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“We should hold abusers — and no one else — responsible for the damage they inflict.” – Leslie Morgan Steiner, He held a gun to my head. I loved him. [via]

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  1. It was not his fault…..the gun called from his pocket-compelled him to draw. He was such a good man-before the evil pistol took over his saintly thoughts-he was a priest in waiting…….not his fault……/sarc

    • All men, particularly affluent white ones, are inherently evil. It’s that pesky Y chromosome and low melanin count.

  2. absolutely. one possible route to combatting domestic violence is to help those being abused get out. safely.

    • I have seen too many instances where the abused did not want out. At least not until severe damage was done, and in some of those they still stayed.

        • Teaching around Stockholm Syndrome is almost impossible. It’s a natural human reaction. What you need to do is get involved in the lives of your family more. That way, when this starts, people quickly notice the signs.

        • “That is an education problem. Teach your daughters well.”
          Good idea Pistolero. However it is also a psychological problem, on both sides. Even though the victim knows they should leave they don’t, unfortunately. Usually because they are scared of their partner finding them and abusing them even more (or killing them) and sometimes because they, mistakenly, believe that the abuser really does love them. Bizarre, most of us would agree. But for those in the situation it is often not as simple as those of us outside would like it to be. Wish it were otherwise. I cannot understand how anyone that is being abused can believe that the abuser still loves them. Most normal people cannot comprehend that. But it happens and often the abusers are very skilled at manipulating their abused partner.

        • The bigger problem is when a whole political movement is built on the StockHolm Syndrome like Liberal/progressivism. Then dysfunction by so many is the norm and no one has examples of what healthy looks like.

        • If I had daughters they would not tolerate sh*t like that. As it is my son would no more abuse a woman or child than he would cut off his own arm.

        • Just because you love the sh!t out of your kids, and are involved in their lives, does not mean that they will make intelligent choices.

          • Oop, there it is. I can only hope my son does not f**k up. It is a good bet based on past actions, does not mean sh*t can’t change. Reality is a fairly unpredictable place to operate in when humans are involved.

        • Yes, and daddies, treat your little girls well. I’m not a psychologist, but I can’t see how any woman who was Daddy’s little princess would allow any man to get rough with her. When I was dating, if I saw even a hint of aggressive behavior, I would drop that boy into the hot grease.

        • Many of these women who shack up with violent men are violent persons themselves and are just attracted to other violent people. Often such women were abused while growing up, and seek such traits in their partners from being screwed up by abusive parents or caregivers. Most DV cases are reciprocal violence between both partners, the sterotype of a helpless inocent woman with the man being the sole abuser is rare in DV cases, not the norm like the media and govt likes to play it. Most of the anti DV laws are one sided “feel good” laws much like gun control laws.

          Many times when a abused woman leaves an abusive man, she hooks up with another abusive guy and restarts the cycle all over again. They are like addicts in that regard which is a shame. Sadly many times abused women are violent torwards their children, directing their anger and fear torwards them, and rasing them to be screwed up like themselves. It is a cycle that repeats over and over.

  3. Balderdash! The gun would have found a way to point itself at her. If it wasn’t him, it would have possessed some other poor, unfortunate man.

  4. Except the NRA and gun manufacturers. Everyone knows the NRA is responsible for anything bad that happens.

    The NRA gave me gout and overfed my pet fish, b*stards.

  5. Someone should have let the woman in the photo know it is not very bright to point a gun at your head. Sure, I know she is trying to illustrate what her husband did and I know her finger is not on the trigger. Still, the picture is a terrible example of gun safety. I think holding the gun and a caption would be good enough. No need for her to point it at her own head. But then, she likely has had very little training. Many gun owners don’t seem to think that they need or want training from what I have experienced. And that is a very bad situation for those of us that would like to see the 2A strengthened. Less training = more mistakes = more NDs = more injuries and deaths that should not have happened = more sheeple that want to get rid of guns.

    • I was thinking the same thing, and wondered if anyone else would call that out. It might have been okay if you were there and had the full context, but that photo is really bad taken out of context.

    • “No need for her to point it at her own head…”

      I, for one, do not mind this woman pointing a gun at her own head. She married the guy, she stayed with him, she made the choices. Her responsibility, her consequence.

        • Your choice to be a victim is exactly that: yours. I refuse to get sucked into your sad ‘perpetual-victim / learned-helplessnes’ world view.

        • Wendy is the one that doesn’t understand DV. Most of these abused women are addicts who seek violent men, that is what they are attracted to. Most of these women if they leave a violent asshole only end up hooking up with another violent asshole, that is what they like. Plus such women are pretty violent themselves. They are screwed up abuse addicts from being rasied in an abusive home and will likely abuse and screw up any children they have, repeating the cycle of violence all over again.

        • Then you lose that bet, LOL. Look up Erin Pizzey, who started the first modern women’s shelters. She discovered that many of the women who took refuge had a personality such that they sought abusive relationships. Pizzey describes such behaviour as akin to addiction. She speculates that high levels of hormones and neurochemicals associated with pervasive childhood trauma lead to adults who repeatedly engage in violent altercations with intimate partners despite the physical, emotional, legal and financial costs, in unwitting attempts to simulate the emotional impact of traumatic childhood experiences and that much domestic violence was reciprocal, with both partners abusing each other in roughly equal rates.

          For her hard work she was rewarded with death theats against her and her family from militant feminists who killed her dog.

  6. pwrserge: ” What you need to do is get involved in the lives of your family more. That way, when this starts, people quickly notice the signs.” Unfortunately noticing is just the first step and there are usually many more to get the problem resolved. My first wife’s second husband was abusing her. But when I confronted her about it she told me “It is not true and don’t you ever say that to anyone.” Turns out he was abusing her after all but she did not want to admit it, even to herself, I guess. He eventually died from complications after being hit in his head in a bar fight. Put an end to that problem but she should have left him long before that happened.

  7. Is that an INOX or does she have a nickle plated 92? Looks a little shiny for an INOX, but maybe it’s the lights.

    • It’s always the Beretta, isn’t it. Whenever it’s time to show “a scary gun”, or what’s “not allowed”, they roll out the standard icon.

      • There’s actually a reason for that (assuming I’ve got my facts straight and there’s no guarantee of that). Supposedly because of the Beretta’s locking block system it fires blanks much more reliably than most other semi-auto pistols, so it’s been a favorite in Hollywood for that. And since most non gun owners know nothing about guns except what they’ve learned from movies and TV the Beretta has become the iconic scary gun.

        • And the quintessential good-guy rifle is the Mini-14 from the A Team! Good Lord, I wish Ruger would sell those stocks again (at a reasonable price)

        • Love the mini. Unfortunately the one I picked up last year is on it’s way back to Ruger right now over the frequent failures to eject. And they have such a good reputation for reliability too. Oh well, hopefully Ruger’s stellar reputation for customer service will be confirmed.

      • Actually the standard icon of Eveil Guns is the “saturday night special”. Cops are the ones with Berettas, and the “old school patriarch” is always sporting a 1911, which they use to take down the bad guy right after he/she shoots down 3 helicopters, kills 10 armored SWAT guys and collapse the Chrysler Building. All without reloading! Gots to admit, rather impressive for a 5 shot revolver of indeterminate caliber.

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