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“Firearms manufacturers have seen several difficult quarters in a row, as retailer inventory inventories became bloated last year after dealers incorrectly forecasted a Clinton election win and resulting demand surge. Longer term, we expect the firearms industry to continue to display healthy long-term growth, with favorable consumer purchasing trends and potential loosening of gun control legislation. Expect order patterns to pick up by this fall.” – Aegis Capital securities Analyst Rommel Dionisio in Sure Shot: Analyst Initiates American Outdoor Brands With A Buy As Dealers Recover From Betting On Clinton Presidency [via]

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  1. Given the choice. I’d rather see the gun makers suffer financially. Then us under Clinton
    Now if they would just have a sale and lower the prices. Clean out some inventory.

    • You haven’t been paying much attention, have you? In the last couple months, I’ve picked up a S&W Shield and a S&W 642, each for around $200 after rebates and discounts and so forth. There are deals to be had on H&K, Walther, Ruger, Remington, you name it. I’ve even been seeing perpetually-out-of-stock Kel-Tecs like the Sub2K and PMR-30 sitting on the shelf for less than MSRP. It’s very much a buyer’s market right now.

      • I picked up the Shield in .45 with tritium sites and 3 magazines online for just a touch more than you mentioned here. Cabela’s wanted $550 for the same setup if you bought in store. Yeah I didn’t buy from Cabela’s.

      • Yes I have seen many adds at some very good prices. Unfortunately for me. I haven’t seen any 1911s at lowered costs. Which for now is all I’d be interested in.

  2. Trump slump = sales and promos and freebies. That’s good for the consumer.

    I personally would like to see Springfield, Ruger, S&W, Snoop Dog Custom Guns, and Colt suffer. I could use a few more discounts.

    • EXACTLY.

      The MSM has gone full brown shirt mode over the past few years. Even before President Trump was even a candidate the media has gone out of their way over and over and freaking over to cover up organized violence by ‘Alt-Left’ nut jobs for several years. Good god both the Dallas shooting the entire Christopher Dorner situation are prime examples of the alt-left that went out of their way to shoot others. But no, apparently NONE OF THAT COUNTS because the those same group of brown shirts declared that the ONLY person set of fringe a-holes that count are the ones that are right wing?!? Yeah I don’t think so pal.

      • Wait one MAJOR correction about what I said…

        Upon reflection of the history again I think I should have said bolshevik mode instead of brown shirt mode. After all, the brown shifts came to power from the ruins of post WW1 Germany. Where as all these bolshevik mode scum bags had power for about 8 years, have purged all their internal opposition, and are now trying to manifest themselves into full full blown communism mode… which is probably why so many of the Alt-Left love to fly the hammer and sickle.

    • Wait one MAJOR correction about what I said…

      Upon reflection of the history again I think I should have said bolshevik mode instead of brown shirt mode. After all, the brown shifts came to power from the ruins of post WW1 Germany. By comparison the bolshevik’s took power after purging everyone else on their side before trying to purge everyone else for not being purge enough. Which is so many shares of the past 8 years that it’s scary. Say what you want about Bernie Sander’s, but that’s a ‘Whites vs. Reds’ fight between communists if I’ve seen one. And the very fact that a LOT of the Alt-Left absolutely love the fly the hammer and sickle flag at their protest flags just completely hammers it home.

  3. The good news, as I see it, is that this ‘slump’ will force manufacturers to re-invent the wheel. I’d like to see somebody like Ruger develope a reliable bullpup for less than a thousand dollars or an ACR-esq rifle for similar price.

    I understand that, in a great many ways, we’ve reached the zenith of what the industry can produce without a technological leap forward but there are still niches to be filled by reputable companies for reasonable prices.

    • I would second the desire for a more affordable, reliable bull pup. Kel Tec does make the very interesting RDB for around 800 when you can find them, but I hear widely varying reports on reliability. Second cheapest option starts around 1400-1500 for a Tavor. I was really wanting a bullpup for an overall shorter package with my rifle can, but ended up just building an AR15 pistol instead.

      • Agreed. I can’t quite bring myself to plunk down cash for a Kel Tec even though some folks love their products. It’s as though you either get an excellent example of what a modern firearm should be or you get something that won’t run no matter how much you tinker.

        This slump should force some manufacturers to be more innovative and provide us with some excellent options or reduce the MSRP of their current inventory.

        I would buy an MPX except Sig raised the price by two hundred dollars earlier this year which means I will either buy a CZ Scorpion or wait for the B&T GHM9.

  4. There is a lot of hate on Springfield for the Illinois gun rationing/dealer licensing bill
    It will be a long time before they can put that behind them
    I am pleased to see gun prices in a more “normal” range
    It is amazing that AR 15’s now cost less than AK’s!

    • Only because AK imports are being banned left and right along with old AK factories either no longer making any or halting exports altogether for more lucrative contracts to the Middle East.

      • Then again there are AK’s that are going for the same price as low-end AR’s these days but the quality won’t be there.

  5. I wonder if there is a tracking by state of pistol permit applications. I doubt there has been much of a fall off since the election.

    • There has been a steady climb and we’re at nearly sixteen million issued permits nationwide. When I was writing my Master’s capstone a year ago the numbers I found were saying over fourteen million then so we’ve climbed somewhere around a million new permits in the past year.

    • I was at the range Sunday when a concealed carry class showed up for their live fire qualification. Twenty one people, including thirteen women. Three of them were black women, in a community with a very small black population.

      I was told this was HALF of the class. The other half was qualifying later on. I couldn’t help but smile with joy.

  6. Hopefully this will convince manufacturers that there are in fact many different types of firearms actions, and not all of them need to be compatible with an AR15 lower.

    For example, instead of making yet another monstrosity of an AR for places like California, how about a stanag mag compatible semiauto rifle in a nice laminate stock with the option of charger-loading and/or a fixed mag? Make it easier to field strip and clean than the nearest competitors, and it would be a winner, even in other places.

    • I’ve been saying for years that I’d love to see a modern take on an SKS-style rifle. Wood stock, simple semiauto action with a fixed, clip-loading magazine. Carbine-length barrel, lighten it up with some modern materials, and make it relatively inexpensive, and I think you’d have something. I’m thinking of something to knock around on the farm or ranch, that doesn’t have a bunch of shit sticking out at all angles like an AR or AK. Something you can carry in a scabbard on an ATV or tractor. But the AR-15 has sucked all the oxygen out of the semiauto rifle category. Kel-Tec is on the right track with the SU-16 series, but that “clamshell plastic held together with screws” construction just doesn’t do it for me. It’s fine for a Chinese-made box fan or squirt gun, but I’d rather my firearms not be built that way.

        • Had one years ago. Accuracy was pretty unimpressive. I’ve heard that Ruger has made some improvements and the newer ones are much better in that department, but the ridiculous price and proprietary magazines are a big turn-off. Seriously, Ruger, there’s no reason that rifle couldn’t have been designed to accept STANAG mags…

  7. “Expect order patterns to pick up by this fall.” – Aegis Capital securities Analyst Rommel Dionisio in Sure Shot: Analyst Initiates American Outdoor Brands With A Buy As Dealers Recover From Betting On Clinton Presidency”

    Financial analysts start their morning by throwing darts at a custom dartboard and basing their day’s work on whichever part of the dartboard was struck. Although some use dice. And the fancy places use a roulette wheel. Proceed accordingly.

  8. Hey I’m doing my bit. Picking up a shotgun today. Sales are still high if you compare to years other than 2015-2016 .AND their “slump” is a result of poor planning. Nobody gave a damn about my business going south after the antiques apocalypse of 2008…

  9. What we have seen in the past several months has been strong NICS numbers but lackluster revenue for manufacturers. That could mean only two things:
    1) Millions of used guns are changing hands, or
    2) Dealer and distributor inventories are being depleted.

    My money is on #2. All is well. Take advantage of the deals and make the most of the situation. Things will be “normal” and the deals will disappear soon enough.

  10. Because of favorable prices, I have bought 3 firearms since the election. I didn’t really need another 12 gauge, rifle or 9mm pistol but I couldn’t help myself.

  11. Prices for major manufacturers are still tio high. Most equipment is paid for and can be depreciated for taxes. Who needs a NEW style wizbang plastic pistol or shotgun ti be reinvented. And as for 1911’s…

  12. Manufacturers and dealers clearing out bloated inventory has made for some fantastic deals so far this year. As those inventories get cleared out, I suspect we’ll see pricing tighten up even as sales levels drop. In 2018, we’ll see prices firm up. Sellers will protect their margins per unit and adjust to lower revenue levels. Buyer demand will adjust back to historical levels.

    I suspect that the Black Friday deals this year will be spectacular – I’m already saving up cash in anticipation. But I don’t think we’ll continue to see these great deals going forward from 2017.

  13. The manufacturers can start throwing some money at the HPA/SHUSH act then and drum up some more business. Nothing will move more rifles than integrally suppressed variants being re-sold to existing owners to avoid having to deal with the SBR headaches. Why would I buy another 10/22, I already own one.” Oh, I can get a 10/22 takedown with an 10 barrel and 6″ permanently attached suppressor for $500 and no wait. Where do I sign up?
    Glock 17 Gen5 for $550? My Gen2/3/4 works fine, why would I buy another one? A slightly longer glock 17S with integral suppressor like the SilencerCo Maxim for $1,000 with no wait? Sign me up, and keep the manufacturing lines open 24/7, those things are going to be sold out for a while…

    So put some grease on the cogs in washington speaking the only language they understand (Money) and you’ll get your sales numbers back up…

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