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“(Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy) was really a strong, indispensable supporter of gun violence prevention after Sandy Hook and he should be rewarded for that.” – Shannon Watts in Gun Groups Vie to Be Heard in Tight Connecticut Governor’s Race [at]

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  1. What has this nation come to? People claiming politicians should be rewarded for legislating hard fought and inalienable rights away?

    • How sad has Michael’s…….er Shannon’s movement become that he’s……ah, she’s reduced to defending in the deepest of deep blue states? This wasn’t how it was supposed to be when they spread the blood of the Newtown children on their faces and proceeded to do the disarmament dance? All that splashing around in victim’s blood and family’s tear and yet so little to show for it.

  2. Edit just two passages to read “violator of fundamental freedoms” and “should be punished and imprisoned”, and Ms. Watts would be right on the mark. That’s gotta suck to have been *so* close to making an intelligent observation on national television, but still screwing it up.

        • Just hoping that Gardner and Beauprez can stay ahead of the margin of fraud this weekend. The weather has been nice and I’m sure the ballot harvesters are out in force.

          Not to mention the surge in election day registration and voting we’ll see if the ballot totals keep looking like they do now.

        • Repubs need to put guards at the cemeteries to make sure the dead aren’t rising up en masse to vote Dem.

  3. He should be rewarded by being put out to pasture where he can contemplate the error of his ways.

    Edit: I see Troutbum5 beat me to it.

  4. I really like where the article talks about how MDA and Everytown has the goal of “matching the NRA in passion, if not spending” then the next couple paragraphs go on to show that the NRA has spent 50k in CT but, that Bloomie alone has spent $1.7 million.

  5. Stepford wife 2.0. It would shock me to find out she’s an actual living person. Everything looks plastic and phony on her.

  6. The reward will come from the white house in the form of an ambassador position or cabinet position for malloy and hickenlooper.

    • Probably true.

      There will be plenty of available (short-term) positions as the more intelligent rats abandon the sinking Obama administration ship…

      • Yep, even a short term gig as the sec of commerce or amb to Belize is a pretty good gig. Long term is results in higher lobbying fees and consulting fees. You watch how fast hickenlooper ends up with a cabinet seat after he’s out of a job in CO. These guys were promised cover if the things went south, and now the’re going south. The white house doesn’t get America and Americans. It’s all out the campaign and selling out the people of flyover country. Now, flyover country is striking back with recalls, lots of campaign donations, and motivation to head to the polls.

      • And how often does the senate reject confirmation? Really, what’s the real stat on that one? Since WWII the senate has only rejected two cabinet selections and six others have withdrawn their names. It’s practically a rubber stamp.

        • It is the judicial appointments which matter, not so much those of cabinet nominees. Both are important, and many cabinet nominees have been induced to withdraw by loud senate grumbling. Federal judges, though, are there for life, subject to “good behavior,” where ‘good’ simply means “don’t take a bribe.”

    • It has been widely speculated by the local news in CT that Malloy will have a spot in Hillary’s Campaign. Malloy was a former DNC chairperson.

    • Even before that news, the polls showed a 1% difference between the two major candidates. Visconti endorsement does not automatically mean Foley votes because some of this followers may simply be butt hurt about the whole situation. All in all, it is too tight to call.

      It is going to be as tight as the previous election. It will come down to turn out and funny business as the election booth.

  7. The only so-called “rewards” that Malloy allegedly “deserves” are either impeachment or to lose his seat to someone who’s actually worthy of the office. Neither could come too soon.

    • His name will still be on the ballot and will siphon off votes from Foley. Visconti should have dropped out a long time ago, or he never should have run in the first place.

      The Malloy goons are claiming that Foley is an ally of “gun nuts” and wants to repeal CT’s crazy gun law. Foley says otherwise. Frankly, I despise Malloy so much that I don’t care what Foley might do.

      • It’s a dam sham but your 100% right. Foley said he won’t change the current gun law but if a bill gets to his desk to repeal this ridiculous gun law he said he would sign it. So if you want to repeal the law in Connecticut you got to get the legislature to get the bill to the governor’s desk provided Foley gets elected. Good luck with that.

  8. Foley lost by about 8,000 votes against Malloy in 2010 after he was reported to be leading Malloy by about the same amount. But Malloy is a thug who will do anything to win, and Foley will need to overcome rampant voter fraud in order to oust Malloy in a close election.


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