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(courtesy Reuters)

“It is time for the majority of Americans who believe in sensible gun laws to take control of the conversation.” – Judith Capodicasa [not shown] in Letter: It’s time to speak up for sensible gun laws [via]

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  1. Well, I agree completly with her sign. It’s the no gun signs and people who are trying to restrict them from law abid by citizens that are the problem.

    • I remember this photo from maybe a year or so ago and I believe that she is actually trying to get across exactly what you are expressing but at the same time also actively trolling the group of gun-hating protesters she is with.

      • Lady’s got some serious guts, then, and a desert-dry sense of humor if what you say is true.

        Anti-gunners, in my experience, are often anti-gun because they think everyone else is as irresponsible, prone to fits of insane rage and poor impulse control, violent, underhanded and deceitful as they are. They look at all of us and see the same thing that they see every morning in the mirror.

        And frankly, if that’s what they think of themselves, they are welcome to not own firearms.

        Anyone got a link to the source material?

        Nevermind, dug through and found it on Reuters:

    • As a professional profiler I would like to describe ‘ GIRL WITH SIGN ‘ .
      1. She is between the ages of 18 and 24
      2, She graduated from a predominately all white AAA high school
      3. She graduated with a GPA of around 3.33
      4. She is from a middle class household
      5. Her natural parents divorced when she was in her preteens
      6. Her mother remarried while she was in middle school
      7. One of her parents has a drug or alcohol problem
      8. She doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ and has never attended church
      9. She gets her news from Jon Stewart and Facebook
      10. She believes strongly in a woman’s right to abortion
      11. She strongly supports Planned Parenthood
      12. She defends and supports Obama and the Democratic party but privately talks libertarian
      13. She gets some financial aid from tax payers
      14. She takes less than 15 hours of college classes , lives primarily off of mommy and daddy , school loan money and who ever else will support her
      15. She thinks she is cute and sexy but is actually a mental train wreck .

      • You know you could be close or even right on the money but I don’t see the point in mentioning all that, especially the Church and Jesus Christ thing…it comes off as “BELIEVE IN JESUS OR DIE!!!!!” and that is exactly why I have such a messed up relationship with my Christian faith. I think its intensely arrogant to Judge someone for not believing in God, I don’t see anything on her that indicates shes not religious, Oh let me guess its because she’s not wearing white with an appropriate skirt and proper hair? I met an intensely religious girl a few weeks ago, I assumed not that much but she was wearing all black and didn’t look religious. I come to find out she just moved straight out of the bible belt and gets made fun of at school for being religious. I also have a friend who I assumed was shallow and she turned out to be one of the deepest people I know and someone I greatly respect because she worked and continues to work her ass off to go to school. I know plenty of “Jesus non-believers” that work 50-60 hour weeks supporting their entire family at the age of 20~ while going to school with no health insurance. My point: Be careful about judging others, watch, examine, guess, but keep it in your head and never assume anything is final until you really know.

        • Wow. One line from a ‘professional profiler’ and you get that offended? I didn’t see any ‘judgement’ as you call it. Just an observation, just like all of the other lines. Just observations.

        • I’m sorry Nate , I never intended on that kind of reaction to my comment in a million years , I would never want to drive someone away from a possible relationship with Christ and sincerely regret that my comment may have had that effect on you or anyone . I will take your advise and try to be more careful in the future . I also have a problem with judgmental Christians and agree with you that they can turn people off of Christianity , never my intention for sure .
          I was actually putting out the list partially in jest because everyone is so worried about profiling and yet people do it everyday , day in and day out . We all profile people for all sorts of reasons , for our personal safety , for business reasons , in hiring people and in choosing a mate . I don’t believe it is necessarily judgmental to profile but I will let your reaction and comment to what I said teach me something , Thanks and God bless .

      • The Signmaker (No. 58)

        The Cabal has become desperate and is now activating long groomed, mind-numbed sleeper “zombies” to continue its plan to undermine the American liberties that are standing in the way of global domination.

    • I’m seeing lots of calls this week for an Australian-style confiscation program. It’s almost as if they all got the same memo.

      • The mask slips from time to time, but it was never covering much of their face to begin with. Yet, it is always amusing to try to make them live up to their rhetoric when you ask them for specific laws that would have stopped (insert crime here). Watching them dodge and weave before they finally get pissed off and call for total confiscation; then I usually follow up with asking them how can we have a conversation when all they do is lie.

      • Yup.

        It’s almost like there was something like JournoList, but for other issues, where like-minded people coordinated political activism behind the scenes.

    • Maybe the Democrats are finally going to have the spine to admit what they’ve wanted all along, gun confiscation!

    • Yep. Not that it’ll ever happen anyway, not that it should happen, but if they wanted a good-faith conversation the antis would quit using platitudes like “sensible” and “common sense” when it’s clear they don’t speak for everyone. Instead they’re implying, preemptively, that the pro-gun side are nuts, obstinate, and/or a tiny minority.

      I’m glad they use the platitudes though, further ongoing proof of what’s in their hearts. .

      • I made a similar comment to my 7 year old son this summer. We went somewhere and saw a “No guns” sign with the Beretta in the crossed out circle.

        My son says “That means no guns!”
        And I replied “It means no Berettas. I’ve got a Springfield.”

        • I want to go add a sticker underneath all those ‘No Gun ‘ signs that says ‘No expectation of safety within’.

        • @Adub

          That is my family’s philosophy as well. If the picture of the banned gun is not the one on my hip or the one my wife has, then they are all good to carry. If it is shaped like a GLOCK, I respect that sign and bring in the .357 magnum. If the sign is a revolver then my GLOCK is good.

  2. We did.

    Oh, you meant the “majority” (an ACTUAL majority of Americans do NOT support more restrictive gun laws) that supports “sensible” (meaning more restrictive, whether there’s any sense to it or not) gun laws should take control of the “Conversation” (meaning people).

  3. Add another to the 1911 cultists… Can’t even be nice about her disdain for glocks…

    Like seriously lady, glocks aren’t really that big a problem, it’s usually hi-points that homies say is a glock!

  4. The anti-gun lunatics who say we need to rewrite or abolish the 2nd Amendment are the same agenda-driven hypocrites who are out the next day preaching that the 14th Amendment is not open to debate.

    Based on historical and current data, it’s hard to take these progressive fools and their false premises seriously.

    But what the hell, it’s for the kids!

  5. “It is time for the minority of Americans who believe in gun control laws to sit down, shut the hell up and stop trying to run the lives of everyone else out there!”
    *Fixed it*

  6. I dont think anyone is ever going to agree on gun laws. Too much emotion on both sides. If we looked at it in a sensible fashion there are three things to discuss.
    Who can have them, ie healthy of mind citizens, and who cant, ie felons? Mentally unstable people?(definitions of the last two are very difficult to define)
    Second Amendment is simple, either you agree or dont with it.
    Infringement. Gun laws do this, by taxing ammo, certain types of guns, concealed carry, open carry debates etc etc…Too many laws infringe on the right, some are very hypocritical…

    • What is there to agree on? To keep and to bear arms in defense of self is a natural right, explicitly protected by the constitution. Given that criminals, by definition, are not constrained by laws, there is no such thing as a “commonsense” gun law that will prevent criminals from using guns in the commission of their crimes.

      Thus, the only point of agreement is this: if you don’t like it, leave. Move to Singapore, where there are no guns an no crime, but also no freedom. You can barely chew gum without government oversight, and you will be caned for daring to speak freely in criticism of the government.

      As for me and my household: we choose freedom.

      Molon Labe

  7. I’ll paraphrase: it’s time to take control. That’s what gun control is all about. I’d argue that it’s time for Judith to read a history book. The Holocaust is a tragic cautionary tale, and there are many others.

    If Judith comes for my guns, she’s going to find some tough sledding.

    • You don’t have to worry about Judith coming for your guns. People like her always want to send other people to confiscate them. The anti-gunners have no interest in actually getting their own hands dirty.

      • ” People like her always want to send other people to confiscate them. ”

        They send people like Accur81, because he is just doing his job, by enforcing the unconstitutional laws.

        • Methinks, and I hope I’m right, Acur81 would probably come down with some sort of intestinal distress necessitating taking the rest of the day off if given the order to start confiscating guns.

  8. Conversation for the gun grabbers is like the conversations which occur on the liberal mainstream media news programs, where a group of Bolsheviks sit at a table and have a conversation about how best to implement Marxist Leninist Soviet Socialism.
    Their conversations about guns focus on how best to implement bans and confiscations, not about the rights and freedoms for the proletariat to have guns.

    • You are correct. They do not want a “conversation” with proportionate representation of anti, pro and fence sitters to create laws that are representative of what Americans actually want. ( I am a second absolutist, I only say this because according to polls, we have a clear and quite substantial majority over the antis and real “conversation” [not that it would be constitutional] would clearly show the antis are a fringe minority.)

      They mean a table filled with coastal elites who “know what’s best” for the common peasant rabble (they may even allow a newly minted progressive convert from a flyover state whose *gasp* family ACTUALLY OWNED GUNS!!!EEK! To show they are “balanced” and including gun “owners”) to decide how best to enact the confiscation of guns and “respect the second amendment” by creating gun storage facilities in police stations where people will have to checkout guns (and an attending off duty police officer, which you will have to pay for and will follow you around until you return the gun, they need that police vote! What better way to buy it right?)

  9. Nothing the antis who are the real minority in their beliefs will ever change.
    Trying to change a closed mind can be a waste of our time.
    The majority of Americans who are the ones that believe in 2nd Amendment rights. Have got to speak up as one mind and be heard.
    A small vocal bunch of antis is constantly trying to drown us out. They do a good a job of it too.
    Fortunately the majority of Americans are turned off by their constant attacks on our rights.
    They get the press because they have the medias support. A group of 5 antis get the press that a 1000 pro 2nd folks wont.
    They wont succeed in the long run.
    We have to be a lot more vocal and be heard then we have been in the past.
    We have to make our voices more unified then ever before.

  10. There are 406 gun laws. Stop with the revolving door prison system and leave violent criminals in jail. Here is the link and you can count them yourself.
    I will the guns be confiscated? If someone WITH a gun comes to take the thing that is illegal that makes you a hypocrite. My father had firearms before I was born, the guns and the ammunition 6 feet away were never lock and I never shot anybody which is more than Dick Cheney can say.

    • There are a heck of a lot more than 406 gun laws in this country. There are probably more than 406 in California alone.

  11. This garbage about “conversations” seems to keep originating from deep Blue States where the point of what is said is really about revoking and infringing natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights to advance a Socialist Agenda and impose ever more control upon the American People. Count me out. When I see/hear such persons use the word “conversation” my brain automatically translates it to “deceitful, lying Propaganda”.

    This Judith Capodicasa can move to any one of numerous European Socialist Countries, or Russia, or Australia, or Peoples Republic of China, or North Korea. See Judith?…you have a nice variety of choices for the degree of your oppressed thralldom. Oh!…and take your Socialist, Progressive buddies with you. You’ll be happier, I’ll be happier, we’ll ALL be happier. End of “conversation”.

  12. Every time the gun control side propose new “common sense” measures to prevent these incidents they always admit that their proposals would not have stopped the shooter. Given that every “common sense” measure proposed to date has failed which “common sense” measure do they think will succeed?

  13. She is getting hammered in the comments section.
    There is your “conversation” young lady.

    • Yeah, Tom, saw that…

      Including our own Powersurge…

      Every time an anti’s head explodes, someone finds a brick of .22lr thought forgotten in the ammo case at Walmart…


  14. Just recently read an editorial admonishing republicans to leave Planned Parenthood alone because the abortion issue and related arguments are settled law.
    Hmm, I am pretty sure the Bill of Rights is a tad bit more “settled”, it is part of the constitution. Maybe miss head of the house should take the liberal editorial advice and buzz off.

  15. The americants sign is 100% accurate. The arrows could be considered 5 black pointy things going towards a gun. How appropriate, that the violence problem in America, is caused by exactly that same motion of 5 black pointy things gripping a gun.

  16. They suggest; Am I to believe no one has ever sat down to discuss gun laws? Are these people unaware of the history of substantial laws, some of which infringe on the basic Right to bear? Control has run amok!

    When the citizens in the USA are disarmed the criminal element increases in strength. Fear rises in the citizen, decreases in the criminal and further burdens the police. This is the reality in the USA as we have a 2A in a Constitution, this is our culture as is why comparing to other Countries does not correlate.

    I do agree with others here on TTAG, the sign clearly states the problem is GFZ’s.

  17. Yeah I’m a mite confused by this gals sign. Pro or anti? Or just no Beretta(or Taurus)…I felt the same way on the post by the Alabama blogger the other day. Let’s all get get in on the “conversation” BS…

  18. In regards to that picture, I would say that yes, “No Guns Allowed” legislation and policies ARE the problem!

  19. I live in a city where a 30 year old monster with a many years long criminal record, including multiple assaults on police officers, can walk straight across a crowded Chevron station parking lot, in the early evening on a Friday, pistol in hand in full view, stand behind an unsuspecting on-duty Sheriff’s Deputy in full uniform filling up his marked cruiser, and proceed to fire fifteen rounds into the officer’s head and body. Then casually drive home to the house he shares with his mother and adult brother. Let that sink in for a minute.

    This just happened two days ago here. You don’t have to drive by this exact gas station daily or stop in maybe weekly, as I do, to shudder at the thought of that kind of untethered hatred slithering in our midst.

    Nothing stops that sort of surprise assassination, to be sure, not even a self-defense firearm; but neither do restrictions or outright bans on private firearm ownership have any positive effect on that caliber of malice. Resourceful, remorseless evil on that level will always find a way to kill. Such firearms freedom infringements imposed in response to these events only serve to disarm additional potential victims, people who could very well defend themselves against the more typical sorts of savagery leeching off of our civilization.

    • “I live in a city where a 30 year old monster with a many years long criminal record, including multiple assaults on police officers, can walk straight across a crowded Chevron station parking lot,”

      Yet, you complain about American gun owners who disobey unconstitutional laws GFZ, so they can protect their fellow man.

      • You misunderstand. I don’t believe there should be so-called gun free zones; at least not by statute, anyway. Private property owners are free to do as they will, in my mind.

        What I object to, is the armchair civil disobedience crowd urging people to run around violating laws they don’t like, then whining and crying when the law brings consequences.

        What I object to is negligent discharges in schools, and the libertarian crybaby brigade coming along in full apologist mode, demanding a muligan because *this time* nobody happened to get his head shot off and “that shouldn’t be the law anyway.”

        What I object to is snotty little gunloving brats insisting on every one of their rights, but refusing to accept one iota of the accompanying responsibilities.

        Want to get rid of GF zones? Me, too. No objection. Get off your butt and go vote. Make it an issue. Make firearms freedom a proxy for all others and a litmus test issue in exchange for your support. Just don’t whine about wanting this, that, or the other handed to you, without being willing to do any of the heavy lifting to get them.

        Failing any of that, speak to me with the respect I’ve earned, not in snide remarks, and I’ll explain to you slowly where you’ve failed in comprehension.

  20. It’s time once again for your Liberal Lexicon™ Word of the Day.

    Conversation /kahn-ver-SAY-shun/ : An unilateral exchange of words, thought or ideas where one’s self-described intellectual and societal betters get exactly what they want, exactly the way they want it, with no input, debate or resistance from their opposition.

  21. There never was a “conversation.” There never will be, not with Democrats/Liberals/Socialists. Their idea of conversation is shouting down anyone who disagrees with them. Never, ever think, just scream the agenda and presume it to be workable with no examination of the consequences. No science, only “hate everyone who disagrees with our ‘conversation'”

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