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“The AR-15 weapons platform is very modular. It’s like Barbie for men.” – certified firearms instructor Ben Shim quoted in Gun silencer sales are booming [at]

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  1. “Legos for adults” is probably more accurate. If Ben actually had daughters he’d realize that the clothes and shoes are lost (or vacuumed up) in the first week and the Barbies spend the rest of their existence buck naked…

  2. My safe is painted pink and says “Dream House” on it. I also have a little pink corvette I like to put a gun in every now and then and make “vrooooom” sounds as I push it around on the kitchen tile.

    Sometimes they go on dates but right now my Spike’s lower is mad at the Umlaut lower for seeing it out with the DMPS lower last weekend so there’s a lot of tension.

  3. Why not mr. Potatohead for men? Because he had to take a punch at our manhood, that’s why. No doubt while wearing skinny jeans.

  4. NO the AR is like a 12′ GI JOE with all the cool shit on it. Barbie didnt make George Patton, The Big Red 1 Infantryman or Snake Eyes. I would prefer that my toys come with a realistic little M-1 Garand if I HAVE to pick 🙂 The Big joes had rifles with little detachable magazines that would slide in and out, eat your heart out ken.

  5. “The AR-15 weapons platform is very modular. It’s like Barbie for men.”

    Sounds like fun – let me try!

    “Gabba-gabba spandex is the new blue jeans. Go vegan!”

  6. I much prefer the comparison to Mr. Potato Head.
    You start with the main body (receiver, upper set) then add the Eyes (Optics), Arms (grips and stocks), Legs (bi-pod), Mouth (Barrel with a Flash hider, compensator, Suppressor)

    With the Barbie you’re stuck with what you bought. You just get to wrap it in different fabric.

  7. ARs are a whole lot of fun to configure. The 5.56 is a cool caliber, and so are the 6.8 SPC and 300 BLK. Shooting the .50 Beowulf is a blast. I’d happily give the 6.5 Grendel a try.

  8. Nah Lego is a much better comparison. Look at the rails & optics. That’s one reason the antis are afraid of Ar’s. They seem like toys( for big boys).

  9. That would mean AKs are more like Monster High dolls. We don’t get everything that blonde bitch does, but we look mean as hell.


  10. The wife manages a good size LGS, she likes to call it “Gun Gay,” because, “Seriously, I have never seen men so closely look at colors to make sure their black, greens or tans match…and then you guys get to the accessories section and it’s like you’re all dressing for the spring cotillion…”

  11. What turned me on to the AR platform, having a mechanical background, is it reminded me of the small black Chevrolet,,,easy to work on, interchange-ability, etc


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