Little Rock–Memphis–Oakland–St. Louis–Detroit–Flint–New Orleans–Chicago–Gary, IN. All the most dangerous cities in America, and all either majority black/latino or have high percentages of them.

    The United States has a large criminal underclass, and that underclass consists of blacks and latinos. They happen to vote Democrat, and Democrats do support gun control, but crime isn’t a byproduct of the Democratic party. Well, if you go back to the Great Society and the systematic destruction of the black family through the encouragement of illegitimacy and government dependency, then yes. But high crime rates are a direct result of the percentage of blacks and latinos in a community.

    • Actually it is about Democrats. Crime is how they create the permanent culture of poverty. The goal of the Democrat Party is to move people into cities, immobilize,disarm and impoverish them. While many on our side are looking for the signs of impending martial law the Democrats pursue policies that will turn the US into one big Detroit. Just remember crime is a form of social conrol. When most people are locked up in East German style apartment blocks and frighted to leave their tiny apartments in fear of the gangbangers who will rule the streets then the Democrats will have realized their socialist dictatorship. Criminal activity is the only free market the Democrats are willing to tolerate. It is much cheaper to give the gangs free reign than to build the apparatus of terror.

      If you want to reduce crime ban Democrats not guns.

      • No, if you want to reduce crime, you make certain your population remains overwhelmingly white. Or Asian.

        The safest cities in America are all either overwhelmingly white, or have a sizable percentage of white or Asian people.

        It’s not about poverty, because if poverty = crime, then the Appalachians would be the most dangerous, gang-infested place in the US. But it’s not.

        West Virginia is the second poorest state in the US, and there were only 60 murders there in 2011.Maryland is the wealthiest state per capita. Yet there were 233 in BALTIMORE in 2010 alone. Why? Because West Virginia is 93 percent white, and Baltimore is 63 percent black.

        It’s not about Democrats or poverty. It’s about race. You can go to any state in the union and find a preponderance of black people in their prisons, always at a rate far in excess of their percentage of the population. Why? Because they are more apt to commit crimes. Poverty? Nope. Because even when they are multimillionaire rappers and athletes, they still commit crimes.

        That’s just a fact. Wherever you have large numbers of black people, you are going to have a drastically higher crime rate.

        What’s voted the nicest big city? Pittsburgh. Why? Because Pittsburgh is 65% white. What’s the most dangerous city in Pennsylvania? Philadelphia. 41% white.

        • Poverty doesn’t cause crime. Crime causes poverty. The Democrats always create conditions where crime flourishes so they can create poverty stricken conditions and create a dependent class. The white illegitamcy rate for women under 30 is over 50%. In fifteen years the white crime will look like today’s ghetto.

        • My first ex-wife was raped while we were in college by a white guy. Years later, she was robbed in the elevator of our apartment at knife point by another white guy. My car was stolen by two white guys. Another car was burglarized by a white guy. The gang that broke into my neighbors home on Cape Cod and beat him senseless were six or seven white guys. So yeah, it’s all about race. You just can’t trust white people. They are all thieves, rapists and armed robbers.

        • its not only about race and politics, there are other factors that come into play including urbanization, poverty, and culture. the problem with the black community is that they have a history of being marginalized by the law because of their race making them more friendly with criminals and less friendly with the cops. this sort of alliance is in part perpetuated by rap culture. combine this with high population density in cities (which translates into high cost of living and high competition for jobs) and crime becomes a more reasonable course of action to make ends meat. in more rural areas (like i assume West V is) the competition is less profound and people tend to be on more equal economic footing which makes people less motivated to commit crimes. pile irresponsible government policies on top of this concoction and of course blacks will end up committing more crime, not because of something inherent in black nature, but because of all the forces pushing them to do more than the law will allow them to. BUT WAIT THERE”S MORE!! when whites do commit crimes they tend to be crimes that are more sophisticates/less bad in the imbalanced eyes of the law (dealing cocaine, which is more of a white drug, will get you less time than dealing crack cocaine, which tends to be more of a black drug. in addition drug dealing as i understand is more common in black neighborhoods and embezzling is done more by whites, but drug offences are harsher despite not having a real victim where embezzling has a clear victim). In short, putting crime on any one factor, be it guns, politics, race, economics etc, is a shallow and ineffective way of dealing with problems and destined to fail.

    • Mike, I suggest you go look at the demographic profiles in the FBI crime statistics. Yes, blacks are disproportionately represented, but latinos hardly at all. Most criminals in the US (by raw numbers) are white, and represent about half of the prison population.

      • i worked at a stae prison for a year. ymmv, but in my experience most of the black guys were in on drug related crimes. as were a lot of the latinos. thw white guys were there for murder, kidnapping, robbery and sex crimes. and in case i haven’t said it enough, i’m an ofwg born in wva.

      • No, you are incorrect.

        The report also showed large racial disparities, with black males incarcerated at a rate more than 6.5 times that of white males and 2.5 that of Hispanic males. At the end of 2007 there were 3,138 Black male sentenced prisoners per 100,000 Black males in the United States; this is down for the sixth year in a row. The second highest is the rate of 1,259 Hispanic male sentenced prisoners per 100,000 Hispanic males, compared with 481 White male sentenced prisoners per 100,000 White males. Amongst females the same disproportion applies to the rates in that 150 Black, 79 Hispanic and 50 White females per 100,000 of each group were imprisoned.

        Care to try again? Oh, I suppose you’re going to try the “more white people are in prison” BS. But the majority of inmates in prison are black. As of 2009, there were 841000 black inmates to 693800 white inmates—but blacks only make up 13 percent of the population. Latinos? Latinos make up the majority of federal prisoners, and there(2009 numbers) were 442000 Latinos in prison(and that’s forgetting that some states classify Latinos as white).

        • dude. racism is a dead end street. not only is it invalid but it gives fuel to the gun grabbers. i honestly don’t know whu farago tolerates this stuff here. this ain’t stormfront lite.

        • Sounds like we need to review the judicial system and its prejudices against blacks and hispanics. Not accuse them of committing all the crime.

  3. Hmmm…lemme see now. Google says that the mayors of Newark, Camden and Paterson, probably the top 3 most dangerous cities in NJ, are all run by Democrats. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

  4. Another coincidence is that mass shootings are always in “gun free” zones. No massacres where there are citizens known to be armed.

    Gun shows? Nope.

    Police stations? Nope.

    Gun ranges? Nope.

    Where citizens are prohibited from exercising their 2A rights? YEP!

    Every single time.

      • Police stations have been violently attacked. This is a link, or should be, anyways of the 2011 attack of the Detroit 6th precinct police station. The lone gunman was killed, and the four police officers survived the attack.

        This scenario is much different, obviously, than the “active shooter” scenario in Colorado. However, criminals do attack resistive targets such as police officers.

  5. Excuse me, this is modern America, we’ll have none of that factual logic here, thank you very much.

  6. The precept that crime is related to the amount of melanin in a persons skin is utter nonsense and quite frankly, offensive.

    Crime has lots of ‘reasons’. Sometimes criminals are just evil people intent on doing evil. Lots of times high crime areas happen to have a preponderance of one color than another, but crime is more of a byproduct of more than just color. Social issues come to mind. We, meaning white people, herded black people into slums, gave them a sorry excuse for an education, and little hope for a reasonable future. They were luck to get even scraps to live on. Always in circumstances such as these lead to higher crime rates.

    There are a lot of people of color that are honest, law abiding citizens and cherished members of their communities.

    The color of someone’s skin doesn’t automatically put me on alert. The lack of color of some people’s skin is surely no safety blanket either. For example, my brutally handsome, friendly and highly intelligent white brother was actually a murderer, a drug dealer and was the bill collector the Hell’s Angles sent when you didn’t pay your drug bill. When he showed up you were either dead or very near it. He died in Eugene, Oregon by a gun held by a white man taking revenge for someone my brother murdered. (He killed the guy by knocking him out, taking him to a secluded building, tying him to a chair and beat him to death with a baseball bat.) When my mother got possession of his stuff I went through his computer. Hey, guess what? My murdering, drug dealing, violent brother, (who actually didn’t have any serious criminal charges), was a white supremacist. He was a member of some Aryan Nation group in the local area. I laughed my ass off when I discovered that. What was especially funny was that my brother was half Portuguese. Not a true purebred. I deleted all of that crap since none in my family knew he was into this stuff. It would have killed my mother.

  7. I can remember way back in the late 50’s when I went to Macon GA one time I heard and confirmed that it was the first city with a black majority. In those days it was a novelty of sorts. But as time went on more and more cities, usually the bigger ones, became majority black. Some had black (Demo) mayors and some had white (Demo) mayors. But with few exceptions they were plagued by crime and poverty and illegitimacy. I don’t know which of these causes the others but they all seem to go together.
    In respect of these facts, it would appear that racism is alive and well and largely involuntary in this country. These terrible conditions can’t help but lead to a certain brand or level of racism, if that’s what you want to call it.

    • You cannot find a city in the US with a majority black population which does not also have a high crime rate. It doesn’t exist.

  8. Well, there’s also a direct correlation between Republican governors and your chances of getting eaten by a polar bear, but hey… you don’t hear me complaining about Alaska.

    Simplifying the problems of crime and poverty as saying “IT’S THOSE DEMOCRATS!!!” is crazy-land. I would think that TTAG is more intelligent than that.

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