“Before spikes, I was involved in at least 10 events where a vehicle was stopped by using a weapon. I’ve used shotguns, pistols, carbines, and machine guns. It does take a minute or two for the air to go out of a shot tire and yes, suspects can and will continue to drive, at a slower speed, until they loose control. Spikes are safest, but I do teach the best methods for shooting a tire if necessary.” – Capt. David “Kelly” Davis, Cmdr., Criminal Investigation Div. Pecos (TX) PD


  1. I, myself, have seen a startling increase in the misspelling of the word, “lose.” Lose control, not “loose” control.

  2. I know, wtf is up with the spate of “loose” instead of “lose” these days?!? Is it some kind of auto correct? It is ridiculous how much I see that error lately, in many different grammar contexts! Has had me wondering if I have been wrong all these years using “lose”…I’ve even seen it used in, “We have nothing to loose.” W.T.F.

  3. Long video, the pew pew starts around 1:55. Also, so many grammar babies on the internet. I usually loose control before I lose control.

  4. OMG those fascist POlice shot that poor mans tires out! He was just speeding to get home to read TTAG!!! Even after he stops his car, those brutes threw him on the ground!!! Evil, mean, bad police…no donuts for you! I’m gonna call my mommy!


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