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“Senate Bill 941, worse than doing nothing, gives false hope, because it represents to people that felons are not going to get guns. And colleagues, I think we all know that’s not true. The are going to get them one way or another.” – Oregon House Republican Leader Mike McLane in Oregon Bill Passes Expanding Background Checks for Gun Sales [at]

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    • I would love to understand exactly how that works. I lived in OR for many years, I was stationed there in the military, still have in laws etc…

      I can see transferring a gun between friends, we never thought about background checks or any of that and I don’t see why we would now.

      But what about classifieds and stuff? I used to love reading the Nickel (called affectionately ‘the nipple’) for all their guns for sale ads. Do two guys just meet and say F the background check?

      Does anyone track these laws like in WA, is there any idea if people are actually driving to an FFL and paying the fine? Oregon will become CA, you are well on your way. I pray to god that doesn’t happen.

      I knew this bill would pass the minute I did a democrat headcount.

      • A friend and I were in a gun shop up here in Washington yesterday. While we were talking to the owner, I asked how many people had come in to do background checks so they can go shooting each other’s firearms. He responded “Zero. Plus we won’t do those kind of background checks here”.
        Civil disobedience at its best.

        • I live in Washington, but my favorite shooting spot is just over the border in Idaho. I keep thinking I need to find a plinking spot on my side of the state line…it’s time I became the criminal the government wants me to be.

      • The law is a good example of “magical thinking” — attributing causality to unrelated events. I suspect that the proponents of the new law don’t much care whether it’s effective or not. They’re mostly interested in the symbolism of getting another gun-control law passed. Of course gun-owners are going to ignore a law that’s largely unenforceable but that’s not the point of the law. It’s sad when this happens.

      • There’s not a lot of compliance here in WA. At the WAC gun shows, they do cheap transfers for members, but I don’t know how many people use them.

        But if you look at (a popular place to find used guns for FtF sale), you’ll see that the number of listings is down dramatically, versus a year ago.

    • Guess they’ll be a lot of private gun sales “in” Idaho, hmmm?

      “No I sold him the gun in Idaho….Yes we both live in Portland. Why do you ask?”

    • I still cant believe that all these sheriffs in our state opposed it even a liberal clackamas county sheriff and it still passed and the way brown is she’ll sign it with out a blink of the eye. Terrible the whole west coast is now restricted. Cant believe the portland/eugene hippys mananged to ruin an entire state in just 60 years

  1. sigh…
    If you can’t ban guns, make it so difficult for law abiding people that they give up on owning guns…

    Politicians. Living in fantasy world, at your expense.

    • Citizens are as likely to give up guns as politicians are likely give up corruption. Problem is guns are no where as dangerous as corrupt politicians.

  2. We now have a similar law in Washington State. Main problem is that it is unenforceable and unnecessary. Bottom line it is one more law that does next to nothing and seems, to the average voter, to be a good idea. Law enforcement here has stated that it will be impossible to enforce. There are also privacy issues and search and seizure issues with the law. Believe those will both be challenged at some point. One of the drawbacks of the Initiative process is that sometimes dumb laws end up being voted in and on the books. I believe that Mike B. spent a lot of money here to get that law passed. Did not see anything from the NRA or other pro-gun organizations opposing the law before the vote.

      • It kind of defeats the point if you have to look for it, doesn’t it?

        Not trying to be confrontational.

        It’s just that I have to look for pro gun points of view…. yet anti gun I have to try hard to avoid.

    • It keeps being repeated that this is some kind of “answer” to Sandy Hook, makes me wonder if stealing firearms and/or murder are newly outlawed by this bill. That would be more productive than what I understand the bill does.

      If the people of the state want this, OK. Then the people of the state should pay for it. So, all these checks are to be paid for by the taxpayer? I didn’t think so.

    • There were a lot of us putting out signs, talking to folks, etc, but I’m on the “gun side” of the state (east & dry), not the “Birkenstock side” (west & wet). All those Starbucks-swilling, kale-eating, granola-makin’ folks on the left side of the state know what’s best for all of us, so I-594 passed. Because.

      • If you look at a county-by-county breakdown, you’ll see that it got a majority of the votes in most counties, even those in the east.

        Lots of people believed the lies that Bloomberg, Gates, Allen, and Balmer were jamming down their throats 24/7. And the fact that there was a school shooting right before the vote, regardless of the fact that 594 could have done nothing to prevent it, just made it inevitable.

        • This is why we have to change outr tactics to respond to their change in offense. They are now building a momentum and even though it’s in more left leaning areas, perception will let it spread.

    • Apparently Bloomy has his sights on Nevada and Arizona, particularly since AZ has a voter initiative process. We tried to prevent that with the first step toward an interstate compact agreement, but it got killed in the state legislative session when two former backers gave up on it. I reckon they got a whiff of that cash-infused koolaid from Bloomy.

      • Could it have been the case of Ducey’s heart not being in the right place? It’s hard to know if he might have pulled some strings not to have a few bills land on his desk. Or maybe Ethan Orr’s defeat made a few AZ Republicans more skittish on gun rights. Makes one wonder where AZ is headed.

  3. Imagine a world where all the morons who act on the illusion of having done something actually had to do something.

    So much of this world is a complete fabrication manufactured by the “gotta do something” fools. From mandatory minimums to universal background checks to outright prohibition. All economically costly. All sociologically destructive beyond measure. All accomplish nothing constructive. All architects of such stupidity get off with a clear conscience.

    We should put the “gotta do something” crowd in charge of the space program. Let them throw away billions haphazardly blasting objects into space without a plan or point.

    • But isn’t it all worthwhile if we can just save one life? Doesn’t that single life matter? (/sarc/)

      • But isn’t it all worthwhile if we can just save one life? Doesn’t that child’s life matter? (/sarc/)


  4. The impact SB 941 will most likely have is to kill off the used gun market which will cause new gun sales to increase, putting more firearms into the hands of the people.

    Don’t expect them to amend the bill in the future to make the burden lighter for gun owners, Senator Hass has already announced that we need to close the family member loophole.

    • That’s what it seems to have done north of the Columbia River. Gun sales here are as strong as ever. We’re just keeping our old guns longer (or selling them to people we know aren’t part of a local news crew sting operation).

      I-549 was a secret push by the gun lobby and safe manufacturers to drum up business…speaking of which, I need to get a third safe soon.

    • And ordinarily law-abiding folks won’t follow it either. Making them felons as well. The whole well-oiled slippery slope at its finest.

    • They don’t have to follow this law — they can’t be required to. I caught a lawyer on the radio explaining this: a felon engaging in a background check is self-incriminating activity. Constitutionally, no one can be required to engage in self-incriminating activity; ergo, criminals cannot be required to follow this law.

      The interesting thing is that if you decide to not follow this law, then you cannot be required to do so: that would itself be self-incriminating. So the law is in effect voluntary, since NO ONE can be required to follow it.

      Once this is realized, they’ll be clamoring for registration. And that just shows what this is about.

  5. Left coast is finished. This legislative infection turns toward the east and in two generations the Second amendment will be either repealed or so diluted that it means nothing.

    • Unfortunately, yes.

      It’s already diluted to the point that its deterrent value against tyranny has been significantly reduced. Government has gotten the message that the People will allow infringement upon that which is necessary to the security of a free state.

    • What a load of crap.

      Washington and Oregon have some of the strongest pro-gun rights pushes in the country. Our democratic legislature and governor recently legalized suppressors and SBRs. They recently failed to pass universal background checks, and appear to be ready to neuter the universal background check law that went into effect by a ballot initiative (making it not apply if at least one of the two people has a CPL, or for lots of temporary transfers).

      It’s still far better here than in much of the “gun friendly” midwest or south where there’s gun registration or gun owner licensing.

  6. Democrats, liberal/regressives, statists. Branded as those that want to control or be controlled by their “betters”.

    Glorifying being powerless, helpless and defenseless. Proud to bow down and pay obeisance to their master, their effective god called government. Begging, pleading, willing to sacrifice their freedom, their dignity, their self-respect, their privacy and their unborn children if their master will only keep them safe.

    History has shown there is only one destination for those that refuse to take responsibility for their lives and place it the hands of the “elite”, in the hands of those with the “monopoly of Force” .

    That distination is as a pile of rotting corpses, at the hands of the “only ones”.

  7. California politics seems to follow wherever former California residents move. I cringe at all the California residents now living in Texas.

    • Plenty of states have gone from anti-gun to pro gun.

      Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina etc.

      I remember Alaska’s first shall issue law in 1995. It was absolute trash, by far the worst carry law ever.

      Missouri and Kansas did a 180, back in 2002, both states were horrible, no carry, no NFA, bad laws all around.

    • It’s a ridiculous law.

      This will only drive privacy driven good people to seek out unregistered firearms by private exchange.

      I expect 80% lower and other firearm frames and receivers for DIYers to be good business in Oregon. To my knowledge SB941 doesn’t address a person who manufactures their own firearm – and even if it did, that person need only provide to people (cops) they manufactured it before SB941 was passed. The more they pester people that would like to be left alone who enjoy their freedoms, the more those people become less cooperative and supportive of their respective governments. Tolerance is the key to respect and peace. The more they tell us that the opinion of the 51% is better than our 49, the worse they make the situation.

  8. “Senate Bill 941, worse than doing nothing, gives false hope, because it represents to people that felons are not going to get guns. And colleagues, I think we all know that’s not true. The are going to get them one way or another.” – Oregon House Republican Leader Mike McLane in Oregon Bill Passes Expanding Background Checks for Gun Sales

    I bet Senator Floyd Prozanski can feel better knowing that his sister couldn’t have been killed by anything other than a gun, and that, of course, this bill will stop criminals from obtaining guns (e.g. stealing guns from peoples homes, pawn shops, police cruiser trunks, etc). The people of Oregon definitely need the state government keeping tabs on them and relaying that information to federal organizations. This bill will definitely work all the time (two private buyers agree that the firearm was sold in May of 2012 to each other when hassled by cops) and that this law will never be abused to take people’s gun rights.

    …Shall not be infringed.

    Infringe (verb): act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.
    “his legal rights were being infringed”
    synonyms: restrict, limit, curb, check, encroach on; undermine, erode, diminish, weaken, impair, damage, compromise
    “the surveillance infringed on his rights”

  9. Reminder to folks that this bill exempts cops from background checks. Because they’re more equal than the rest of us, or something like that.

  10. I’m really disappointed The way Oregon is headed. I’ve lived her since 99, and thought this state catered to sports minded folks, and decent gun laws, No more!
    I wonder if the A__ holes who supported this measure ever thought about how easy it is to get around this measure. I have a couple of friends that I have bought and sold guns to for years. When I sell a gun to them, or anyone else for that matter, I have them sign a simple statement they they are purchasing said gun on such and such a date. If the gun should be stolen from them and used in a crime, an eventually traced back to me, or my friend turns rouge, an unlikely event, then I have proof the gun had left my hands.

    So how difficult would it be to back date a sale? Simple date the form to some time before measure 941 went into effect. Of course, the courts could have the form analyzed to see how old the ink was, but that’s going pretty far!

    I just called one of the local gun shops, the only one open until before 10:00AM, I asked if they would be charging a fee on top of the $10.00 background check. They said, “absolutely!”

  11. The PotG need to understand that the Bloomy crowd has shifted tactics from a national front where they have already lost to a state-by-state ground battle in which they can hope to overwhelm opposition with huge sums of money. If we are not prepared to fight that ground war, we will lose one state at a time and the 2A be damned. Our defense needs to change to address the changed tactics. And frankly, we need to take back the offensive.

    • You’re damn right about that.

      Keeps me up at night frankly. Look at the money spent on WA 594 for and against. Not even remotely close.

      The question is, when they get these useless state level UBC’s, then what? This is low hanging fruit today, what happens tomorrow?

  12. I left Oregon and escaped to the American Sector, specifically Arizona, over a year ago. Best decision I have ever made.


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