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“I’m a supporter of the Second Amendment, I own guns and I hunt, but I think someone needs to exercise some common sense. If somebody is afraid to ride a bicycle without guns, I suggest they stay home.” – Mayor Wayne Garner in  Mayor says no to guns on GreenBelt [via Douglas County Sentinel]

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  1. Another jock strap…I mean supporter of the 2nd. There have been people killed on bike paths. He is one of those that lives in a crime free world, no bad guys. At least he wasn’t wabbit hunting with his double barrel, Randy

    • He’s also not allowing for how people get to the bike path. Do they teleport between safety at home and safety on the bikepath?

      Or maybe the city has installed guarded lockboxes at all entrances to the bike path, and armed couriers to run the valuables from one to another so people can enter at one, lock up their nasty guns, ride to another, wait for the courier, re-arm themselves, and be on their way.

  2. …because staying home and being denied the right to defend oneself is what freedom is all about.”
    Brought to you by Mayor’s without a clue.

  3. Could someone please turn down the volume on that jacket?? My eyes are burning!!

    • He needs a strawboater to go with that jacket. And never trust bow tie wearers, they tend to be drama queens.

      I wonder if Mayor Fudd is aware that there is a family of small revolvers known to collectors as “Velo-dogs”? When bicycles became popular in the late 1800’s, riders needed protection from marauding canines. Originally, `velocipede’ meant adult bicycle, not a kid’s tricycle.

      Anyway, just another “2A, but..!” moron.

  4. His agenda is obvious. He has a paramilitary force protecting him (he’s the mayor, the boss of the police chief). He wants all the power, and he doesn’t want to share it with anyone else, like citizens with guns.

  5. “Afraid” is the key word in his quote. If someone is “afraid” then they should stay home. This is a common theme in anti-2A thinking in why someone would need to exercise their right to carry.

    The thinking also helps boost their own self image as it implies that anti-2A are somehow unafraid and strong of character. They do not cower in fear all day and such.

    You do not argue with someone like this. His statement has more to do with his own self-image (and group image) than it has to do with any of us.

  6. It’s called a seersucker suit. And the bow tie is very natty. Unfortunately he made one horrible mistake with his appearance. He opened his mouth and spoke.

    If you are thinking his outfit is outlandish compare it to the picture of John Hollister in a skirt with sneakers that resides on the right side of the screen.

  7. Anti-gunners; usually liberal/progressive, they would say that being responsible would include wearing ones seat belt with car insurance and good drivers awareness, health insurance, house insurance, fire extinguisher and smoke alarm, knowing CPR and teaching thier kids to never talk to strangers, they want a good EMS, fire and police response; all signs of a mature responsible adult, until we get to dealing with a human predator;

    Then, the check out from reality really manifests, then, the only way to respond to the threat of a predator is good thoughts and defenselessness; to actually carry a weapon is a sign, to them, of paranoia and fear.

    So we have gun free signs everywhere, police with bullet resistant vests, tasers, pepper spray and assault weapons with high capacity magazines, oh. I meant to say patrol rifles with standard capacity clips; the TSA and virtually stripping naked at the airports because of terrorists, the school shootings and the freak outs in congress to eliminate the “weapons of mass destruction” , the statistics of rape, robbery and murder put out every year by the FBI and I am paranoid and fearful because I carry a weapon for self-defense.

    Are these people clinically insane? Maybe not by text book standards, but thier disfunction is seriously threatening my safety, security and freedoms.

  8. Who elected him to make decisions like this? Make sure the streets and plowed, the trash gets picked up and the street lights work, leave the big decisions to the people.

  9. I’m almost relieved to read this. For a while – with Bloomberg and Cuomo – I thought we had a monopoly on nutty politicians but I see there’s plenty to go around.

  10. I ride my bike every morning on a paved bike path in a wash around 4:30am and regularly stop and wait for javelina, coyotes, transients, deer and the occasional cougar or bobcat. Personally, I could not imagine cycling without a handgun.

    Thanks to this dandy, I now see the error of my ways. No critter has ever had rabies or been starving enough to challenge a human. There has never been a wandering human so beyond reason due to their current drug bender that they would accost anyone who happened by. /snark

  11. SO if he is for hunting but no guns outside of home how this blow heart thinks we can hunt in our homes????? LOL

  12. This is the exact reply I got from one of our illustrious county commissioners when I wrote all of them regarding pending legislation that would make it illegal to carry a firearm in a county park. The legislation passed, so I stay out of county parks here. But I did reply to his condescending email – “Dear commissioner x, You are everything I have come to expect from my elected representatives, which is NOTHING.”.

    We need to fire asshats like this from their positions of authoritah.

  13. I join Kelly and others who live in Carrollton (and have raised my family here for past 28 years) in claiming some degree of embarrassment in having this guy as my mayor. But, I know him somewhat socially and will question his logic in this quote when I see him next.

    Oh, and I’m a former biker who never left home without firearm protection (and still don’t)! And, to Kelly’s other comment, I do believe he is outranked by Georgia’s firearm allowance in parks and greenways.

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