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“So lock, load, and stop babbling about your feelings, because you can’t coexist with someone who is trying to eat your head, or to chop it off. Nonsense like “microaggressions,” “nonjudgmentalism,” and “fairness” can only exist in a world built and defended by macroaggressive, judgmental, and unfair people who carry guns and don’t hesitate to use them.” – Kurn Schlichter in The Actors on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Exemplify Everything That’s Wrong With Liberalism [at]



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    • Living in a society focused on alleviating “microagressions” (LOL) and intent on importing millions of third-world riffraff, undoubtedly including Muslim jihadists, has me wondering: am I insane? All along I’ve thought that society is crazy, that everyone has a death wish. But maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I just can’t envision the utopian future we’re sure to realize if only we give the government complete control over our lives and import about 100 million more impoverished immigrants.

  1. What? Zombies in the zombie apocalypse are the fault of gun possessors defending themselves unfairly against misunderstood undead? LOL. As Bugs Bunny says “What a maroon!”

    I guess if the survivors were more sensitive they would all be zombies too and the pain of the end of the world would be fairly distributed.

  2. …all good, except for the “and don’t hesitate to use them” bit. The context is implied (i.e. …against those trying to eat your brains or chop off your head) based on the rest of the entire article (which is worth a read).

    But there’s another interesting contrast between POTG and the Fear The Walking Dead liberals, of which the quote reminds me: the POTG wield great power in the guns they carry, and yet have the utmost respect for life; whereas the typical civilian disarmists think guns are icky, yet have a wanton disregard for life.

    Put a gun in the hand of a POTG and he won’t hesitate to use it – to protect innocent life from a criminal threat. Put a gun in the hand of a civilian disarmist, and he’s more likely to use it to take innocent life. (Though most prefer the degree-of-separation afforded by using agents of the state to do such dirty work.)

  3. Good read. I’ve been watching FTWD and my wife and I think these characters are all massive idiots. Except that barber dude. He knows whats up – probably because he didn’t come from the “everyone gets a trophy for participating” culture.

    • Also the drug addict son, aside from being a drug addict with all the attached problems, has a remarkable survival instinct. the daughter isn’t unredeemable either, and the other son is showing some decent smarts.

      I never thought that kids in a show like this could possibly be likeable. So far I like them way more than the adults (Aside from the barber, who Knows What’s Up but Will Probably Die Soon to Generate Pathos.

      • Most addicts do, it’s the foundation of their addiction… They’re driven to drugs like non-addicts are driven to food and water. In a society where their equivalent of food and water is illegal… Duh. They act like animals to get what they need to survive. They’re practiced.

    • The barber already told part of his story – in El Salvador, the government came to take the “sick” people away and promised they would return home “soon”. They returned alright, the barber found them all in a river a few months later.

      FTWD chatter is inferring he’s a survivor of the civil wars in El Salvador, i.e. he knows the signs of things going south.

      • Yep, you nailed it.

        Sian had commented:

        “Also the drug addict son, aside from being a drug addict with all the attached problems, has a remarkable survival instinct.”

        He’s gonna need it where he’s likely going.

        I find him a mildly interesting character, but not exactly compelling.

        Given the circumstances, he’s likely going to get the exact ‘help’ he needs. I’m just surprised the others in the neighborhood haven’t done it themselves.

        Well, the ex-wife narc’ed him out to the military, so there’s that.

        Goodbye, addict leech.

    • That liberal progressive school teacher dude will be the first to go . He tried to talk to the neighbor who was eating his dog and he gets pissed off when the barber shows his son how to use shotgun . He also showed the barber disrespect right after the barber saved his sons , x–wife’s and his life .
      The blond school counselor seems to get it . I think she’ll make a great head basher .

  4. I feel so smug, sitting here, not having even heard of the stupid show before now. IIRC, the last new show I saw on TV was “The Grimm” about four years ago.

    • In my opinion, its not as good as ‘The Walking Dead’, just a different slant on it.

      TWD kinda glossed over the Apocalypse, it should be interesting watching their take on it.

  5. I believe it was George Orwell who said liberals can sleep comfortably at night, because rough men stand ready to do violence in their defence, when necessary or something to that effect.
    I will not watch the show.

      • Orwell’s quote was: “Those who ‘abjure’ violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf.” from Notes on Nationalism 1945

        the exact phrase about rough men may have been from Churchill, but clear attribution is unclear and probably apocryphal. The phrase using ‘rough men’ first popped up around 1993 by columnist Richard Grenier who was paraphrasing Orwell.

        Orwell also said in 1942, “He sees clearly that men can only be highly civilized while other men, inevitably less civilized, are there to guard and feed them.”

      • “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
        Discussed here as to the source:

    • Attributed to Orwell but not entirely correct. I am a highly civilized man, fairly well educated and dedicated to being a peaceful man that will do his best to find a peaceful solution to most human caused problems.

      This is the case with most law abiding gun owners. By statistics, we are the most law abiding and peaceful demographic in our society, even more so than the police.

      Yet we have shown the willingness to use controlled violence in defense of self and others when defending against an unprovoked attack.

      It is only in our corrupt and degenerate time that the people of today have separated this aspect of what it really means to be “civilized” and placed the responsibility of maintaining the “peace” in the hands of a “professional” class of enforcers.

  6. I think this guy was right, until he went off against being non-judgmental and fair. Our society and all “free” societies are built on the principle of justice and not shooting first and asking questions later. I guess the word that’d sum it up would be chivalry.

    John Adams defended the British soldiers who did the Boston Massacre and I don’t think he was in it for the money.

    • I think this guy was right, until he went off against being non-judgmental and fair. Our society and all “free” societies are built on the principle of justice and not shooting first and asking questions later. I guess the word that’d sum it up would be chivalry.

      I think his point was that the world isn’t fair, and that human nature itself isn’t fair. Criminals certainly aren’t fair. Human society only acts in fairness under great self-restraint. (Case in point: how “fair” would our own society be without the protections of the Bill of Rights? How much “fairness” have we lost, despite those protections?)

      His point was that one group of people recognizes and accepts this reality, and acts accordingly. The other group of people chooses to live in blissful ignorance to this reality, and inevitably must face the consequences of that choice. Further, the latter group is only spared the inevitable consequences of their choice because of the existence, and actions, of the former group.

  7. I don’t watch much television, I do watch Walking Dead, and I am trying to watch this show too. Trying. It’s so hard to watch when the dumb main characters refuse to pick up handguns laying in the street for use to protect themselves later. The article linked is very good.

    • You know what’s coming because you’ve watched The Walking Dead. The characters in Fear The Walking Dead still think it’s a temporary situation and Big Brother has their best interests at heart. I’m glad they chose LA as the venue, because it’s the only place where people really are stupid enough to think like that, even without a Zombie Apocalypse. It’d be too far-fetched to be believable in any other venue.

      • The “not doing battlefield pick-ups” thing fits perfectly with the setting, too. In L.A., most people are so afraid of guns that they wouldn’t touch one lying in the street like that. They’ve been conditioned so well that “guns are bad”, it wouldn’t even occur to them that the thing might be useful in the crisis they’re facing, and probably wouldn’t have any idea how to safely handle and use it if they did pick it up.

        • “The “not doing battlefield pick-ups” thing fits perfectly with the setting, too.”

          That is the ‘turning point’ in the story I’m waiting for.

          I hope it’s one of the kids that picks up the first pistol and uses it to unexpectedly save one of the ‘adults’…

        • So far the only guns I’ve seen are the shotgun used to blow the head off the dog eater , the ones being used by military law enforcement , the one used by the black drug dealer and the 1911 in the street next to the kid that apparently offed himself .
          Sounds like LA .
          It’s already time to introduce more central characters if you ask me . The barber could become the new Rick , we’ll see what happens when is wife dies and turns . There are no Darrell’s in LA and probably won’t find too many Carol’s either .
          They were initially headed to Arizona I thought , where they might have found hope . I think this being a show based in LA might point to all the characters dying after 2 or 3 more episodes , just sayin .

        • “…probably won’t find too many Carol’s either”

          Remember that initially, Carol was a meek, abused doormat with little of value to offer the larger group. Bet there’s plenty of those in SoCal.

  8. Unfortunately, the legacy of the baby boomers has been a couple of generations of this mentality, particularly on the east and west coast population centers. I like both shows, FTWD and TWD, and I think they tend to show the difference in the two Americas. A couple of other takeaways:

    – Liberals fail to recognize that like the undead, there are groups that cannot be negotiated with or appeased…ISIS, criminals, etc…weakness is not rewarded. Winning is achieved by outplaying the opponent by perseverance, wit or strength.

    – There are essentially two groups who are somewhat prepared to live during and after a calamity…those who have prepared or live a lifestyle in which self reliance is part of their culture, and those who feed off the those who don’t…basically your criminal element. It’s much easier for the criminal element to feed off the professional victim class than tangle with those who can defend themselves.

  9. Points well made. The fascinating thing is that the very thing that progressives fear the most, (their own homicidal tendencies) is the very environment that they are creating in their attacking everything that maintains a civil and law abiding society.

    Attacking every societal construct that has helped to maintain a civil society, like the traditional family consisting of a man and a woman committed to raising mature, hard working law abiding children.

    Just look at the end result of this destruction of the traditional family in the black culture in the ghetto. Savage, feral packs of “children” roaming the streets as “gangsta’s” committed to violating every standard of what a civilized society is based upon, and the whole hearted embracing, nurturing and the protecting of this society destroying culture by those same progessives.

    In the end; they will get what they are so fiercely fighting against, societal wide savagery, and they will blame law abiding gun owning and carrying, proud americans for their own suicidal, and societal destroying tendencies.

  10. I don’t think it is a really fair article. It comes from the premise that it is easy to comprehend and tell others about upcoming zombie apocalypse. At the very beginning the series is in about the same spot that you are right now when you are reading this comment. Try walking up to your significant other and telling her that dead are rising, notwithstanding whether you saw it with your own eyes or not, (s)he won’t believe you. And you know she won’t.

    And yeah, since when was it wrong to protest what is clearly a murder by cop?

    • My wife knows what I do for a living so, yeah, she’d believe me. Or at least assume that something very very bad was happening even if I got the the-dead-are-rising part wrong.

    • You do understand that “zombies” are not real? But are a metaphor for the hordes of hive dwellers/welfare clas that will “arise” to come visit your home in a post SHTF world.

      • You do realize that after a month with very little food and water. Wearing the same clothes over and over because there’s no electricity or water to wash clothes. Clothes will become dirty and tattered from use. All people, welfare class and every other smug person who isn’t prepared, will be malnourished and walking around with next to zero energy looking for food. They will all be as zombie’s, ie “The Walking Dead”.

    • Actually, if I were to tell my significant other that the zombie apocalypse is real and happening right now, she and I would probably have to stifle tears of joy before running towards the gun safe yelling ‘WE WERE RIGHT! WE WERE RIGHT!’

      Where survivalists and hardcore nerds intersect, you find us….

  11. This is exactly what I expected from an Los Angeles-set Walking Dead spinoff.

    Oh those poor, unprepared morons. Watching them get a brutal reality check is kind of cathartic.

  12. I don’t think this guy understands basic principles of fiction, like character development and that the people in the show you’re watching aren’t privy to all the information that you, as a viewer, have.

    It seems obvious to me that they’re setting up an evolution of at least some of the characters, to show how the apocalypse changes people. They start out touchy-feely shitheads and turn into hardasses. Look at how the characters on the original WD show have changed over time. Rick was a crybaby in the beginning, and now he’s chewing a guy’s carotid artery out of his neck. It also seems realistic to me that a lot of people, caught in a disaster, would be in denial over just how dire their situation is. That’s a normal reaction.

    I’ve got some problems with how FTWD is unfolding, but for the most part, the characters seem more-or-less realistic to me. If a couple of liberal LA schoolteachers were suddenly zombie-slaughtering badasses overnight, would that seem believable?

  13. It’s easy for some people to adjust, because it’s not an adjustment… Societies are supposedly created as a way to make life better. A society doesn’t fail when it collapses into chaos and ruin. It fails when it becomes more of a burden than a benefit. When it has to force itself onto others who would rather not be a part of it, because it needs something to feed on to keep itself alive. When a society ceases to be a benefit, and becomes a leach upon the productive. That is when it has failed. Those of us who recognize this are already fighting a mob of mindless, diseased, mentally defunct sub-humans for survival… They call themselves “normal people.” We lose access to conveniences like Power Grid and Wal Mart, but there’s no difference beyond that.

  14. Good read. Disagree that liberals are locked into a culture or narrative. Reality has a way of reshaping a person view if one can make it through the paradigm shift.

    • Yep. I survived my personal “zombie” attack
      and woke up to the reality that Mother Nature cares not if you’re a vegetarian and believe in peace and harmony and good will to all of her children; some of her children will see you as prey, the more helpless, defenseless and powerless the better.

      What the possible benefit from the inevitable collapse, and the chaos and starvation that follows, (for all civilization do collapse,) will be that many of those that survive will be the ones that are shown that even the most technologically advanced civilization, with peace and harmony for the many, is not immune from those same forces of chaos, ie (progressivism) that has caused most of the dark ages in history.

      Perhaps a whole generation, with access to five thousand years of history, will finally realize that a mostly peaceful, civilized and relatively law abiding society as we have mostly been, is almost unique, and takes alot of work to be such. Think of it evolution in action. And that this generation will finally, voluntarily, reject the delusional, nihilistic, self-loathing cult of societal suicide that is progressivism/statism

      At least that is my hope.

  15. This show is the best possible depiction of why communication is important and why being purposefully delusional and ignoring the facts of reality to maintain your ideals like many of our sjw/antigun friends do is bad. If everyone in the show would stop pretending everything is normal and actually talk about it instead of letting one guy silence all differing opinions (again like our sjw/antigun friends do), then everyone would have been on the up and up by episode 3 tops.

  16. I’m a big fan of the original TWD, watch it religiously and root for the characters to survive. I’m also a big fan of FTWD, watch it religiously and root for the characters to die.

    • “I’m also a big fan of FTWD, watch it religiously and root for the characters to die.”

      At this point, I’m hoping addict Nick gets the ‘help’ he needs at the triage, er, ‘processing’ facility he’s going to…


  17. I stopped watching TWD after Season 1. I read the graphic novels well before the series was made and it went way too far off the rails for me. When they announced FTWD I knew it would be terrible.

    This guy has many salient points, but muddies a lot of it down with judgementalism. Which isn’t really surprising. The whole essay will appeal greatly to those who are already like-minded and push away those who aren’t. Not sure if that was his goal or not.

  18. I do watch and most of the time like both shows. What strikes me is that the “heroes” of the shows are invariably the weapons, and in TWD also the endless supply of ammunition and crossbow bolts that materialize out of thin air. Were it not for the weapons, they all would be zombies. Yet most of the actors are extreme hoplophobe English men and women playing Americans and during the interview segments don’t seem to get the paradox. For them, it is like using those weapons is just suspension of disbelief for the time that they are not in their Utopian fantasy world. In any sort of real apocalypse in a large city like LA (not zombies, but like in the original article, brought on by a natural disaster or ISIS dirty bomb), I expect the chaos, need for self-protection and self-preservation, and ultimately martial law will happen very quickly, like the barber said in the last FTWD show.

  19. Kurt Schlichter is one of the best things about Twitter. If you’re not following him there, you’re missing out. #caring

  20. Another show about zombies where none of the characters have ever read a book or seen a movie about apocalypse or understand the concept of zombie?

  21. a mohu leaf is digital bunny ears. i won’t pay to watch commercials. i hafta watch last years episodes.
    the savings pad the firearms budget.

  22. Well said. Someone has to do the dirty work.The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. That is why it says “shall not infringe” so we can have what the government has. I believe the people should have what the government has including machine guns. The only gun control law there should be is that criminals can’t have any firearms. Thanks for your vote, pass the word.

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