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“You know what guns are? Guns are an extension of the penis. And that’s why guys like to play with them, because they like to play with their penises. And they shoot off, and all that. I mean Freud, you know, would have had a field day with all this gun stuff.” – Bill Paxton in Bill Paxton: Guns Are an Extension of the Penis [at]

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    • I agree. If you are an actor/actress… in hollywood… employed by artsy liberal rainbow unicorn people… The last thing you want to do is point your political finger in the wrong direction. -Unless you never want to work again. Bill Paxton is a joker, however his statement doesn’t necessarily prove his political view on guns.

      That said, hollywood and LA in general are anti-gun (except when they promote money making violence on film). If you want to work and live there, you basically need to be anti-gun too.

  1. Loved Bill’s movies, Slipstream was fantastic, but this? Always a bit disappointing when you look behind the curtain…

  2. Have you guys heard about the “Bill Paxton”? It’s where, while getting intimate, you stare at your partner the whole time and say “Where do I know you from?”

    I bet this quote came from a random survey on the street and they didn’t even realize who he was until later.

    • … because two inches is better than none…
      … because longer is better but shorter is easier to pack…

      (this could get bad and it’s not even Friday)

      • Some would rather be tickled with two inches than stabbed with 10. At least that’s what my grandma always thought.

    • And if anti-gunners cared about facts (at least pertaining to firearms), none of us would have to worry about gun & knife laws & many school shootings would have ended quicker cause every teacher in the place would behave like an autotarget turret system to any jackass who walked in with a chip on his/her shoulder.

  3. Well I guess that explains it then. But what about women shooters? Another Hollywood reject spouting diarrhea from his mouth.

  4. Why would I (or anyone for that matter) care what Bill Paxton thinks? If his statement has any truth to it, then he must own an armory to satisfy his needs.

  5. If guns are phallus symbols, And OFWG (Old Fat White Guys) are the favorite users, and Diane Feinstein wants to ban them, then that means………….ewe! Just ewe!

    • Skimming over the comments I thought your nickname was “phallorian” 🙂

      But true, sometimes things just are what they are, without the symbolism and projection people like to put around it. On the other hands, there’s also a reason guys like cars, power tools and guns, where girls go for handbags and shoes. It’s just the nature of the beast, but nurture these days seems to try to take the guy out of the guy. Even Jeff Cooper mentioned it years ago and that hasn’t stopped (The intro to ‘art of the rifle’, if I remember correctly).

  6. I don’t know any guy that can’t wait to whip out his penis to show his buddies when they come over.

  7. Damnit. Another actor I can’t enjoy anymore. Usually in some good movies too. Oh well. Won’t support this one anymore either…

  8. The whole phallic symbol thing always comes to play when the other side has no more to argue. They think they can shame or embarrass the other side into doing what they want.

    I have heard this when I was more into cars, I heard it about my motorcycle and the Brits used this when they tried to enact large sweeping censorship of photographers (which is pretty bad already).

    Its and old and stupid argument which means they have no argument.

    Anyone who uses this type of argument should understand that it has been so over played for too many stupid arguments that it has no meaning anymore.

    • Exactly. I know when I hear the penis comparison, I can immediately tune that person out, because if they had a better argument, they’d have offered it.

      • TO: Matt in FL, et al
        RE: When I See This Sort of Argument….

        ….I understand the person is ‘projecting’.


        [It is unfortunate for a man to have a small penis. — Toranaga-Sama, Shogun]

    • Exactly. Whenever I hear the phallus comparison, I know I can immediately tune that person out, because they have nothing else to offer. If they’d had a better argument, they’d have offered it instead.

  9. I think Private Hudson needs another Island Hopping session to remind him what’s what. Where’s a good NCO when you need him? HICKS!

  10. TO: All
    RE: Who Is Bill Paxton

    I never heard of this character until now.

    And I guess that was the purpose of this stupid tirade. To draw attention to himself.

    On the other hand, as Bill brings up Freud, I guess he never heard that the good doctor said….

    “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional
    –Sigmund Freud, General Introduction to Psychoanalysis (1952)


    [The Truth will out….Hollywood is full of retarded sexual and emotional children, pretending to be adults.]

    • What page is that Freud quote on?
      Thanks in advance.

      Gib: “Hey, Carlos? Game’s over. Your career as an international terrorist is well documented.”
      Simon: “No, I sell cars! That’s all! C’mon, I’m not a terrorist. I’m actually a complete coward, if I ever saw a gun, I’d…
      Oh God, no, please don’t kill me. I’m not a spy. I’m nothing. I’m navel lint! I have to lie to women to get laid, and I don’t score much. I got a little dick, it’s pathetic!”
      William Archibald Paxton as ‘Simon’, True Lies 1994

      • TO: Gw
        RE: What Page?

        What page is that Freud quote on? — Gw

        It’s the whole of the book. The quote sums up everything from page 70 through 200.

        You can get the book and read it for yourself on you iPad/Kindle device from Amazon for free if you’re a Prime member.

        Hope that helps…..


        [Mediocrity know nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.]

      • TO: Fingers
        RE: It’s….

        ….the whole damned book. From page 70 about weapons. Through page 200 (end) where Freud deals with irrational fears as being an indication of sexual and emotional immaturity.

        Hope that helps.


        [The Truth will out….if people (1) can read it for themselves and (2) comprehend it.]

      • TO: JuanCudz
        RE: Heh

        Not Sigmund, I’m afraid. — JuanCudz

        Your ‘fear’ of Freud is just another manifestation of your sexual and emotional immaturity.

        How so?

        I’ve been reading that book and the phrase….

        A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.

        …sums up the book in it’s entirety.

        Your ‘fear’ of Freud is just a variation on the theme of the book, regarding how ‘fear’—especially irrational fear, such as you manifest here—is a sign of sexual and emotional immaturity.


        [The Truth will out….even from the likes of you…..]

    • The funny thing, Chuck, is that you have apparently never heard the good doctor say that either, since as JuanCudz pointed out with his link, he didn’t actually say it.

      Always verify your sources.

      • TO: Matt in FL
        RE: Heh

        It’s the WHOLE DAMNED BOOK.

        Starting in around page 70, where he talks about weapons, and going through 200, where he talks about childish behaviors and sexuality.

        The phrase, sums up those pages in their entirety.


        P.S. You can get the book for FREE at Amazon, for your iPad/Kindle if you’re a Prime member.

        P.P.S. I’m glad that someone (in reply above) asked me for the page citation. All the information I’ve read between those pages, 70-200(end), has been VERY insightful. Not just with respect to the weapons/fear/maturity issue but much more as well.

  11. I read that entire Q&A in the voice/style of Hudson in Aliens.

    I personally don’t care what an actor thinks, especially politically.

    I will continue to enjoy Bill Paxton’s movies even if he is a complete hypocrite – acting in action movies that glorify guns/violence but then admonishing those who choose to own firearms – because I enjoy his acting and most of the movies he is in.

    I feel the same about Jim Carrey. I don’t share his many of his personal opinions, I am not going to be boycotting any of his movies because he is a decent actor at times and I find his movies quite hilarious with few exceptions (The Mask).

    • Paxton played ‘Hudson’ in Aliens?

      No wonder I hadn’t heard of him.

      ‘Hudson in Aliens’ was hardly what any real man would call a ‘Marine’. Hicks should have confined him in Sick Bay with the other face huggers/ass-kissers.


      [The Truth will out….actors are selected for roles because of their personal nature…..with Paxton/Hudson, the casting group chose properly….a wussy…..PRETENDING to be a ‘Man’….]

  12. “Dr.” Paxton, Freud also said this (and I think that it is far more fitting for you Hollywood posers):
    “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”
    10th Lecture of Freud’s “General Introduction to Psychoanalysis” (1952)
    Freud and Oppenheim’s “Dreams in Folklore” (1958)

  13. Freud did have something to say about this; “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded emotional and sexual maturity”.

    Bill Paxton definitely sounds like a twelve year old. Most gun-grabbers match this description as well. Full of imaginary fears and delusions based on wishful thinking,

  14. Guns = Penis is one of the most misunderstood Freudian concepts. Freud said that guns are phallic symbols and those who are afraid of them have adequacy issues.

    • Of course it probably wouldn’t be as misunderstood if most
      of the people who “quoted” Freud, actually read any of his

    • So gun grabbers have small penises and are trying to take away what they (wrongly) believe to be the surrogate penises of their opponents? That actually makes much more sense.

  15. It’s all about shaming.

    We the People of the Gun are merely playing with toys. We’re silly children that are fulfilling adolescent desires. What we are not, are serious, educated people with serious concerns about liberty and self-reliance. We do not have valid opinions.

    If we were wise and mature like Bill Paxton, we would know that continuing to pursue our right to keep and bear arms is merely demanding the government to allow us to publicly masturbate. And he’s just making sure we understand that, so that we bow our heads in shame and meekly put our penises in the hands of the government.


    Part of our country’s issue is that we give any weight at all to the words of someone who is only famous for repeating lines created for him by someone else. He isn’t a name we know because of ideas he created, he’s famous because he’s a puppet.

      • TO: (Formerly MN Matt
        RE: The ‘Bit of Rhetoric’

        The actual point is that progressives twist the English language to mean what they WANT it to mean….which is whatever suits their purposes.

        Case in Point: On another site you can see an pro-abortion woman waving a sign that calls for the protection of womens’ health. When in fact, the vast majority of such murders are not about the woman’s health. They are murders of convenience.

        Then again, we have Bill Clinton, under examination and oath, countering a question of his affair with Monica Lewinsky by asking the English twisting question…..

        That all depends on how you define ‘is’.

        The point of fact is that the Clintons and most every Democrat and all ‘progressives’ are ‘Evil’.

        Don’t like it? Tough nuggies…..


        [The Truth will out….if anyone cares to accept it…..]

  16. What really kills me, is that in the ALIENS behind the scenes footage, Paxton and Al matthews(Sgt APone, best character in the movie) were the only ones who had used guns before and paxton was saying he liked them ha. Oh the 80’s
    HERE is the link to it, al matthews is the MAN!

    • “As a Texan, what was your first experience with guns?
      Oh, with guns? I grew up with air rifles and BB guns. But I was never a hunter. I mean, come on, how many innocent people have to die?”

      Quote from the article, GAME OVER MAN!

      • That has to be a record. Going from admitting you shot
        BB guns and air rifles, then realizing that guns are not a
        popular topic with Hollywood liberals to, “I was never a hunter,” and “how many innocent people have to die?”
        Nothing worse than a dishonest, liberal hypocrite trying
        to remain a friend of the liberal Left coast crowd. Wimp!

        Freud also said, “Sometimes a banana is just a banana.”

  17. But Freud is quoted as saying:

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

    But then if psychiatric profession actually admitted that their role model of mental perfection had severe personality and moral flaws (he was a henpecked husband who was having an affair with his wife’s sister) the world would be less neurotic place.

    Other sports are even more penis oriented than guns. Take golf. Where is the hand holding the club? Placed right at the crotch. Do archers fantasize about their arrows thrusting their way into the targets? Tennis, baseball, cricket, hockey, etc are all showing a thick handled implement. Make of it what you will.

  18. Actually “Dr.” Paxton, this seems to be a little more applicable to you and your ilk:
    “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”
    10th Lecture of Freud’s “General Introduction to Psychoanalysis” (1952)
    Freud and Oppenheim’s “Dreams in Folklore” (1958)

    • Bill paxton was well known in the 90s.

      Whenever I see Bill Paxton what immediately comes to mind is his statement “GAME OVER MAN… GAME OVER” from Aliens.

      Then there is also twister, and his ridiculous character of simon portrayed in the movie “true lies.” He also played in terminator, tombstone, Titanic – list goes on and on. He is a good actor… not necessarily a good shot though.

  19. Does my gun compensate for an inadequacy of mine? Of course!
    My penis cannot launch a 1/2 ounce, .45 cal. bullet at 850 feet per second to stop a home invader from killing me and my family.
    (Not original with me, but I forgot where I stole it from. So that’s the same as “original”, isn’t it?).

    • “Number of the Beast” by Heinlein.

      Zeb: “No, she’s right; it is a penis substitute. After all, if I could kill man from 30 yards away with my penis, I wouldn’t have to tote this thing around, now would I?”

      And on the article’s subject: Congratulations, Bill Paxton! You’re our one-millionth celebrity @$$hole to make that trite, asinine and clichéd observation! Now, do you want to walk away with the new car, or do you want to attempt a fresh joke about airline peanuts and try for the McMansion?

  20. If that statement is true, then I guess the reverse stereotype is true as well… you know the one… men who don’t like guns are low testosterone effiminate p^$$!es….

  21. I am not a fan of all of this dick talk. Don’t women play with their lady parts? Why don’t we give them guff about that?

    • or those who put phallic symbol cigars in their mouth’s want something else. See Bill Clinton.

  22. “You see, for me, fear is not an option.” – Bill Paxton

    “Honey, I’m going to do him right here.” – Jamie Lee Curtis

    One of my favorite movies.

  23. Everything is an extension of the penis. Your gaming rig, your truck, your car, your shoes, your hat, your watch, your home, your drill press, your wife, your kids….
    It’s a catch-all for people attacking a thing or person they dont like.

    This blog is an extension of your penis. Bill Paxton’s article is an extension of his penis. This comment is an extension of mine and it’s all so pointlessly stupid.

  24. To quote Tom Arnold in a movie, lines said to bill Paxton’s character.

    “Get lost, dipshit” *fires 1911 at his feet to get him to leave*

    • For those of us who want to see him get punched in the face first thing in the morning…

  25. I want to be annoyed, but just look at him: I’m much more annoyed by anybody who would go out of their way to solicit an opinion from Bill Paxton. What, Vulture lose their Rolodex, had to go with a Hollywood type they could find in the phone book, or the classifieds?
    You make me root for the Hatfields, you pussy!

  26. Okay, let’s go with that: Gun = Penis.

    The federal government has no business regulating my penis, right?

    People who try to get me to use my penis less often are busybodies who need to mind their own business, right?

    People who spend their time worrying about what I’m doing with my penis are perverts, right?

  27. “He’s an @$$hole. Anyone with a haircut like that, has got to be an @$$hole.”

    Gary’s (Anthony Michael Hall) comment on Chet (Bill Paxton), in Weird Science.

    Also, apparently Bill Paxton is one of the few actors to be killed by a Terminator, an Alien, and a Predator.

  28. To quote George Carlin, when some one says have a good one:
    “I’ve got a good one, I want a big one”

    I want a Super Redhawk!

  29. My take away from this is that Paxton, Fienstein, et al want to lock-up everyone’s dick but their own

  30. It just makes me sad because I will never be able to watch Tombstone again without thinking how much I dislike Morgan…

  31. Who? I’m not a psychologist, but if I’m not mistaken hasn’t Freud been fairly thoroughly discredited?

    • I think so but I believe Freud also said the opposite of what grabbers think, that it is people who fear guns who have small packages.

  32. These gungrabbers seem especially attracted to our penises. Fascinated with them. Obsessed with them. Craving them maybe. I wonder what Siggy Fraud would say about that.

  33. Oh for Heaven’s Sake! The day I let a hypocrite like Bill Paxton make me think my enthusiasm for guns is somehow a repressed sexual confusion that I should be ashamed of will be the day Bill Paxton wins an Oscar! Ain’t neither of those things EVER gonna happen! This is the crudest, most juvenile kind of name calling anyone over 13 years of age can engage in. Paxton’s career is pretty much over and he just wants attention, maybe a cameo in a film to pay the grocery bill. This is so pathetic and hypocritical for a guy who made beaucoup $$$ in films where lots of gunplay was a predominate part of the storyline, that even other pathetic hypocrites would look down their noses at him.

  34. Looks like Bill is thinking with his little head.

    …kindo’ surprising, him hailing from the Dallas/FW, Tejas area, if I rem right.

  35. The hypocracy of Hollywood elitist assholes like Bill Paxton really has no limits. His new movie is titled “Two Guns” for Christ sake!

  36. “Of course my gun is a dick substitute. If I could kill a man at 50 paces with my dick, I wouldn’t need a gun.”
    Sorry I don’t recall the source.

  37. This show how sick America has become. Filth is being promoted by every means possible. America has become moral sewer. Decency is being outlawed along with Gods word the bible. Our true history is not taught or revised and corrupted. Please check out and google the Mayflower Compact, and the Federalist papers. PLEASE read Johns Gospel sometime ch.3 and make and informed decision . America is on the eve of destruction. It has always said we would be destroyed from the inside. If you are under 60 you have no idea what America was lie before 1960.So sad. Remember where the word sodomy comes from , sodomites and God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah Genesis ch.13 and Read Romans ch.1. Please. God will never be mocked and his word is always true. God never changes His only word is the bible. No other book even claims to be Gods word or contains “and God said”

  38. It does not mean that he is an anti-gunner. If he (or anyone) likes to play with their guns and penis, why not? Not wanting to play with your guns and penis is far stranger.

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