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“The idea that this is about felons is a joke. If this is not a gun registration bill, why are we recording the make, model and serial number of every gun?” – Oregon Firearm Federation director Kevin Starrett in Gun control hearing at Oregon Legislature brings out emotion on both sides [at]

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  1. Antigun idiots trying to dress up a turd and tell us its chocolate(because they think we dont know any better)…arrogance.

  2. Interesting article. I see the bill’s author trotted out the whole conspiracy-theory-nutcase stereotype.

    Here’s the thing I hope was asked…

    So, the background check data are purged after ten days, and there’s no information kept. In that case, why the strong objection to dropping the requirement to collect serial numbers etc? If there’s really nothing happening other than the nominal records flush, why bother to collect information that will just be deleted anyway?

    I find it can be advantageous to ask the other side to defend their positions rather than to present my own what-ifs. It helps to avoid the conspiracy theory rhetoric and often gets more unintentional information from the anticons.

    • I have just a smattering of knowledge on the subject of computer security, but I know that once information is entered on a computer drive the action of deleting it permanently is not as easy as just sending it to the Recycle Bin and then clearing it from there. The data remains on the drive and can be retrieved until a complete and thorough wipe of the disk is accomplished. The Alphabet agencies know this and use it often in retrieving data from confiscated computers.

      Given large enough storage drives they could “delete” this information for years and still be able to go back and recover every bit of it with just a little bit of computer forensics.

    • “why bother to collect information that will just be deleted anyway?”

      That’s a superb point. Right to the core of their lies and distortions.

  3. Here’s another Oregon citizen (transplant from the UK, it sounds like) doing a great job of fighting poorly written gun-ordnance law in Ashland, OR.

  4. Especially that quote rubs me the wrong way. It’s not really doing what I think he intended, which is to point out that the system treats gun owners like criminals. The more appropriate thing to drive home in response to the senator would have been to point out that the ATF, in spite of FOPA, has amassed a de facto database in the eTrace system by compiling, if not all, then most 4473s. Federal law didn’t stop the ATF, why would a 10 day rule stop a state agency? It’s not conspiracy, it’s precedence.

    • +1.

      Shades of Pennsylvania: Background checks required for all transfers of handguns, whether private or through an FFL. The checks go through PA State Police. State law expressly prohibits maintenance of a registry. And PA State Police maintains a registry anyway.

      Shades of Delaware: DE State Police got caught in 2008 with a database recording all firearm sales from FFLs in the state going back to 2001. The law requires records of checks to be destroyed every 60 days. They aren’t. The law prohibits a registry. DE State Police maintains one anyway. Now that we have “universal background checks (for the children),” they record all firearm transfers in the state.

      And, more generally, if you think that in the age of Google and NSA the record of your purchase from an FFL isn’t in a database in Fort Meade, MD, in real time — never mind what happens when your FFL goes out of business and ATF digitizes the paper files — then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  5. So Mark Kelly got “smart” and brought an Oregonian to the hearing. In WA, people were/are pissed that Kelly and Giffords were allowed to speak, taking up almost 10 minutes, when WA residents were turned away. Hippies.

  6. The gun grabbers are so unhinged that when you cite the numerous historical cases where registration was used to confiscate firearms, their only response is to accuse you of being paranoid.
    The gun control crowd has to be the most deceptive political movements in American history. They engage in deceit when it comes to their end game. Not one of their leaders or their organizations will go on the record as to what measures they would support if there was massive defiance of gun bans (as in Connecticut, New York and throw in California too). Not Shannon Watts, Moms Demand Action, Mark Kelly, Brady, not even Center To Support Government Violence. My gut feeling is that they would be endorsing the use of deadly force and mass arrests in such cases, never mind their claims of wanting to stop gun violence.

    • My gut feeling is that they would be endorsing the use of deadly force and mass arrests in such cases, never mind their claims of wanting to stop gun violence.

      I don’t think they would do that. Fear rules their lives with an iron grip. They fear that once all the gun owners were rounded up, the “authorities” OR criminals would come for them. Just notice how organic farmers are being SWATted. The antis notice too.

  7. That damned idiot at the end of the full story whining about needing stronger gun laws because her relative was killed at the Clackamas shooting…that bastard was stopped by a gun owner who, yes, went against the mall’s idiotic rules. There’s no telling how many people he saved. The sheer stupidity of anti-gunners is numbing…

  8. The census bureau told me they wanted to know what color I was, that they would neeever ever use this for anything. It was important though that they knew this. /// The anti’s act like they didn’t pull this shit in Great Britain.

    • I stopped returning census forms during the 1980 census; they were looking to find out how many Hispanics were living in my house. I couldn’t even count them, there were so many. 😀

      Every few months, they sent someone by to try and bargain me down to a shorter form. They got shorter every time. I closed the door in their faces every time. They didn’t scare me.

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