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”There is no way I would suggest that we can stop gun crime, that is nonsense. Whenever you have guns in the community you have the potential for gun crime. That’s a reality.” -Sydney (Australia) Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione via

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    • The fly in the ointment ,Mikeb,is HOW that diminishing can be accomplished.

      Criminals will not willingly hand over their guns.Banning legal sale and transfer simply establishes a black market where guns stolen from police & military armories are re-sold back to criminals.Sometimes crooked members of the government are the ones doing the selling.

      Gun controls laws make as much sense as passing a law banning the sunrise.

      • Mike just doesn’t get it. England, a country on an island, got rid of guns and crime has increased. Knife attacks, assaults, home robberies are way up, and guns are being smuggled into England from overseas. One definition of insanity is to keep doing over the same action that gets the same failure results. Mike wants us not to learn from all the empirical historical evidence and to do the thing that brings about failure. In America, gun ownership is increasing and crime is decreasing even with an ongoing economic trend sending us into a debt ridden third world country status.

        • You’re just mindlessly repeating what you’ve heard others say because you think it sounds cool and it supports your pre-conceived bias towards guns.

          The fact is, as anyone reasonable and honest will tell you, when you remove guns and replace them with knives and bats, fewer prople die and fewer people go to the hospital.

            • What’ I’m disputing is the idea that stricter gun control laws result in an increase in violent crime.

              You can play with the numbers all you want, like including relatively minor crimes to offset the diminishment in murders, but anybody the least bit reasonable would never agree with your nonsense.

              Robert’s asking for a citation about something that requires simple common sense and honesty is a trick. This is to make it look like I’m making claims I cannot back up.

              My claim was this. Take away guns and replace with knives. Do more people end up dead, yes or no?

    • Your position is supported by the underworld of criminals, reducing by 10 – 50% the injury rate among bad guys.

      • You got it. Until the dang criminals start taking casualties versus the common citizens, we are not going to diminish crime one bit.

  1. Once upon a time I worked in the domain of PSYOP. One of the hazards of PSYOP is that you come to believe your own propaganda more than the targeted audience does. It happens more often than you would think. When someone begins to believe in, and act on, his own falsehoods he becomes delusional. Mikey fits that description to a “T”

  2. The attitude of the newspaper is shown when they write:
    “POLICE are powerless to stop gun crime while WEAPONS (emphasis mine) exist on Sydney’s streets, the Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, has admitted, but he will consider lobbying for a gun amnesty if his officers request it.”
    What next? Knitting needles, rocks, pointed sticks? With this mindset, the only scenario when Australians will be safe is when they are all quadriplegics, confined to immobile chairs, with their mouths taped over (to prevent spitting) and wearing lead helmets (to prevent possible telepathic or psychokinetic attacking)…but then there’s magick…

  3. One has to understand that self-defense is effectively illegal in Australia, the Govenment “Rules” they do not Govern. Australia like the UK is lost, it will only get worse. The NSW Police as a whole despise gun owners (lawful), saw that first hand when I lived there, glad I got out when I did. Unlike Mikeb, I am now a free man, I live at the good leave of God the Queen can kiss my ass.

  4. Whenever you have guns in the community you have the potential for gun crime.

    Whenever you have criminals in the community you have the potential for gun crime.


    • That would mean holding people responsible, not scary inanimate objects. IT would be a conscious acknowledgement that evil exists and life is unpredictable. Can’t have that, now can we.

  5. Funny how law enforcement and the military industrial complex LOVES unwinnable wars. I think it MIGHT have something to do with the associated unlimited funding…

    Ron Paul 2012, etc.

  6. I think that this is a great template for writing all sorts of laws:
    1. Whenever you have vaginas in the community you have the potential for prostitution crime.
    2, Whenever you have paint in the community you have the potential for graffiti crime.
    3. Whenever you have matches in the community you have the potential for arson crime.
    4. Whenever you have hammers in the community you have the potential for blunt force trauma crime.
    5. Whenever you have fish tanks in the community you have the potential for hydroponic marijuana growing crime.

    See? It’s works for EVERYTHING! just need 3 people to fill in the blanks on this template for all possible situations and type the crap up every week.

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