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“If we can’t get it done four months after Sandy Hook, how are we going to get it done any time in the next four years? This is an unmitigated disaster.” – Unnamed “senior Obama associate” in At Pivotal Point in Presidency, Obama Routed on Gun Control [via]

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  1. I love that the “gun lobby” is getting blamed. The millions of gun owners have spoken. Your emotions do not trump Constitutionally protected natural rights.

    • Emotions have little to do with what any of them are saying. Obama, Giffords, the Newtown victims parents and loved ones they keep using to little affect.

      Emotion is what they want you to think they are using. They want you to think it is a knee jerk reaction.

      They just want your guns and will use any forum/soapbox to draw attention AWAY from that fact.

  2. “If we can’t restrict a freedom that media and government has denegrated now, how can we restrict ‘mainstream’ freedoms later?”

  3. ““If we can’t get it done four months after Sandy Hook, how are we going to get it done any time in the next four years?”

    Yeah, better just give up & go home, guys. (Ahhh, wishful thinking *sigh*)

  4. Cry me a river, Progressives. You have successfully foisted ObamaCare, huge debts, unlimited immigration, a terrible economy and a whole bunch of nonsensical social programs on the rest of us. Progressives are still way ahead on the scoreboard.

  5. This is really his first defeat after over a full term, unfortunately. People now know he does not always get his way, that he can be beaten, and hopefully it will embolden politicians to push back more and more and more.
    His agenda is not what is best for our nation or our liberty. He continues to show great disrespect to other countries and leaders who have stood by us through decades or more and that could come back to haunt us someday.
    Our economy continues to limp along, he’s pushing giving home loans to people who should not be in debt, he pumps money into things that are none of the Federal Govt’s affairs, with the net effect of billions wasted but cronies getting rich.
    Perhaps worst of all, our country is move divided than ever. Rich vs Poor, White vs non-white, immigrant against citizen, those who have against those who want but won’t work to get it.
    Just a reminder, Robin Hood and Zorro did not take from the rich and give to the poor, they fought tyranny and cronyism and took the money back from the tax collectors and gave it back to the people who had been ruined by excessive taxation.
    This is a victory in the battle, but the war is not won. Now that so many of us have found our voice and found out there are many other like-minded people out there we need to keep supporting those who have shown their courage and mettle and work to defeat at the ballot box those who have shown they cannot be trusted. Keep writing/calling/faxing/emailing your elected officials, keep asking for restoration of rights, go to the town hall meetings and try to bring up the uncomfortable questions to those who do not get it.
    March on Patriots!

  6. violence has been raging in cities for decades, and he thinks we can cure it in months? really? Intellectually lazy.

    • Why doesn’t he start with his “hometown” of Chitown… Yes asking? Oh, Chicago, NYC and a few others, as we all know, have the most restrictive gun laws around.

  7. “The defeat raises questions about Obama’s ability to unify congressional Democrats and to mobilize supporters via his nascent Organizing for Action, a first-of-its-kind political machine controlled by the White House.”

    Man they are not even trying to hid the fact that the org is tied to the white house anymore.

  8. maybe someone can post a list of the senators that voted against this? we’ve been hammering em with probably less than nice emails, maybe some thank you cards aught be sent out?

  9. Fournier is just another dreamer, and yesterday his dream turned into a nightmare. Now he’s trying to rationalize the “dream” and move it forward. It’s not going to work Ron! Read the writing on the wall…..

  10. All I will say is remember Hillarycare. It took them 16 years but they got it through.

    Feel good about this small victory for civil rights, but do not think for a second this is over.

    In a quiet moment think about what you can personally do to help the side of civil rights protection when the next fight comes.

    I recommend reminding all of your black friends of the racist origins of gun control and the racist application of gun control laws today. Also take your female friends shooting. Converts.

    • “I recommend reminding all of your black friends of the racist origins of gun control and the racist application of gun control laws today. Also take your female friends shooting. Converts.”

      Good luck with that. We have some very intelligent, up-standing black friends at our church who turn into blubbering morons and massively offended individuals if you say anything against Obama. Even their children (some of who are like 8) will speak out against you as if you are the devil bad mouthing Jesus.

      We have some single lady friends that love spending time in our home. To quote: “I never feel so relaxed and comfortable around anyone’s family as I do yours. I don’t even know its there and it doesn’t bother me at all because I know you are responsible and will keep us all safe if you have to. But I really do think people have too much right to buy and sell guns. It should be monitored.” – a friend of the family who also turns into a blubbering idiot when certain non-assailable issues arise.

      My point is that some people will cling to the car that will not start, that some people will hide in a bush on the side of a highway and others (quite literally) will just pull the wool over their eyes if they don’t like what they are seeing.

      • You make my point exactly. Gently applied truth.

        You almost never make a sale during the first contact/impression with a customer.

        Obamacare will be will be the utter failure it’s opponents predicted (hell, it’s author is virtually admitting as much), this will present times to gently point out other untruths that have come out of DC.

  11. Meanwhile, the Saudis who were involved with the Boston attack have been quietly flown back to their home turf to avoid any “embarrasing” charges in the US.

    As Obama whines like a kid and his MSNBC flunkies blame the NRA for the attack.

    Check out the story at WND.

    • And more people were killed in the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas than in Boston, but Obama and the media will give them no moment of silence, no BS “thoughts and prayers” statements, families of those who perished won’t get a free trip on Air Force One.

      Obama and his victim agenda don’t care about any lives that are lost…he only cares about deaths that can further his agendas. More cameras! More surveillance! More spying on American people! Less guns!

  12. As the Obama administration looks around for people to blame, maybe they should start with Gov. Cuomo. The SAFE Act revealed the true intentions of many on the left and killed the notion that gun owners could compromise with them. They overreached at the state level and now seem confused as to why we will not give an inch at the federal level.

  13. This gun control bill, which was about as weak as it could possibly be, failed desipite coming on the heals of one of the most horrific mass shootings in history (which followed closely behind several other high profile shootings) and after months of relentless, one-sided, emotionally charged news coverage. Tactically, we were probably in about the worst position that we could possibly face. Despite all of that, the bill was defeated. That says a lot.

  14. Instead of crying over anti-constitutional legislation which was not achieved-
    Instead of blaming peaceable gun owners not responsible for others’ crimes-
    Instead of maligning advocacy groups who accomplish their goals-
    Man up and accept that some battles are lost.

    There are laws on the books which can and should be applied, yet are never enforced. What is accomplished by writing new legislation to persecute those who are not the problem?

    Straw purchases are already illegal-
    Attempts to purchase by felons is already illegal-
    There are prescribed penalties for these and other violations of the applicable statutes-yet, how many of the violators have actually been pursued?

    Crimes will be committed, irrespective of any new legislation-because criminals disobey laws. Statutes which make law-abiding citizens into criminals by fiat will not change this. Applying current law against the actual violators, to its fullest extent should be the order of the day.

  15. USAToday had a story this morning stating that some of his senior staff told him it would not get done before he even started but Obama is always overly optimistic of what power he has to persuade people.

    At the of the day, he has no clue about the economy, his healthcare plan is falling apart, he has no idea what to do with energy policy and his entire precedency was about social policy which cannot be sustained with a fiat currency. He is failure in so many ways.

    Once again I say, the job is not finished. I hope that gun owners remember everything come 2014 elections and 2016 elections. The ballot boxes have to tell the final story for the anti-gun bums. In 2016, we cannot let the mistress of evil get to the white house because she will just continue the Obama agenda including the gun control agenda.

  16. If they can save kids by taking guns they would be happy. Saving kids by allowing guns was laughable to them. They should really think twice about the civil war that they want to start. BTW, they apparently got the ricin guy & have pictures of the cooker guys, where are the leads & arrests of the FPS Russia’s manager killer? Guess a gun man wasn’t high priority, Randy

  17. YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET IT DONE! Despite what your straw polls say, the majority of REAL Americans who work and pay taxes and live in this land SUPPORT the 2nd ammendment. Go back to Canada or GB and leave us alone…

  18. “If we can’t get it done four months after Sandy Hook, how are we going to get it done any time in the next four years?”

    We all know that they’re praying for yet another Sandy Hook. if there is one, I’m sure they’ll be carrying the coffins through the streets of Washington.

  19. He displays more emotion after the vote in the Senate, than he did during his press conference after the bombings in Boston.

  20. “David Axelrod, the president’s top consultant, chastised a handful of Senate Democrats from conservative-leaning states who opposed Obama. ‘Show some courage,’ Axelrod said on MSNBC. ‘Is it worth holding those jobs simply to sit there and be called a United States senator?'”

    Really? This quote should be replayed over and over and over during the 2014 mid term elections in every red state where a Democrat is up for reelection.

    The Democratic leadership has just made it abundantly clear that a Democratic Senator’s duty is to the President and not to the people that Senator is suppose to be representing.

    If you are a Democratic Senator, ignore your constituents and tow the party line!

    Obama is burning up what little political capital he had after the very bitter and divisive 2012 election.

    I personally hope Obama continues to push this issue. He’s only four months into his Second Term and half way to being a Lame Duck.

  21. “Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor’s supporters will tell you the only thing more dangerous than backing gun control in Arkansas is backing Obama—on anything.”



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