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“When toy guns are mistaken for real guns, there can be tragic consequences.┬áNew York State law is clear: retailers cannot put children and law enforcement at risk by selling toy guns that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.” – New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann in Major retailers assailed over realistic toy guns [at]

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  1. 8 kids were just stabbed to death in Australia and this retard thinks toy gun control is somehow going to make people safer.

    • I don’t really think he cares. Seems to guys like this spout this kind of bullsh#t because they like to here themselves talk.

    • Well, the person who did the stabbing had a toy gun as a child… So, you know… Statist gotta state.

    • I believe the NY Attorney General was talking about an incident more local,BUT I could be wrong…..

  2. You know that whole “NY, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…” thing?

    I finally get it now. If you can manage to stay out of prison in that Draconian hell hole, you’re golden.

  3. It will not matter.

    See this video, 14yr old was shot and all he had was one of those totally green plastic water guns.

    If you Google “boy shot water gun”

    You will see that police do not bother to determine the threat. They shoot first and ask questions later.

    I bet if I search log enough, some kid was shot with super soaker – the issue is police training and tactics.

    Politicians always target area or items that they believe they can easily crush but has no real impact on the problem. When it comes to the police, the democrats are afraid to loose union political funding, so the do nothing to fix problems. The Republicans want to believe they are all about law and order, so they allow the police go unchecked. In the end, the people always loose because we have nobody who wants to address the real core problem which is we have made the police a group who shoots first and asks questions later and have given them the immunity to back up shoot first ask questions later policies.

  4. Remember that these same people consider it a fact that toy guns were only ever a tool to mint jingos who would gladly kill brown people for their corporate paymasters. And there I was, at 10 years old, thinking they were just really cool. You don’t even want to know what their theory on GI Joe is.

  5. The wildly disproportionate number of posts about New York is sickening. The state is run by Fascists like this AG. New York City breeds these goose stepping monsters. The city is populated by welfare queens and millionaires. Neither has an interest in liberty.

    • “The city is populated by welfare queens and millionaires.”

      They’ve created their own barbell economy and have the nerve to lecture us about income inequality.

  6. Great, no airsoft pistols for kids? Generations will grow up completely without any firearms familiarity more so than now; good job NY!

  7. Here’s a funny story. Thirty years ago when I was 12, we had those amazing cap guns that looked real; some of them even had magazines you loaded up with a strip of caps to insert into the gun. My mom asked me one day if I wanted to go with her to take her friend to the airport, so I went. I had on one of those big winter coats back then, and of course a pistol cap gun since I was playing that morning with my brothers. We get to the airport, and this was back when you could actually go to the gate with the passengers, and we walk up to security. I see a sign by the metal detector that says “All weapons must be declared”, so I walk up to the security guard pull out my cap gun and put it in the little basket, handing it to him. He was in shock for a few moments until he realized that it was a cap gun and I was just following the procedure. He put it aside for me, we went to the gate, and when we came back out that same way the guard gave me back my cap gun and told me to have a good day.

    The moral of the story is I was following the rules because I was taught to follow the rules. I also had respect for real firearms because I was taught that at a young age. Kids are getting killed because they are not being taught to respect anyone, they are pulling those toy guns on police, and the communities are doing nothing to help themselves by trying to band together with the police to eliminate the bad elements.

  8. Here’s a better law, any cop who shoots a kid with a toy gun without having a really damn good reason to think it’s real (such as the kid acting threatening and pointing it at the cop) gets to spend a decade in prison with the general population.

  9. “retailers cannot put children and law enforcement at risk”

    Notwithstanding legitimate incidents of poor police procedure, I fail to see the logic on how selling a legal (and fun) product puts ANYONE at risk. Where does appropriate behavior fit it?

    Ooops, my bad. I mixed statists and logic. Sorry. 8>)

  10. I’m a former resident of NJ where pellet and BB guns are classified as firearms, requiring permits to buy as if it was a real gun. Can’t buy a slingshot in NJ. But in PA where I live now, all the stores on near the NJ border stock Daisy rifles, wrist rocket sling shots, pellet pistols, etc. I would imagine that folks in NY can go to PA or VT to make their purchases when they come to buy cigarettes, booze, and clothing. I’ve seen buses from NYC at the local mall filled with folks that come out to buy clothing with no sales tax, and cartons of cigarettes for half what they cost in the city.

  11. I read somewhere that they used 4 kids with toy guns killed since 1997 as a basis for this BS. There’s what, 8 million people in New York? 4 out of 8 million is an epidemic? Tragic, yes. Epidemic? Uh, I’m thinking no.

  12. I have the feeling a “bad” cop would kill a person with an old-time pop-gun if the moment arose. Just to be clear, most cops are good, and the good ones typically know who I’m talking about.

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