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“When you deny high-risk people access to guns, the evidence shows that saves lives. And when you regulate all gun sales, fewer guns get diverted to criminals.” – Daniel W. Webster, director of Hopkins’ Center for Gun Policy and Research, quoted in Hopkins report calls for tighter gun laws [via]

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    • It is not so much a question of logic as of statistics, and from this little report we cannot evaluate the statistics relied upon. If the study is not more that the “common sense” drivel that fewer guns mean fewer gun crimes, already disproven twice by Professor Lott, then we know that it is nothing but a “logical” construct based on a false premise. Insufficent data at this point to evaluate. I am not suggesting I agree with these people–their bias and the bias of their funding sources is well known–but that we should look objectively at the evidence upon which their opinions rely before we castigate it.

  1. Huh. So that’s why Baltimore enjoyed such a low violent crime rate in 2011 (1417 per 100,000 residents) and Norfolk, Virginia’s was so high (5.79 per 100,000 residents).

  2. No research cited in the link, seems like the “researchers” reviewed some general statutes and applied their opinions to form conclusions. Typical Maryland intelligencia.

  3. Apparently this guy has a rather large 4th point of contact because he has his head firmly planted in it and managed to keep his glasses on and at the same time miss all the stats that show states that have more common sense gun laws and either legal cc or oc usually have lower crime rates.

  4. I have a really novel idea…how about keeping “high risk” people in jail? It seems to me there’s been a common thread in a lot of DGU’s recently, namely, the perp or perps have long arrest records to go with being paroled recently.

    • Would be ok except most have it better in jail than on the streets and the Gubmint wastes enuff of our money on them anyways.
      I think we should put all lifers out on a deserted island and surround it with a minefield. Got new ones to put on the island??
      Strap a chute to their back and kick them out as you pass over the island!!!

      • Australia used to be a penal colony for the UK. Maybe that’s one of the things they did right. We need to start sending our felons to an island and give them no modern machinery to create a method to get back to the USA.

    • This. Every time people bring up reasons to violate the Second Amendment, I ask them “Why the FRAK are we putting dangerous people back on the streets?!”. A person should be imprisoned as long as they are still a threat to others – if they are reformed, then they should be released and allowed full rights (with a mandatory death sentence if they commit a second violent offense) and anyone who cannot be reformed in a certain amount of time should be executed.

      Punish the criminals, not the innocent.

      • Had to share this:

        A pair of criminals, one of whom was armed with a rifle, entered the Bargain Spot convenience store in Gaffney, S.C. and demanded money from the clerk. The clerk responded by retrieving a handgun and firing at the robbers, striking one and causing both to flee. The wounded criminal only made it a block before he entered a church, pleading for help. The robber was then airlifted to a Spartanburg hospital.

        Gaffney Police Chief Richard Turner has made clear the clerk will not face charges, stating, “He was protecting his life and the property.” ***An investigation revealed that the wounded criminal was released from the Cherokee County Detention Center the same day he was shot***, where he was being held on charges that included threatening the life of a public official. Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Muller registered his irritation, noting, “He’s been in and out of jail 13 times since 2007… He should be in prison. It’s unbelievable how many times this has happened. It’s frustrating.” (The Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Spartanburg, S.C. 10/23/12)

        But forget 1 cartridge in a travel bag and you life is never the same.

        The courts are out of hand. Period.

  5. If gun control worked chicago would be paradise. How about we work on criminal control and if that fails we work on criminal eradication. But I’m willing to bet that if we got serious about criminal control we would see positive results.

  6. The higher the percentage of Democratic voters the more crime you have. From this I conclude that you will be more successful in reducing crime if you ban Democrats and not guns.

  7. Good Lord, are there any manly men to be found in the Northeastern United States? Academic pansy.

    • I’m off to Powell’s Books to pickup “The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide” by Frank Miniter. I first read a review of it at American Rifleman:
      “we found this book to be the antidote to today’s politically correct assault on masculinity—on hunting, on gun ownership, on manly vices and bravado. It’s loaded with skills for survival, hunting, heroism, athleticism and chivalry. And it’s not a crass read; rather, it’s an enlightening, entertaining how-to guide to being both a gentleman and a man of action”
      Powell’s Books is selling copies $11-15.

      After being raised in a Chicago upper-middle-class suburban Jewish family, I need all the immersion into true masculinity that I can get.

        • 🙂 Sounds good. *** Aharon drinks the brew and belches really loud driving all the womyn lurchers out of the room in disgust *** I think growing up Israeli has its benefits even though the feminists are making political inroads there and messing things up. Do they have Hooters Bars in Israel?

        • I’m with you on all but the Pabst…….I would have to wuss out and pop the top on a good micro brew. One of the few pleasures of sliding into middle age with a few bucks to my name is not having to suck down the ‘college brews’ of my youth.

  8. A) this institution is funded by Bloomberg. Draw your own conclusions.

    B) We have to keep cars out of the hands of drunk drivers. And when you regulate car sales,
    fewer cars get diverted to drunk drivers.

    C) Ignore B. Ownership of a car is not guaranteed in the Constitution. Eliminate car sales completely.

    D) Hey, isn’t that what the current DOE and EPA are trying to do by driving the cost of gasoline up to “European levels.”

    • Naw, D is commodity speculation. That is what drove gas prices to over four bucks when W was in. It’s all sold on the world market. Gas found and refined here may or may not be sold here.

      • Commodity speculation tends to be driven by supply and demand. Obviously, war and other potential disruptions are assumed to diminish supply. Conversely, depressed economies are assumed to diminish demand.

        If production had increased on Federal lands in the past few years, commodity traders could not have driven prices up.

        Of course, the counter-argument is that started more drilling now would not have a significant impact for “ten years.” This argument has been used by “environmentalists” to fight against expanded drilling for far more than ten years.

        What the “environmentalists” fail to take into account is that civilized man is also part of the environment, and must be protected.

        • The producers can artificially regulated supply, especially in California with its specially formulated gasolines. There was a major fire that shyut down one large refinery, and two more were shut down for “maintence”

        • UNLESS you reside in one of the middle-east oil producing countries and are allowed to purchase fuel at the prices their citizens pay,,,, in comparison to EU pricing, or CA pricing, the cost is cheaper than dirt.

  9. You all are ignoring the obvious fact that THIS MAN IS CORRECT. If you ban all guns, fewer people will get guns. Yes, all true. True also that the few people who get guns will be by definition criminals and that no law-abiding person will be able to use a gun in self-defense, but he isn’t arguing that.

  10. And if you lock everyone in their houses, no criminals can commit crimes.

    And if you lobotomize everyone, there would be no violence.

    There’s no arguing with those who can’t understand freedom.

  11. This is the best comment I found in the Baltimore Sun article;

    Does anyone know Hopkin’s opinion about EOTECH scopes? Since they are giving opinions about firearms, just I thought I would ask.

  12. @Aharon Jewish holidays are the best. There’s so much drinking involved. My Jewish friend put on a passover dinner for a bunch of us. Several times the passages he read instructed me to finish my glass of wine, great night lol.

  13. GREAT! More laws! Now explain to EXACTLY how you plan to get around Section 13 of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s constitution.

  14. Ah, then criminals turn to other methods to commit crime and the victims are unable to use a firearm in self defense. I guess we all need to work on hand to hand combat and martial arts in his world.

  15. Most of the “great ideas” this guy is recommending are already in the Laws, except a uniform age for owning a gun and somehow profiling “drunks” to single them out for gun purchase rejection. His premise that “studies show” anything he is concluding clearly proves he never read many studies. All he really did was say what the News Media wants to hear to get coverage for his statements….maybe what we really need is Media Control Laws, which make it a Felony to print reports on unfounded “research” with no references to the source of the quoted “facts”….Oh, Frak me!…THAT would be Unconstitutional!!!!

    The source of illegally owned guns is the criminal Black Market in guns, which is generally illegal since it involves convicted felons selling to convicted felons, or legal gun owners selling to convicted felons, or either of the former selling to persons under the legal ages to own guns, or minors selling guns to minors…so we only need to make it illegal to engage in illegal gun sales….Oh Frak me! That’s already illegal!!!!

    Apparently, I don’t understand what he is saying….or he isn’t saying anything worth reading…

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