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“[The LAX gunman had enough ammunition to] have literally killed everyone in that terminal.” – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, quoted in Deadly LAX shooting: Why did he do it? [via]


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  1. 5 mags, probably in addition to one that was loaded in the weapon. That’s probably 180 rounds, if they’re all standard capacity magazines. I’m sure the unspoken end to that statement is “If they all line up like cattle to individually receive a round to the head at point blank range”. Even then, I bet there were more than 180 people in LAX.

  2. So that means on any given day your local police have enough ammo to wipe out the entire town, right?

    • seriously! i heard he had 5 or 6 30 round mags plus 100 rounds in boxes in his backpack. so a maximum of 280 rounds!

  3. Maybe by very carefully using one bullet to kill more than one victim, as the SS sometimes did once ammunition started getting scarce at Buchenwald et cetera.

    Pretty hard to do with .223, though.

    Oh, wait a minute! He’s the mayor of L.A! Please tell me, why are we listening to him?

    • He is not just the mayor. He is also la raza who wants to give back all of the southwest to Mexico. Including Texas. Goes without saying that he is also a communist. There is a reason ex soviet premier Gorbachev moved to San Francisco.

  4. Ok, I’ll say it, because, now wait for it. POLITICIANS LIE ALOT!
    They (you know who they are) the ANTIs (just in case you didn’t know) are emotional and prone to exaggerate for their benefit.

  5. This exaggeration by Garcetti is part of the Left’s gleeful attempt to demonize this guy because he appears to be an extreme Right-Winger. I am sure they have been praying for a bona fide Rightist, nutjob to commit a mass shooting attack with an “assault rifle” (or something they can call that misnomer). He used a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 in .223 is what the Los Angeles News is reporting and had about 150 rounds….Garcetti is a lying Politician who believes everyone in L.A. who voted for him is basically an idiot. He would have said the Suspect had a “machine gun” and 10,000 rounds of ammunition if he thought he could get away with it.

    • Garcetti is a lying Politician who believes everyone in L.A. who voted for him is basically an idiot.

      He may be a liar but he is correct to assume anyone who voted for him is a complete idiot. California is full of idiots, that’s how we got Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi.

  6. Not just “to have killed everyone in the terminal” but “LITERALLY to have killed everyone in the terminal.”

    Glad they added that detail. Makes it totally believable then.

    • California has not forced the surrender or destruction of larger than 10 round magazines, nor do they search cars entering the State for “contraband” magazines, or rifles for that matter. It is still not clear where the rifle and magazines he used came from, so he very well could have brought them in from another State. The rifle he used would have accepted any size magazine, even if it had a “bullet button”, which it likely did not. You can still buy ammo over the Internet in California, so buying a few hundred rounds of .223 would be no problem. even if he had the rifle and magazines in CA illegally. This guy was not on anyone’s “radar”, as he had, apparently, no former history of criminal activity or mental health issues.

      Same old story..perpetrator had legal access to the rifle. magazines and ammo (even if. technically, some of the items were possessed illegally under California Laws unbeknownst to anyone else) and went over the edge due to unknown factors.
      For the record, I am not implying any point of view, just stating the known and possible facts because this incident could really bite us gun owners in the butt…sad to have to say.

  7. Here’s a thought… To really get these anti gunners stumped… ” masked gunmen broke into a prison and shot all the rapist, murderers and drug dealers in the prison. No guards were harmed and 25 prisoners were killed”.

    Would moms demand action,pierce Morgan, Giffords and bloomberg call for tighter gun control then?

    Wouldn’t that be an interesting discussion.

  8. I wish there were mechanism to punish lying politicians. Voting doesn’t do the trick. If it cost them personally a lot of money I am sure they would start to correct their lies. Of course that’s just a fantasy.

  9. I have literally told you a million times not to exaggerate. Literally. A million. Language Arts teachers should unite with pro-2A folks over their shared hatred of language abuse! Literally.

    • I used to use that one on my kids. They would just roll their eyes. I would add the word ‘like’ in there a few times for my daughters benefit. She can now speak normal.

  10. The strangest thing is that this guy used a rifle which was illegal to purchase in New Jersey where he lived and used said rifle, which is banned in California, to do illegal things… Cuz, I’m thinking all these gun laws had a lot to do with keeping that TSA agent safe. P.S. would this be funnier if the rifle was a lost fast and furious gun

  11. A question with an answer:
    headline: “Deadly LAX shooting: Why did he do it?”
    answer: he was driven crazy by the way politicians lie blatantly and
    get away with it. such as mayor Garcetti, in the article.

  12. I’m sure he had a few mags and they’re using a one round, one kill calculation to say he had a enough ammo to kill everyone.

    By that logic, thank God he didn’t have a knife because he could’ve kill everyone in the WORLD!

  13. 1. Keep pissing off the citizenry and this is what happens.
    2. Look for a push to arm the TSA.
    3. Look for the TSA to start shooting flyers.
    4. Look for a push to limit rifle sales to in state citizens only.
    5. Feinstein on Face the Nation this morning stated, “It was an S&W M&P AR-15, M&P stands for Military & Police, clearly not for general consumption.” Yeah, thanks S&W for giving the antis more ammunition to use against us.

  14. The button button could have still be in place.

    The CA bullet button can be removed, but it takes some skill (2 on a level of 1-10) and a special tool. They can’t be removed like a regular mag release.

    In CA, they sell magazines that have a tool for using the bullet button built in, these are usually 30 rounds magazines blocked to 10 rounds, so you can’t tell the capacity by looking at the mag.

    Also, in CA you can buy finger clips that have the tool built in, and simply release a mag this way. It’s what I normally do, the bullet button adds about 1/10 of a second to a mag release time doing this (after training)

    You can also stick a piece of magnet inside the bullet button (potentially illegal, has not be adjudicated by the courts) and use it as a normal release.

    Right now in CA, we can buy pretty much any SBR AR-15 as long as it has a bullet button. I have a number, and see them sold all the time.

    Since this attacker couldn’t even figure out how to flip up the rear sight, I doubt he removed the bullet button, and his mags could quite possibly be 10 rounders purchased in CA as well.

  15. Please stop using Common Sense when discussing the Communist take over of America
    You must Read Rules For Radicals and think like a criminal sociopath megalomaniac with roots in Marxism to understand that America is now a Police State with Pravda as it’s Media
    Think Stazi, SS, Gestapo, Truth Speak and you will come close to understanding what is happening

  16. He had enough ammo to “literally” kill everyone?

    As opposed to figuratively, through metaphor. Literal means “according to the letter/words”

    I think he meant potentially.

    One of my many language peeves

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