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Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Pregame Show

“active shooting in Canada, or as we call it in america, wednesday” – Tweet from supermodel Chrissy Teigen

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  1. I know with freedom of speech we have to take the idiotic with the intelligent but I’ll admit to secretly wishing I had the mastery of the “zip it” technique that Dr Evil has.

  2. I have a twitter account and you should follow me, because we fashion models are known for our superior intellect.

  3. We seen this event as proof that no amount of regulations is going to stop people with evil intent, but they see it as proof it would happen less. What a magical land they must live in. I hope I am able to visit it one day.

    • Wait, wait – I thought President Feckless had determined that this was “workplace violence” in Canada.

      You know, like the Ft. Hood “workplace violence”.

  4. Also illegal in the US, just like it is illegal in Canada. Yet evil does not follow the rule of law, or basic morals, or common sense. It makes no difference where evil raises its head in the world, laws, rules, and regulation do nothing to deter it. In Canada, just like in the US, and every else in the world, it will ALWAYS take a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.

  5. How do I shut up the talking ads on this site? They “double up” so it sounds like two people talking at once, so it’s totally unintelligible as well as annoying.

      • +1
        It’s a free add-on and all of a sudden many websites will look way better to you. Just google “adblock plus for [insert browser name here]”

        (it even blocks the ads before youtube videos that aren’t easily skippable)

    • I won’t surf the net without Adblock Edge and addons. I know it affects the revenue of good sites like TTAG, but they chose to put obtrusive and annoying ads on their pages so I have no choice but to block the ads.

    • Brain Shrinkage in Anorexia Is Reversible

      When in a state of starvation, the women with anorexia nervosa had less gray-matter brain volume compared with healthy women. And those who had the illness the longest showed the greatest reductions in brain volume when underweight.

      Scientists aren’t sure whether or not the brain-volume changes have an impact on cognition, and that’s something Roberto would like to look into. There have been reports of cognitive impairment in those with anorexia nervosa, but scientists don’t know if it’s linked to grey-matter shrinking.

    • Or Milwaukee or Detroit or Oakland or Los Angeles or Nashville or Memphis or Miami or any major urban center where they’ve chosen to devalue education, esteem and enshrine welfare and dependency.

      Take a bow Chrissy! Your political philosophy has worked better than anyone could have expected.

  6. I want to call her something that rhymes with Cumb Dunt.

    Sorry haven’t had my morning coffee yet.

  7. You realize this is a person who has tweeted such gems as:



    “You seem fun. RT @Tex2333 there’s too many people on earth anyway. Were due for another plague”

    I will forever maintain that twitter is the last bastion of the truly narcissistic.

  8. She’s an idiot.

    Unfortunately T&A gives dumb dumbs like this a platform to enlighten the rest of us with their ignorant tripe.

    Go back to taking selfies and duck face photos. Leave the big thinking to others.

  9. No no Christy you are confused Again.(Gets a map and a calender) see canada is a country and Wednesday is a day of the week, remember I showed you this before. Oh well it is a good thing you are pretty.


    • if you are indicating that IQ and waist size are proportional, I’m approaching genius. 🙂

      oh, wait, you meant waste didn’t you.

      Crap, there went my ego.

  10. We call it Monday through Sunday because the media clowns won’t let a story die as long as they can get viewers or listeners eyes puckered in fear. Because parrots like you are told this thing happens so often simply because it makes the news.

    “How do you reach a culture that listens with its eyes and thinks with its feelings?”

    • I expect a vacuous person to be oblivious to her own vacuosity, but what of her followers? What kind of person finds it a prudent use of his/her time to plug into fashion models on Twitter?

  11. Well I actually agree with this comment…..I am not at all phased when I hear this kinda news. To me it’s like hearing about a car wreck…yaaawn next!

    • Difference is you only hear about the shooters when they rarely happen. You hear about car wrecks when there is nothing else to report because they happen constantly all day. They can be relied on to put blood on your TV when nothing else is available.

  12. glad you clarified who she is. . . . looks like someone else I met over in E. St Louis wearing platform heels and a thong. . . . .

    • +1

      I hate these people who always whine about how much better a place is. If it is then go what is stopping you? Why do you stay in a place you hate so much?

      I hated where I lived in Maryland, libtard land. I thought Florida was better. So i picked up and moved. I put my money where my mouth was.

      But that would require work and sacrifice that a lot of these “progressives” seem to balk at expecting someone else to do it for them.

  13. Aren’t there any just plain “models” anymore? Seems like anybody who gets paid to be visible these days is automatically a “supermodel”. I miss the old days, when that title was reserved for only those people who had worked extremely hard and had truly mastered the craft of wearing clothes and reflecting light onto photographic film.

    It’s kind of like porn: there are no “porn character actors”, they’re all “porn stars“.

  14. Married to John Legend. NOT anorexic. Think playboy or sports illustrated. Gets naked a lot. And she’s a brain dead t##t.

    • Plug her name into google images and behold. God bless her parents. She’s getting plenty of nourishment, but apparently her brain is starved for oxygen.

    • Put her in the kitchen and tell her to make us all sammiches. She’ll call that “A Weekend”.

  15. My first thought when I read was simply “Who?” Then, after considering the matter a bit longer, I came back around to “Who??” followed up by a quick “So what?” Who the hell cares what this person has to say about guns?

    And for the record, in America (that leading uppercase letter is really fscking important) we don’t always shoot soldiers on Wednesday (and when we do its classified as workplace violence).

  16. Oh I’m sorry did someone tell you that because you’re appealing to the eye you’re appealing to the ear as well? That would be wrong. Now sthu and go look pretty for the camera, m’kay?

  17. So…people in Canada get shot on Wednesdays. Got it.

    We really need to find a way to kill “active shooter” as a term. It sets up a spurious and damaging binary. Everyone who hears it unconsciously divides shooting and shooters into into two categories: those who are currently murdering innocents, and those who haven’t “activated” themselves yet.

  18. T & A pushing the states agenda, awesome. If anyone’s bullshit detector gets overloaded, just turn of off the television. Instant cure.

  19. hmmm. 10 more pounds and ten more years and this gal is a dead ringer for a pug dog face. not as smart tho.

  20. One of these guys ran down some Canadians with a car and murdered one… I’m sure they were so happy he didn’t have a gun…

  21. “active shooting in Canada, or as we call it in america, wednesday”

    I just noticed she managed to capitalize “Canada,” but not “America.”

    Or “Wednesday.”
    She is a special snowflake.

  22. I’ve been all over America, but I haven’t found a place where they referred to Canada as “Wednesday”. Is this supposed to be cute, somehow? Supposed to mean something?

  23. I’m sorry. Did you say something? I didn’t hear you because I was too busy staring at your tits while thinking about the various ways I wanted to screw you, but then I woke up and realized it wasn’t going to happen. I’m not a liberal Democrat, therefore screwing people is not something I’m accustomed to.

  24. I don’t know who this is, therefore I fail to see why I should care about what she has to say.
    In summation; that’s nice sweetheart. Now hit the gym and put on this swimsuit.

  25. This girl has been all over Hulu promoting Stella Artois. Won’t be drinking that Belgian piss anymore.

  26. The thing is models like her are practically deities to liberal woman that worship everything they say or do. These women simply want to be just like them. But the subject of the sickness of celebrity worship is a whole nother story.

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