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“You might not be able to stop a person from coming into a theater with a gun and shooting people. But you sure as heck can stop someone from coming in and shooting 71 people out of 200 in a minute and a half. You certainly could do that if you banned high-capacity ammunition cartridges. And that’s what we need to do.” – Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) whose district is next to Aurora

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  1. “high-capacity ammunition cartridges” Really Diana? Maybe you should stick to discussing things you actually know about like enzyme cascades or finite absolutes.

  2. Right, because he could have bought some bleach, ammonia, and rope with no background check and proceeded to mix the bleach & ammonia and tie the door handles shut – in about a minute and a half, 200 out of 200 people would’ve been dead and there would have been no noise to alert anyone outside that screen that there was a mass execution going on.

    Not to mention that anyone who knows how to use a gun could reload 10 round mags fast enough to accomplish the same thing.

    • Change that to a chain and a padlock, and you’re more on track. A rope is easy to cut.

      He could have killed a whole bunch of people with an M1 Garand and a bunch of en bloc clips, too. Oh, and two revolvers and a bunch of speedloaders.

      • Yes, a rope is easy to cut, but if you’re on the other side of the door, you can’t very well cut the rope.

        • There is no need to invent a scenario or threat, to demonstrate that their are greater dangers he could have posed, or that anyone could pose, if they are determined to cause mass carnage.

          They found 30 grenages/pipe bombs in his house. I promise you, 1 or 2 or those thrown into the theater, and we’d have more then 12 casualties on our hands.

          This rep is worried about a 100 round magazine, that NO one who knows anything about shooting, would use in a tactical or SHTF scenario. They jam, they are inconsistent, unwieldly…if it jams mid drum, you lose all the other rounds in the drum until you clear the block…its just one reason our military isn’t issued these types of mags….

  3. High capacity ammunition cartridges? Does that mean they hold a lot of gunpowder?

  4. When they start talking about doing Something, that Something can get out of hand quickly. Once again the rights and freedoms of millions are to be restricted because of the acts of one.

  5. I don’t know what a high capacity ammunition cartridge is but I want one to go along with that thing that goes up……

  6. I’m confused. Are “high-capacity ammunition cartridges” the “things that go up”?

      • I was thinking the exact same thing. If you’re going to open your yap and pretend to be passionate about something then at least know what the f*ck you’re talking about.

  7. I almost feel like if he had a bolt action rifle that he’d have killed more. Cause instead of spray and pray and jam, he’d have taken aim and been more accurate with his shots.

    And from the sounds of it, it doesn’t sound like ANYONE made ANY attempt to try and stop this guy.

    No one tried to get to him to tackle him or anything? Throw a bucket of popcorn at him… or your 78oz diet soda.. nothing?

    So he could have stood there all day with a 5 rounder and just reloaded and fired again… and wouldn’t have jammed. And would have killed more.

    • Let’s not forget that even if he used a bolt action 243 instead of an AR with it crappy 223 he could have shot multiple people with each round.

  8. The absolute most horrifying response to anything ever is “someone needs to do something about ____”. Then some idiot with a little initiative takes charge and we all suffer.

  9. Diane, sweetie? Next time you think about opening your pie-hole, stop and make sure you actually know what the fvck you’re talking about. Also, do something about those eyebrows.

    • HaHaHa
      Reminds me of when John Candy told that school marm to take the quarter and pay some rat to gnaw that thing off her face…….hohohoho
      Seriously, as all the previous commenters eluded to…typical political surface knee jerky reaction…

  10. Trying to implement laws that make absolutely no impact on the perceived ‘problem’ is tiresome. It’s like trying to stop a 30 mph car with a stretched out line of toilet paper across the road.

    High capacity mag ban…magazines take 1 sec to swap after some practice. This does not make an effective difference. People who acquire guns illegally don’t obey these rules anyway.

    Microstamping…$20 brass catcher, 20cent tape and a plastic bag catcher, pick up the casings, use a revolver that doesn’t eject casings, file the fireing pin, it would only tell you who bought the gun which doesn’t tell you anything about the person who may have shot it, and then the fact that the technology does not even reliably work.

    Any other example anyone wants to touch on?

    • Gun free zones…someone already willing to disobey the law does not acknowledge a sign telling them to obey the law. Only those who choose to obey the law and are fearful of the consequences will abide by a sign backed by zero security. The same law abiding citizens that agree to disarm themselves and then become a victim. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the vast majority of mass shootings have occured in gun free zones, like schools. They are defenseless target zones.

    • My favorite car analogy is lowering the speed limit from 40 to 25 because people are speeding down the street at 80.

    • To me, it’s more like stopping every car that’s going 30 mph in a posted 30 zone, giving a warning to each that the speed limit is 30. All the while watching the cars going 60 whiz by and wondering why they can’t catch them because they are so busy with the motorist going 30. Or something like that….

  11. …”high-capacity ammunition cartridges”…hmm-sounds similar to the things we would send newbies in search of when they first arrived at C Co., 1/4 (MCAGCC, 29 Palms, mid 1980s). These, along with 50 ft. of flight line, cans of back blast, boxes of grid squares, black smoke grenades for night medivacs, feed for the Gamma Goat and non-ferrous magnets, were all serious scrounging scores for those young Marines. Good times…

    • I work for the Army and I was out at Yuma Proving Grounds in AZ. It’s close to the border so some signs would be in Spanish. They like to tell some unknowing visitors to watch out for the peligros, and that there were signs letting you know where to watch out for these dangerous animals.

    • You’ll also need a bucket of propwash, a length of shoreline and the keys to the training area.

    • Don’t forget the bottle of K-9P. You’ll have to fill out form ID-10-T to get that, though. While you’re out, stop by NDI to have your boots x-rayed. Also, you’ll be taking an exhaust-gas sample on your jet when it lands. Grab the appropriate PPE.

  12. Had they simply banned high capacity magazines, Jim Holmes would have been limited in ammunition capacity…..just like the kids from Columbine when they carried out their own massacre with then banned high capacity magazines.

    There’s a certain amount of irony in assuming firearm or magazine restrictions would have prevented a man who rigged his apartment with 30 homemade grenades and large amounts of gasoline, from carrying out such a horrific act.

    • That’s the reason I always get a good chuckle out of the VPC’s massacre report. They list the top 10 U.S. massacres in terms of bodycount and claim that the common thread is normal-capacity magazines.

      What they neglect to mention is the fact that three of them occurred during the previous AWB. Columbine included.

      Yes, the AWB just stopped production of those mags, but that also drove prices a lot higher as I understand it (I was still a wee lad when the AWB was signed). Given that the Aurora loon had a $20K+ bankroll, I don’t think it would have mattered.

      My point is, all it would do is give the DA something else to throw at him. Like Chewy and Loyd said, make illegal crime illegaler (yes, I made that word up).

  13. At the risk of being overly tangential.

    I’m sick of government officials telling me that I shouldn’t have a gun, when they control weapons of mass destruction.

    The President has killed more Americans with unmanned drones than I have with my Glock.

    It’s time we disarmed the people in the Government, they clearly can’t handle the responsibly.

      • I think this also applies to the UN Arms treaty, how many of these “leaders” who want to disarm civilians are directly responsible for the deaths of thousands, and in some cases millions, of people.

        I think they should lead by example and disarm themselves first.

  14. When these posts come up I like to take time and post at the linked article. Everyone on this site is going to agree with us anyway, not too many antis are giving clicks to TTAG so the message goes on deaf ears. Go to the huff post and contribute to the discussion.

    • I try to avoid giving HuffPo any more page views than I have to. Posting pro gun comments on a pro gun website may be a bit of a circle jerk, but I’d rather contribute to Nick Leghorn’s fat paycheck than Arianna Huffington’s.

      • I think the writers for this site are mostly volunteers. Anyways, my point is it doesn’t do any good to promote our views to people who already agree with us. We have to use logic and facts to open up others to what we feel is the right approach. I know some will laugh at that, Bruce has spent most his time here debunking the lack of logic and facts by anti 2A rhetoric. Everyone isn’t has thick headed though, and there are plenty of people are are indifferent, and if anything will just follow the antis unless hearing some sound arguments because they simply didn’t grow up with guns and the unfamiliarity scares them.

        • There is certainly a need for people to present logical responses to the stupid stuff that the antis come up with. Keep up the good work.

  15. High-capacity ammunition cartridges–my first thought was she doesn’t like big-game hunting. Or is it that she just can’t handle magnum loads?

    • I am in complete agreement on this one. The 3 1/2″ magnum loads are downright painful to use, even with a decent recoil pad.

  16. keep complaining sweet heart…..thats why sales of guns just went skyrocket over the last 4 days in your area….keep bitchin and you will be out of a job by your voters….

  17. she is up for re-election. this is just a way to keep her name out there and show she is “concerned”.

    Now – let’s look at her background more closely:

    Notice this in her bio: “She also serves as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, which conducts the oversight of, and investigations into, issues falling under the jurisdiction of the full committee.”


  18. I live in this Congresscritter’s district.

    I disagree with her on most, if not all major issues, but as her district encompasses metro Denver and is the safest Democrat held seat in the state, I am in the distinct minority. She succeeded Pat Schroeder, if that gives you any indication as to the makeup of the district. There is zero chance of defeating her when she runs for re-election. You can generally count on her to spout the party line of the liberal wing of the D party.

    • Hey Reader, I live in Colorado’s First also. I DON”T live in Denver, but unfortunately the portion of Arapahoe County I live in is part of Crazy Diana’s district. I did live in Denver during the Schroeder years. I thought I had escaped. At least I no longer live under Denver’s Scary Looking Gun Ban.
      What is going on is the Dems can talk all bad ass about “doing something” knowing they are not going to do a dang thing before the election. Dirty Harry has already said he will not let any kind of gun bill on to the Senate floor before the election.
      If there were to be any bill the Dems running in close races would be put in a bad political spot. If they were to vote for it, they would lose votes of Independents who understand or are starting to and if they were to vote against a gun control bill, they would lose support of their lunatic base.
      The ones like Crazy Diana can spout the liberal line and appease the base, they hope, nationwide with the help of the complicit media.

  19. I invite people to email her and invite her to a range trip. Have her time you shooting 100 rounds with a C-mag (assuming it doesn’t jam) and then 100 rounds with quick reloads. I’d say it might shut her up, but like all mentally deficient children, she’ll just squawk louder from another angle.

  20. Also, you sure as heck can stop someone from bullsh!tting 71 people out of 200 in a minute and a half. Just shut down Congress.

  21. I want to backhand this lady in the face….HARD…but I doubt even that would put a shred of sense back into her head. What a tool.

  22. If they’re going to ban something to make themselves feel better, why not let them ban the 100-rd magazine the Aurora Moron used? Several of you have already said how pointless these things are. They’re not reliable tools; they’re just novelty items, toys for those times at the range when you want to fiddle with something unusual and it doesn’t matter if it jams. I know it sets bad precedent, but if nothing’s going to keep them from making another useless law, then they might as well ban something that’s already practically useless.

  23. ban something. i know, let’s ban murder. if murder wasn’t legal no one would do it. see problem solved. geez, i wish i were king of the world.

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