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“Listen, I just work in the toy department. I don’t pretend to be clever enough or informed enough to be able to solve or even begin to address the culture of casual violence and gunplay in America. But I’m proud to say I stand with Bob Costas, proudly, and to publicly proclaim my belief that guns make it too easy to kill people, and that it is time to address, meaningfully and resolutely, our sick national addiction to firearms, and the warped attitudes that manifest in our citizens shooting holes in one another. I end with a question, and prayer: you people that hear about the latest high-profile shooting or mass murder, and don’t see a need to fix this problem, and continue to stubbornly debate for a status quo that is barbaric. Why do you accept this grotesque parade of killings and mass murders? And I pray that one of your loved ones doesn’t get shot and killed in the next inevitable shooting.” – Michael Woods, Bravo, Bob Costas [via]

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  1. False dichotomy: if we (the people of the gun) refuse to entertain new regulations directed at inanimate objects, then we “accept this grotesque parade of killings and mass murders”. It would be equally dishonest for me to claim that, since Mr. Woods seems to be against citizens arming themselves, he approves of disarmed citizens being murdered.

    “Listen, I just work in the toy department. I don’t pretend to be clever enough or informed enough to be able to solve or even begin to address the culture of casual violence and gunplay in America.”
    You got that right, Sparky.

    • “entertain new regulations directed at inanimate objects”

      Moon, you’re mendacity knows no limits. You know very well gun control laws are mainly directed at lawful gun owners. Isn’t that bad enough for you? Why do you have to stretch it one step further and say “directed at inanimate objects?” I’ll tell you why. Because you have a weak-ass position, you know it, and you must exaggerate the opposition’s position in order not to sound like an idiot. But, it backfired on ya. Once again you sound like an idiot, saying things like

      “entertain new regulations directed at inanimate objects.”

      • But it doesnt make sense to make laws that restrict LAWFUL gun owners since the word LAWFUL indicates that the person isn’t breaking the law. So it doesn’t make sense to restrict them.

        But what do I know I am just a stupid, ignorant, racist, bloodthirsty redneck

      • Mr. Bonomo:

        Why is it necessary to make laws directed at the otherwise law abiding citizen. Isn’t that rather pointless? Do you think that criminals will follow the example of honest citizens and comply with the law? Or are you just trying to reduce the threat of work place violence for the criminal class so they can rob, rape and murder with impunity?

        • I explained this to Moon a minute ago, I’ll repeat.

          Almost all the guns used in crime come from law abiding gun owners. Gun control laws are aimed at them in order to assist them in the task of holding onto their property. Believe it or not, we know criminals don’t obey laws. But we also know that you law abiding guys can’t seem to handle all that freedom you have.

        • “But we also know that you law abiding guys can’t seem to handle all that freedom you have.”

          which gives you the justification to infringe upon a amendment in our bill of rights…

          can you service the state phallus any harder?

        • Mr. Bonomo:

          I see no sources that give percentages. Dirty cops are probably the single biggest conduit of guns to criminals. Go Google the stories about the series of arrests in NYPD. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

        • Is that the royal “we” mikey? And all that freedom we have is uncomfortable for you so you’re trying to remove it. Which makes you the enemy. Not just another citizen voicing his opinion, but the enemy.

          At least the enemy of freedom.

        • Jwm,
          You forgot to mention that he also represents all that is wrong with humanity and the world. Carry on 🙂

      • Oh, where to begin…


        “You know very well gun control laws are mainly directed at lawful gun owners.”
        Then why do they legislate objects (AWB) instead of the criminal who uses them?

        “you have a weak-ass position”
        Then why are you the one throwing around terms like “weak-ass” and “idiot”, instead of stating and defending your position?

        “Once again you sound like an idiot…”
        Proclaiming victory is not the same as securing victory. Ask Bush the Younger if you need a fuller explanation.

        As an aside, is Dog Gone’s MN permit to carry up for renewal yet? Do you think she’ll renew it? I’ll lay $20 that she will.

        • You know what, every time you accuse us of blaming the gun, or as in this case, legislating the gun, you are personifying the inanimate object. We don’t do that, you do.

          The AWB, like most gun control laws, aims at the law abiding gun owner. It tells him what he can and cannot own. It tells HIM, it doesn’t say shit to the gun.

          Now, the reason this is an important concept, and perhaps the reason you keep pretending not to get it, is because almost all the guns used in crime come from law abiding gun owners. One way or another, YOU guys are supplying all the guns used in crime. That’s why YOU need to be controlled and restricted.

          • Mikeyb….where do you get that us law abiding gun owners are providing the illegal guns??
            Why not blame the bad guy who steals them by robbing someone’s home while they are away, or the bad guy who kills someone and takes their firearms or the bad guy who breaks into a pawn shop or fun store and makes off with a few weapons which then hit the streets.
            Let me guess… It is our fault because we want to be able to legally purchase a firearm for our enjoyment or defense and since it is our right we are to blame for all the illegal weapons too!!

            • I do blame the bad guys who steal and arrange straw purchasing and buy guns on Craig’s List, but that doesn’t change the fact that the guns come from you law abiding gun owners. Since we all agree criminals don’t obey the laws, what are we gonna do? We’re gonna help you law abiding folks hold onto your property, something you’ve done a piss poor job on so far.

              • Unfortunately, the harder you make guns to obtain by legal means the greater you increase their street value to criminals, which in turn creates more of an incentive for them to steal them from law abiding citizens. Think prohibition.

              • Take the focus off the criminals for a moment, they’re pretty much a lost cause anyway. Focus on the irresponsible gun owners who make theft easy by leaving a gun in the glove compartment or under the pillow. And don’t forget the ones who sell their guns privately without doing due diligence. These situations could be vastly improved without harming your precious rights a bit.

          • Mikey….tell you what. When you move back to the US and get a law passed restricting your right to falsely accuse us legal gun owners of a crime or crimes and that law also has the provision that you are restricted to sayin only what the government of This County will allow you to say, with the approval of the 2nd amendment supporters, then we might could sit and discuss a new set of laws for firearms ownership.
            If you want us held to a higher and stricter standard that is fine. But you also must be held to a higher and stricter standard of our choosing in regards to your Right to Freedom of Speech once you become a legal resident of the US and abide by our current constitutional rights.
            Speech and words can cause as much direct and indirect harm as a firearm.

        • “One way or another, YOU guys are supplying all the guns used in crime. That’s why YOU need to be controlled and restricted.”

          “those that give up essential liberty or little or no temporary safety deserve neither” -ben franklin-

          ALL the guns LOL. sure. citations please…

          you do realize that me breaking into moonshine’s vehicle and stealing his gun (assuming he’s stupid enough to leave it in there; im sure not) is already against the law right?

          you dont seem to understand the golden rule mikey: unless laws transform into magical hands that can appear in a instant to prevent a crime, laws are only effective as long as they are obeyed.

          • “(assuming he’s stupid enough to leave it in there; im sure not)” My point exactly. It should be illegal for him to leave a gun in the car. That would inconvenience him, but it would prevent the easy theft too.

        • “Why not blame the bad guy who steals them by robbing someone’s home while they are away”

          because that would make too much sense. anybody with two neurons rubbing together understands such a simple concept.

          god forbid…i mean god forbid you actually hold the person that committed the crime accountable!

        • So mikes feels we eliminate guns we stop crime. Except for crime without guns, then we have to be martial artists to defend ourselves.
          All the guns used by criminals are used used by criminals. Control them instead. Gun control is really people control, and mikes wants a world where government controls others for him.

        • The freedom to be Eurotrash is really no freedom at all. You will soon be free to be muslim…and nothing else.

  2. He’s right. He’s neither clever, nor informed, nor does he know when not to open his mouth and show the world how clueless and ignorant he is. Here is the perfect example of MSM finding a thrall to act as a mouthpiece for them to spread disinformation and ignorance to the other thralls. Go back to your hovel and polish your chains, Michael Woods, that’s all your Masters really want you to do.

  3. As soon as I saw where this was posted…..huffington post……

    One of the most left wing blog sites around…..

    Is there any surprise?

    I watched (with pain) the interview with O’Reilly last nite (gag)

    It was so obvious Costas does NOT have a clue when it comes to what comes out of his mouth.

    Several times – Body Armor, which the shooter in Colorado was NOT wearing!

    Guns shooting 100’s of rounds of bullets….

    However, the more “press” we give these idiots…..

    What we should just do is forget they even made any attempt at intelligent conversation!

  4. The only “grotesque parade of killings and mass murders” is the one created by the media. Their drive for ratings and advertising dollars leads them to sensationalize any piece of bad news they can get their hands on. It also doesn’t help that they have a political agenda. When comparing the number violent gun deaths, including suicides, to the number of guns and gun owners it becomes evident that the quantity and availability of guns is not the problem. In fact, the number killed in mass shootings is so comparatively small that it is, as Mikey would say, anecdotal. We have SO MANY guns in this country that if the narrative of the media were true, there would be 1000-5000 deaths per day in this land. There isn’t because we are, as a whole, a responsible people. Denying millions of responsible people their liberties based on the actions of a relative few is not the way any free society should conduct itself. Especially when that theft of liberty reduces the safety and security of both the responsible majority and the state.

    • Yup. Much of the problem is not guns but gangs. Also, the media ignore or minimize the countless instances where guns were used to reduce crime and protect life and limb because of the liberal agenta and its creed of a larger centralized government that knows us and can take care of our needs more than we mere simple folk.

        • Read the article. He doesn’t work in an actual toy department. He covers boxing, which he uses as part of sports media, which he then says is “the toy department” of the news media.

          You will never be seen as anywhere even close to their intellectual level and worthy of consideration if you don’t even read the article.

  5. Oh I forgot to add, who the F*ck is Michael Woods? Hey Michael, you STINK as a writer. HP must be scraping the bottom of the barrel these days. Also, FOAD.

  6. Anybody else notice that after he said he wan’t clever or informed enough to…solve or even begin to address this…he did???
    Are we NOT supposed to notice that you knothead???

  7. Who is this Michael Woods? Toy department? Why the hell do I care about this guy and his opinion?

    This is just another worthless, non thinking antigun moron with an equally worthless opinion.

  8. I agree with him fully. Also, our rate of juvenile diabetes is out of control and disgusting. It’s time for us to have a frank and common sense discussion about access to forks and spoons in the country, and if you disagree with me you’re wrong.

  9. This is pure FUD and would not put it past the Huffpost that this is a staff member or friend of Huffpost to “enhance” their story.

  10. Hmmm seems Mr. Woods is a boxer and, in the right (or more accurately wrong) state of mind, he could beat someone to death with his bare hands. Maybe we should outlaw boxers, they are much to dangerous to be allowed in our society.

    • Yeah, that was my point. He covers boxing, which I assume he has no problem with. Somehow having a men punch each other into gradual brain damage is neither sick nor contributing to America’s culture of casual violence?

  11. Yes, by all means, let’s just make all guns illegal, because making mind-altering drugs illegal has worked so well.

  12. He look like he needs a seat in the jail cell next to the Elmo puppeteer who got busted for sexual abuse of a child. Just really creepy looking, and so stupid to boot.
    Maybe he is Bob Costas’ illegitimate baby brother by the milkmans second cousins mothers father!!!

  13. He’s just parroting what the “intellectual elite” teach as hard undeniable fact.

    To me it’s absolutely terrifying to think of a whole legion of these people in our schools and universities teaching this “truth” to all of our children and young adults.

    This is what comes when we as a people give up responsibility to teach our children and give that responsibility to a government agency and guess what they are going to teach, lies sold as truth that makes it easier to control us all.

    • It’s worse than that. Public education actively kills critical thinking and replaces it with obedience to authority. Any authority will do.

      And there is some evidence to suggest that this is not an unintended consequence.

      Reference the political motivation of the Prussian system which most public education systems are modeled after.

      “Seeking to replace the controlling functions of the local aristocracy, the Prussian court attempted to instill social obedience in the citizens through indoctrination. Every individual had to become convinced, in the core of his being, that the King was just, his decisions always right, and the need for obedience paramount.”

      If you’ve haven’t yet, check out John Taylor Gatto’s work on the subject.

      • I agree New Chris, there’s another place to look, google “the deliberate dumbing down of America” by a woman that worked in the Department of Education.

        • Also, check out the book “Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto. Don’t agree with everything he has to say, but his basic thesis seems accurate as far as I have been able to discover.

  14. Found this while cleaning up some files this morning but still applies

    “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
    — Ronald Reagan”

    • +2 Ok Ralph beat me to the +1.
      Exactly, just because you could eat 10 pounds of bacon and 16 32 ounce soft drinks a day and kill yourself, does not mean the rest of the free country with more stable people need to pay the price of your actions.
      Simply put, Americans can not be held responsible for the idiocy of the few.

      We can’t stop every whack job from getting a gun, we can’t stop every known criminal from getting a gun, we can’t stop someone from snapping and shooting their ex wives…. Get my drift..
      What we can do is make sure everyone can defend themselves from said whack job. We can make sure that weapons related crimes carry strict punishments, yes I said weapons, you know there are things like knives, crossbows etc….
      It seems like people today want a mommy as a government who will tell them what they can and can’t do. They can’t seem to think on their own or take responsibility, so like a two year old you restrict rights of all because a few have a lack of intelligence..

  15. I know I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I feel like I have a right to an opinion anyway. – Michael Wood’s (paraphrased)

    Up next I’ll cure cancer by telling oncologists they’ve got it all wrong.

    This has nothing to do with guns (I suspect Mr. Woods has many opinion he’s not entitled to). This has to do with a refusal to submit ones ideas to the crucible of reason.

    This is a sign of a broken mind, someone who turned off the thing that makes modern humans the “wise man”. You cannot reason with people like this because reason has no meaning for them. They are governed by primitive subconscious impulses they refuse to identify or understand.

    It’d be like trying to reason with a rooster. They know how to peck, scratch, mate, and mindlessly attack, but don’t expect them to do math.

    The path to wisdom is humility. The presumption of knowledge is the surest way to remain in ignorance.

  16. From 2000-2009, an average of 168,000 children ages 14 and under were treated in emergency departments for toy-related injuries each year. Almost 200 died.

    The toy man Michael Woods may have harmed more kids than all the gun owners in America combined.

    As it says in the book, “physician, shut thy f^ck!ng trap.”

  17. “Why do you accept this grotesque parade of killings and mass murders?”

    A, relatively, small number of unarmed people get killed by spree shooters and somehow I accept this because I don’t want to be unarmed. Is that what he’s saying?

  18. “that it is time to address, meaningfully and resolutely, our sick national addiction to VIOLENCE, and the warped attitudes that manifest in our citizens MURDERING OTHERS”

    Fixed that for you, Mr. Woods.

    Not having a gun sure didn’t stop Naeem Davis from murdering Mr. Ki-Suk Han by pushing him in front of a train.

  19. You can’t fix stupid.

    This guy is a sportswriter for his own website! You don’t even need a goddamn G.E.D. for that, as evidenced by Jason Whitlock.

  20. “to publicly proclaim my belief that guns make it too easy to kill people”

    Guns definitely make it easier to kill a person rather than use a club, knife, and your bare hands for the average person defending him- or herself. Thankfully. This is why so many people are alive today or alive and not a victim of an assault. Gun ownership is why America’s ‘hot’ (when residents are home) intruder break-in rate (@10%) is lower than England’s rate (@55%) since in jolly old England intruders do not have to fear being shot by a home owner. Intruders in London can just usually break-in terrorize, attack, and burglarize without fear of being harmed.

    I am increasingly having difficulty having sympathy for many people (adults) who are the victims of a shooting, knifing, beating, etc extreme violence by someone they choose to live with, socialize with as friends, or date, marry, etc. I’m referring to the cases when the writing was clearly on the wall about the violent person being a bad apple from the start. Far too often is it obvious that the attacker or murderer really is a violent loose cannon and the victim should never have chosen to be with that person. I am also aware that sometimes the victim has realistically behaved stupidly in pushing the buttons of the violent person or acted otherwise to create a fatal event.

  21. Woods is the editor of a boxing website a sport that perhaps gave an impressionable youngster such as Trayvon Martin fatal advice and motivation about how to interact with people. Methinks Woods doesn’t like people having access to a defense tool ie ‘guns’ that make the weak equal to the powerful. If George Zimmerman did not have a gun then he would have been boxed to death by Trayvon therefore we must ban boxing websites. After all, the Founding Founders and the First Amendment were referring to old fashioned printing presses for news and did not write of the Internet being a right of the people (only government therefore should have access to the Internet). Lastly, boxing is not mentioned in the Bill of Rights and since more people are murdered by physical blows than people firing guns and bullets, we must ban boxing.

  22. O.J. slaughtered two people with a knife and 100% of the coverage and comments were focused on two relevant topics – why he did it and the plague of domestic violence. Belcher used a gun and 99% of the focus is on not just the fact that he used a gun but guns in general.

    At least there are football players like Steeler James Harrison that show ten times the common sense as the rest of the frick and fracks focusing guns.

  23. I believe Mr. Woods is entitled to his opinion. I don’t agree with it.
    I think we need to, as a culture, take a more accepting view of mental health issues and not stigmatizing folks who have them.
    This should have no bearing, though, on our right to keep and bear arms.
    Those are two of my opinions, and Mr. Woods is free to reflect upon them.

  24. I read the article and the comments at the HuffingtonPost (a left-leaning web site) The article itself was poorly written and unpersuasive as many here have noted.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised by the comments at Huffington Post following the article. I assumed most would agree with Woods, but I was wrong. Many commenters were in favor of Second Amendment rights. Further, they were far more articulate and persuasive than the article itself or the commenters who agreed with it.

    • Left leaning is an understatement!! HuffPo leans so much it makes the Leaning Tower of Pisa look like a straight up 3 am piss hard on!!!
      The comments did surprise me very much. But you never know what you might see, read or hear on the Interwebbie thing!!

      • Thank you for that lovely visualization. I guess it’s never too early for a stiff drink or two… 🙂

        • LOL!!! That is why golf and the Internet were invented… So people would have a valid reason to drink early in the day!!!
          I really don’t know how much med marijuana really helps for things like glaucoma, my fiancée has glaucoma but won’t use med marijuana. I do know it has had some success with cancer patients who are too sick to eat because of chemo/radiation treatment, my late ex father in law had lung cancer in both lungs and was the only way we could get him to be able to eat.
          You would probably be surprised how many people would agree with it yet would have a fit if you tried to take other addictive things from them.

  25. I wonder how many people agree with the “sick national addiction” remark, yet voted for marihuana legislation, actually have a “medical” marihuana card or enjoy some other substance in an addictive manner.

  26. 1st who is Micheal Woods? This guy is another Hollywood or MSM loser. And its time to say media reporter and Hollywood stars are true scum being that they profile all gun owners into a evil toll and claim its only there superior knowledge that will save the nation. that’s not commie enough they believe in getting ride not of guns but “gun culture” that mean you and I must go that’s pure crap.

  27. This guy is full of beliefs, prayers and platitudes.

    He’s right, since he is not informed he should stick to the “casual violence” he knows best: BOXING.

    Woods is welcome to PRAY for his, but I’ll try to PROTECT mine.

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