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“(A)ll of this is entirely consistent with the public-health community’s gun-control mission since its inception in the late 1980s. They carry on with a self-satisfied doggedness in their convictions despite contrary experience, and they are impatient with legitimate opponents who also happen to constitute a political majority. American gun owners can hope that Dr. Murthy was telling the truth when he renounced gun-control advocacy. But given his history, they should be skeptical.” – Timothy Wheeler in Surgeon General’s Gun Problem [at]

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    • you guys ever wonder why they’re so many Middle Eastern doctors in our country right now in that family practice is all but then dissolved in this country by the Obama administration. It’s because to get an MD a medical doctor and licensed in this country cost anywhere from $175,000 to about two hundred and sixty thousand dollars depending on your specialty. You can go to India get a medical doctor license for six to seven thousand dollars then come to this country because we need doctors, and apply for your state boards exam and pay another around 1400 to 2000 dollars so for under $10,000 you can be a doctor in this country if you’re an Indian or from the Middle East somewhere. When are boys get out of college there looking at about a $250,000 deficit right as they get out of school. This whole thing has caused people to get out of family practice because there’s no money in family practice you have to be a specialty doctor a specialist to get any amount of pay from the insurance companies that Obama has created in this Obamacare nightmare. I’m a sick person so I have a lot of medical issues and I’m dealing with people that can’t even speak the English language and their doctors, friggin ridiculous. Malpractice in 2008 there was somewhere around nine thousand deaths in 2008 to medical malpractice 2012 400 96000 people were hurt injured or killed by dr in this country and they’re worried about gun control. There are a bunch of freaking morons!

      • I respectfully disagree.

        First of all, you are not helping the other side by stereotyping us as hillbillies who don’t even know that India is not in the Middle East It would be South Asia.

        Second, drain on GP’s was going on long before the president got into office. Medical school was expensive before Obama. It’s expensive now. It will be expensive after he leaves office. You simply can’t repay your loans without a specialty. If you want to blame anybody, blame the insurance companies who require extensive forms for billing.

        As a GP, you need to cram as many patients into your day as possible just to make ends meet. So which would you rather be? A radiologist who works 9 to 5 in an air-conditioned room at a hospital, or a GP who tries to cram in 4-5 patients an hour in 10 hour days?

        I can practically guarantee you that there are very few doctors who went to school in “The Middle East” and did their residency here. FMS – Foreign Medical Students are usually pretty bad and don’t last long in American programs if they are even accepted at all. Passing your boards is not as easy as taking a test – you need the knowledge to complete the test first which FMS don’t have. I don’t know if you can get a medical degree in India for $6,000. Maybe you can, but you sure as hell won’t be able to use it here.

        So if you see doctors with brown skin, they were probably born here, or at least grew up here.

        The reason there are so many “Middle Eastern” (Actually Indian) doctors is one of culture – it’s the same reason why there are so many older Jewish doctors. Indian culture values education and work.

        I am a software developer. I work in a company that is about 80% Indian and I am the one of the few white faces here. There is a reason for this – white kids are too interested in playing video games and getting high in college to want to study something hard like computer science. The same goes for medicine – its too hard, so the children of immigrants who value education and opportunity are disproportionately represented.

        Dr. Vivek Murthy is as American as Apple Pie. Yes, he was born in the UK, but he basically grew up in Florida. I may think he is a fool and disagree on his political views and stance on guns, but he definitely isn’t from “The Middle East.” He’s an American just like you and me.

        • first off I’m not a racist hillbilly! I’m a white male that is very sick living in Florida I’m well aware of the Surgeon General’s upbringing. I’ve been going to Dr since I was 7 years old I spent the entire 7th grade year in critical care I’ve been a sick person since I was a little boy. I’ve seen a drop in the quality of health care since I was seven and first diagnosed with my disease. Its so bad now it’s like you’re going to one of those government clinics walk in and get a number in stand in line with another 75 sick people to see a nurse practitioner not in MD a nurse practitioner so that they can go ahead and look at you and miss something and cause you to be even sicker and then eventually send you to a specialist. And who’s being stereotypical I think you are you need to reread your post. This country’s healthcare system is a laugh and yes it started before Obamacare but Obamacare made it 20 times worse. I’ve seen mistakes made in hospitals and doctors offices that will curl your hair. My own general practitioner what doesn’t even remember my name and I see him twice a month. The health care in the system or the lack thereof is absolutely horrible, and all Obamacare did was amplified!and yes you can buy a MD n India for five to six thousand American dollars it’s a proven. I’ve got three Indian dr that’s where they went to school that’s where they got their first MD and then came to America to get there state residency. So you’re wrong!this is the problem if you claim to be proud of your race in your white you’re automatically a racist, that’s the problem in this country white people can’t stand up for themselves anymore because if you do you’re considered a racist just like I got all this crap from the people on this site! I’m not a racist at all I love God I love my children and I love my community but what I don’t love is being treated like a piece of garbage like a tag it when I go to the doctor I’ve been going to the doctor for years now multiple doctors multiple specialists and its ridiculous they can’t even cure the common cold.

        • There is at least one exception for the FMS thing: Filipino doctors typically have quite an easy time here; medical training in the Philippines is top rate (both for nurses and doctors), and the students take it very seriously there, both because of culture, and because they know it is their very best chance to move to the US.

        • that’s because in India and as well as in the Philippines the colleges that teach medical doctor in give much better rates as far as educational value to the cost of the education in this country it’s overpriced like crazy. That’s why you have kids going to college for 4 years and when they’re getting ready to come out of school and get their job the counselor at the college tells them well the field that you have pic is full what we can do is we can retrain you cross train you in another area so that you can find a job and add more medical costs in college tuition costs to your overall balance. The countries like India and the Philippines think education is much more important than making a dollar and that’s the way it should be in this country it should be that you should be able to go to school and not owe more than you’ll make in the next five years when you graduate when you have to pay back your your college tuition that. This country has a fact keep the people stupid and the elite will be able to walk all over us and that’s what’s happening.

        • “A radiologist who works 9 to 5 in an air-conditioned room at a hospital”

          does said radiologist get to said air conditioned hospital riding on a unicorn or a pegasus? does he eat ambrosia for lunch?


      • India is a very complex society with a similarly complex educational establishment. Its best medical schools (and universities) are among the best in the world—truly world class—while it’s worst are, well, the absolute worst “schools” imaginable.

      • “cost anywhere from $175,000 to about two hundred and sixty thousand dollars depending on your specialty”

        NO. It depends on the school. Specialty training has NOTHING to do with it.

        You don’t “get” and MD. You bust your ass for it. Regardless of the country where you study.

        • The biggest hurdle for Dr’s is malpractice insurance. So they usually get with a big practice rather than set up a shingle as a GP. Maybe David should move from Florida where the offices are full of Seniors.

          Example, I have a scar on my left eye, takes my vision from 20/10 to 20/40 in that eye, doesn’t bother me much I am right eye dominant and the brain compensates. Yet, I have to go yo a specialist eye doctor every year to get it checked out. He is only in on glaucoma day…yeah three hour wait to get my eye checked. Get up in the waiting room watch out for walkers. (and I don’t mean the zombie type…or do I?)

  1. so you’re looking at 2008 under 10,000 people died from medical malpractice 2012 you’re looking at four hundred and fifty thousand people were killed by medical malpractice dr that don’t belong in this country practicing medicine killing people because they’re so over work by the numbers of patients they have to have to make a dollar its absolutely ridiculous. And you’re only hurting the sick people that have to pay for the Obamacare and are basically healthy they don’t have a problem until they’re older. You’re older you start to realize you have no health system in this country anymore he’s completely ruined it with Obamacare! And the deaths tell the truth about the whole thing how can you have 10,000 people die from now practice in 2008 and not number grow to almost half a million by 2012???? Obama I’m asking you this question?????

    • It’s funny, but you’re the only one claiming that ridiculous statistic. Actually, I found others claiming the same, also without sources. They were accident lawyers, you know, the real scummy type. I’ve looked it up. Looks like you’re just making stuff up because you’re angry that your doctor isn’t white or has a funny accent. It’s time to face it. People call you, and you alone, a racist because you are one.

  2. Considering Doctors for America is Doctors for Obama by another name it stands to reason that any affiliated doctor would toe the DNC line and since an AWB and UBC’s and all that other useless crap is in the DNC national platform any office occupied by a DNC allied individual will be working toward that end.

    If Murthy doesnt then he isnt being a good Democrat.

  3. “Specific approaches should include: A federal ban ”

    Interesting that the first thing suggesting was not “amend the Constitution”, no? A supposedly educated man, surely he would realize that none of his other dreams would be possible without that step.

    And isn’t it fun that he proposes a law outlawing laws? I don’t think this “America’s doctor” can spell “moron”.

    • “A supposedly educated man, surely he would realize that none of his other dreams would be possible without that step [amending the U.S. Constitution].”

      Unfortunately LarryinTX, politicians and bureaucrats have enacted all manor of infringements and bans in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Unless someone is willing to enforce the Supreme Law of the Land, it is nothing more than a piece of paper with words on it. And up to this point, no one has been willing to enforce it.

      • We do have to add in somewhere that amendment is never mentioned, much less suggested as part of a solution, because everyone on both sides of the argument realizes you could not raise 10% of the votes in America for such an amendment (or, most likely, any amendment to any of the Bill of Rights) if you spent 100 million $$ trying (and lying) to do so. Therefore, ignore the constitution and loudly pretend that 107% of the American people agree with you, and only you, you are SO important, just keep saying it, and blaming everybody else for your miserable failures.

    • They go for the “ban” first because for all the hype about doctors being “smart” they often are not. They are academically skilled: they are able to assimilate and regurgitate knowledge first and foremost. Remember that the word “doctor” is related to “indoctrinated”. There is A LOT of that in the American medical establishment: circumcision for all boys, stimulants as first line for ADHD, etc…

  4. I wonder how this is going to play out. On one side we have physicians who are infallible all-knowing gods beyond reproach or question and experts in anything and everything. On the other side we have reality. Any bets which side is right?

        • what are you apologizing for?? If you’re a good doctor then please tell the other waste of space to s*** or get off the pot do they not remember their Hippocratic oath to do no harm to a patient. This is ridiculous 500,000 deaths from malpractice up fromtwelve thousand deaths in 2008 to 500,000 in 2012 and you’re telling me there’s no problem with dr bullshit! You’ll need to remember your Hippocratic oath and forget about all the other crap you’re being taught by politicians!

  5. Obama being Obama putting an under qualified lackey in a position of power. Murthy is obviously a very smart man but as a doctor is too young to have the experience or wisdom for his position as Surgeon General.

    • He clearly learned early the experience and wisdom to find Osama’s nether parts and nestle on in, which is all that idiot requires.

    • Withe all due respect, *I* have the experience and wisdom to be Surgeon General. It’s a meaningless advocacy job that (fortunately) has zero actual power. From the Surgeon General’s website:

      As the Nation’s Doctor, the Surgeon General provides Americans with the best scientific information available on how to improve their health and reduce the risk of illness and injury. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act designated the Surgeon General as the Chair of the National Prevention Council, which provides coordination and leadership among 20 executive departments with respect to prevention, wellness, and health promotion activities.

      The Surgeon General oversees the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS), an elite group of more than 6,800 uniformed officer public health professionals working throughout the federal government whose mission is to protect, promote, and advance the health of our nation.

      So he chairs meetings and smiles for cameras. Joe Biden does that, too. And is every bit as influential.

      • Dan you beat me to it. I was going to pretty much say the same thing. He has no real power. Yes he could influence the direction of studies and the like, but for actually implementing law, he has no power.

      • Since they have some common interests, Murthy and Ebola Czar Ron Klain should get together and have lunch…if Murthy can find him.

  6. He just might – possibly – wait until the next mass shooting or school shooting in a “Gun Free Zone” before “seeing the light.” That would be his hopey / changing paradigm of civilian disarmament shared by his boss.

  7. my nonsense isn’t helpful, I’d like you to spend 4 days a week in a doctors office with the serious ailments and see how you are treated and how you are not respected by the doctors there treated like I was a third class citizen. You should quote and you should respond to things that you actually have a working knowledge of and not some bullcrap put that in your pipe and smoke it buddy! Some people in this country are very tired of being treated like we’re trash and being treated like we’re third class citizens over the rich elite! Pissed off!

  8. The NRA should do a PSA, where a bunch of OFWGs dressed in hunting gear are comically and poorly manning an emergency room. “Hospital errors cost X lives every year.”. Then fade to a gun range, where a doctor in a lab coat is clumsily attempting to teach firearms safety, hazardously mishandling a firearm while doing so. “Firearm accidents kill only X per year…”. Switch to the real world, with competent ER staff minding their patients, and a confident range instructor providing proper instruction. “Is it really a good idea to mix the two?”

  9. So firearms are a “public health issue” while cars, swimming pools and falls – each of which kill many more people per year – aren’t? Liberal logic.

    Want to save lives? Work on eradicating the flu. It kills over 20,000 people every year in the US.

  10. Murthy’s willingness to politicize medicine by making gun ownership an “illness” is an old ploy called “the medicalization of deviance”. Basically, it consists of a re-labeling process where a behavior considered to be “bad” or deviant is redefined an an “illness” which can then be “treated” by the medical profession. At best this is a murky process that, as with alcoholism, is occasionally beneficial. But first the behavior has to be generally regarded a being so bad as to be deviant. The problem, obviously, is that the gun control movement has been demonstrably unsuccessful in its efforts to make gun ownership deviant. In fact, a case can be made than gun-controllers are themselves victims of a pathological hysteria. If anything, many Americans are entirely likely to regard libtard gun-controllers like Murthy as a deviant.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird he’s sporting his lab coat to shake hands with the Pres? I mean is it really necessary? Is it a ploy to get people to look at him likes he’s a real doctor?

    “Hi, I’m Dr. Murthy and I’m a doctor. To prove my doctorness this is my doctor coat, I wear it everywhere I go just in case I have to doctor.”

    Or is he trying to impress people by always looking like a doctor? Does he walk into a butcher shop all “You lab coat, bro?”.

    You’re a politician now Vivek, get a friggin suit already.

    • yeah I wasn’t going to state the obvious. But since you brought it up that does very much look ridiculous for a doctor at a meeting of to the president would wear a lab coat that is kind of silly most of my doctors wear either scrubs or a business suit with me a scrub top. It was like hey world look at me I’m important. When was the last time he was in an ER and actually had to take care of somebody hurt bad or sick? Longer longer longer and then some

  12. Can’t we go back to the Clinton years where the surgeon general was more interested in promoting ma$turbation?


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