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“Judge Legg was obligated to follow precedent recognizing that the Supreme Court’s creation of a narrow right to a gun in the home does not override the public’s right to a policy that keeps guns off the streets. But he ignored his obligation and, by doing so, put the lives and safety of Maryland residents at greater risk.” – Brady Campaign President Dan Gross acknowledging (for the first time?) that individuals have the right to own guns.

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  1. “Brady Campaign President Dan Gross acknowledging (for the first time?) that individuals have the right to own guns.”

    “Credible eyewitnesses report a small flock of flying pigs sighted in the skies over Washington, DC. A spokesperson for the Obama administration has denied the reality of the incident, blaming it on strange cloud formations due to global warming. In other news, global warming on earth has apparently been tied to a sudden collapse in the average temperature of Hell, with reports of glaciers forming in many locations of the netherworld. Details at 11!”

  2. this ruling in my state is the first shot in this wider war to allow law abiding free state residents the ability to defend themselves when attacked, NOT to pursue people whom you deem by their appearance “criminal” (ahem, Zimmerman, ie key stone cops).

    these brady fools maybe are beginning to see that out side of mcarthy and the ‘shoulder thing that goes up” crowd is shrinking.

    it is clear that our attorney general Doug Gansler believes in a selective application of the constitution.

    check out the WOLLARD DECISION FAQ at MSI(MD shall issue citizens defense league) Our 2A advocacy group here.

  3. Brady Campaign President Dan Gross acknowledging (for the first time?) that individuals have the right to own guns.

    About the only thing he did get right in that whole paragraph. If the 2nd Amendment wasn’t clear enough already, Heller went to excruciating lengths to point out how:

    1) It can only be interpreted as protecting a pre-existing right, not “creating” a new one; and
    2) The term “bear arms” means nothing unless it includes the carrying of weapons on one’s person in public.

  4. Wow, I bet if he keeps practicing and if the stars align right, he might actually say something genuinely intelligent some day. Then the next step is him saying something morally respectable, but I won’t hold my breath for that.

  5. So the Supreme Court creates our rights? That is not what the constitution says. It clearly articulates that our rights come from God. He keeps using that word, I do not think it means what he thinks it means…

    Perhaps he is from Canada.

    • Well, no. The Constitution is actually pretty dang dry and has no flowery language in it, and certainly nothing in it about rights coming from God.

      • oops, silly me. I was thinking of the Declaration of Independence. That doc is pretty clear on where our rights come from.

        • A lot of people make that switch in their heads. The thing is the Declaration of Independence, while inspiring and historically significant, has no standing in law. It’s simply a statement of intentions from the colonists to the crown. It sticks in the mind so much better than the Constitution because its prose is so much better, but the Constitution is what really matters.

  6. I guess I’m just a more forgiving person that y’all. Every night before I go to sleep, I keep Gross in my prayers and say, “forgive him, Lord, for he’s an a$$hole, and a well-paid one at that.”

    • Huh, seems to me like the prayers would be better served by praying he dies of a heart attack or is murdered by a thug with a knife.

  7. recognizing that the Supreme Court’s creation of a narrow right to a gun in the home.- Brady Bunch.
    One small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.

  8. Helmke repeatedly stated that they didn’t want to take everybody’s guns away, but you guys kept ignoring it. When forced, you said he doesn’t mean it and is secretly intending to incrementally arrive there.

    You did this because to argue against what they really do say is difficult.

    • Helmke was and is a gun grabber.
      I have known him for along time and he was always trying to get the cops and bureaucrats in Fort Wayne ( where he was a Republican Mayor) to throttle gun shops and sales in that city.
      And, yeah, I was originally from the Fort Wayne area.

      • A good example was that Fort Wayne was putting the heat on the gun shops not to sell defensive shotguns or barrels. This was because the gangs and criminals were using them in crimes! Bull! Since when?
        It was because homeowners wanted to defend themselves!
        If you wanted a defensive gun, you went to one of the surrounding small towns and bought it there.
        Helmke and his minions did not deter the criminal element one bit!

    • Mike, did Helmke ever concede that individuals have a constitutional right to own guns? If he did, I couldn’t find it. I’d love to be proved wrong. Please post a link.

    • Sure they don’t want to take all guns away, just the semiautomatic rifles, handguns, semiautomatic shotguns, pump shotguns, “high powered” rifles and anything else scary. Not all guns will be banned, we can probably keep the pellet guns and maybe some .22 lr single shot rifles.

  9. I always thought we had the 2A before the SCOTUS was created, not the other way around. I guess I’m not as educated as those Brady people are.

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